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  1. Biphentin experiences?
  2. intuniv "review"
  3. Phenethylamine: Why We Love Chocolate
  4. Tolerance issue?
  5. Even "Brand" Adderall XR isn't great anymore; switch to Concerta? Vyvanse?
  6. the cost is killing me and ohh look at that
  7. Vyvanse and Wellbutrin combination questions
  8. Medication side effects.
  9. Provigil too expensive. Don't like Nuvigl. Alertec?
  10. Zoloft, Wellbutrin, and ??? Adderall vs. Ritalin/Concerta
  11. modafinil for ADHD
  12. SPN-812V - New drug by Supernus (Shire)
  13. Taking a poll: Adderal XR *vs* Vyvanse??
  14. Going to have to stop taking Strattera
  15. Crash after drugs wear off...
  16. How to explain weight loss??
  17. Cannot fall asleep for hours since I am on meds :-(
  18. need med change- would appreciate opinions
  19. How stimulants effect add
  20. Lamictal-lamotrigine(newbie to meds...)
  21. Advice needed relating to crashes
  22. Can anyone explain why stimulants can calm someone?
  23. My sister needs helps please
  24. Sustained Release Caffeine Products
  25. ADD drug without sexual side effects
  26. Hunger, or should I say lack thereof?
  27. What works best for anxiety & its symptoms while on (or caused by) stimulants?
  28. Meds. Side Effects - Has anyone experienced this?
  29. Question about oxazoline class stimulants
  30. "Prior Authorization" for ADD meds? Anyone know what this is?
  31. Doctor still wont give me meds!
  32. Question for Friend
  33. Calling us Drug Addicts.
  34. Omega-3's
  35. Question about postdated RX for adderall.
  36. 10 years of Success, Failure, and Success again with stimulants.
  37. Why do stimulants relax me?
  38. vyvanse Lorazepam
  39. What's your dosing schedule? Any and all ADHD meds
  40. (medication) Daily logs
  41. Ritalin + SNRI - creepy side effect!!
  42. Hydrocodone improves Focus
  43. Oh so serious
  44. should people be told about placebo effect?
  45. Switching up meds question.
  46. Trying my leftover Adderall.
  47. Switching from 70mg Vyvanse to 60mg Adderall. Not sure what to think so far.
  48. Medication like Night|Day
  49. What is the best medication for ADHD-SCT?
  50. How do you feel between meds?
  51. Self-Medicating
  52. Best Acne Treatment for Adderall Acne?
  53. I took a new med...ADHD ZOOM!
  54. are there many meds....
  55. Pristiq and vomiting
  56. Ever take weekends off?
  57. concerta +wellbutrin+ tenex
  58. Severe adhd and Impulsivity
  59. Dexamphetamine Tired after toliet?
  60. Are There Any ADD Medications That Have A 100MG Pill?
  61. Pimozide?
  62. What stimulant medication affects personality the least?
  63. Vyvanse and Me
  64. Intuniv or Strattera Anyone>?
  65. Lamictal and Adderall
  66. Provigil vs. Amphetamin
  67. Which medication should I try next? Adderall, dexedrine, desoxyl?
  68. High Blood Pressure meds
  69. help please
  70. Started Meds/why do people get so wacked about meds??
  71. Piracetam
  72. Advice or suggestions needed
  73. Nicotine or tabacoo use??
  74. Intuniv vs. Strattera
  75. Stressed + panicked just trying to refill rx
  76. Taking a weekend break from meds -- does it agree with you?
  77. clonazepam Use?
  78. Anyone swapped from Strattera to Cymbalta?
  79. Anybody here on Valium (or any other benzo) along with your ADD med? Kinda scared...
  80. Substitutes to Strattera that are non narcotic?
  81. Absorbing meds after gastric bypass surgery
  82. How long do you wait *med question*
  83. just started medication....
  84. Muscle Twitching/fasiculations
  85. Medication, conversations, and other stuff
  86. Going OFF medication?? Anyone tried it?
  87. a question about intuniv
  88. suggestion meds.
  89. Has anybody else experienced an unusually high pulse while on Adderall?
  90. How much are ADD Pills
  91. Cogentin .5mg QID vs 1mg BID?
  92. Dr is out until Wednesday and my med's will be gone TODAY!
  93. Anyone have experience with Emsam / Selegiline?
  94. concerta vs regular adderall
  95. How long did it take you to find the right med?
  96. stimulant vs non stimulant meds
  97. Medicine Advice - Seeing Doc tomorrow - what should I switch too?
  98. Allergic to Adderall and Vyvanse. Strattera doesn't work.
  99. Runny nose and ADD?
  100. Medicating help.
  101. beta/alpha blocker for side effects??
  102. Am i crazy or not?
  103. Dopamine only?
  104. For Shift workers ADD/ADHD on meds
  105. New to ADHD, switching meds
  106. My HMO seems to have limited options
  107. Physics + Ritalin (Methylpenidate Hydrochloride) Questions - not just for physicists!
  108. Omega 3?
  109. Anyone taking Pain meds along with ADHD meds if so is there one thats the "best"
  110. Concerta or Adderall which one is better?
  111. any females come off depo-provera shot?
  112. Stims causing acne? Is there an alternative?
  113. WOW! First day on meds!
  114. Possible to get prescriptions for two instant release medications at the same time?
  115. Help! Freezing hands and feet. Almost injured myself.
  116. Provigil
  117. Stimulants & Reflux?!
  118. Please share your first experience with meds
  119. No Rebound
  120. Coping with the comedown
  121. Medication and Pregancy
  122. is a holiday recommended?
  123. Medications- Intuniv
  124. Help! Strattera, Adderall, and Ritalin have been ineffective!
  125. Combination of Alternative Medications (One that worked for me!)
  126. I need some positive words about being on meds
  127. Can't Afford Adderall XR-What Costs Less $$$?
  128. Nootropic drugs, piracetam, has anyone tried those?
  129. Unorthodox experimental medication: (phenylpiracetam = super adderall)
  130. Monofadil versus Adderall?
  131. Do you take your meds when your sick?
  132. How many of you are on medication, and which one?
  133. 2 Weeks on Nuvigil; Changed to Adderall IR
  134. Medications Impact on Creativity
  135. What meds increase dopamine and seratonin
  136. Ampakines
  137. Xyrem to help with Ritalin crashes.
  138. Studying on adderall then taking test on ritalin
  139. "living with it" or "getting medicated" crossroads
  140. Yerba Mate
  141. I can't rememer the drug that worked -- please help!
  142. Did medication reveal dormant hobbies or passions?
  143. Eye-q
  144. Please help - Looking to compare drug prices in Ontario
  145. Getting doctor to switch my meds (Vyvanse to Adderall)
  146. Clonidine or Guanfacine with stimulant. Thoughts please
  147. Answer to quick increase in tolerance and chest pain/palpitations/anxiety/etc...
  148. medicine question
  149. ADD but can't take stimulants?
  150. Why is medication working some days and has no effect on other days
  151. Extreme high tolerance to Stimulants??
  152. Does sedation from guanfacine or clonidine (tenex/Intuniv) go away with time?)
  153. I had such high hopes for the meds....
  154. Drugs Long Term Suck
  155. What Dosage Are You At?
  156. Just wondering if anyone has tried Synaptol before
  157. What meds do you take?
  158. Even doses of meds or bigger morning dose?
  159. What was your schedule for trying different drugs?
  160. Stopping Concerta - Vyvanse or Adderall XR next?
  161. Branded Tenex
  162. Considering going back on meds for my ADHD.
  163. driving on meds ???
  164. What will I be prescribed?
  165. Anyone on Nuvigil?
  166. Do stimulants make some of you fidget more?
  167. Cognitive Training Scores with Racetams
  168. How to approach this via medications...
  169. Do you take a day off?
  170. Rebound hypertension and rage from guanfacine/tenex
  171. jogging
  172. How do you tell when your meds are working?
  173. Anyone suffer side effects after switching from Concerta to Vyvanse?
  174. Citric Acid and Stimulants.
  175. Please tell me that medication will help
  176. Need some info; New to this.
  177. Meds w/o Insurance
  178. How does this work with ADD medication?
  179. Break up with GF, Vyvanse effects, and more....
  180. Medications: Adderall AND Zoloft
  181. After Being on Meds for a Month...
  182. Reputable online pharm for adderall with prescription.
  183. The double edged sword of Amphetamines - I can't get no sleep
  184. Modafinil for ADD: Any Experiences?
  185. 2+Weeks on Meds
  186. am I intolerant to stimulants?
  187. Vyvanse verses Adderall pink 20 mil.
  188. Do extended-release medications just not work for some people?
  189. Can't Take ADD Drugs Without Triggering Anxiety Attacks
  190. whats the diffrence between rittlin and concerta
  191. meds i have tried and nothing
  192. How to ask doc when you need med increase
  193. New Member Intro: Exhausted med list, current Dexedrine SR doesn't last, need advice!
  194. Do You Have Extra At The End Of The Month?
  195. Selegiline
  196. Interesting online book on Amphetamine treatment
  197. Should I be nervous about medication?
  198. Dexedrine or Adderall?
  199. drug holiday
  200. Do ADD meds work???????
  201. New Insurance = Cannot Afford Vyvanse...What Now?
  202. hyper-sensitive to stimulants
  203. Anyone developing a caffeine intolerance after meds?
  204. How to Sleep? Max Dosage?
  205. anyone have success with provigil and stimulants?
  206. Claritin treats ADD?????
  207. L-dops
  208. Paying all ADD medication myself?
  209. Why do they make us jump through hoops for our meds?
  210. Can I mail order (90 day supply) my ADHD medication to California?
  211. Cognitive Impairment? Can't deal with it anymore!
  212. does the government lie about generic drugs?
  213. Dun dun dun...Intuniv Approved for ADHD, surprise; shortages
  214. Looking for a new medication
  215. Patents
  216. Sluggish Cognitive Tempo, Dopamine and Supplementation
  217. How do you sleep under different drugs?
  218. stimulants and general health ?
  219. Medication and athletics
  220. Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome
  221. My View of ADHD.....(and meds ).
  222. anti-amphetamine doctors
  223. Any Experience with Selegiline
  224. Can't take the feeling of not being medicated anymore...
  225. National shortage of stimulants...
  226. When do you just throw in the med towel?
  227. Focalin Vs Vyvanse
  228. Lamictal for ADHD
  229. Namenda (Memantine) Log [As a solo med]
  230. Question! Melatonin ok?
  231. Anyone on effexor and a stimulant?
  232. Starting guanfacine (tenex)
  233. Done with Stimulants
  234. My views on Modafinil
  235. Has anyone taken ADHD meds for longer than 10 years?
  236. How do anti-depressants react when a person has ADD?
  237. high-risk drug interaction: serotonin syndrome?
  238. No meds seem to work for me anymore. Don't know what to do...
  239. Should Amphetamines still be in ADHD therapeutics?
  240. which medication do you begin with?
  241. Coffee gives me panic attacks...
  242. Will taking a benzo with a stimulant cancel each other out?
  243. P2D - Anyone heard of it?
  244. ADHD - Stimulant medication reducing frequency of migraines?
  245. Discussion About Stimulants in General
  246. Safe ways to take your daily meds with you?
  247. Are stimulants safe ?
  248. What do meds change about you?
  249. Alcohol and Guanfacine
  250. Trying out a new medication?