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  1. Beta-Blockers w/ Adderall was the missing link, thought I'd let everyone know
  2. Focalin xr versus concerta
  3. dextroamphetamine not working
  4. Dry mouth?
  5. Thoughts on Intuniv and how to get my son to keep taking it
  6. Can Intuniv increase the blood pressure?
  7. Immune to all stimulating substances?
  8. How much weight did y'all lose?
  9. Will ADDerall/Ritalin give me baggy eyes?
  10. Medications that help with aggression/anger/irritability/agitation
  11. New drugs?
  12. How you know your medication works
  13. Can a doctor 60/90day prescribe controlled medications?
  14. Allergies - But can't take Benedryl
  15. Found something other than conventional medication for AD(H)D? Post it here!
  16. Taking ADHD meds before a date
  17. So i know i have add but I cant tell if the medicine is working
  18. Fake Modalert?
  19. Recently got rescripted ritalin
  20. herbal remedies for a precancer situtation?
  21. New Medication?
  22. Adults, do you feel that your medications bring you farther away from mental clarity?
  23. Modafinil opinions
  24. Phentermine
  25. Mood stabilizers - Neurotoxicity and Cognitive Effects
  26. Any Adults on guanfacine\Tenex?
  27. Can you tell when your medication is working?
  28. Dexamphetamine vs Ritalin in Australia
  29. Extended Release Meds and Juice
  30. Not sure if this is suitable for these forums
  31. Help-after 1 year, my ADD meds turned against me
  32. Parkinson's Drugs for ADHD?
  33. could someone benefit by taking sonata instead of zanax
  34. Stimulants affecting how I type?
  35. Question about starting meds and sex drive.
  36. just got diagnosed with ADHD
  37. I've discovered a non-stimulant medication plan that works!!!
  38. Intuniv for an adult with sluggish cognitive tempo?
  39. Concerta/Adderall
  40. adderall xanax
  41. Ever take the wrong medication
  42. Do you feel "Selfish" or "Self-Centered" while taking ADHD medications?
  43. What is more stressful for the heart, methylphenidate or amphetamine?
  44. Stimulant/Benzo Combo?
  45. Anyone Know What Is Considered A "Unusually High Dose" Vyvance, Concerta, Adderall
  46. Wellbutrin + Dexedrine = Good Combo?
  47. How much medication is too much
  48. International travel and ADHD meds
  49. Smoking while on adhd stimulants
  50. Subjectively, Amphetamines or Methylphenidate?
  51. Ye Olde "Trial and Error" Method Sucks
  52. Non-Stimulant Alternatives
  53. Adderall vs Focalin?
  54. General medicine question
  55. basic q's about meds
  56. please share your experiences and one big question
  57. Long term effects of stimulants?
  58. Combining methylphenidate (mph) with amphetamine (amph)
  59. Taking Venlafaxine, should I try for Adderall?
  60. Are people with ADHD supposed to stay on ADHD meds their whole life?
  61. Feeling like **** from dinner-time on
  62. Feeling it working..but should i still try other meds?
  63. Heart palputations, medication
  64. Best Meds for Inattentive/SCT???
  65. why am i on this forum
  66. HELP!! ADD meds making way anxiety worse...need home remedy!
  67. What exactly are meds supposed to do?
  68. I'm starting Intuniv
  69. Thanks to my ADD meds I got a speeding ticket
  70. Past drug abuse, TERRIFIED of stimulants!
  71. Mailing prescriptions
  72. Is it normal to feel "up" on meds?
  73. problems with Nuvigil
  74. Intuniv
  75. Nuvigil
  76. Switching from adderall to ritalinwhen I run out trying to loose weight also
  77. Coffee and Vitamin C
  78. If you take ADD meds but occasionally feel anxious and depressed, should you combine
  79. "Do not take with a high fat meal"
  80. Anyone not like taking meds?
  81. Medications don't work :|
  82. Is there anything wrong with asking the doc for a specific medication?
  83. Why isn't there a 2 hour adhd med?
  84. Adult ADD & Medication for life?
  85. Methylphenidate & Agomelatine - The perfect combo?
  86. Curious to Hear About Meds for Adults
  87. hope this is right place : fda to inspect generic overseas drugs
  88. Best SSRI + Stimulant Combo?
  89. Strattera and Adderall
  90. Thoughts on Synaptol?
  91. This might be a cure... (1st stimulant)
  92. Can Adderall/Ritalin help with migraines the same way caffeine helps with them?
  93. Byetta or Victosa interactions?
  94. well I can sleep on Adderall and Provigil and Everything Else....
  95. What medication/dose did you "start" with?
  96. Nothing -seems- to work. But is it?
  97. Profiderall?
  98. Adderall XR Vs. Concerta Vs. ANY other XR med?
  99. creativity and meds
  100. Going from daily usage to 'as needed' needed basis.
  101. Nootropil dosage?
  102. Those whom experienced cold sores/Outbreaks while medicating...
  103. Biphentin and Strattera Combined
  104. Advice regarding various forms of Methylphenidate.
  105. Does anyone else find it amazing that ADHD drugs cost so much?
  106. How long can we take ADD Stims?
  107. Switched from Adderall IR to XR and Ritalin IR
  108. Hardest time in my life (Long read) + Cliffs
  109. Ritalin Just Makes Me High, Not Focused? What to try instead?
  110. Might need to quit my Vyvanse cold turkey...advice/help would be appreciated
  111. Adipex & Dexedrine the same? Dr told me it is.
  112. no medication on the weekends?
  113. How possible is it to get addicted to meds?
  114. How intense do the side effects have to be before you switch?
  115. Intuniv.....
  116. What do you do when meds don't last all day?
  117. Have you ever been prescribed Priligy (Dapoxetine) - Real doctors, no online pharmacy
  118. New diagnosis, how are my meds supposed to make me feel?
  119. Placebo effect from meds?
  120. Help me with this situation
  121. Does ADD medication really work??
  122. Why am I unaffected by most medicatons?! (no good or bad affects)
  123. Temporary solution for someone with insurance problems
  124. wondering if there's just to much on my plate!
  125. Shortages!
  126. caffeine instead of prescription stimulants for ADD?
  127. ADD/ADHD and Heart Problems - Any relief??
  128. Maximum safe dose of Ibuprofren
  129. Psychiatric meds help dull the pain, not fix your life or make you a different person
  130. FDA Drug Shortages not just ADHD meds
  131. Where to buy Piracetam? I'm in LA, CA
  132. First Dose of Intuniv with Adderall XR
  133. Remember that first dosage rush?
  134. What's the best ADHD Medication?
  135. Driving
  136. Need Help with ideas on adhd Medicine!!
  137. How often do you forget to take your medication?
  138. Pramiracetam and Piracetam aren't doing anything for me?! Any ideas?
  139. Vyvanse and Lexapro? Which one? Help!
  140. Not docile enough to read?
  141. Yohimbe for Adderall Tollerance, Sexual Side Effects
  142. Flowers for Algernon
  143. Anyone on Trileptal for ADHD/ADD?
  144. How do I increase my intrinsic factor so I can absorb vitamin b12?
  145. Vyvance+ Wellbutrin questions.
  146. If pramiracetam didn't work, what nootropic might? (attention)
  147. Cheapest Extended Release Medicine in U.S.?
  148. Cymbalta & Vyvanse together. Ok or no?
  149. What do you think??? Phycosis??
  150. Did you get caffeinated feel on stimulants?
  151. Wellbutrin XL & Straterra + Theanine? Ok?
  152. Quitting medication?
  153. Questions about medication shortages
  154. Savella...I am nervous
  155. My ADD Meds Dramas! I want my life back!
  156. Guanfacine, Tenex, Intuniv in UK
  157. Navigating medical bureaucracy with ADHD
  158. I want to take Ritalin
  159. Body weight and medications
  160. Doses? What do you take?
  161. diethylpropion
  162. What medications have you tried? How long?
  163. Other remedies
  164. Medication dosage levels
  165. To Medicate or Not? ADD Symptoms? Confusion.
  166. wellbutrin compared to provigil -nuvigil
  167. augmentation
  168. Medication - Is it a bad Idea? If you know something, tell me please!
  169. Can't decide on meds.
  170. How can I tell if my medication is working?
  171. Free/or Cheap Prescriptions for someone already diagnosed?
  172. Re: Meds
  173. How does your medication change your personality?
  174. Medication in Australia
  175. This is really awesome.
  176. help
  177. Attention: Does anyone here not Reccomend Meds? Or had a bad Experience themself?
  178. Side Effects from Meds (Any & All) Bad or Good- please tell me! I'm considering Meds
  179. Online Pharmacies?
  180. President tackles drug shortages, prices..... We hope
  181. High dose L-Theanine?
  182. Medication advise please?
  183. Which is the "best" medication in terms of sleep?
  184. coincidence?
  185. People for whom no medications have worked?
  186. Adderall causes a significant increase in my heart rate. What's the best alternative?
  187. Amped up feeling on stimulants. How long do they persist?
  188. New to biphentin, help!
  189. concerned about reaction to medication
  190. Adderall and Beta Blockers
  191. medication and epilepsy
  192. Nefazodone and Adderall
  193. Anyone feel guilty for taking meds?
  194. I need a new Part D insurance
  195. Which ADD medication affects sleep the least?
  196. Getting Medication Abroad
  197. Why does this keep happening?
  198. Risperidone and Methylphenidate
  199. Modafinil worked? (poll)
  200. Focalin, Provigil, and Latuda, oh my!
  201. What was the first medicine you tried out when you got your dx?
  202. For people who can't find their meds....
  203. anyone taking NADH with adderall?
  204. Ayurveda a tradition which help in modern times
  205. Assessment results underway
  206. Do the meds work guys?
  207. Took my FIRST ADHD MED Today
  208. Vyvanse vs Adderall XR appetite side effects
  209. ADHD Medication Rules Book by Dr Charles Parker
  210. I'm new to ADHD and the forum and have ?'s
  211. Proclivity to Prescribe
  212. Lamictal + antipsychotics?
  213. Need Help with treatment
  214. Bontril SR for ADD?
  215. "If you don't have ADD, then medication will give you the symptoms" Fact/Fiction?
  216. Very High Tolerance?
  217. ADD - natural treatment?
  218. Are psychotropic drugs good for us?
  219. Please help me with my medications !!!
  220. Anyone have Adderall and MPH not work for them?
  221. ADHD drug shortage? Finally an article from mainstream media that gets it!
  222. Help!: Desperate for advice / suggestions on meds and dosaging
  223. New to Meds - Dex & Zoloft - Strange Feelings?
  224. Medication Woes and Seeking Advice!
  225. Advice needed regarding Ritalin Metabolism Trouble
  226. Is it normal to crash?
  227. Why you stop using medication?
  228. Anyone have negative health issues from Dexedrine or Adderall? WEight gain,edema
  229. NYT on Drug shortages
  230. What wrong with me? - ADD & OCD?
  231. Halfway there cocktail
  232. Please read & give honest advice. Newly diagnosed at age 29
  233. Really informative site about any med!
  234. Tramadol for ADD/ADHD-looking for success stories
  235. uk/ireland people. Which drug?
  236. How to titrate off tenex/guanfacine?
  237. Best med for anger
  238. No more Adderall, switching to Focalin
  239. Could use some insight and advice
  240. Having a psychosis means no more ADHD meds?
  241. Not sure on which med
  242. what is the difference between all of the medications for ADD?
  243. Weight gain after stopping medication
  244. Re: Advice on quitting methylphenidate? Want to switch to Vyvanse
  245. Need some ADVICE
  246. Why does it have to be a choice between medication versus personality?
  247. For those who respond well to painkillers, do ADD meds help in a similar way?
  248. Celiac Disease & Effects on Treatment
  249. Vyvanse and lamictal
  250. Troubles figuring out a medication that works for me