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  1. Help - Amphetamine Erectile Dysfunction - From Vyvanse and Adderall
  2. Experience with Aetna home delivery?
  3. Anyone taking Lamictal with Adderall?
  4. Dunno what to do - nothing working :(
  5. OK, kind of manic, a little worried
  6. Reluctant to prescribe stimulant?
  7. help/ adderall and luvox xr
  8. Missed a few doses of Adderall XR & Intuniv, have a bad rash?
  9. Do amphetamines make you age faster?
  10. Changing meds...
  11. Opinions on my situation
  12. Stimulants for military use
  13. Yuck, new meds...ADD worse...
  14. adderall and focalin
  15. piracetam strange side effect
  16. Ritalin and PMS O.o
  17. For those who took or take a benzo at night to help sleep
  18. Please Read
  19. Vyvanse to Adderall, now hopefully back to Vyvanse
  20. Regrets
  21. Medication gives ~8 hours focus, what about homework?
  22. do i need to take a break when I switch from one med to another?
  23. "Long term, antidepressants are just as effective as stims for ADHD"...really?
  24. Ritalin and Dexedrine at the same time?
  25. How many of you have meds stopped working?
  26. Major noticable change in NEW genetic formula & affective physcial differences!
  27. Questions
  28. Meds without Insurance
  29. Do some folks just need fairly large doses of their meds?
  30. Mad...Adderall or Ritalin? Insurance changed.
  31. Did going on medication reveal negative habits you've built up over time?
  32. Effect of stimulants ADD v Non-ADD
  33. Why do meds make things worse when they stop working?
  34. Adderall seemed like the answer, I just don't even know now
  35. New medication without seeing the doctor?
  36. Adderall+ antidepresant, is this common/safe?
  37. Should I be concerned that my BP has increased on stimulants??
  38. Side effects of medication - how you cope?
  39. Benzo with a Stimulant?
  40. Strattera AND ritalin?
  41. Nothing works..
  42. DMAE and amphetamine?
  43. Stimulants and maximum resting heart rate
  44. Personal story, and questions.
  45. nuvigil or provigil added to stimulants
  46. Dry Mouth side effect, what to try next
  47. Medication Trial This Week - Liver Issues and on a PPI
  48. Stimulants vs. Antidepressants for inattentiveness
  49. A Letter From a Psychiatrist About The Shortage....
  50. Effectiveness of medication/Plans failing
  51. Do doctors recognize the rare side effects of medications?
  52. Stopping nuvigil the day after
  53. Concerta and klonopin
  54. Easy way to save on prescription drugs
  55. how much better is adderall than wellbutrin
  56. "irreversible"...
  57. Synaptol
  58. Do ADHD meds wreck havoc on the thyroid gland?
  59. Scared meds will change me...
  60. comparing intuniv versus snri's
  61. Sleep while medicated?
  62. who can prescribe adhd medication to me
  63. Middlemen : What Do We KNow About Them ?
  64. Brain Fog: too little or too much?
  65. nuvigil better with adderall or focalin xr
  66. Stimulants and more enthusiasm about life...
  67. Doc RX's Amantadine for child at super high dose: Very concerned : Help!
  68. Anyone use Veteran Healthcare in the US for Medications?
  69. Developing tolerance to a drug (counter-intuitive)
  70. Coffee vs Caffeine pills? Any thoughts or experiences?
  71. Least dangerous stimulant?
  72. Do any stimulant meds make you go OCD?
  73. lexapro with adhd
  74. Generic alternative to Daytrana?
  75. Very tired after taking Glutamine supplement?
  76. Excedrin & Excedrin Migraine (etc) recall
  77. Advice needed
  78. Racing thoughts
  79. Coping with very bad days, suggestions?
  80. Adderall or Vyvanse???
  81. ADHD and Severe Anxiety
  82. First time meds
  83. nuvigil
  84. Reverse-Tolerance to Amphetamines?
  85. Your story here: Why do you need your meds/how do they change your life?
  86. Dex + Methylphenidate?
  87. Medication with the least dry-mouth?
  88. Restlessness Cause of?
  89. Is this safe.....
  90. The "I can't get my meds" blues thread
  91. Appointment tomorrow! Advice needed.
  92. Doc prefers stims over all else. Who knew?
  93. Imagination/Visualization
  94. Thinking about what is after Adderall
  95. What's your medication exit plan?
  96. Music and ADHD meds
  97. in search of medication tolerance solutions
  98. creativity & meds
  99. nuvigil and stims
  100. Candida cleans and Adderall ineffective
  101. wellbutrin xl and its effects with adhd in conjunction with stimulants
  102. Scared of Effexor...
  103. Interesting Article
  104. short acting vs long acting stimulants
  105. Lexapro and Dexedrine
  106. Quick question re: Adderall and Propranolol (Inderal) interaction
  107. Bruising!
  108. Ritalin not working anymore. NOTHING HAPPENS.
  109. What things have you tried in order to raise the money you need to buy your meds?
  110. What does medication really do for you?
  111. ADHD medication Bias, research bias
  112. Experiences with Intuniv?
  113. Psychiatrist is not listening(HELP)
  114. wellbutrin with adderall?
  115. ADHD and GAD - Problem using stimulants
  116. New here. Rit and abilify combo
  117. Does ADD medication speed up your processing speed?
  118. Concerta and Clonidine simultaneously?
  119. Discount card for ADHD Meds!
  120. EFFEXOR WITHDRAWL SYMPTOMS--Is that what these symtoms are???
  121. Adderall with Cymbalta - drastically different effects. Anyone else experience this?
  122. Side Effects- SSRI and ADHD Drug Combo
  123. Anxiety...
  124. Tenex
  125. Better results with Adderall than ritalin..need advice!!
  126. New to Forum-Medication Question Would Greatly Appreciate Replies:)
  127. HELP!! Confussed with meds
  128. Prescription crisis... time for a break?
  129. Is medication even worthwhile in this case?
  130. Is this how desoxyn feels?
  131. When to take Wellburtin, Serotax and Concerta?
  132. In dire need of assistance regarding my ADD and medication for it. =/
  133. I'm being started off with
  134. I hate getting my meds after 30 years
  135. Can you mix 20mg Addrall IR with 20mg Vyvanse?
  136. I got a hypothetical question for you
  137. Medication suggestion?
  138. Anyone have quick tolerance for one stim med then yrs on another w/o problems?
  139. Best stimulant energy/drive wise
  140. Concerta + Zoloft or some antidepressant ?
  141. Ocd med
  142. anyone on stimulants treatment that has FOP
  143. confused about ritalin and concerta combi
  144. thought flow
  145. Dexedrine Spans (brand)/Procentra vs. Vyvanse (ADHD-PI)
  146. Confused about reactions to meds
  147. anybody notice their meds treated more than just focusing issues?
  148. Do stimulants cause physical harm or fry the brain?
  149. Rash? Stevens Johnson Syndrome?
  150. Modafinil (Provigil)
  151. How can they be so different???
  152. Damn pharmacists :(
  153. physically looking different on meds
  154. Unsure what to do.... Really need advice.
  155. Newby with questions about Meds
  156. Can wellbutrin block stimulant action?
  157. vyvanse + beta blocker
  158. Strattera and Abilify Combo?
  159. Why is there not a bigger concern over the effects of stimulant meds
  160. Dex in combinatino with Benzos
  161. Mixing Amphetamines and Methylphenidate
  162. Improvements in working memory using medication?
  163. Anyone taking WB with a stim
  164. Are you ever able to take a holidary from a medication?
  165. The difference between nausea and depression with meds
  166. Started up Effexor XR a couple days ago, now Desoxyn does nothing??
  167. Why Med Shortages Happen....I NEVER knew!
  168. Adderal IR vs. Intuniv
  169. Adderall Vs Dexedrine; motivational wise?
  170. What have you tried and what works best?
  171. Athlete really in need of help...Please
  172. What's the longest period anyone here taken Stimulants consecutively?
  173. Periods of time without medication
  174. Adderall is turning me into a zombie...
  175. Request for advice about medication tolerance/addiction
  176. Concerta > Ritalin > Concerta > Ritalin SR > ?
  177. Valium Reducing the Effectiveness of Dexedrine?
  178. What is the best type of meds for Inattentive ADD?
  179. What is the best type of meds for Inattentive ADD?
  180. Nothing is working
  181. Tolerance Adderall
  182. Is my Pdoc just holding out?
  183. Dopamine agonist + Adderall = No effect from Adderall?
  184. Anger is not as fun as it used to be
  185. Provigil
  186. Which ssri doesn't cut your stimulants duration of effect in half
  187. Best benzo for Ritalin comedown?
  188. What is going on with Provigil
  189. Meds alone / Meds with suppliments
  190. Insurance that covers ADD medications?
  191. Adderall + guanfacine = ???
  192. Ritalin vs Dexedrine
  193. ADD/ADHD and Stimulants
  194. Please critique my supplement regimen/medication
  195. Anyone taking Vyvanse and adderall? I'm thinking of it
  196. Drug Reps make me sick!
  197. I want to be on a stimulant, but I'm also kind of scared.
  198. Does Taking Lorazepam (or any Benzo) Negate Adderall's Effectiveness?
  199. Is consuming a lot of caffeine the same as taking ADHD med?
  200. Do doctors receive perks/money from drug companies?
  201. Anyone else have a high tolerance to basically EVERY medication??
  202. Amphetamines vs. Anti-Depressants
  203. Desperate...
  204. Lamictal+Respiradal+Adderall
  205. Is it dangerous to take high doses even if nothing is felt?
  206. ADHD and Tourretes
  207. taking meds only on days i work/have school?
  208. Going back to my doctor, and going to request a different type of stimulant.
  209. lowered dose, still too tired... would dex work better?
  210. Can medicine impair one's ability to develop coping mechanisms?
  211. How do I talk to my doctor about medication?
  212. Currently on Generic Ritalin...
  213. Modafinil (provigil) vs Adderall?
  214. Strongest least toxic stimulant for ADD?
  215. Do ADHD Meds allow you to live up to your potential?
  217. Effexor + Focalin
  218. Why isn't ephedrine used to treat AD(H)D?
  219. Dex or Adderall easier to find?
  220. Concerta vs Vyvanse
  221. Risperidal Alternative
  222. Dexedrine Spansules and Vyvanse Tmax
  223. Neurochemistry geeks: I need your help!!!
  224. adderall not working would ritalin?
  225. Can I use a vasodilator with an ADD stimulant medication?
  226. Adderall not working anymore, would Dexedrine work better?
  227. For those that have taken Dexedrine and Vyvance
  228. Klonopin and Adderall, my experience
  229. Effexor + Stimulant
  230. I might have to give up on stimulants
  231. Vyvance Parents Stress Tolerance Dosage?
  232. been diagnosed ADD inattentive Adderall + Vyvanse = Disaster
  233. So frustrated | Please help :(
  234. anyone else feel like they're a different person when theyre on and off ADD medicines
  235. FYI to all HUMANA INSURED through work/school/medicare part D etc. MAIL ORDER MEDS
  236. ADHD comorbid Anxiety: Strattera + Concerta Combo
  237. Already on Klonopin & Dexedrine, curious about guanfacine
  238. Focalin/Ritalin
  239. Wish I could get samples to find the right med!!!
  240. is there cross tolerance between ritalin and vyvance?
  241. The Med-Go-Round Continues!!
  242. The Med-Go-Round Continues!!
  243. one day ritalin another day wellbutrin
  244. all ADHD medications make me tired!
  245. What meds will work for me?
  246. Does Wellbutrin negate Vyvanse?
  247. Applying things up your butt can be harmful if your taking adhd meds
  248. Can I refill an old prescription?
  249. Racemic amphetamines vs Dextroamphetamine vs Levoamphetamine
  250. Can Xanax and Strattera be taken together?