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  1. My Occupation and ADHD medication
  2. A Dilemma: Ritalin Vs Dexedrine (effects and crash)...Help
  3. Did you ever have problems with dopamine antagonists (e.g. Reglan)?
  4. To those who fall asleep on meds..
  5. Beta blockers w/ Adderall XR
  6. ADHD medications question
  7. I need advice with medication please help
  8. Switching from Adderall to Concerta - Any success stories?
  9. Beta blockers w/ Vyvanse
  10. Losing hope-insight, thoughts, suggestions appreciated
  11. prozac versus cymbalta
  12. Thinking of Switching From Adderall to Vyvanse
  13. switching from dexedrine to adderall (IR) tomorrow, what should i expect?
  14. Abuse Potential of Stims Overblown?
  15. Needing high doses of stimulants in order to feel anything?
  16. What does one take when you cant take stimulants?
  17. Using Medications to Induce Psychological States
  18. Adderall and Pristiq + Deplin?
  19. Recently Diagnosed with ADD
  20. Maintenance Dosage?
  21. Can music potentiate the effects of ADD meds?
  22. Where do I post?
  23. Stimulants on working memory
  24. Prolintane anyone?
  25. Medication Consulting?
  26. has anyone stayed on the same dose of a medicine for a long time?
  27. If you could pick one...
  28. Wellbutrin with adderall
  29. Adderall and welbutrin
  30. The end of instant release medications
  31. Is methylphenidate an amphetamine?
  32. Is anyone else able to sleep when their medicines are still working?
  33. Medication and a job with a lot of downtime
  34. Do Doctors mind when you want to try a medication?
  35. Anyone? Wellbutrin helped me alot but had seizures, what meds work best for you?
  36. Can I take guanfacine to avoid vasoconstriction and urination problems?
  37. Desperate For Correct Information
  38. Rebound effect? please help me understand
  39. Going Abroad w/ADD Medications
  40. OMG Law School/Changing Meds
  41. due to past gambling addiction doc gave ritalin instead of dexedrine I'm aussie 24y M
  42. Adderall for focus, Straterra for depression?
  43. Newly Diagnosed, need help!!
  44. meds wearing off?
  45. Fluoxetin diminuishing side effects of Ritalin?
  46. ADHD - What medication is best for me?
  47. from Adderall to Ritalin
  48. Will Dexedrine Work for Me?
  49. What anti anxiety/depressant works best with Dex?
  50. Confused about stimulants- help plz
  51. Dosing question: Tried Ritalin and am on Dexedrine now, with adderall coming soon.
  52. Vyvanse and Xanax?
  53. 'America’s First Amphetamine Epidemic 1929–1971'
  54. Please explain acid issue!!
  55. no sleep after cialis
  56. What have you found is better, and what is worse since starting meds?
  57. Adderall + Topamax = Worse Cognitive Impairment?
  58. Dexedrine and Xanax at DR. suggestion.
  59. Adding Adderall to Wellbutrin, no effect.
  60. Has anyone been on memantine and welbutrin at the same time?
  61. How on earth do you handle medication vacations?
  62. Lamictal and Stimulants
  63. Experiences with Deprenyl
  64. Anybody ever taken Stimulants while on Strattera ( ADD) ?
  65. Are stimulants really performance enhancers?
  66. Taking Adhd Meds While Sick?
  67. When meds wear out
  68. Medication and dose question
  69. Anyone tried Phentermine?
  70. Male 34 just started methylphenid and have questions
  71. Looking for Vyvanse Info
  72. What is the difference between Ritalin Extended Release and Concerta?
  73. Strattera and Intuniv combo?
  74. What else is left to try?
  75. help please; Namenda (memantine) references for my pdoc
  76. Taking days off
  77. Adderall and Seroquel
  78. Problems with Ritalin, HELP!
  79. Just started medication.
  80. From Concerta to Adderall XR 4 days ago - feel like a space cadet!
  81. Provigil (modifinil) vs Nuvigil, plus info and questions about Nuvigil
  82. emotional crying spells on stimulants
  83. How similar are stim meds?
  84. Has anyone tried Strattera/Abilify combo?
  85. Adderall + increased Lamictal = increased impatience?
  86. Stimulant anxiety
  87. Advice please fellow people
  88. Does anyone take Modafinil for their ADHD?
  89. Methylprednisolone + regular adderall xr/ir ?
  90. Adderall not working? Could be Xanax detox?
  91. Feeling hopeless
  92. Adderal 20mg IR and Lexapro 20mg
  93. Concerta vs Ritalin. Weird differences for me
  94. Propanalol and ADD Meds (namely Strattera)
  95. Help with my focalin
  96. video rant about vyvanse/adderall side effects
  97. Wellbutrin vs Ritalin?
  98. Meds wear off too soon
  99. Strattera + A Stim
  100. Are nootropics good enough to replace Ritalin?
  101. Should I continue taking medication or not?
  102. Difference adderall Ritalin
  103. ADHD Brands and Erectile Dysfunction
  104. How many mgs of ADD medications do you take per day?
  105. A story of Autism, OCD, ADD and Confusion
  106. allergic reaction to SSRI's
  107. Has being on medication improved your math ability?
  108. Which has worked better: Vyvanse or Adderall XR?
  109. vyvanse compared to dex spansules?
  110. Very med sensitive
  111. HELP! Psychiatrist "CAN'T" prescribe MEMANTINE?!
  112. Taking Stimulants and strange eating patterns...
  113. Ritalin Vs Concerta with Effexor
  114. ADHD Medication in Serbia
  115. ssri and stimulant long term use =fried brain
  116. im taking wellbutrin, can i also get adderall?
  117. PLEASE HELP ME!! (Alternating vyvanse and metadate cd)
  118. ritalin or adderall duration of effect
  119. Medication Question
  120. Vyvanse and Beta Blockers?
  121. Piracetam users
  122. Do you still have lost days when medicated?
  123. After 1 month on Adderall, I'm not impressed.
  124. question for people who have taken mirtazapine with ritalin
  125. sleep apnea what the heck?
  126. Drug test! How long is my prescription valid?
  127. Adderall IR to Vyvanse to ___?
  128. Adderall 30mg IR
  129. How do I convince my GP to prescribe straterra and ritalin SR at the same time
  130. adderall vs ritalin?
  131. anyone still have issues zoning out even with medicines?
  132. Amphetamines for NVLD/ASD
  133. Adult AD and I am in pain & old enough to be your mother
  134. Is there a medication that doesn't cause difficulty urinating?
  135. Medication suggestions for ADHD-PI?
  136. Possible to buy from Online Canadian Pharmacies? Reliable?
  137. What kinda of meds work for adhd
  138. How do I convince my mother to possibly let me take a booster in the afternoons?
  139. Has anyone ever experienced this on Ritalin??
  140. Is there really a difference?
  141. Does Adderall help with Common Sense?
  142. Trying to gather some info. on the differnt types of add medications?
  143. Adderall XR to Vyvanse
  144. Biphentin experiences/comments?
  145. Vyvanse + Wellbutrin = Full Day Coverage?
  146. What medication works for coffee drinkers?
  147. Figuring it out
  148. new memantine user - help needed!
  149. Adding Modanfil back in -
  150. On Ritalin, but thinking of switching to Adderal
  151. New to ADHD Med Question
  152. What's up with this? Suicidal thoughts?
  153. ADHD/Hyper Impulsive Type- Vyvanze has made focus and attention WORSE
  154. Withdrawal from Ritalin.
  155. Extreme Fatigue after bowel movement ???
  156. Withdrawls??
  157. Here's a site that shows how much your meds will cost
  158. Medication Question
  159. Just started on Focalin. No effects?
  160. My Adderall wasn't working with lexapro....
  161. ADD & OCD - Concerta & Prozac?
  162. Can you drink on Concerta & Prozac?
  163. Nuvigil
  164. guanfacine
  165. Can I take CDP-Choline with my Ritalin?
  166. Are Cheap adderal seller serious ?
  167. Need advice: Using guanfacine to treat adderall side effects
  168. I lost my anti depressant, has anyone else lost meds?
  169. Controlling the heart rate on meds
  170. Switching Meds
  171. Daytrana vs Vyvanse
  172. Meds a replacement for sleep
  173. SSRI + Stim, fail after fail
  174. prozac, wellbutrin & adderall
  175. Piracetam and Concerta
  176. Vyvanse and Zoloft
  177. Do you feel like you do your physical work slower, but mental work faster?
  178. adderall vs dexedrine
  179. weight loss
  180. Any experience switching from Vyvanse to Ritalin?
  181. Your experiences with medication
  182. NDRIs vs Amphetamines
  183. Tenex or Guanfacine?
  184. Best Stimulant XR or IR to take with 20 mg Prozac
  185. Best Stimulant XR or IR to take with 20 mg Prozac
  186. Bethanechol helped with urinary side effects
  187. adderall not working anymore, other suggestions?
  188. Any Adderal combos that work?
  189. Mirtazapine w/ Vyvanse? (Some overkill from my pdoc? Ugh.)
  190. Has anyone been keeping up on current research and info on ampakines and SCT/ADD
  191. Concerned about the way my psychiatrist is prescribing my meds
  192. Lithium/adderall
  193. I'm thinking of giving up on stimulants
  194. Describe the effect of meds..
  195. How do I get my insurance to cover Memantine / Namenda if I don't have Alzeimer's???
  196. Vyvanse Not Working, Opinions Appreciated
  197. Changing RX
  198. Day 2 on meds...just MORE hyper!
  199. High IQ Adults with ADHD - Medication Treatment
  200. Memantine / Namenda - Sedation? Does it go away?
  201. My Story So Far, Long Read. Advice Please!
  202. My Adderal IR booster dose HELP
  203. Can I still take last month's prescription of Ritalin?
  204. Doctor 'mailing' me my prescription?
  205. Has anyone ever tried the combination of Straterra and Prozac
  206. Anyone not on ADD take Chantix and have it relieve ADD?
  207. Well this sucks
  208. Adderall+Testosterone+Antidepressants?
  209. How well do your ADHD meds work for you?
  210. question about ritalin and clonopin and nictotine
  211. Memantine and Wellbutrin?
  212. Meds and smoking
  213. Women and Medicine
  214. Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde
  215. Medication interactions, please help.
  216. Experience w/ Vyvanse & Mirtazapine (Remeron/Avanza/Zispin/etc)
  217. Duration for Adderall XR and Concerta
  218. Do all ADD medicines turn you into a zombie?
  219. Early refill of Vyvanse WITH a new script
  220. ADHD meds from Mexico?
  221. How can a stimulant make you feel calm?
  222. Medication for woman with ADD
  223. Focalin XR Alternative?
  224. Has anyone had muscle tremors like these?
  225. Klonopin Dose Increase and Refills
  226. Vyvanse from Focalin XR
  227. Why would my psychiatrist ask that I return unused medication?
  228. High dose Adderall vs High Dose Desoxyn
  229. Dexedrine vs. concerta
  230. Stopping Namenda / Memantine Cold turkey?
  231. alternating MPH and amphetamines
  232. Vyvanse-a more level mood?
  233. Concerta makes my heart race, my chest sore, et al, would Adderall be better?
  234. I'm scared to take anything because of addiction potential
  235. Are ADHD Medications Overprescribed?
  236. The heck with it.
  237. Newly diagnosed with ADHD, need medication advice!
  238. What meds (if any) do you take to treat your ADD--in addition to Vyvanse?
  239. I am brand spanking new to all this!
  240. Vyvanse combined with Wellbutrin
  241. Medication effects and traumatic events
  242. New psychiatrist "doesn't like" Adderall. Switched me to Ritalin & I think it's worse
  243. Spent a day unmedicated...
  244. focalin causing severe depression--and/or just not working (AT ALL)
  245. An interesting story - swim looking for some advice
  246. Expired Meds
  247. caffeine, sugar, & alcohol vs meds
  248. Inattentive ADD, tried everything
  249. Could adhd meds be triggering anxiety, thus urinary side effects?
  250. Adderall not working anymore... what now?