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  1. ADD Denial
  2. What is "effectiveness"?
  3. Cymbalta + Dexedrine
  4. Impulsively self-medicating myself
  5. Best med for word and memory retrieval?
  6. adderall + beta blocker
  7. I feel great today!
  8. General
  9. Can you take Flomax with Strattera if you don't have BPH?
  10. Strattera + Wellbutrin
  11. High doses of amphetamines exacerbate OCD?
  12. Adderall IR & Vyvanse
  13. Vyvanse v. Adderall?
  14. Adderall vs. Vyvanse
  15. what drugs are you immune to ?
  16. What drugs are most commonly prescribed for ADD/ADHD?
  17. Adderall and Zoloft together ~ Dangerous or harmless?
  18. Medication causing manic symptoms, I really don't think I'm BP.
  19. Dexedine; ups & downs
  20. A few questions about Adderall
  21. Vyvanse vs Dexedrine SR
  22. Wellbutrin vs other meds
  23. Do you take biological elimination into consideration for daily dosing?
  24. The Difference between Adderall IR and Dex IR
  25. Prescribing information for various medications
  26. Helpful Medication Resources
  27. Taking Concerta and Celexa togather
  28. When do you know what medicine works
  29. Pre-existing heart palpitations = non-stimulant meds?
  30. Vyvanse or concerta
  31. no insurance
  32. Concerta vs Ritalin LA
  33. Concerta + Bupropion
  34. Just Dx, Questions! Effexor WD, Rage, Adderall...
  35. has anyone had much success with nonstimulants?
  36. What has worked for you besides SSRIs?
  37. for those being treated for at least a decade or two, who've tried a number of things
  38. SSRI / Nefazadone side effects when combined with Adderall
  39. I feel unmedicated again...
  40. Stacking Adderall Question for Optimum Performance...
  41. Deplin/L-methylfolate
  42. I can't make myself take meds consistently
  43. Why are antihypertensives(intuniv/clonidine) prescribed alone for ADHD sometimes?
  44. Adderall/Dexedrine Drug Test
  45. Adderall with Lithium, Clonazepam, Lamotrigine and Abilify
  46. Early refill?
  47. Need Medication/dosage guidance from advanced members
  48. My doctor refuses to give me 2x doses of Adderall XR, but one wears off to early...
  49. FDA OKs Extended Release Liquid ADHD Medication
  50. just started med, feel like my personality has changed
  51. Very Frightened What ADHD med can I take with Celexa? Adderall doesn't mix :(
  52. Dexedrine:$1.55 per tab(5mg)!!!!
  53. Sleeping Better on ADHD Meds
  54. Weird split-second flashbacks with Tenex (Guanfacine)
  55. stim + anti-depressant = no weight gain?
  56. Pharmacy: waiting for delivery seems like years
  57. ADHD Meds Restricted to Children
  58. Since quitting meds... all is falling apart
  59. Medscape Poll, Brand vs. Generic
  60. Quitting Adderall due to worsening seizures
  61. Tolerance or Small Dose??
  62. NEW TO MEDS. Effects on 178lbs 15 year old and change of20mg Adderall XR vs Vyvanse?
  63. Tolerance or Small Dose?
  64. Adderall & Chantix
  65. Meds and creativity
  66. Taking meds ONLY at night
  67. While I wait for a psychiatrist, how do I convince my GP to prescribe more flexibly?
  68. New Drug Cocktail, Slightly Nervous....
  69. anyone else experience heart problems with adderall/vyvanse?
  70. Talking with my doctor about Adderall and Vyvanse
  71. Adderall- AWFUL Heartburn
  72. Help- Tweak Med Combinations
  73. Newly diagnosed, 3rd day of Vyvanse, help!
  74. Realistic expectations of medications
  75. Vyvanse Vs Addys
  76. EB-1020 Heads Towards First Patient Trial
  77. Question about How Medication makes you feel.
  78. Can't find the right medication...need help!
  79. Med Change?
  80. Chocolate and stimulants
  81. Decent ssri/mg addition? taking 15mgIR x 3 Daily?
  82. confused about label(Methylphenidate SR 20mg 20mg ER)
  83. Quitting Smoking (used to self medicate with chain smoking)
  84. Can I take Prazosin with ADD meds to relieve a side effect?
  85. Best ADD Med for Anxious People
  86. Adderall and Vyvanse prescription filled in the same month
  87. Concerta or Strattera ? ?
  88. All day medication strategies?
  89. Any Tips for dealing with Insur. limit of medication?
  90. Lithium and Abilify w/ Adderall & Vyvanse
  91. Having dental work and stimulants, important question!
  92. Looking to possibly change medication
  93. Seroquel: Dexedrine's Secret Ally?
  94. Adderall and a booster? And possible anxiety meds?
  95. Advice for someone struggling with finding an effective medication?
  96. Stimulant and Mood Stabilzer?
  97. Do I need a dosage increase or is what's happening to me normal
  98. Should I give Adderall another try?
  99. What is the best stimulant other than Adderall or Ritalin in your own experience?
  100. Switching from Adderall to Ritalin: drug holiday first?
  101. Does this count as a Rant?
  102. Ritalin better than Concerta?
  103. Minipress (Prazosin) for ADHD?
  104. I stole a couple of xanax from a relative
  105. Vyvanse plus dexedrine= success at last (Mikart content too)
  106. What should I expect from ADHD meds?
  107. 50mg Vyvanse in AM and 10mg Adderall IR in PM
  108. Vyvanse vs. Dexedrine: which is more effective?
  109. No problem focusing, but need to calm down more and slow my mind down....
  110. Mixing Adderall and Prozac
  111. I really got myself mixed up today when getting back on adderall
  112. Adderall vs Ritilan
  113. Is it dangerous to manipulate my heartbeat with meds?
  114. Possible interaction report from pharmacy for Dexedrine/Zoloft
  115. How does your ADHD med feel to you when it's working on your Brain
  116. Oral vs Transdermal
  117. Afraid to Ask for Increase in Dosage
  118. Meds work great but leave me anxious and with high blood pressure
  119. Dexedrine + Celexa? weight changes?
  120. Norepenephrine and Dopamine: any insights through medications?
  121. Memantine questions - Need some help
  122. allergic reactions to vyvanse or adderall
  123. Vyvanse and Prozac
  124. Newly Diagnosed on Concerta
  125. Medications vs. street drugs
  126. Intuniv?
  127. (OTC) Sleep Med with Aderall? (Non Drowsy?)
  128. Lithium with Adderall
  129. Gaining Weight On ADHD Meds
  130. What is it supposed to feel like if the medication is working?
  131. Recommend a better ADD Med for me, please!
  132. Why is dosage per Day and not per Dose?
  133. About Nicotine treatment
  134. Newbie Question
  135. How did you know when your med's were at a therapeutic level?
  136. differences between diff meds- weight loss and tolerance
  137. Bodybuilding and Adhd medication
  138. Have you tried Lithium for ADD?
  139. focalin vs dexadrine/vyvanse experiences
  140. Does Ritalin cause less dry mouth than Adderall?
  141. Zoloft and Adderall XR (P450 2D6 interaction?)
  142. Just got my ritalin script and it feels different. Can I ask for refund?
  143. Memantine price, tolerance and dosage?
  144. Help finding the right med
  145. Thinking of giving up on meds... Thoughts?
  146. Best stimulant for study/focus
  147. Best active stimulant for Social/cleaning
  148. which stimulant is your least favourite
  149. Stimulants and Sexual Performance
  150. Anyone have some good methods for coping with the comedown from medication?
  151. intuniv vs clonadine . . added to stimulant?
  152. Don't see pdoc until march but I am LOSING MY MIND!
  153. Do some meds stop working?
  154. What medication have weight loss as a side effect?
  155. can I get a prescription filled early?
  156. I ran out of meds...DR is gone
  157. Has anyone switched from Focalin to Vyvanse
  158. ADHDers, Stimulants, and Euphoria
  159. Question about how medication feels
  160. Anxiety Side effect with Methylphenidate
  161. I think ADHD medications gave me a permanent OCD / tweaker personality...
  162. ADD Meds vs ADHD Meds
  163. Possible help with medication costs.
  164. do ssris block brain energy channels?
  165. Mixing dexedrine and focalin?
  166. RESEARCH THREAD - stimulant induced fatigue and lethargy
  167. Medication shortage and being treated like a criminal
  168. What was the first med you were prescribed for ADD/ADHD?
  169. My Citalopram Journal
  170. Need advice... Quitting Strattera after 3 months for a stimulant
  171. adhd
  172. Half-life vs. drug effectiveness
  173. Used to mask symptoms?
  174. how to tell if my dose is too high
  175. are there ways of reducing peripheral effects
  176. Switching meds/strange doctor reaction
  177. How to fall Asleep Sleep on Medication
  178. Changing effects
  179. if one methylphenidate doesn't work will another?
  180. My Strattera Review
  181. What is a good way to "test" meds?
  182. Honestly, is there even a point of being treated with Stims?
  183. Dexedrine instead of Adderall, Concerta, or ritalin?
  184. Dose increase makes less focused/focus better when hours after peak
  185. After meds!!!!
  186. Wow--Amazing! But why?
  187. Do most people really gain a tolerance that fast?
  188. How might passions and intersted be affected by Meds?
  189. affordable ADHD medications for low income patients, are they helping or hindering?
  190. Non-amphetamine derived or based medications?
  191. Tried concerta, Ritalin, Strattera and need suggestions for school
  192. Concerta Side Effects
  193. Zanaflex helping with focus..
  194. Taking l theanine with Stimulant?
  195. Are you responsible enough to be prescribed Schedule II medications?
  196. Stimulant least likely to cause arrythmia
  197. Should I switch medications??
  198. Does anyobody find that smaller doses work better
  199. Vyvanse and Adderall Questions...?
  200. Enlightened
  201. What kind of coverage do you like your medication to give you?
  202. Don't lose hope when trying meds
  203. Adderall vs Vyvanse...
  204. Vyvanse, Adderall w/Celexa?
  205. Extremely sensitive to medications. Do I even have ADHD?
  206. 23 y/o just dx with adhd. Adderall or Vyvanse?
  207. Dexamphetamine and ritalin
  208. Can You Tell Us What To Expect On Ritalin??
  209. What prescription & Non prescription medicine should ADD/ADHD/LD avoid?
  210. I think I'm done with adhd meds (kinda long)
  211. Best medication for impulsive distractibility
  212. stimulants and jaw problems - help? :(
  213. General Dosage Question
  214. Ritalin Loss of Appetite- Eaten Nothing for 2 Days!!
  215. Going back on meds
  216. SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome interfering with Adderall XR?!
  217. Concerta, Adderall or neither?
  218. Supplements and medication
  219. Pain after being medicated? Or becoming dependent?
  220. Can someone compile a list of studies on amphetamine + memantine
  221. I cost that much?
  222. Are there MPH patches on the market?
  223. My personal experience with medications..
  224. Concerta+Adderall XR? Or something else?
  225. Does extended release mean less side effects when it wears off?
  226. Focalin makes me sedated while ritalin makes me alert
  227. Anti-Depressants and Stim combination
  228. Anyone just go unmedicated for their ADHD? kind of long..
  229. New here: Abilify and concerta for ADD; Any advice?
  230. Do mood stabilizers give any ADHD benefits?
  231. list of approved medications in Canada
  232. American programs for help in getting free or low cost meds
  233. Do psychiatrists also know about nootropics?
  234. Do people find taking a break from meds on weekends helps?
  235. What do u guys think is harder to adjust to? ADs or STIMS?
  236. Adderall making me mean
  237. Adderall is wrecking my body, need new med...
  238. no luck with medications
  239. Buprenorphine treatment?
  240. Adderall how has it affected you?
  241. Book: Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology
  242. Escitalopram?
  243. Online games or activities to measure effectiveness of medication?
  244. Constant Duration & Crash Problems
  245. non stim meds that have adderall like effects?
  246. After meds, still doing same things!
  247. Naltrexone & Methylphenidate - can they coexist?
  248. Issues with Adderall and Wellbutrin
  249. Vyvanse and Strattera combo
  250. Adderall instant was giving me severe jaw issues ...