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  1. Accidentally took 2 doses- Not sure what to tell pdoc about it
  2. Can the Efficacy of Psychotropic Drugs Be Measured?
  3. Kids With ADHD at Increased Risk for Substance Abuse
  4. Nicotine, my temporary cure for ADHD
  5. Feeling hopeless
  6. Problems with ADHD and Medicine
  7. Problems with ADHD medicine
  8. When your sick does it efficacy of medicine?
  9. Vyvanse/ Cymbalta/ Topamax- drug intereactions? Over-medicated?
  10. I hate myself...but it's not my fault
  11. ADD medication without acting as a vasoconstrictor
  12. Why do people with ADD-pi take stim meds?
  13. How strong is wellbutrin compared to ritalin?
  14. Do you get a urge to write a lot when you are medication?
  15. Need My Dexedrine Back - Wish Me Luck!
  16. Meet the new boss?? SNRI vs.SSRI's, vs. Tricyclic's.
  17. Any of You Switch to Ritalin from Dextroamphetamine or Vyvance?
  18. Vyvanse to adderall
  19. anti depressant
  20. Generic Methylphenidates and dosages
  21. Clinical Evidence Towards nmda antagonist receptors
  22. Has anyone tried ProVigil?
  23. Refilling with new insurance company
  24. Does Benadryl make anyone else hyper? I've heard it's sometimes an ADHD thing..?
  25. How 'good' are your prescription prices?
  26. Wellbutrin + Adderall - Insane Insomnia
  27. For how long does the honeymoon effect last?
  28. What am I/Can I be perscribed for my ADHD? (UK)
  29. Extended/Instant Release and FDA Approval
  30. Weird question: how about nicotine?
  31. Confessions of a pharmacist.........40 years in business
  32. Tolerance?
  33. antidepressants help focus?
  34. How do I want to approach my appointment Tues?
  35. Starting to question my doctor...
  36. Memantine for ADHD reviews?
  37. switched from adderall to vyvanse
  38. Duration of Medication Survey
  39. Mixing Vyvanse, Lexapro, and Wellbutrin
  40. Lithium, anyone?
  41. Stimulants, the devil drugs?
  42. Why Concerta? and not Ritalin SR/LA?
  43. Is treating ADD with anxiety this hard?
  44. Suggestions or Ideas for LONG lasting medication
  45. Intuniv for focusing
  46. Is Modafinil also used against ADD?
  47. Thinking of adding Strattera to my Wellbutrin
  48. Taken Off Ritalin Can't Stop Binge Eating.
  49. Focalin Xr experience
  50. Wellbutrin & Adderall - how to deal with no appetite?
  51. Vyvanse w/Wellbutrin just added
  52. Adderall and other ADHD meds question
  53. Potentiating tobacco (snus) effects and reversing tolerance
  54. Going on Meds
  55. Immune system and stims
  56. Thinking of switching from Adderall to Dex -- need opinions/thoughts
  57. Seasonal Med changes
  58. Wtf !!!??? Meds and Reading
  59. Why are there no long term studies?
  60. Vyvanse and Seroquel XR
  61. Is it normal for duration to shorten?
  62. Question on Vyvanse(3rd med tried)
  63. Dexedrine and antidepressants, good combinations?
  64. Best non narcotic for headaches/migraines?
  65. Medication advice needed
  66. How long is Vicodin supposed to last?
  67. Question about Vyvanse and boredom
  68. Negatives of medication?
  69. Daughter's med interaction- no one caught it but me
  70. ADHD Meds and Libido!
  71. Reducing stimulant irritability
  72. Switching from dex to focalin to dex to focalin back to dex
  73. How to avoid anxiety/maximize results?
  74. Never touching amphetamines again...Do they work for anyone?
  75. Considering Switching From Addy IR to Focalin..Please Weigh In..
  76. Please, I am suffering here. I need advice.
  77. Adderral or Concerta(or Vyvanse)?
  78. Anyone Else Have Diarrhea From Stimulants?
  79. do any of you have bi polar disorder (and what meds do you take)
  80. Suggestion on cheaper alternatives to current meds?
  81. Medications with minimal peripheral side effects
  82. An guanfacine (tenex/intuniv) sub-forum?
  83. Dexamphetamine Vs Ritalin
  84. ADHD and athletes
  85. need an alternative medication
  86. Vyvanse and Concerta. Hi Im new!
  87. torn
  88. Just a general med rant.....
  89. How to tell if anxiety is because of meds?
  90. Vyvanse not working at all
  91. Zoloft masked ADHD?
  92. Looking for booster w/ Vyvanse
  93. Sleepy on Adderall... few questions from a newby
  94. Can you add a stimulant to a mood stabilizer?
  95. Too much anxiety while on Adderall, is Vyvanse any better??
  96. Doctor wont prescribe adderal
  97. general questions about combining stimulants
  98. ADHD Meds broken down
  99. Concerta and Lexapro?
  100. When switching to a new stimulent, is it just like the first time again?
  101. Does wellbutrin affect adderall effectiveness?
  102. Opinions on Dexedrine
  103. Newbie here. Need some advice on medication options
  104. What stimulant is this - racemic amphetamine sulfate 5 mg (Levo 1/2 & Dextro 1/2)
  105. Medication dependence? Take daily or as needed?
  106. Adderall + Antidepressants?
  107. Getting No benefits from Meds: A review
  108. IR vs XR
  109. Tolerance
  110. ok!!! help!
  111. Is D-Amp stronger then DL-amp?
  112. Help/ medication advice
  113. Controlled substances and ID's
  114. Has anything tried Levodopa? How is it compared to ADD meds?
  115. Concerta+Paxil
  116. Dexedrine SR vs. Adderall XR vs. Ritalin SR
  117. meds for a chaotic mind..
  118. My first days on Vyvanse....normal or abnormal acclimation?
  119. what is the medication *supposed* to do?
  120. Problems with Pharmacies?
  121. Which meds for bad working memory?
  122. Medication's effects on the human body
  123. Restlessness (akathisia)
  124. Provigil Wisdom (and other good advice)
  125. Strattera vs Welbutrin
  126. CII and Mail Order?
  127. Do you believe your medication has literally saved your life? And if so, in what way?
  128. Time to change meds?
  129. Sensitive to stimulants
  130. Heart Failure / Cardiomyopathy & ADHD Medication
  131. Getting dopamine kick from almost any pill I take since being on stimulants?
  132. Pharmacare (Canada) & Adderall
  133. Is it okay to WANT to feel like a zombie?
  134. Clonidine and stimulant
  135. Kinda nervous about starting meds
  136. Controlled substances
  137. Moving to Turkey- any international resources? Rx Import exemptions?
  138. A Med rant. No one understands but you guys!
  139. Guanfacine vs Intuniv
  140. adderall vs. Dexedrine
  141. Concerta or Dexedrine vs. Adderall - need hyperactivity control mostly
  142. Anyone else treated like a criminal?
  143. Recommended ADHD medicin for tense muscles/body
  144. ASD & ADHD medication
  145. How does the right medication make you feel?
  146. Provigil for ADHD
  147. Still searching for that right combination.
  148. stimulants have opposite effect- reality or myth?
  149. anyone bipolar on stims?
  150. Alternitives to Adderall
  151. Stringent Medication control - Good or Bad?
  152. Problems of depression with Concerta, Seeking Alternatives
  153. Long-Term Studies on Methylphendiate use? Sertraline use?
  154. First time posting looking for help
  155. advise assessing which med is best for me please?
  156. Medications losing effectiveness?
  157. how i found my magic combo
  158. how i found my magic combo
  159. How "Amphetamine" works in the brain
  160. Various classes of sedatives
  161. Ritalin and Amphetamines: Not The Same or Similar
  162. Restricting meds to workdays only?
  163. Newly diagnosed. Deciding on Adderall XR or Vyvanese and trying to lose weight too..
  164. ADHD-I and mood stabilizers/anti-depressants?
  165. Really Need Help/Advice
  166. Effectiveness of medication for inattentive?
  167. Adjustment periods? How/when to give it when switching to a new med?
  168. After a month on meds, ready to give up...
  169. Was on Ritalin for ADHD, got prescribed Citalopram, now switched to Prozac
  170. Abilify + Concerta + Dexedrine
  171. Darkside of Adhd Medications
  172. Muscle weakness/soreness caused by ADHD meds or something else?
  173. Cross tolerance between amphetamine and methylphenidate?
  174. klonopin vs vyvanse: when to take both, conflicting scripts
  175. First Day on Namenda
  176. Ritalin & Focalin very scary experience...anyone else?
  177. How do your meds effect you and help you?
  178. Any ADHD women take Amphetamine & feel irritable?
  179. Requesting (Urgent) Assistance w/ Vyvanse, and Switching! (Thank you!)
  180. Is my brain really this messed up? Can anyone relate?
  181. Looking for alternative medication than adderall
  182. Alternating stimulant therapy: Striking a Balance
  183. Ok, I officially hate amphetamine based meds now
  184. The long-term affect of meds on the brain/body?
  185. PCIP just changed, Vyvanse no longer covered. Which covered alternative?
  186. I'm at a loss. Why are all meds to inconsistent for me?
  187. Stimulant meds and nasal allergies??
  188. Re: Your experience with meds and working in IT or development career
  189. Biphentin - summer days
  190. My pdoc wants me back on Lamictal
  191. Question: Efficacy - Concerta vs. Ritalin IR
  192. Former adderall xr user.third day on focalin.
  193. can I get two different sched II drugs filled in the same month?
  194. That snowflake thing again
  195. 2nd day on Focalin (1st ADHD med)
  196. ADD Meds and Pelvic Floor Tightness
  197. Food/medication: chocolate, caffeine, sugar
  198. Doctor wants to put me on meds for Anx/depression
  199. The ART of Cocktail
  200. What difference do drugs make ?
  201. Desperate for some advice,Please help if you can.Currenty Take adderall/wellbutrin.
  202. Beware the starter pack
  203. Over ADD medication
  204. Vyvanse with Intuniv
  205. tried modafinil, dubious..
  206. Can medication help resolve perseverative (obsessive) thinking?
  207. Guanfacine - starting tonight - experience?
  208. does anyone else get irked by medication slang?
  209. Figuring out if meds are working
  210. wellbutrin/stimulant experiences
  211. Has the pharmacy ever shorted you??
  212. Modafinil
  213. Do antihistamines help?
  214. Medicine as a Business
  215. Medication prices
  216. prozac & best ADD meds
  217. How Medicines Work Fact Sheet.
  218. From Johns Hopkins. . .
  219. Self-medicating: Advice needed please and thank you
  220. My experience switching from Adderall to Dexamphetamine.
  221. I lost my vyvanse... 2 weeks before i refill!
  222. Very general questions regarding meds
  223. What is the least expensive medicine to treat ADD without insurance?
  224. How can I make the pharmacists love me?
  225. allows you to compare prices and also gives coupons
  226. Thoughts on AChE Inhibitors/memory drugs as adjunct to stimulant?
  227. Big Placebo vs Big Pharma
  228. Please describe the feeling of effective ADHD medication
  229. cocktail question
  230. More BS drug regulation in New York!
  231. How much do drugs interfere with tolerance of other drugs?
  232. Caffeine
  233. Am I taking the right meds?
  234. Discovered my doc's office is closed because of DEA investigation!! Help!
  235. Travelling/Jet Lag/Meds management?
  236. hitting a wall with meds for ADD Inattentive?
  237. Which med has the least crash/tolerance and lasts the longest?
  238. Tardive Dyskinesia (split from "problem with neurosci" thread)
  239. Adderall XR is /not/ 75% d-amphetamine
  240. ADD/Anxiety Medication
  241. Need some advice asap! What do i do about my medications?
  242. Help/advice needed regarding adhd medicine not working
  243. L-Tyrosine: Experiences?
  244. ADHD Doctors
  245. mixing adderall and concerta
  246. Peripheral vasculopathy & ADHD stimulants
  247. Anyone Tried Deplin -- I Love It.
  248. Dexamphetmine sulfate
  249. Other than ADHD meds, what other meds do you take each day?
  250. Ritalin making me too anxious and irritable -- alternatives?