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  1. Ritalin making me too anxious and irritable -- alternatives?
  2. Teva (Barr, Duramed) cited by FDA
  3. Anyone who has tried Guanfacine for ADHD?
  4. Question concerning taking ephedrine while waiting to refill adderall rx
  5. 5-HTP side effects
  6. Good nicotine response
  7. Stimulants and Benzos
  8. whrn is clonicel going to be fda approved?
  9. Considering switching meds
  10. Strattera vs Ritaline
  11. ADHD medication that avoid causing anxiety
  12. I'm scared to take my new medicine.
  13. Extreme Procrastination and SSRI Sexual Disfunction
  14. What's the oldest age they adderall or ritalin?
  15. clarification
  16. For everyone who struggles with meds-
  17. $1,500 Deductible for simple ADD medication I've been receiving for years
  18. Doctor Won't Fill RX, Don't Know What To Do
  19. Starting to take medication again after 30 years- what to watch out for (Rubifan20mg)
  20. I screwed up my switch over from Vyvanse back to Ritalin
  21. Being drug screened for an Adderall prescription
  22. do you think tolerance is a term that is thrown around to much?
  23. Vyvanse not working after 22 months -- switching meds?
  24. Please help
  25. Innattentive ADD'ers and Medication
  26. Phentermine works best?
  27. Frustrated with medication results, please help!
  28. Has mirtazapine (Remeron) affected your ADHD?
  29. My Ritalin was stolen
  30. Scared of heart problems
  31. Not being consistent with instant release meds can be embarrasing
  32. Memantine+Adderall effects/effectiveness plus additional treatments
  33. ADD pills? Please help me with these questions based on your experience?
  34. Intuniv
  35. New user,glad to find this. adderall and fluexatine help
  36. what medications are YOU taking ?
  37. How much does does body size effect ADD medication?
  38. Newbie with questions about stimulants & long-term use
  39. serious issues with forgetting meds
  40. What meds do you prefer? What's the difference? What should I know or research?
  41. Anyone tried low-dose aMT?
  42. help selecting a stimulant
  43. What treatment is generally best for ADHD-PI? Lack of motivation...
  44. long release vs short release for inattentive add?
  45. This pill is working differently..
  46. Which stimulant is best to offset Imipramine weight gain
  47. "resetting" your tolerance to medication? is it poosible?
  48. What is the best SSRI to use with ADD meds?
  49. treatment not working. high tolerance?
  50. In what ways has medications helped your life?
  51. Lyrica & Adderall - What Dosage of Lyrica Per Day?
  52. The Drugs
  53. Medication Change?
  54. An afternoon booster med?
  55. What should I expect from my meds?
  56. ADHD Medication Log Template?
  57. waiting for prescription
  58. Since starting medication, developed allergies?
  59. Would an Anticonvulsant Help? Mood swings/crash the problem with every stimulant.
  60. Stimulants and Tachycadria, Panic attacks- HELP PLEASE
  61. Sudafed - Pseudoephedrine
  62. effects of opiates on adhd/add?
  63. Give Up Meds?
  64. Anxiety about ADHD medications
  65. Why won't the doctor prescribe cheaper medication?
  66. New to Adderall xr
  67. Strattera + Bupropion + Sertraline
  68. Some things i want to know.. .
  69. Scared of my Medication
  70. Generic Drug Pricing
  71. CYP2D6 intermediate metabolizers, Cymbalta, and Adderall
  72. NuVigil puts me to sleep
  73. Would Ritalin or Adderall help me?
  74. Round the clock Ritalin?
  75. Why isn't modafinil presribed for ADHD?
  76. Did SSRI's make you more spacey?
  77. No more Adderall Intuniv?!
  78. methylphenidate-Hulk Smash!
  79. Stimulant Medication and Cortisol
  80. medication for add
  81. Advice?
  82. Mindfull systems Check.
  83. Modafinil
  84. Substitutes for Prescribed Ritalin Help!!!
  85. Need Advice from Mature Adults ;) - Medication costs once married and how to deal.
  86. Has anyone tried Zenzedi?
  87. Who here has been on meds for years?
  88. Vyvanse 30/30 Split... CRASH, Dexedrine the Answer??
  89. How do I find out which medication is right for me?
  90. Which drug is best when you can't sleep but have to?
  91. Switching meds - is it likely to work and if not, then what next?
  92. What's the difference between Dexedrine IR and Vyvanse?
  93. Are low doses of amphetamines or stimulants safe to take?
  94. Developing food allergies or GI issues?
  95. Advice for managing GI troubles with ADD meds
  96. advice about choosing your doctor
  97. Meds
  98. ADHD med?
  99. Online pharmacy question
  100. Pattern of Meds Not Working
  101. I think I might have double dosed, but can't remember for sure.
  102. What do you say if people ask you for your meds
  103. Stimulant advice needed
  104. What should I do now?
  105. Medication Advice-for anger/******** & attention!
  106. need meds to combate anger issues
  107. How do you tolerate amphetamines? How do you guys do it everyday?
  108. Rx options other than Adderall or Strattera?
  109. Need your experience - own Concerta, Ritalin, Focalin,Strattera, choic as of tomorrow
  110. Missed my appointment
  111. have an idea for tolerance breaks from stimulant medication the easy way
  112. Latest time to take meds?
  113. Withdrawal Seizures?
  114. I need to be cautious
  115. whats with the global differences?
  116. Off ADD meds because of auditory hallucinations and thoughts of suicide
  117. Petition to Get Dyes out of ADHD Meds
  118. Concerta Med Break
  119. Need advice asap!
  120. How much would you be willing to change?
  121. Upset about getting my scripts filled!
  122. ADD Medications that can be taken on an as-needed basis ?
  123. What kind of effect do stimulants usually have?
  124. Will ADHD medications become unsafe for every human being?
  125. How should I approach my new Dr about medications.
  126. Quillivant XR pharmacy issues
  127. Difference between ritalin and concerta
  128. Why would Vyvanse give you bad sexual side effects but Dexedrine go the other way?
  129. If it's not working, maybe it never will!
  130. Med organization
  131. 2014 and My Resolution to take my meds
  132. Regarding getting my ADD prescription out of state
  133. Dex vs Adderall and what to expect...Again! lol
  134. For people with serious emotional control and stress tolerance difficulties
  135. Stimulant and blood pressure medication
  136. Does nicotine ever stop working?
  137. Feel so guilty about wasting meds
  138. Adderall Attenuation?
  139. Getting prescribed Adderall and Vyvanse by two doctors
  140. Dex based pill vs Vyvanse - Anyone went from one to the other?
  141. new medicine dosage
  142. How fast can I change to Lamictal ?
  143. Adderall XR and Vyvanse make me extremely horny if I haven't taken them in a while?
  144. Lexapro and Trazodone Keeping Me Awake
  145. Novartis Ritalin LA/IR 10/10, Concerta 6/10...
  146. Medication Effectiveness
  147. Modafinil
  148. Coffee and Amphetamine meds
  149. Wellbutrin & Stimulant
  150. So depressed after dr. appt. any advice?
  151. What do you miss because of medication ?
  152. Meds that improve processing speed
  153. Elevated levels CPK
  154. Question about being on a combination of meds
  155. Have med improved your mood and make you more personable?
  156. Finding the meds that worked for you - How'd it go?
  157. Detox Supplements with ADHD meds
  158. The "Booster" Help
  159. Vyvanse (or any XR) to a non all-day dex pill, anyone done it and prefer it?
  160. Not sleeping without meds?
  161. Best medication to lift the "brain fog"?
  162. Dopamine/Serotonin Balance
  163. How dangerous are stimulants since they raise stress hormones?
  164. High metabolism and ADHD medications
  165. Ginkgo biloba
  166. Any of your doctors experiment with phentermine off label?
  167. Difference between l-amp and d-amp?
  168. "Feeling" the meds
  169. "Feeling" the meds
  170. More meds
  171. something is seriously wrong
  172. Zoloft decreases the duration of adderall?
  173. Working through the 'right' medication process
  174. 2 hours after pill
  175. explanation for zero response to medication??
  176. ADHD meds are not the same as speed
  177. pre-auth for meds ... what for exactly?
  178. Strongest stimulant ADHD medication
  179. How does Wellbutrion Work With Vyvanse
  180. I Wanna Quit My Meds
  181. Vyvanse Adderall Comparison Study
  182. Cymbalta/ vyvanse -depression ADHD inattentive
  183. How many of you take a sleep aid?
  184. Help!! Any adhd medication OK 2 take if you have/had in an irregular heart beat??
  185. What exactly am I taking?
  186. Evaluating the effectiveness of your meds
  187. Do STIMS (add meds) Make you HAPPY?
  188. Drug Shortages Hearing by FDA and GAO
  189. Adderall partial fill question
  190. Are there vitamins or supplements which make sense to take and are safe?
  191. To all ADHD adults who worry about long-term health effects of ADHD stimulants!
  192. Valdoxin and your experience
  193. Adverse Drug Reactions
  194. Reluctantly trying something different
  195. safe meds for common cold with adhd meds & antidepressants
  196. Self-Medication
  197. Just Prescribed Medication
  198. Concerta + Prozac
  199. Next Psych appointment tomorrow, want to talk to my Dr. about changing meds.
  200. Stimulant Acne??
  201. Aplenzin
  202. Psycho-Stimulant Dilemma (just so you know, back-story is looooong)
  203. Have you ever tricked yourself into going cold turkey on meds?
  204. Adderall - International Travel
  205. Therapeutic response to Sudafed
  206. Wellbutrin/Caffeine Nightmare
  207. ADHD/ADD Autistic Adult
  208. Picking a medication
  209. Moderate symptom relief on methylphenidate - but should I switch to dexamphetamine
  210. How do I know if my meds are still working?
  211. Medication Question/Need Insight
  212. Ritalin is Good. Is there better?
  213. Non-Stimulant ADHD Treatment?
  214. Adderall XR and vyvanse crash comparisons
  215. Something is up with my medication.
  216. Doctor and Med Concerns
  217. Is my body creates anti dotes against meds ?
  218. Anxiety About Beginning Treatment
  219. Medications that have similar effect to alcohol?
  220. Difference between L-Dopa and Amphetamines?
  221. Mega Doses of EPA Fish Oil help my ADD-PI ..but it's so expensive?! Prescription?
  222. If focalin causes fast hard pulse during wear off, will other stims do the same?
  223. Assumed Focalin & Vyvanse stims w/ least PNS side effects, which has more?
  224. Adderall AND Strattera???
  225. Using Adderall and/or Ritalin as needed?
  226. Are medications guaranteed to work?
  227. Anyone Take Accutane?
  228. Methylphenidate v Dexamphetamine? Anyone else prefer Ritalin?
  229. Going from Vyvanse to Dex IR
  230. Anyone else used Phentermine for ADHD?
  231. Medication Side Effects
  232. Finding the Proper Medication (Adderall doesn't work for me)
  233. Could my physician prescribe me two meds at once?
  234. Vyvanse and Escitalopram (lexapro/cipralex) Conflict
  235. Provigil vs. Wellbutrin/Strattera?
  236. How to the meds work?
  237. Can a primary care physician prescribe dexamphetamine?
  238. thinking about coming off meds, one at a time...
  239. Which med to try next?
  240. Meds and Focus/Concentration?
  241. Baldness D:
  242. Prepare to be annoyed...
  243. Forgetting if you've already taken your ADD meds.... oops!
  244. Procrastination and stimulants?
  245. Temporary alternative to CNS stimulants?
  246. dextroamphetamine in europe , which countries ?
  247. What meds have helped you guys with reading (focus/comprehension)?
  248. Ritalin vs. Dexedrine, mode of action?
  249. Anyone else had a similar experience with ADD/ADHD Medication (Need Similar Solution)
  250. Pregnant! Withdrawls~ what do i do??