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  1. Are you even less effective when meds wear off than without meds at all?
  2. Out-Of-State Adderall Prescription to be filled in MA?
  3. Vyvanse + Aminoacids Combination?
  4. Does your insurance company cover your meds? Do you have Cigna or Aetna or ??
  5. The medication adjustment squirrel!
  6. My Ideas For Next PDOC Session
  7. Hopeless, from Vyvanse to Adderall
  8. HELP!! An ADD Medication that Won't Make Me Nauseous and go #2 Alot
  9. How to get off vyvanse & clonazepam (add & anxiety meds) vitamins?
  10. Stimulants - stop and transition of concentration from one task to another task
  11. Problem: Vyvanse & focus on wrong things; options?
  12. Long term effects
  13. Adderall xr and supplements as well as vitamins, does it really help?
  14. Cheaper alternatives to Vyvanse?
  15. Will suggesting a medication make me seem like a drug seeker?
  16. Only Users Lose Drugs
  17. FOCALIN, I need some guidance. PLZ HELP
  18. Should I go on meds again!?
  19. Generic Drugs *are* Equivalent to Brand-Name Drugs
  20. ACA aka ObamaCare Medical Card
  21. Does pregabalin (lyrica) help with adhd symptoms?
  22. My doctor is leaving for two months suddenly and we haven't finished titrating...
  23. Vitamins for ADD
  24. Stims and information retention+whiny rant
  25. Modafainil (Provigil, Modiodal, Alertec, Modavigil)
  26. EB-1020 Shows "Stimulant-Like Efficacy" in Phase 2a Trial
  27. Lexapro/Adderall Combination = Mania?
  28. Cymbalta and Dexedrine IR
  29. Switched from Adderal XR to methylphenidate sr: miserable!
  30. My first experience with Guanfacine + Strattera...
  31. Medication Compliance
  32. Heat + stimulant medication =
  33. What to do about prescription refills (Dex IR) when moving to a new city?
  34. First day on meds my brain feels weird.
  35. The Unofficial "INACTIVE INGREDIENT" TOXICITY Thread
  36. ADD situation, possibility of being stimulant intolerant?
  37. Medication working a bit TOO well?
  38. New GP So Abhorred At PDOC's Perfect 10 Regiment; Threatened To Call Her
  39. Dex + zopiclone/imovane
  40. Can someone help me please? Need ADHD medication Help!
  41. Opening My Eyes
  42. Best ADHD Med for not causing ED?
  43. Ritalin+ strattera+wellbutrin+zoloft combination ??
  44. General non prescription "med" help?
  45. Aventyl
  46. What Amphetamine is right for me?
  47. which Medication best works for Inattentive ADHD?
  48. Some questions about piracetame
  49. hypersensitive to stimulants
  50. How are meds long-term?
  51. New/future medecines depending on brain area
  52. Please, Please, Read and Offer your Suggestions
  53. How long should I continue taking medication?
  54. Does anyone find nicotine via ecigs help?
  55. Emotions and ADD/medication
  56. need answers please ! Wellbutrin with ritalin
  57. Dehydration
  58. Non-Stimulant for ADHD. Effective? Help!
  59. Medication suggestions
  60. Life's soooo good :) [Vyvanse is a god-send!]
  61. Diagnosed! Meds v. "Symptoms"??
  62. Do medications work long term?
  63. Does anyone else feel like Dexedrine ER works better than vyvanse and adderall??
  64. Orally disintegrating amphetamine polistrex
  65. medication question
  66. Taking ADHD meds - daily or only for studying?
  67. Vyvanse Crashes and Duration of Effectiveness
  68. Difficulty taking non-adhd meds?
  69. Using IR meds as needed?
  70. Has any medication made your adhd symptoms worse?
  71. Despite Meds, Hyperactivity Won't Go Away
  72. Social Anxiety/Awkwardness caused by dexamphetamine
  73. Profound effects of medication
  74. Cost of medications.
  75. Are ADD meds really that bad?
  76. If stimulant tolerance eventually develops, what's the point?
  77. Pseudoephedrine as substitute for methylphenidate?
  78. Newly diagnosed, not sure how I should be feeling with treatement
  79. Can medications permanently affect your brain after long term use?
  80. Frequent Urination on Medication
  81. What side effects of medications?
  82. Non-stimulant medications for motivation?
  83. Extreme non-responding to ADD (and other) medications
  84. Bupropion causes agitation but stimulants do not?
  85. Questions about modafinil vs other adhd meds
  86. Is there a relationship between the strength of an IR stimulant and how long it lasts
  87. How dangerous is SSRI + ritalin?
  88. What happens when DR changes your meds?
  89. ADD Meds Causing Severe Phlegm In Throat - Advice? Experiences? Solutions?
  90. info on stimulants not available in mexico?
  91. Miracle pills don't exist my *****
  92. Medication two steps backwards one forwards
  93. Newly Diagnosed Adult
  94. Beware of using St. John's Worth With These Drugs
  95. Metadoxine for ADHD-PI
  96. Do antacids give you a hangover feeling?
  97. starting with meds advice
  98. Stimulants and UA's...any advice?
  99. No insurance
  100. Considering Stimulant Options -- Your Experiences?
  101. Feeling like a zombie or electrified
  102. Eldepryl - selegiline - any experiences?
  103. Medication issues, starting to fail out of school. Advice or similar experiences?
  104. My experience with ADHD and Vyvanse
  105. Stimulant tolerance
  106. Remeron with Ritalin?
  107. Vyvanse and testosterone cypionate injections
  108. Adderall cross-tolerance/Ritalin
  109. Does Medi-Cal Cover ADHD Meds?
  110. Modafinil (Provigil, Alertec) ADHD Experiences
  111. ED on Adderall: Any Meds that Won't Cause This?
  112. Finally Diagnosed what medication to choose?
  113. Question about Medication Response
  114. Venlafaxine, Bupropion and Lisdexamphetamine for Depression, Anxiety and ADHD
  115. How many meds did you try before you found one that worked?
  116. Hair loss: Ritalin vs Dex
  117. Magnesium Citrate OK?
  118. Ferritin, ADHD and amphetamines
  119. I am perplexed.
  120. Back to Cymbalta and Ritalin, and now headache
  121. DESPERATE Sleepy and hungry on Concerta and Adderall
  122. Tics, I think I need to switch medications?
  123. Meds are confusing!
  124. visual part of medication and over-stimulation?
  125. FOIA Request
  126. To everyone curious about my drug regimen!
  127. Meds preventing creativity - Thoughts/Opinions?
  128. HUGE ISSUE-Concerta or Depakote? Both are Gray!
  129. Ever feel your Dr. needs ADD meds?
  130. Have you ever been given the wrong drug?
  131. Feeling bad for being on meds
  132. Meds causing insomnia?
  133. Lost some of my Meds
  134. From Adderall to....Vyvanse, Dexadrine SR or Strattera????
  135. What does your medication do for you?
  136. ADD and Glaucoma
  137. After almost 2 years I cannot find a medication that works for me long-term
  138. Trouble with Medication- My current situation
  139. Anyone here who takes stimulants + wellbutrin?
  140. Do you ever think you will stop taking meds?
  141. ADD and depression
  142. What effect do barbiturates have on you?
  143. Disposing of Rx Drugs -- New US DEA Rule Allows CII Drug Take-Back
  144. Long term did it change your life?
  145. Vicolone? Or Something?
  146. What potentiates your stimulant best? L-tyrosine/PhenylAlanine/Mucuna?
  147. Prescription Expiration
  148. Have no motivation left and believe medication not working? What medication can help?
  149. Intuniv/ Guanfacine
  150. Adderall or nah?
  151. Anyone herd of Dasotraline - a DNRI
  152. Do anti-psychotics cancel out stimulant effects?
  153. What to do, what to do?
  154. Levothyroxine?
  155. What happens when meds don't work ?
  156. Which Drugs Reduce Hyperactivity
  157. Ritalin Honeymoon Over
  158. Non-Stimulant Medication for Adults??
  159. Would you say experimenting with your meds is OK? within reason of course!
  160. Benefits of medication.
  161. For those who have been on meds 2+ years
  162. How to NOT Focus on if medication is working?- Thinking only about med causing depres
  163. A stimulant that will keep me awake and focused
  164. doctor wrote me Rx for 2nd daily dose but told me to "hold off"
  165. Adderall and SNRI??
  166. Medication questions for ADD
  167. Prescribed 2mg Abilify Anti-Psychotic To Take With Dexedrine...A Bit Confused
  168. Wellbutrin and Adderall?
  169. Anyone else get adverse/paradoxical reactions to medications?
  170. ADHD Medication Issues HELP!
  171. Difference between Concerta and Ritalin/Methylphenidate?
  172. Recently diagnosed with ADD, which med?
  173. feeling odd on meds for first time
  174. Does ADHD medication improve academic performance?
  175. Straight Talk on Focalin vs. Dexedrine dosages? Please?
  176. Dry Mouth Solution
  177. Vyvanse or Adderall XR?
  178. Vyvanse + Cymbalta + Wellbutrin Combo, any major risks?
  179. Working out and Adderall vs other meds
  180. Concerta making me feel terrible.
  181. Are the meds worth it?
  182. Issues with finding the right meds, and dealing with the side effects.
  183. Stimulants are horrible for me
  184. Anorgasmia
  185. Ritalin and codeine
  186. Long term tolerance of change in chemistry/effectiveness?
  187. What was the first medication you tried?
  188. Where do I go? -- Adderall anxiety, Ritalin strength
  189. d+mn it! Its not speed!
  190. Can I be rx'd a couple different stims?
  191. How much more dangerous are amphetamines compared to MPH?
  192. ADD Medication No Effect?
  193. New pill shape and color
  194. Medication on backorder
  195. Vyvanse and Abilify together
  196. Norco now schedule II?
  197. Droxidopa for the treatment of ADHD-PI or SCT
  198. Verification of Rx by drug testing facility
  199. Medication dose
  200. I don't feel ANY different!!!
  201. Doctor changed meds...
  202. Accurate? New ADHD medication app
  203. Then the meds kicked in ....
  204. So... Can a dr give you adhd meds without diagnosing you?
  205. Vyvanse and wellbutrin headache
  206. sweating more then anyone else
  207. ADD meds with antidepressant? advice please
  208. Adderall Alternatives, both Stimulant and Non-Stimulant
  209. Pharmacist refused prescription; said my state database file was too suspicious
  210. Idk if I like this.
  211. No medication seems to be working for me. Please help
  212. Guanfancine/ Intuniv Pricing
  213. UK NHS medication exemption...?
  214. Adderall vs Concerta Experiences
  215. My ADHD med experiences
  216. I don't want to tell my husband I'm on meds
  217. Treating an former drug addict
  218. Taking Vyvanse with Strattera?
  219. Dexedrine vs Ritalin?
  220. My Experience with Ritalin, Dex and Vyvanse.
  221. Amphetamine & Milk
  222. I'm SO disappinted. Meds STILL not working!!!
  223. Advice please, I feel terrible and I think it's the meds
  224. Need some help [Dexedrine spansule to Vyvnanse]
  225. Will Medicare part D cover brand name drugs?
  226. SEMAX and/or Adderall for ADHD with atypical Depression
  227. Does anyone else feel like gagging?
  228. Feeling full
  229. Did the price of ALL ADHD meds go up??
  230. you think people expect too much from there meds?
  231. Ritalin combination with CDP citicoline?
  232. Can you use stimulants to combat sexual side effects of antidepressants?
  233. Indian Generic Viagra
  234. Meds hitting me really hard all of a sudden
  235. Just switched from Dexedrine Spansules to Vyvnanse
  236. Discomfort when UNDERdosing? Here's why.
  237. I'm done with this med it's effecting my life for the worse.
  238. Ladies: PLEASE do not buy PREMARIN
  239. Help!!!!!
  240. Blurry vision
  241. Needing Advice...
  242. I think I went psychotic
  243. Week's supply of Adderall along with other stuff stolen from my car
  244. Is there a medicine for ADHD-PI without insomnia side effects?
  245. med problems
  246. What rebound effects have you gotten from not taking your meds?
  247. Trying out Reboxetine with Cymbalta
  248. Do doctors test you or are they sometime just out of it?
  249. Do all stimulants have the following side effects:
  250. Best Stimulant Combo?