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  1. AD/HDer off meds temporarily
  2. Helpful medication reference sites
  3. Yep, I think I have read it all...........
  4. Anyone heard of Attend?
  5. Increased Liability for auto collisions on meds?
  6. muscle or tendon pain/tingling (zoloft or adderall)
  7. Drug differences?
  8. Am I ADD?
  9. where do i go from here?
  10. Stimulants: use & abuse in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  11. Cardiovascular side effects of stimulants...any experiences/thoughts??
  12. So frustrated w/ my doctor...does this make sense?
  13. add meds when sleep deprived
  14. Effexor/Adderral
  15. Problems with treatment?
  16. Medication: FOCUS vs. EXECUTIVE FUNCTION
  17. Catapres patch and pre-schooler
  18. Straterra and Adderal ????
  19. And the Neurologist Said.........!!!!!!
  20. Thought I was off Paxil! Adderall helps?
  21. Ritalin, Concerta, and Focalin Similarities
  22. what should i try next?
  23. Meds Expire?
  24. The various meds and their neurotransmitter effects
  25. Memory's improved,but hyperactivity & concentration (true ability to focus) have not.
  26.,,, and
  27. Asking for advice:Concerta, other stimulants, Strattera, airlines
  28. How do you know you've taken too much?
  29. Prove that therapeutic levels of stimulants cause significant dependency or tolerance
  30. Asking the stimulant vs. non-stimulant question again
  31. Doc Appt Later Today.
  32. Getting Started vs. Staying on Task
  33. Deprenyl
  34. US Customs and ADD meds?
  35. hypnotist
  36. Combination of Zoloft and Dex
  37. Third time's a charm... Advice, please.
  38. If you take meds, how do you explain/defend this decision to others?
  39. Strattera and Ritalin LA anyone?
  40. Going to the Doc to Discuss Meds for 1st Time
  41. frequency of doc visits
  42. Adderall RX and (Alprazolam?)
  43. Suggestions on the medication section
  44. Not sure what to do now.
  45. Social Life.
  46. Opinions and Experiences Please...
  47. Common misconceptions treatment!(rant)
  48. Possible mothers: would you take medication during conception and pregnancy?
  49. Medication?
  50. Doctors in Los Angeles
  51. Banned drugs compared to amphetamine salts
  52. Odd perscirption
  53. Just Frustrated
  54. problem remembering meds
  55. Finding the right medication
  56. Just some info
  57. refills
  58. Recently tried Strattera and Concetra....
  59. Has anyone tried Adrafinal?
  60. I know it's time to take my ADD medications when...
  61. Meds And Diet Pills, Is It Any Problem? Advice Please...
  62. Concerta/Ritalin under safety review
  63. What's the diference between Concerta and Ritalin?
  64. How long do I have to wait until increase my dosage? Advice please...
  65. Galantamine for Primary Inattentive ADD
  66. Someone elses Meds?
  67. ADD/ADHD + Abilify
  68. Natural treatment for ADD?
  69. Inattentive vs SCT do meds work?
  70. Donepezil (Aricept) + stimulants for memory in inattentive type?
  71. For what reason some treatment combine diferent brands of medications?
  72. Choosing the right meds
  73. Adderall is the Best
  74. Numb Hands
  75. Taking Concerta with Ritalin LA?
  76. Metadate cd and adderall together??
  77. experiencing anxiety on Concerta/Wellbutrin combo
  78. Medicare Discounts
  79. Flaxseed oil
  80. Is this normal...??? What to do???? Could you help me?? Please...
  81. Medication Pricing
  82. What is this?? anyone know?
  83. Focustrate/focusing is the key not harmful stimulants!
  84. Flaxseed Oil. Less is better
  85. seroquel question
  86. Public Info on Accessing Canadian Pharmacies
  87. adderall vs straterra vs ritalin (the big fight begins)
  88. New Cocktail
  89. Dosage of Adderall that's effective
  90. Straterra Questions
  91. Too many med's
  92. New laws? Now much harder for me to get my meds.
  93. Dexedrine and Jogging
  94. Anyone experience Hypothyroidism While Taking Amphetamines?
  95. What do you guys think....Stimulants and the brain
  96. Do meds actually take ADD/ADHD away almost entirely?
  97. Weird Course Times-- when to take meds?
  98. What could be the best, to switch to another medication or try to combine first ?
  99. Neurotransmitters specifically affected by ADD meds. Also Merital??
  100. Deprenyl; whatya think?
  101. provigil?
  102. Will ADD medicine do away with positive aspects of ADD?
  103. Motivation!!
  104. How does it feel when the meds 'work'?
  105. Everything wears off
  106. Sluggishness and Low Motivation
  107. "Drugging" our children
  108. Effexer????
  109. Ritalin/Adderall Online pharmacies
  110. Heart Palpitations
  111. Traveling to England and meds
  112. Planning to Travel and Medications
  113. Dx update; do med change personal interest
  114. Depression meds with ADD meds
  115. Methylphenidate Patch Opinions?
  116. Namenda
  117. Medicating AD/HD with heart problems
  118. Poll: Do/did you feel any heart pounding while taking stimulants?
  119. Newly Diagnosed....what Meds?
  120. To those of you who are on medication...
  121. A few questions on meds, thanks!
  122. Comments on Newpaper Story: Are ADHD drugs safe?
  123. I am so lost!
  124. temporal lobe/mood instability
  125. Change medication??
  126. Fear Of Medication
  127. Psychiatrist response to discontinued medicines?
  128. AD/HD medicine
  129. Effexor (Venlafaxine) as a an addition to Dexedrine
  130. Conceta, Zoloft, ?Detrol LA??
  131. Zoloft Concerta ?? And Detrol LA ??
  132. Best doctor to ask for ADHD meds
  133. Hair Loss, Teeth Grinding/Shifting, Eye Pain/Blur, Weight Loss, etc.
  134. Happy To Help...
  135. newly diagnosed
  136. No ADHD medication help in Oregon
  138. Stimulent meds make you less physical?
  139. Medication!
  140. Opinion on meds.
  141. Increasing ??
  142. Strattera worse then adderall?
  143. He's baaaack!! Tom Cruise plans lecture series...get a load of this!!
  144. ADD drugs making me worse
  145. Can ritalin help w/...
  146. new Provigil?
  147. Medication cost question???
  148. Herbal Medecine!
  149. Add?
  150. FDA Warns About ADHD Drug Strattera
  151. Trial, error, and results?
  152. Adderall XR-my child tried this but freaks out when it wears off, now what?
  153. Having trouble since on Meds
  154. More milligrams / more frequent doses / or is this it?
  155. A little nervous
  156. Rate this drug
  157. amantadine for ADD
  158. ADD Medication Question...
  159. Not sure how I feel.
  160. concerta dosage ??
  161. ever heard of Desoxyn?
  162. Has anyone ever had weight change after starting meds?
  163. Please help me decide which med to ask for
  164. New Meds
  165. scared
  166. My Take on ADHD Medication Addiction
  167. I need Help Sorting out Symptoms & Treatments
  168. Getting meds on line
  169. Given these effects, which is the best stimulant for me?
  170. To Med or not to Med?
  171. Is this possible?
  172. med's evil side?
  173. adderall2straterra -CONFUSED!
  174. Mom's (me) questions about meds
  175. Switching Meds
  176. Strattera and a stimulant?
  177. DaZeD and CoNfUsEd
  178. Focus ADD!
  179. Med. Wearing off...
  180. I need info.
  181. What to try next?
  182. A really disturbing problem
  183. CoQ10 as alternative medication
  184. Maoi
  185. Controlled Substance Prescription Database
  186. Taking your a.m before getting up ......
  187. How is this legal
  188. new here with some questions...
  189. risks of medication
  190. Ect
  191. Stoping Dex but am terrified - please help
  192. Concerta Might Not Be Working Anymore?
  193. What time of day do you take your meds?
  194. High Heart Rate...
  195. Adults with ADHD often have other disorders
  196. stimulants v's antidepressants
  197. Desoxyn-anyone tried it?
  198. Desoxyn?
  199. My symptoms
  200. Do stimulants work in ADD without hyperactivity?
  201. Persuasive speech
  202. dex/adderall combo
  203. Question about the different meds
  204. From Focalin to Adderall
  205. Med Help
  206. How much medicine is released at once, released later, etc?
  207. What to do about your "dry mouth" problem
  208. venting
  209. Euphoric Feelings
  210. Need Advice Ritalin XR/wears off/next step
  211. Online Pharmacies
  212. Med. behavior
  213. drug interactions
  214. What Are You On? Cocktails...
  215. What other meds to try
  216. Will side effects go away with time?
  217. Feedback wanted please
  218. Can't get in to see MD
  219. Therapy or Medication?
  220. Adrafinil, Modafinil
  221. Question about LD, Currently on Strattera
  222. Am I a freak?
  223. Relative to
  224. max dex dosage?
  225. Medication Roller Coaster is Bring Me Down
  226. Provigil
  227. Adderall XR and Strattera together?
  228. Medications for inattentive type ADD?
  229. switch
  230. Free Medications......
  231. 3rd day on Strattera
  232. Attenace (Provigil)
  233. Controlled substances
  234. can't remember to take med in the morning
  235. New Hope
  236. sensitivity to meds
  237. Changing Meds
  238. What I Hate About Taking Meds Besides the side-effects
  239. Any experience with Phentermine?
  240. Should I Keep Trying with Meds?
  241. Ritalin (type) meds don't seem to work for me
  242. Less Likely to Raise Pulse?
  243. Info: Dose & Effectiveness
  244. My HMO is driving me crazy - Please help
  245. Ordering Medications Online???
  246. Dividing doses? Empty capsules
  247. Help!!!
  248. ADD Meds and Hair Loss?
  249. need some help
  250. please help fast