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  1. Vyvanse + SSRI Problems?
  2. Dextroamphetamine vs. Dexmethylphenidate
  3. Does anyone take adderall with an antidepressant?
  4. Do you have to take 2 different meds at the same time?
  5. My experince with ALL the ADHD medications: some wisdom for those still trying
  6. Concerned Ritalin will Ruin my Brain
  7. true tolerance.
  8. So lost on what to do
  9. ADD medications and pets
  10. Oldest age to stay on medication?
  11. Advice quick pleAse :) Doc appt in a couple hours
  12. trying new med for symptoms commonly found in adhd people
  13. Drug interactions between Wellbutrin and Adderall
  14. Adderall and epinephrine
  15. Medication rant
  16. Effects of Pseudoephedrine on some with undiagnosed ADD
  17. Ritalin and domestic air travel in Australia
  18. How long can I hold onto a script for before dropping it off?
  19. Reaching the end of the line here
  20. Seeking assistance (First hand and medical) on the higher end medications
  21. Walgreens / Picking up ritalin prescription early
  22. Uh Oh Cherrio Doctor Made A Boo Boo!
  23. First stimulant treatment receives a license for adults for Europeans!
  24. Hypersensitive system, options limited
  25. Know before you go.
  26. addeall and xanax
  27. Dexamphetamine and bupropion?
  28. Semi drug-resistant. Help! What to try next?
  29. Thanks for positive my meds...
  30. ****ing Doc doesn't want to prescribe meds over phone
  31. Anyone who have tried Quinagolide with a stimulant?
  32. UK Drug Driving Law - Medication
  33. Seeking Info/Experience on Non Stimulant Meds
  34. Need advice about meds tolerance/not working anymore
  35. Help me understand what ADHD meds feel like.
  36. From Adderall XR + Klonopin to Vyvanse + Clonidine... A few concerns. Input?
  37. I have to start ssri with Vyvanse ...and worried about my sex life
  38. peripheral Vasculopathy/Neuropathy & ADHD drugs
  39. Stimulants and self-regulation?
  40. Can someone please tell me what the Hell a"Smart Pill"is? Rant
  41. Slow down metabolism while on Vyvanse
  42. Medication Input
  43. Having a good relationship with a Pharmacy!
  44. Adderall+Memantine+Ropinirole(Requip)
  45. Is dose determined by weight in adults?!
  46. Loss of appetite and weight loss
  47. Trouble Getting Meds @ Walgreens
  48. Antidepressant weight gain - can ADD meds help?
  49. Anybody try Provigil or Nuvigil?
  50. Remron and Vyvanse is a no go ...
  51. What could be causing my meds not to work properly?
  52. I've been diagnosed with ADHD, and need advice.
  53. Traveling to foreign country with Meds
  54. Vyvanse and Paxil?
  55. article about misuse and abuse of ADHD meds
  56. modafinil combined with adderall xr?
  57. In a predicament with medication switch up
  58. Side effects building up over time?
  59. Tired of trying different medications...
  60. Anyone heard of Evekeo?
  61. Is Ritalin/Concerta better for your brain than Adderall?
  62. Brain changes?
  63. Stimulants not enough
  64. Nothing I do better without meds
  65. Provigil/modafinil question
  66. Tips to Combat Insomnia?
  67. So...was this abuse of my meds?
  68. Weird Side Effect?
  69. Getting Frustrated, Please, Any Advice!
  70. Perscription
  71. Rant
  72. Psychostimulant availability
  73. Teeth Grinding and Jaw Clenching, Does It Ever Go Away?
  74. Adderall xr vs Vyvanse
  75. Do low doses of stimulants produce the opposite effects?
  76. ADHD, Meds and etc: Nothing Works ? Here's a (my) Last Resort Guide
  77. how come there's no section for Evekeo here?
  78. is it OK to eat dark chocolates while on amphetamines?
  79. Ritalin and flying
  80. anyone here use a beta blocker for tapering off stimulation?
  81. Metamina Dexamfetaminsulfat Vs Vyvanse
  82. How do you know when you have developed a tolerance for stimulant medications?
  83. To Fight the Mood Swings
  84. Can anyone help with my 'drug' regime?
  85. Tolerance poll
  86. Heart problems
  87. Concerta helps my mood but not ADHD
  88. Amphetamine Sulfate 5 mg and 10 mg tablets
  89. Prednisone Experiences?
  90. is a DRI also prescribed when one is on amphetamine?
  91. Aptensio XR
  92. Asperger's is my main diagnosis, and I think electrolyte supplements work for me.
  93. The Stimulant Thread
  94. Does taking stimulants significantly improve one’s ability to stay focused?
  95. Adderall xr weight gain while taking
  96. Medication titrating up diary
  97. I just took my first meds in months... and I'm feeling good!
  98. Such Sleep Deprivation
  99. Doping Issues?
  100. Diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, what med is prefered?
  101. Traveling to Asia with medication advice
  102. Stims and aortic valve leakage (or aortic regurgitation / insufficiency)
  103. What the... wellbutrin??
  104. Army medicine and medications
  105. Have stimulants nearly destroyed your life?
  106. For studying - Adderall IR, XR, or modafinil?
  107. Weird days?
  108. How has your Non-stimulant medication affected you?
  109. Focusing later in the evening?
  110. I want to live my best life. Yes, that may mean meds indefinitely.
  111. Ok to Work Out on Biphentin?
  112. Vyvanse & Others
  113. The drugs are coming the drugs are coming lol
  114. How have medications helped you? From a Newbie
  115. Switching to Guanfacine.
  116. The neurotoxicty of Adderall, Vyvanse, Dexedrine and Desoxyn
  117. Any inexpensive ADD meds non-stimulatory?
  118. Depression and Lethargy on Vyvanse
  119. Vyvanse to Dexedrine
  120. Messed up my Rx
  121. USA Doctor Skype Consultancy
  122. Any suggestions? Feel like I've tired everything
  123. Nothing seems to work
  124. Need help! Questions about my first dose of meds!!!
  125. Methylphenidate ER - worked awesome 1 month then effect diminished dramatically
  126. If you could only take one pill the rest of your life???
  127. ADHD Medications Besides Adderall?
  128. benadryl/diphenhydramine and aggressiveness/irritability
  129. switched from Ritalin to Adderall
  130. Question for those who have experience
  131. Starting meds again..for a week
  132. Medication on Demand
  133. What med for ADHD when on Lexapro
  134. Medication - for and against
  135. FDA approves extended-release liquid amphetamine
  136. Prescribed Paxil and Tranxene for ADHD?
  137. Long Term High Dose Adderall Switching To Modafinil
  138. FDA Question [Why only for children but not adults?]
  139. Piracetam and Modafinil for College
  140. Trazodone then vomited now what?
  141. Caffeine
  142. Why do i get nerves on ssri/snri?
  143. Fevers from Adderall and Vyvanse?
  144. MPH/Clonidine for Anxiety/ADHD
  145. Pfizer doubling income guidelines for prescription assistance.
  146. Medication Change from Adderall IR to Vyvanse; Your Experiences?
  147. Are we not all different
  148. What is the difference? How do you know what meds you should take?
  149. Something I Overheard at the Pharmacy
  150. Got my first script finally
  151. Conversion Factors for Common ADHD Medications
  152. Is it in my head?
  153. What happens when ADHD is solely Treated with bipolar medications?
  154. I Suck At Being An Addict?
  155. Weaning off stimulants -- coping tips?
  156. Question about meds
  157. New med combo for ADHD/anxiety -- advice?
  158. newly diagnosed
  159. Cannot feel stimulants, even at high doses
  160. Please help -- new to meds and I'm desperate!
  161. Question about time to fill Adderall script
  162. New to add medication - question
  163. Ritalin v Adderall v Dexedrine v Vyvanse for writing
  164. Nervious(aka scared to death) about taking medication
  165. Pharmacies refusing to fill ADHD prescriptions?
  166. Starting to feel "normal" and freaking out
  167. Switching from Concerta to Adderall
  168. Adderall cures my lifelong tension headaches?
  169. Needing medication for school and studies is not the same as needing it to survive.
  170. Sustained release Melatonin
  171. Intuniv for 11yo son
  172. Medication + Motivation
  173. Not sure if I should go back on medication
  174. Dexedrine Ir/Neurontin Review
  175. How do you manage ADHD without stimulants
  176. Which Medication should choose or ask for when I do to the doctor next week ?
  177. Medicated for ADD
  178. Is the medicine suppose to feel like this? (day 4)
  179. First time poster, newly diagnosed- Dexedrine question
  180. Dosing Advice for ADHD Cocktail
  181. Someone please help me figure this out
  182. FINALLY diagnosed, dosing and types of medication?
  183. help
  184. So Many Supplements, Still not enough..
  185. Best Cocktails
  186. SAD, metabolism and ADHD
  187. Hair loss related too ADHD medications
  188. Stims and cold hands/feet
  189. To those who take,borrow,ask for or buy stimulants that are not prescribed to them:
  190. Meds and Hemorrhoids
  191. ALTERNATE Drugs to replace Dexedrine
  192. Adderall, Bupropion, and Levothyroxine. Any tips on what not to do
  193. what medication did this man take
  194. How did you find your "ideal" meds?
  195. How do you know when a medication is working/not working?
  196. switching between meds back and forth?
  197. I've not been sick for 3.5yrs-since diagnosed & medicated with dexamphetamine
  198. Pharmacists Who Won't Fill
  199. Lamictal (Lamotrigine)
  200. Any Biphentin Users?
  201. Can you help me find meds that i didnt try...
  202. Adderall Insomnia (I know, common)
  203. Dose Memantine
  204. Greiving be a cause for meds to not work?
  205. Quit SSRI?
  206. Adderall doesn't seem to be strong enough
  207. length of medication usage
  208. Doc won't prescribe memantine... rx Vyvanse
  209. Stimulant Dosing
  210. Taking dexamphetamine for ADD and need help please on a side effect
  211. ADHD & OCD: ADHD Meds Not Working?
  212. Prior Authorization
  213. My experience with antibiotics
  214. Best Memantine Resources to show Doc
  215. need advice on medication
  216. Taking ADHD medication while sick/post-surgery
  217. Stimulants and severe constipation
  218. Focalin and Prozac?
  219. Anything better than the Lexapro Adderall combination
  220. Giving up on Adderall! Need suggestions what to try next
  221. Strange, no Guanfacine (Intuniv) section here?
  222. off label medicines for ADHD like gabapentin, working?
  223. New diagnosis with a medication question
  224. Meds and additional body 'fragrance'
  225. Sleep quality-- different depending on whether stimulants are in your system?
  226. DHEA seems to fix ADHD, don't need adderall now?
  227. Antidepressant for ADD
  228. New to forum. Straterra - Ritalin question???
  229. Multiple medications
  230. Adderall vs. Ritilin
  231. vyvanse causing depression and anxiety??
  232. Stimulants, do we really know enough to use them ?
  233. Laser Eye Surgery
  234. Any long success stories with medication?
  235. First Time with ADD Medication
  236. Can Adhd meds burn out the brain cells?
  237. Should I Medicate my daughter?
  238. Adderall or Vyvanse: which is more stressful for body
  239. Need help!Non Stimulants??
  240. nicotine to help with adhd.
  241. l-theanine and Euphoria
  242. Effexor and Concerta
  243. ADHD and methylphenidate hydrochloride
  244. Taking Adderall with Vicodin
  245. Aptensio XR?
  246. How much Sudafed to take?
  247. Methylphenidate with heart medicine
  248. Add med sides
  249. Can drugs change personality?
  250. L-Tyrosine?