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  1. L-Tyrosine?
  2. ADHD and Social/General Anxiety Medication Help
  3. Out of options?
  4. Ritalin or Dextroamphetamine depression
  5. Modafinil <-> Methlyphendiate/Addreall
  6. Did your adderall/ritalin help you lose weight?
  7. Getting ADHD (related) meds in/from India
  8. Diagnosed 4 yrs ago -- trouble with meds
  9. Modafinil and Dex combined, dosage questions?
  10. OMGosh - so much to tell - years in the making!
  11. Antimotion sickness medications?
  12. Rebound vs. Awareness?
  13. Struggling to find the right meds
  14. Metamina (Dex) stopped working somehow...
  15. Help
  16. Zenzedi and Evekeo questions.
  17. Best medication to start with?
  18. SSRIs came in the 70's, what was used pre-SSRI age?
  19. how does one convince a clueless psychiatrist about prescribing Gabapentin off label?
  20. How to combat the side effects?
  21. Just took my first pill!
  22. Out of state insurance Aderall
  23. Weight Threshold Problems? Anyone Else?
  24. New to Meds. Lots of questions! Vyvanse, Clonidine
  25. Medication and specific symptoms
  26. Kapvay ER question
  27. Horrific anxiety side effect..
  28. When should I stop increasing my dose?
  29. Scheduling Psychiatrist ASAP
  30. Performance Difference Between Short Lasting and Long Lasting Medication
  31. Will medicaid or other insurances cover timereleased ADHD meds if you're over age 18?
  32. pseudoepinephrine/adderall equivalencies?
  33. Lost Electronic Prescriptions
  34. Bipolar meds without being bipolar???
  35. What to do if Adhd meds do not work?
  36. How are you supposed to compare medications?
  37. Should I try something other than Adderall
  38. ADHD Medication and coffee caused a panic attack
  39. Sudafed is better then Adderall?
  40. Intuniv for Emotional Problems?
  41. Advice please!
  42. What are some non amphetamine/non scheduled medicines that are just as effective?
  43. Strattera
  44. OMG This is where my ADD, anxiety and chronic pain all come together!
  45. Medication and Freedom
  46. Tramadol
  47. "Choosing" my medication
  48. N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) - Tolerance?
  49. Very good article about withdrawing from psych meds.
  50. Stopping racing thoughts at bedtime
  51. How do I get my refill early, since im going on vacation?
  52. Mirtazpine / Vyvanse
  53. problems with meds
  54. Medications For ADHD and Driving
  55. Amphetamines body temperature
  56. Depression or Anxiety Meds with Vyvanse
  57. retalin dulls my think
  58. Self-medicating for adhd with kratom and its withdrawal
  59. Adderall to stay awake? >.<
  60. Micro-dosaging amphetamines?
  61. Long term risks of SSRI medications.
  62. why do i feel foggy?
  63. I've just found out my doctor knows NOTHING
  64. Odd medication issues - advice?
  65. Anyone else feel high without meds?
  66. Incapable of feeling guilt or empathy without Adderall. Anyone else?
  67. Recently diagnosed with ADHD meds not working
  68. A while ago a maid stole some of my medication. Isn't there more I could do?
  69. Now this is really BIZARRE.... Doxycycline???
  70. Less libido on methylphenidat or dexamphetamine?
  71. Taking IR med at same time as XR.
  72. Why all the talk about brand names with only SOME drugs?
  73. Intuitiv/guanafacine and a stimulant. Would it make stimulant more effective?
  74. Taking meds continually for the first time, worried
  75. Going through the trial and error process, how patient should I be?
  76. Off meds -- I am dangled in space. Anyone else?
  77. Stimulant misuse problem.
  78. Side-Effects from Medications
  79. Add, medication and testosterone?
  80. Difference between Concerta and Strattera
  81. Do stimulants eliminate creativity?
  82. L.theanine and Advil interaction
  83. Desperate. Severe adhd, tics, and can't figure out the right medication
  84. How to find a PCP that will prescribe my meds?
  85. How to lower serotonin levels?
  86. Sun and the amphetamines
  87. Theory for why stimulants make it impossible to regulate my energy levels
  88. Feeling Lost (Aderall isn't right for me, Vyvanse was, What do I do?)
  89. Magnesium L-Threonate?
  90. Quitting cold turkey - Adderall, Lexapro, Klonopin
  91. Vyvanse and Wellbutrin..
  92. First Ritalin and now Adderal
  93. Non-Stimulant ADHD Medication
  94. New member Meds
  95. Has anyone had a gastric bypass and has absorption issues with their medication?
  96. Methylphenidate/concerta problems with peaks and valleys.
  97. A wonder happened - partial healing - wooooohaaaa
  98. Stimulants don't last long enough for me-- can someone solve this?
  99. Do stimulants cause post-acute withdrawal syndrome?
  100. 1st time on medication at 51
  101. Melatonine questions
  102. amphetamin-breaks and intake-pattern survey
  103. levo-amphetamine effects on norepinephrine ??
  104. "Dependent on meds"? Read this ...
  105. Focus-Switching and Redirection of Attention
  106. Amphetamine + beer = enormous sweating?
  107. D-Tryptophan
  108. substances need faces not brand names
  109. Ugh... insurance issues and medication changes! I feel doomed
  110. ADD P-I/SCT Strattera wearing down, what's my next move?
  111. Who experienced medication induced mental disorders?
  112. Is there a drug that raises dopamine levels that isn't a stimulant?
  113. methylphenidate prescription
  114. Mirtazapine for ADHD?
  115. What's the difference between Ritalin and Adderall
  116. Is the person you are while on ADHD medication who you are really supposed to be?
  117. Health care help
  118. Manufacture coupons for new medication don't work long term(Nuvigil,Zenzedi,etc)
  119. What medicine should I try or bring up to the doctor next appointment?
  120. Adderall Sleep, Memantine
  121. is it remeron
  122. Shortages on the horizion?
  123. Any new medication for ADHD or depression ?
  124. Brand name medication insurance help
  125. How long should ADHD medication last me?
  126. Does the crash from ADHD meds ever go away?
  127. How long does your Dr want adhd med to last?
  128. Problem with emotions when ADHD med wears off
  129. Concerta & Strattera have not worked, specialist thinks I should try nortriptyline.
  130. Anybody ever tried placebo test with meds?
  131. tablets to help with concentration
  132. Already suffering low weight, is there still an option for ADHD meds?
  133. Does anyone remember minithins? In the 1990s.
  134. Using stimulants on as need basis due to tolerance.
  135. Please help - diagnosed ADHD; Intuniv XR
  136. Asking doc to switch to Adderall
  137. Good ideas for poor metabolizers?
  138. colonoscopy, propofol and amphetamines?
  139. Experience with Belsomra?
  140. Olanzipine
  141. Exercise in am to delay meds
  142. Remeron for ADHD symptoms?
  143. Something you should know about Modafinil/Armodafinil
  144. Clarity vs distraction ,,,,adderall vs supplements
  145. Do ADHD meds permanently alter your brain?
  146. How long on meds before changing?
  147. Are my meds enough? Or should I change?
  148. racing heart
  149. Pantoprazol Protone pump inhibitor (GERD)
  150. Advice from an adult new to ADHD medication.
  151. Fidgety, but attentive; but not sure about requesting medication anymore
  152. Blood lipids triglycerine discussion
  153. Fluoxetine - Ritalin - Mirtazapine Combination
  154. Frustration with ADHD
  155. Stimulant use by the misdiagnosed
  156. Recommend an alternative to Vyvanse?
  157. Switching from Cannabis to Concerta.
  158. Modafinil for ADHD
  159. Focalin or Vyvanse
  160. can my Dr. write me another prescription??
  161. Sleep aid supplaments.
  162. Changing Psychiatrists, Am I in the wrong?
  163. Medicine Dance
  164. Medication and Motivation
  165. Rediagnosed with Adult Adhd (meth or dex)?
  166. dopamine equivalent , meds vs suplemts
  167. Could Adderall have been less effective because of my anxiety/depression?
  168. ADD Meds and Haemorrhoids ?
  169. How do you get to sleep when using ADHD meds?
  170. Stacking Expertise (Modafinil, Adderall, Vyvanse, etc.)
  171. What effects do stimulants have on autistic people
  172. I just seen my psychiatrist.
  173. Adderall vs. Ritalin
  174. Is medication for ADHD considered a coping mechanism?
  175. Concerta and Sertraline(Zoloft,Lustral) Timing need help!
  176. Adderall and Wellbutrin XL side effects & interactions
  177. Amphetamine Question
  178. Why didn't Adderall help?
  179. Concerta, Adderall, I'm confused!
  180. Med to increase serotonine and adrenaline?
  181. Medication used to have an effect, now I just get tired
  182. Anxious about medications
  183. Switching from Vyvanse to Adderall IR.... I NEED HELP... doses..
  184. Rapidly absorbing medications, and a genetic test to prove it.
  185. Stimulants and antihistamines
  186. Caffeine Withdrawal = Worse Symptoms
  187. Good Online Pharmacies?
  188. The Vyvanse "crash" -- ??
  189. Doc on Vacation and I Need a Refill: What to Do?
  190. Creativity Lost
  191. Edronax (reboxetine ) vs Strattera (Atomoxetine) for ADHD?
  192. Evekeo
  193. Is there an adhd medication that doesn't cause anxiety?
  194. How do i know if my medication is working?
  195. Concerta vs. Ritalin
  196. Vyvanse or Adderall or Modafinil?
  197. Vyvanse, Zoloft, & Buspar
  198. New chapter, new diagnosis - Coming clean
  199. Best Medication for Energy Issues
  200. Interesting Question
  201. pharmacy gave me wrong med
  202. Psychiatrist and Provigil
  203. Trip to Germany and forgot my ADD meds but I worked it out!
  204. Adderall and Dexedrine not working
  205. Sleep restriction boosts pharmacological treatment
  206. Opinions on meds
  207. Ritalin, Concerta effects on social life.
  208. Blurred Vision Intuniv/Tenex (Guanfacine)
  209. concerta lexapro
  210. Meds stopped working
  211. methylphenidate + lexapro
  212. Tried Adderall IR, Adderall XR, Vyvanse, and Methylphenidate. What should I do next?
  214. No medication is working
  215. Any medication/supplements suggestions for memory issues?
  216. Vyvanse wierd reaction?
  217. Effect of Serotonin supplements on stimulant medication
  218. Ritalin, Adderall, Focalin...Focalin working with Ritalin??
  219. Anyone on Vyvanse 3x/day...?
  220. Do side effects wear off?
  221. How are people getting two different stimulants filled?
  222. Strange reaction to adhd medication
  223. Vyvanse makes life better; is there any long-term medication? NDRI Welbutrin
  224. Medications: thinking outside the box
  225. Impact of drug interactions
  226. Higher dose or new med needed?
  227. Medication Advice for Severe Case?
  228. Which US states include ADD meds in their medical assistance programs?
  229. What exactly are these meds supposed to do?
  230. Help finding a long-lasting ADD Medication
  231. How far do you need to go, to get your medication.
  232. New member-Dosage question
  233. Did Any one have use modvigil (modafinil)?
  234. Pharma Soup
  235. Help and Advise needed
  236. Dr. Was Wrong In Med Prescription...
  237. Lost in Medication Trial Land
  238. Taking Adderall With Strattera
  239. So What's It Supposed to Be Like?
  240. Are The Meds Controlling My Life?
  241. Med advice for substance abuser
  242. Long-acting ADHD meds
  243. Suddenly & unexpectedly Unmedicated. Please Help!
  244. Adderall, Ritalin, and tolerance
  245. Adderall options in Belgium/EU?
  246. Canada: Biphentin v Concerta
  247. concerta and excedrin
  248. Medication causing significant water retention
  249. Does vyvanse cause stroke or Bell's palsy in healthy 18 year old females?
  250. How to get a proper sleep while on medication?