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  1. Strange movements around my left eye
  2. Reliefpure - seems too good to be true
  3. Aggression and agitation after not taking medication
  4. modafinil
  5. Medication is unpredictable
  6. What should I do?
  7. Ritalin Adderall Combo
  8. Medication Worries. Anxiety or Bad Reactions?
  9. Low-Dose ("Nutritional") Lithium
  10. the right medication?
  11. Dosage Difference with ethenic differences
  12. Is Nortrilen (nortryptiline) an option with less sexual issues?
  13. pharmacist refusing to fill
  14. Alternate drugs
  15. Making the switch: Dexedrine to Focalin
  16. Do all ADHD meds cause itchy acne? Does it go away?
  17. Adult ADHD and Amantadine
  18. Drug interactions - Vyvanse vs Buspirone
  19. will Strattera and concerta make situation worse
  20. Can ADHD medication cause hypothyroidism?
  21. Alcohol use while taking medication
  22. Vyvanse vs Adderall XR for ADD-Inattentive?
  23. ADD Medication Burnout? Advice?
  24. Will this feeling ever go away??
  25. Adderall and Propanolol: Smart Combo?
  26. Am I missing something?(Methylphenidate vs. Amphetamines)
  27. Co-morbidity and related medicines help needed.
  28. How long does it take for side effects of Ativan to subside?
  29. Experiences with Intuniv (Guanfacine)??
  30. How to treat anxiety with medication?
  31. Intuniv vs Clonodine
  32. Generic - inspections by FDA For Quality
  33. Need Some Help/Advice for My ADD Husband on Adderall XR
  34. Side affects from meds
  35. "Hundreds of studies" phrase
  36. Stimulants + Hemorrhoids???
  37. Vyvanse + Gabapentin
  38. Nightmares
  39. Which meds cause eyes changes like eyes protruding out
  40. Method of consuming meds - opening capsule
  41. Vyvanse makes me feel like a robot
  42. [CANADA] Question with switching meds
  44. Add med that doesn't provoke hyperfocus/procrast. quick suggstn before doc appt
  45. NEW HERE: 41 w/ADHD-I : All meds paradoxical! What to do...
  46. Find a med that works
  47. Is it my doctor or is it me?
  48. Meds and frustration
  49. L tyrosine, 5HTP and Multivitamins with Concerta/Vyvanse?
  50. Why not a patch
  51. Looking for ADHD Advice
  52. Taking Medication to Work
  53. Need advice medication for add + pdd nos (autismspectr)
  54. Non-Stimulant Medication
  55. Blood pressure problems?
  56. Medications with low nausea/digestive side effects?
  57. Which medication makes you feel less robotic, mechanic or emotionless?
  58. triazolam/halcion for dental work
  59. Mydayis. Has anyone been prescribed this new medicine for ADHD?
  60. What just happened?
  61. Stimulants and gambling addiction
  62. Finally Medicated! (Requesting Thoughts On Meds And Treatment of Comorbidity)
  63. My Dr In My New State I Just Moved To Won't Put Me On Med Plan I Was On ?...
  64. Little Sleep and Vitamin C
  65. Body odor from Medication (vyvanse/wellbutrin)
  66. Most effective and affordable ADHD medications??
  67. Vyvanse & risperidone
  68. Switching from Strattera to Dexedrine or other stim? How is the transition done?
  69. ADD-PI; third medication?
  70. Heart effects - gaining a better understanding
  71. Wellbutrin + Abilify Combo
  72. prescription etiquette
  73. Getting prescribed stimulant medication in India?
  74. Amphetamine plus Choline
  75. Wellbutrin with Haldol
  76. Metadate discontinued???
  77. Anyone who has tried taking Wellbutrin in conjunction with Intuniv?
  78. Medication Advice Needed
  79. Medicaid Patients
  80. No matter the medication or does, nothing is helping
  81. ADHD and Overactive Sympathetic Nervous System. Help me!
  82. Best lockbox/safe for meds?
  83. Do Your Meds Help with Emotional Dysregulation?
  84. Interesting Article RE Mallinckrodt (And generics In General
  85. What Side-Effects Do You Experience from Amphetamines?
  86. Complicated, need seriously informed help.
  87. Stigma around stimulant meds
  88. Meds Online
  89. Medication for Anxiety and Add
  90. Multiple medication failures need advice
  91. Stimulants vs. Strattera side-effects
  92. Constant sweating, sometimes flue symptoms
  93. Approaching a new year, here's my 17 years of amphetamine use
  94. What to do about ADHD medication comedown??
  95. ADD Medication and Social/Emotional Side affects
  96. ADHD medications available to those in the UK
  97. Nervous about switching meds
  98. medication: Hyperfocus, task switching overfocus, OCD?
  99. Self-medicating with caffeine pills
  100. Having trouble
  101. Metadate and Ritalin
  102. Anyone has taken Ephedrine with ADHD medicine?
  103. Recommended supplements for those with ADHD combined/inattentive type