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  1. Beta Blockers to counter anxiety
  2. Stratterra plus Adderall?
  3. Attend???
  4. Just started medication - questions
  5. This might be a freqeuntly asked question--
  6. Attention??
  7. taking meds on an empty stomach
  8. NewADD-Taking Ritalin but interested in Dex.
  9. Stimulants DECREASE my Anxiety?
  10. Has anyone noticed this with stims?
  11. Canker sores
  12. Bad attitude from Pharmacists
  13. averity05 update on me.
  14. Medication side effects
  15. Anyone taking Seroquel?
  16. antacids and stimulants
  17. Strattera and L-Tyrosine?! Anyone tried this?
  18. No posts on O.D.s, illegal or improper use of Meds
  19. Clarocet?
  20. Membership NOT required to fill prescriptions at COSTCO pharmacies
  21. Meds for controlling the impulse and sensory issues.
  22. L-Tyrosine!?
  23. Amphetamines Vs. Generic Brand
  24. Headaches
  25. Med and weight lost!!!
  26. Has anyone switched from Strattera to Wellbutrin?
  27. New Poll - Medications maintained their effectiveness?
  28. Diff between ADD and ADHD meds?
  29. Back pain surprise
  30. When I don't take my meds ...
  31. Provigil vs. Dexedrine for ADD inattentive type
  32. Med/insurance questions
  33. What can I expect, realistically, from medication?
  34. ADD Inattentive type-what med works for you?
  35. Adderall plus Attend?
  36. How to remember meds?
  37. New warning labels on adhd meds
  38. How Much Benefit Can I Expect?
  39. Permanent effects from stimulants
  40. MAOIs and ADD
  41. Medications as needed?
  42. Meds slowing metabolism if you don't eat?
  43. How to find ADD specialists in my area?
  44. natural treatment
  45. Can 3 years old take Adderall?
  46. Ritilan online
  47. Meds - Colds and Flu?
  48. Observations on the use of stimulant medications
  49. What to write for a prescription?
  50. Warnings on Medication for Attention Deficit Disorder
  51. All who are on medication for ADD had better read this! important!
  52. adderall xr vs. concerta
  53. School Nurses Not Giving Med
  54. Alternative Meds
  55. And now on to Modafinil...
  56. Can be pills be spoiled from cold weather?
  57. Newly diagnosed
  58. fear of addiction
  59. NO NO NO!! I am SO upset!
  60. I saw adderall on MTV
  61. Stimulants not working
  62. hoping that Provigil will be the magic bullet for my WAY inattentive ADHD
  63. Reputable on-line pharmacy? Please help.
  64. Anyone else on Reboxetine/Edronax??
  65. Need a website for drug interactions
  66. Started Adderal XR
  67. FDA stance on ADHD Medication?
  68. Question about meds and insurance
  69. Is your adhd worse on the comedown?
  70. What did y'all start off with initially?
  71. MGR Brands
  72. Losing my Sanity HELP!!
  73. SCUBA/Diving & medications
  74. Need opinions from long time ADD'ers who have been taking stimulants
  75. Immediate Vs. Extended Release
  76. heart problems on stimulants
  77. tounge rolling, lapping flies, etc
  78. Stimulant Overdose?
  79. Problems with the meds? This worked for me :)
  80. got idea?
  81. Did medication change you?
  82. Ginger
  83. I seem to read a lot of negative posts
  84. Muscle aches?
  85. Klonopin .5
  86. Rit worked; now sides
  87. Drug testing for RN
  88. AD(H)Dmedication& AGEING (skin/looking old)
  89. Is age a problem with stimulants?
  90. NYTs: Antidepressants and the Elderly
  91. Are most family Dr.'s/Internists against prescribing Adderall?
  92. Help! I feel like a Zombie! Switched from AdderallXR to Concerta
  93. Anyone taking Lexapro and Adderall?
  94. constipation as a side effect???
  95. 20Yr Old Finds Zoloft "activates" Ritalin!
  96. Prolonged Use.
  97. Ok what did the doctor give me?
  98. Loss of inhibitions.
  99. Rotating different stimulants day-to-day?
  100. Is 5mg of dexamphetamine enough for inatentive add?
  101. It's finally here! Wish me luck :)
  102. Trying 5-HTP... Making me too calm?
  103. Ritalin no longer worked, concerta didnt either, now stratteras Not
  104. Possible allergy?
  105. So what is the 'kick in' for you?
  106. Reboxetine Journal
  107. Does taking your meds earlier give you a longer effect?
  108. Canada, U.S. split on ADHD drug warnings
  109. Effexor and strattera withdrawls?
  110. 3 drugs didnt work now what can I try?
  111. Purse stolen, found, script WAS in it....
  112. travelling intersate with Meds??
  113. Can't find Dr. to prescribe
  114. I Really need some advice i am really confused
  115. I can't believe it
  116. Do I really have ADD, or do I love stimulants?
  117. Which med for which type?
  118. Withdrawal?
  119. Its So Unfair! Or Is It Me?
  120. 1 week in hospital -side effects of effexor-provigil-ritalin combo
  121. Can't focus on 'mundane tasks'
  122. What do you think? ADD drugs do they help inattentives?
  123. neurobion and adderall!!
  124. Geodon for ADHD?
  125. Meds on non-adders?
  126. Out Of Meds, Omg!
  127. Prescription Drug Coverage
  128. Doctor put me on Concerta and its not working
  129. Concerta - do you become tolerant to it?
  130. How quickly to increase dosage?
  131. med withdrawal affecting ADD???
  132. Day 7 Risperdal
  133. Opinions on Drug Holidays
  134. Can I mix Adderall and Dexedrine?
  135. Fish oil and the West Virginia Miner
  136. Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!
  137. Do people with ADD have less pleasant experiences with drugs?
  138. Still no luck finding doctor
  139. Exhaustion?
  140. med visit to doc
  141. son on concerta 1.3 yr... now a tic!!
  142. No more blood cells!!
  143. My Adventure For Free Meds
  144. Has this happened to anyone on Dex?
  145. Does One Drugs Effectiveness = No Others Will Work?
  146. L-Tyrosine
  147. Switch From Adderall XR to Provigil ???
  148. Best medication for someone heavily depressed & anxietic
  149. conflict with meds, schedule. need help
  150. my parents' thoughts
  151. ADD Meds & Tooth Decay
  152. Picked this up:Warning Urged for ADHD Drugs
  153. Strattera v Dex..price comparison
  154. Long term meds use
  155. Chest pain with simulants
  156. ADHD meds made my daughter's head fall off.
  157. what's stronger..adderall or dexidrine?
  158. Stopping your meds? NOT A GOOD IDEA!
  159. Vacation
  160. What's wrong with a lesser dose that has a + outcome?
  161. Heart Effects: Provigil vs Dex/Adderall/Ritalin
  162. Emsam
  163. attenuated growth with stimulants?
  164. Adderall/Concerta don't work. What's next?
  165. New - Medication confusion
  166. Extreme lethargy/sleepiness (Lexapro + Adderall)
  167. adhd, stimulants, and their effect on the desire/need to smoke cigarettes
  168. Got Chewed Out By My Shrink today for forgetting my meds
  169. how long should you persist with a dosage/medication before switching?
  170. karate in the evening
  171. EVERY ADD medicine that works causes EXTREME me nervousness
  172. Physcians Fear Factor
  173. Can't decide between Methylphenidate and Dexedrine? Read This!
  174. One Med or two?....Please Help
  175. Health insurance to cover my meds?
  176. Tenex (guanfacine)
  177. Tenex (guanfacine)
  178. HELP: how has medication improves/helps your ADD?
  179. Anybody Taking Provigil?
  180. Consultation with No Health Coverage
  181. Can Dexedrine Spansules be split?
  182. Desoxyn!!!!!!!!
  183. Can temperature (or something else?) render a med ineffective?
  184. Does anyone take Desoxyn?
  185. Started taking meds
  186. I need a drug to make me think before I talk!
  187. how do you know when it's too much
  188. Possible to combine medications with polyphasic sleep?
  189. Tolerance to dopamine reuptake inhibitors
  190. What about Provigil (Modafinil) as adjuct to Adderall?
  191. Anger and Crying
  192. Addictive? Speedy feelings? Alternatives?
  193. I think my meds stoped working?
  194. Ephedrine/Ma Huang
  195. Is this true?
  196. Ritalin and ringing in the ears
  197. I noticed difference b/t ADD meds! Opinions?
  198. New-found confidence: more competent or side effect?
  199. Choosing between Amp. Salts IR and Dex ER
  200. Humorous way I discovered my meds were beginning to wear off
  201. The Least Bad for you ADD Medication?
  202. Modalert
  203. Headaches
  204. Question for those ADDults new to meds (or remember that time)
  205. Help?
  206. Multiple Meds / Combinations / "Cocktails"
  207. GABA and L-Theanine
  208. What other meds can I try?
  209. Going to see my questions, any advice?
  210. The perfect ADD/HD med?
  211. Why is methylin making my ADHD worse??
  212. Any suggestions for ADD medication research?
  213. Evils of Ritalin?
  214. Natural Treatments for ADHD
  215. Willstems do to me what they did to
  216. hair loss from stimulants.. is there a solution?
  217. Blank/Spacey Feeling in the Afternoon.- Issues with stimulants!
  218. Practical Medication Chart Needed!
  219. questions
  220. Hallucinations
  221. Best Medication?
  222. Walgreens Pharmacy
  223. What do these mean...
  224. Stims and EATING
  225. Looking to hear success stories
  226. Need help proving my medication side effect to my Dr.
  227. Too little or too much? How do you know?
  228. Does being on meds feel like what people without adhd feel like?
  229. a change in behavior...for the worse
  230. Good place to buy drugs cheap online
  231. Camphor
  232. Adderall and Fluoxetine
  233. How do I know what is causing tremors?
  234. Melotonin?
  235. ADD drugs and drug tests
  236. First days of medication - BIG QUESTION (exams)
  237. Promazine
  238. i have ocd....dexedrine or adderall would be better?
  239. Schizophrenia - why no dopamine tolerance?
  240. piracetam
  241. Meds
  242. Coming "down" from Adderall
  243. Do stimulants help anxiety?
  244. Trying Meds Again... Any Ideas?
  245. Psychological Effects of Adderall, Dexedrine
  246. Dex/Amphetamine Long Term Use Questions.
  247. Help finding treatment - adderall loses effectiveness quickly
  248. Dexodrine. Should I ask?
  249. Can I keep ADHD off my medical record while insurance pays for meds??
  250. Strongest Meds