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  1. How can a stimulant make you sleepy?
  2. DR.& pharmacist disagree-who's right?
  3. Sweating
  4. Dexedrine - Holiday Cycling off?
  5. Adderall makes me sleepy
  6. What is less anxiety provoking? Ritalin LA or Adderal XR
  7. add pills bring bipoler out in people?
  8. Have tried everything..Suggestions please!
  9. Insight into add meds
  10. what can i expect?
  11. Food coloring in ADD meds *sigh*
  12. Adderall & Ativan? Is this a common combo?
  13. Modalert-Modafinil?
  14. Long term amphetamine treatment outcomes?
  15. ADHD, anxiety, depression, stims and antidresants
  16. Any Medications To cure ADHD
  17. Doing great with treatment!
  18. Vast disparity of reactions of meds
  19. New guy checking in, need help!
  20. Pro Vigil
  21. Feeling different while on meds?
  22. differences between meds
  23. From Adderall XR to Ritalin SR
  24. Can you take Strattera and Adderall together?
  25. Withdrawls?
  26. Anyone forget to take meds on weekends?
  27. motivation?
  28. ADD medication and the patch
  29. What Exactly Causes The Hair Loss?
  30. Reason For Dehydration&looking Old By Stimulants
  31. Nintendo DS "Brain Age" scores and medication
  32. Please Help...
  33. Tolerance vs. Tachyphylaxis???
  34. Methylphenidate Release Mechanisms
  35. Combining stimulants with beta blockers/acetylcholine increasers
  36. - reliable?
  37. Serotonin Syndrome-My Experience
  38. Prescribing ADD meds
  39. Nurse Practitioner question
  40. Expectations of a Doctor
  41. would a body cleanse make my meds work again?
  42. Misdiagnosed ADHD and ADHD meds
  43. need meds?????
  44. straterra and allegra side effects?
  45. wellbutrin to depakote ...advice
  46. ADD meds and high blood pressure
  47. interesting article about dopamine/stimulants
  48. Tics And Stimulents
  49. how safe are adhd meds
  50. Rare side effect of Stimulants
  51. Fear of Losing Medications
  52. Has anyone seen this video: "The meth epidemic?"
  53. just diagnosed... seeking advice please
  54. Alcohol?
  55. Tranquilzer's for add???
  56. Knlonopin for add
  57. My first day on meds Is it normal...
  58. Experiences on Adderall + anxiety meds??
  59. What in the **** is this used for?
  60. Depression after meds?
  61. Feeling sad, lonely, becoming clingy etc. on meds
  62. Tegretol, anyone??
  63. Ritalin or Adderol
  64. Meds for a recovering alcoholic/addict?
  65. Does anyone take Strattera and Adderall?
  66. Zombie or Straight Jacket
  67. The Truth About Stimulants - FDA Hearing Presentation 03-23-2006
  68. Rebuttal to Truth about Stimulants (warning: long and long winded)
  69. Methylphenidate Vs Amphetamine
  70. Generic Drug's Bioavailability Questions...
  71. I've tried Adderall and Strattera, what should I try next?
  72. ADD/ADHD Listing of Clinical Trials recruiting volunteers
  73. Not exactly my moment of Zen
  74. I start tomorrow
  75. Provigil + FDA approval for ADHD
  76. Personality changes in the evening, rebound effect?
  77. Government Site for Info About ADHD Studies and Medication Trials
  78. Is it safe?
  79. You Give Opinion on this; I can't.
  80. My love affair with adderall is over...
  81. I know we are all different but any advice please?
  82. washing down meds
  83. Do Stimulants make you tired/sleep more?
  84. Lethargic on stimulant: help!
  85. ADD treatment for longer then 20 years?
  86. Does anyone know of any "New" Non-stimulant meds being developed/tested for ADD?
  87. My ADD Story - Help /Meds and effects on personality
  88. Pros and cons about taking meds? Need your advice!
  89. Different meds for school and summer???
  90. I wonder if this kid is overmedicated, or undermedicated?
  91. Anyone know a timeline for introduction of ADHD meds
  92. I forgot to take my meds yesterday...
  93. do you worry ...
  94. Best ADD/Least side effects meds for 11 yr old girl
  95. 6 Types of ADD/ADHD which one are you?
  96. Inattentives, how did meds effect you at first?
  97. Stimulants and productivity
  98. Missing Med Forums
  99. What if?
  100. cylert thread, why?
  101. any drugs that wont kill my manhood?
  102. Why did Cephalon Stop Developing Sparlon?
  103. Lunesta
  104. Just got my diagnosis, deciding the medication issue
  105. methylphenidate more effective when i have a cold...
  106. Medication, path to getting it right!
  107. new medication when ritalin stops working?
  108. Dexedrine withdrawal and being the hyperactive kind of ADHD...
  109. Will Alternating ADD Meds Help Avoid Tolerance
  110. On to the next med..
  111. Something Very Weird Is Going On
  112. Combining Dexedrine and Ritalin
  113. Rant about not informing patients bad drug side effects
  114. Doc Put Me on Lamacital for ADHD
  115. Wellbutrin & Adderall: The Perfect Combo for My ADD?
  116. first psych appt. ever - questions....
  117. Guanfacine - A "New" Extended-Release Non-Stimulant ADHD Medication!
  118. Drug cocktails - any experience?
  119. Can a GP increase a stimulant dose?
  120. Proposed Rule 2006: Issuance of Multiple Prescriptions for Schedule II
  121. inattentive ADD paradox? Input needed!
  122. Considering Going Back on Meds/How much does it help?
  123. combo..ritalin and strattera
  124. Determining "Optimum" Dose
  125. Not sure...calm but slowed down?
  126. Questions on meds, please help!
  127. Tic Due to ADHD, Not Drug Treatment
  128. Drugs are not helping with clarity
  129. Meds used for different types of ADD
  130. Need more meds in high stress/demanding situations?
  131. Can't be too careful with the Meds!
  132. Lasting side effects?
  133. Memory and Medication
  134. Med Cycling (d-amp & desoxyn)
  135. Is there much difference between Adderall and Ritalin?
  136. did medication improve your self confidence?
  137. Taking Your Meds-How do your remember-tips, tricks, suggestions
  138. Something to take the edge off?
  139. questions! Please answer!
  140. Bad drugs and ADHD
  141. Questions about medications
  142. amphetamine in the brain
  143. Q about meditation and meds
  144. any changes in immune function?
  145. do you take your regular meds when sick?
  146. heart rate- how high is too high?
  147. Provigil
  148. ADD and Anxiety
  149. bad bad rash from dexedrine, first in over 12 years of taking it
  150. Undermedicated?
  151. Making your own meds (amphetamine)
  152. Green tea? this seems to help my ADHD symptoms.
  153. Treatment Options
  154. Non-Stimulant ADD meds
  155. I Hate My Brain (sensitization)
  156. What is a short acting drug that is like adderall?
  157. Could someone clear this up for me?
  158. St John's Wart help people with ADD/ADHD
  159. a better solution to my ADHD problems?
  160. Is it Possible to Donate Medication?
  161. MD... or Psychiatrist?
  162. dexedrine vs adderall (OCD + Depression)
  163. What is "rebound"?
  164. Issue with Fidgettyness (please move post if necessary)
  165. I need Experienced Opinions
  166. Help on ritalin and effexor combination
  167. Tics? Anyone else?
  168. Is there a Best Order to Take Meds?
  169. Non Stimulants?
  170. Adderall XR & Lexapro
  171. Please Help Med Problems
  172. Most Potent AD/HD med
  173. adderallxr verses imediate release ritalin?
  174. ADHD coctail?
  175. Has anyone ever heard of this? meds and genetics
  176. Able to sleep at night while on medication. Too low?
  177. Travelling with meds
  178. ADD Drugs' Cognitive Effects, in Myers-Briggs terms
  179. Adderall XR not working very well - Where do I go from here?
  180. why generics dont work as good...
  181. Optimizing Meds For Love Life
  182. When Meds Wear Off At Night
  183. Maintaining High Sex Drive Med Regiments
  184. Selegiline HCL
  185. Adderall, Ritalin, or Concerta: Does it matter?
  186. Flights of Fancy vs. meds
  187. Cymbalta...anyone take it?
  188. C2 script to be filled in one month?
  189. Tried Concerta & Strattera, now what?
  190. About getting off meds...
  191. Phosphatidylserine (PS)
  192. Drug interactions
  193. is "ritalin" the only add med w/generic?
  194. Is this a realistic desire?
  195. ADD drugs?
  196. What I have learned about Desoxyn.
  197. Arcalion for ADD
  198. Do Stimulents Lessen Stress?
  199. ADD'ers and Anxiety - Stims vs. Anxiety Treatment
  200. "UP" on Adderall & Caffeine, could I still have ADD?
  201. How much have medications helped?
  202. just diagnosed & little scared of meds
  203. What happens when you forget your meds?
  204. Any good research/information?
  205. Allergic reaction...
  206. other options aside from Adderall? Hate Sweating!
  207. Which one is next?
  208. What has worked for you inattentive types?
  209. Modafinil
  210. need help with meds please!
  211. Combination of Stimulants?
  212. Provigil????
  213. need med help. please?
  214. Long term neurological side effects?
  215. Need some meds advice
  216. Why You Hated Strattera
  217. tic started on Ritalin, trying Adderal
  218. has anyone taken buspar?
  219. Anyone with Advanced Med Knowledge Please Help!!
  220. Simple explanation of TITRATE UP process
  221. Does this exist?
  222. Do you take your meds daily??
  223. As ADDers are notoriously poor self-observers, I need help.
  224. diagnosed (inattentive), just started meds-- how do I know what's right for me?
  225. caffeine sensitivity?
  226. adderall come up as a diff drug during urine test
  227. not on meds undecided need advice
  228. Has anyone had different results from differents "brands" of methylphenidate?
  229. taking straterra and adderall at the same time?
  230. ADD Meds Legality Around the World?
  231. Meds and Severe Unintelligibility after Drinking Alcohol
  232. Does the bloodwork test for HIV?
  233. Who Has Had Experience With Cymbalta & Abilify for ADHD?
  234. ritalin vs adderall
  235. Ritalin vs Dexedrine
  236. Medication and Creativity
  237. the solution for tolerance?
  238. BIG med question..doc appt tomorrow...
  239. How many do I have to try? or am I just getting greedy :P
  240. That feeling of SELF-CONTROL.
  241. question about differences in stimulants?
  242. Tolerance question
  243. Doctor has left me with some choices. Input Appreciated!
  244. doc left me hangin untill next week!
  245. Medication help
  246. I just don't know what to expect....
  247. I am new and i am concerned about the effects of add drugs and possibly addiction
  248. Medication effect on emotions
  249. anyone know which meds medicaid covers?
  250. what to expect from medication.