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  1. Medication, Diagnosis thoughts
  2. Which one has the lowest sexual side effects?
  3. Can medication make you more aware of being distracted?
  4. Why the inconsistent motivation?
  5. Negative effects of dex/ritalin.
  6. Pseudoephedrine works well, What should I do?
  7. Positive drug tests
  8. Does medication stop the highperfocus?
  9. anxiety
  10. Bid? Qid?
  11. any chronic pain people also taking adhd meds?
  12. when do you know if a stimulant is working?
  13. What is the current drug treatment of choice for "over-focused"
  14. Dexadrine-Good Results?
  15. Slow Metabolizers
  16. how long on the market-focalin-many questions
  17. I'm confused after my 1st followup today....
  18. On daily 450mg of Wellbutrin and 30mg of Dexedrine and want to quit cold-turkey?
  19. nicotine helps adhd.
  20. Face Changes From Meds!
  21. preparations for ADD MEDS
  22. do stimulants intensify arthritis pain?
  23. I appologize if I am asking this for a 2nd time but...
  24. Have no one else to ask or get advice from...
  25. Medication without ADHD
  26. question about dopamine production and add meds, my hypothesis
  27. Medication suggestions? Broken down list of symptoms/thoughts/experiences inside.
  28. Nervousness with stimulants
  29. Question for those whom took adderall and/or ritalin and found them ineffective:
  30. What parts do your meds (etc.) help YOU with?
  31. dexedrine and Zoloft
  32. Recent AD/HD diagnosis
  33. general med question, chest pain?
  34. Any Good Meds that Don't Have Negative Sexual Side Effects?
  35. Big decision to make - not sure what to do!!
  36. We are not looking for a magical pill!!
  37. Your ADD Behaviour -- despite your Meds
  38. How do you know the medication is working?
  39. Med Combo: will ask doctor too
  40. *Sigh* Frustrated again..
  41. What Not to Take, while On Stimulant (?)
  42. phentermine for adult add?
  43. periodic changes in theraputic modes
  44. Not clinically diagnosed yet
  45. Anyone taking Abilify for (Dopamine) ADD
  46. how long?
  47. the new war against drugs
  48. Stimulants combo'd w/ anti-psychotics
  49. Amphetamines accumulating in the body
  50. 4 medications, anybody do that now?
  51. Dose Too High ?
  52. Medication Delima(Help)!
  53. Difference between Adderall and Dexedrine??
  54. Question regarding PNS stimulation by Adderall
  55. Problems w/my Doctor
  56. Inattentive males: what meds are you on and are they working?
  57. Costco?
  58. Talking to my Doctor.
  59. Provigil for ADD?
  60. "emotional lability" and stimulants... is there anything u can do?
  61. food and medication
  62. Prevent drug induced damage (hepatotoxicity, cardiotoxicity, neurotoxicity)
  63. Major Progress Tapering Off Adderall, but Still Need Advice...
  64. I think I've stabalized...
  65. A couple important Issues....need advice
  66. disregard
  67. opiates for adhd?
  68. How real is the abuse problem with the ADD drugs
  69. Meds, ADD, Hopelessness
  70. Aspies on ADHD Drugs!
  71. A few medication questions
  72. Anyone getting long-term benefits from Provigil?
  73. Anxiety - Which Aggravates it the least?
  74. Amantadine-Anyone try it?Research?
  75. Other than Strattera is there anyother nonstimulates
  76. Medication 'turned' on you?
  77. pending decision on an A.D.D med
  78. New Warning for Attention Deficit Drugs
  79. Stimulant Tolerance - Is There A Dosage Plateau?
  80. stimulates or nonstimulates
  81. SSRI's and Stimulants
  82. Vyvanse (NRP104) to be released in 2Q
  83. My psychiatrist says there is no hope for me?
  84. The Search...
  85. wanna make sure this isn't the meds?
  86. Stimulants following treatment of co-existing condition
  87. What Tapering Off Means...
  88. Which should i use?
  89. Maximum Days of Stimulant Prescription
  90. Orphan Drug
  91. Medical Mistakes - 15 psychiatric drugs
  92. what for the "overfocused" type
  93. what to expect
  94. Just Diagnosed and have a couple of questions.
  95. Hyperfocusing on meds?
  96. Problems Getting Prescriptions filled
  97. Does ne 1 else feel loopy ony drug holidays?
  98. Med names
  99. Is it a good idea to start exercising when starting out with a stimulant?
  100. ADHD smasher
  101. rendering me stupid....
  102. Internal distractibility (antdepressants, blinks, etc)
  103. When is it time to adjust meds?
  104. Which medication(s)?
  105. Focalin & Concerta questions-new to the board :)
  106. Meds and dry mouth
  107. Meltdowns helped w/meds AND behavior modification or ONLY behavior modification?
  108. Going back to the natural you?
  109. Do drug holidays decrease drug tolerance?
  110. Learning to cope all over again...?
  111. Do you ever find it hard to remember to take your medications everyday?
  112. Rebounding?
  113. Can you please give me all your experience on GABA???
  114. Vyvance
  115. ADD Medication Thresholds of Improvement?
  116. Strange things I have noticed....
  117. Is depression common during stimulant use?
  118. What comes next...?
  119. Problems with switching med or is it mono relapse?
  120. True or False: Non-ADDer and medications
  121. Anyone here "older" and taking Stimulants?
  122. stimulant anxiety and serotonin
  123. Medications for ADHD COMBINED TYPE??
  124. Combining stimulants with another class of meds?
  125. Is it time for different meds?
  126. Lose a Word Mid-Sentence on Stims?
  127. ssri reactions
  128. Less or more?
  129. question about dosing ?
  130. How long can you go without meds?
  131. For those who have used/tried both ritalin and dex
  132. what happens when the dose is too high?
  133. Tell Me If You're Sane
  134. Reverse Tolerance
  135. getting the most out of your meds
  136. Stimulants and Tiredness
  137. Nicotine gum as an alt to rit/dex? (non-smokers)
  138. innattentive add :/
  139. 'under the influence'
  140. best med for studies?
  141. Meds causing high blood pressure and hyperglycemia?
  142. amphetamine related hearing loss ?
  143. ADD meds question
  144. is the need for caffeine again, a sign of needing dose adjustment?
  145. looking for a new doctor-- have had little luck so far with ADD meds
  146. Stimulants vs. Strattera
  147. Which medication to try next?
  148. What should I change about my meds?
  149. Adderall and Liver function tests?
  150. High BP
  151. How does guanfacine work?
  152. Dexedrine Vs Adderall
  153. Miracles of Phosphatidyl Serine!!
  154. Adderall and dex at the same time?
  155. Provigil
  156. need some med advice?
  157. ADD vs. non-ADD Using Meds
  158. Best meds for increased/lasting energy?
  159. Excercise + Which Drugs?
  160. Slow Metabolizers
  161. They tried to frame me!
  162. Current dr. dropped my insurance, need meds
  163. Phenmetrazine , Preludin
  164. Stiff neck anyone?
  165. Dopamine? or Noreprinephine??
  166. Hyper on Sedatives
  167. Looking for study on after-effects of stimulant treatment
  168. Questions re: ADHD/Cyclothymia and Stimulants
  169. Are you still dealing with side effects from meds?
  170. Mangosteen Juice - Assists in relieving some of the ADD/ADHD symptoms?
  171. Safest solution for ADD.
  172. Not happy with Strattera... doctor wants me to take it
  173. Shire's new ADHD drug
  174. Who is going to be taking Vyvanse?
  175. Spd465
  176. From Addy to Dex: PROBLEM!
  177. Could increasing meds get rid of side effects?
  178. Particular side effects (reflex, control, ect) w/ ADD and axiety medications
  179. can you help me tell medication is working after four days
  180. off strettera on adderal xr
  181. Driving while on or off meds?
  182. DEA rules DO vs psychiatrist
  183. possible Ritalin/Adderal make condition worse?
  184. Mail Order Insurance Plan Thingies
  185. Pills = Plastic Surgery
  186. Stuck between a rock and a hard place
  187. Victory!!!!
  188. Vyvanse is Still Schedule II
  189. really struggling, need some input please
  190. Stimulants and a faster heart
  191. Friendly poll:How do you like the strength of your current psychostimulant regimen?
  192. Wellbutrin vs Adderall...Tried Both?
  193. ADD vs. ADHD, which medication?
  194. Waking Up To Urinate
  195. Add medications = Mosquito buffet
  196. Question for those with experience with medication.
  197. How long does your medicine last?
  198. med with similar chemical makeup of..
  199. SSRI = then you dislike your ADD med
  200. Provigil
  201. What is the cheapest med for ADD
  202. Afraid of Change - prescribed meds
  203. SSRI's: Good, or Bad, for ADD?
  204. My research on Ritalin v Focalin
  205. Days off medication
  206. Taking Adderall w/ Straterra
  207. New Prescription today....
  208. Pharmacy Reward Discount Card
  209. Help, I need medication advice.
  210. Rubifen vs Ritalin ??
  211. Amphetamine-Dextromethorphan Interaction
  212. Un-Freakin-believable!!!
  213. What ADHD med should I try next?
  214. need some med help please! generics, dosage, etc
  215. so confused with rebound,side effects,etc...please help!
  216. Focalin/Ritalin/Adderall - QUESTIONS
  217. When your dr ups/lowers your dosage...
  218. Spd465 - ??
  219. different reaction to ER/XR versus IR?
  220. done with adderall for a bit
  221. Stomach Aches
  222. ssri with adderall
  223. Strattera & Lamictal
  224. Risperdal and Stimulants
  225. Insomnia
  226. ADD Meds and High Blood Pressure
  227. Celexa/Citalopram for treating Concerta rebound???
  228. Hello All...New with many questions
  229. Medication Rollercoaster: Am I alone?
  230. At 60 mgs Adderall, still frustrated!!
  231. anyone think that they have problems with drs. READ THIS
  232. Adderall and doctor's appointment
  233. Hello, New to the Board and Frustrated
  234. Risperdal for Children?
  235. What's your DX and what are you on?
  236. Has anyone tried Sympathomimetic (generic Provigil)
  237. Provigil for ADHD???
  238. Concerta (methlphenidate) and Dexedrine (dextroamphetamine) together?
  239. Medication Interaction with other drugs
  240. Alternatives for ADHD
  241. Dizziness -Really Bad
  242. adderall xr and blurred vision + bad heart valve
  243. Anyone have any experience with Selegiline?
  244. What path?
  245. Going to the doc on Thursday...
  246. why are stimulants not fda approved for adults?
  247. Asperger syndrom, history of psychosis, risperdal and then ADD-medication?
  248. Shire Receives Approvable Letter From FDA for INTUNIV(TM) (guanfacine) Extended Relea
  249. adderall works better with effexor?
  250. Vyvanse updates?!