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  1. Other stimulants
  2. really confused
  3. Adderall + Celexa = migraine and nausea
  4. Reboxetine
  5. How often do you see your doctor? And copayment ???
  6. NBA Star Chris Kaman discovers he's been misdiagnosed for ADD..
  7. How do you afford your prescription(s)?
  8. Concerned about varibility in my "testing" conditions
  9. 5 diff meds and 2 diff docs? Now what? Please help!
  10. urgent medication question.
  11. Choice of a med other than Ritalin
  12. Dexedrine&Vyvanse
  13. One med one day, diff med next day. Safe?
  14. What do methylphenidates DO differently in the brain than amphetimes?
  15. Different Meds for Different Countries
  16. Depakote has one more try....
  17. ADD and sedatives
  18. Barr v. Ranbaxy (CorePharma)
  19. Advice on combo, dosage or other med? REALLY need help!
  20. Drug questions.
  21. No more Adderall XR -- Made me Jittery, angry & hypomanic
  22. Inositol? Wtf?
  23. can dexi's possibly cause psychosis in about 1% of ppl?
  24. ADD and GAD(anxiety) Medication Combo
  25. Wondering if my 10 yr. old should try Strattera. Any comments?
  26. Went though an entire dosing range with no positive changes.
  27. Chantix as an ADHD drug?
  28. Anyone know anything about med tolerance?
  29. My doc likes IRs
  30. "drug holiday"
  31. Wellbutrin + Risperidal? Why?
  32. Is it common for insurance companies to deny ADHD meds based on being "too old"?
  33. Wellbutrin and Strattera
  34. why does the world hate add meds (and ambien!!!!!)
  35. meds 6 times daily bad?
  36. question. can i mix adderall & concerta?
  37. caffeine
  38. Multiple Meds = Any experiences?
  39. Cumulative Effect of Meds
  40. Anyone else feel like a druggie sometime?
  41. Stimulant Resistance
  42. Help with possible reaction
  43. Shortness of Breathe
  44. What is the best medicine for ADHD?
  45. Aratsu's Med Log
  46. best ADHD meds for children
  47. Worried about drug interactions...
  48. Dopamine Agonists like Mirapex?
  49. Alternating Concerta and Vyvance: Good idea or Bad idea?
  50. Just a teeny-tiny annoyance....
  51. Taking meds with food and/or caffeine?
  52. Future class of ADHD drugs?
  53. Medication affecting sleeping habits??
  54. how will medication help me, what does it do to you medically?
  55. Strattera Similar to the Muscle Relaxer Flexeril?
  56. If you've tried Ritalin and Strattera please share your experience
  57. ADHD + stimulants + glaucoma = ?
  58. My 12 years on meds...
  59. Genetic basis for some ADHDers benefiting more from methylphenidate.
  60. Has anyone tried Biphentin for Attention Deficit Disorder?
  61. Inattentives, I need your advice on stimulants
  62. ADHD meds from MD?
  63. Limbic / overfocused adhd meds
  64. Methylphenidate to Amphetamines or Vice Versa
  65. Does Concerta feel like caffeine?
  66. Is it the Adderall or is it the manufacturer?
  67. purchasing prescriptions online
  68. ADD - I now Hyperfocusing
  69. vyvanse vs focalin xr
  70. NDMA antagonist to prevent amphetamine tolerance?
  71. Why do ampethamines make some people mean?
  72. When do the meds start working?
  73. Non-Stimulant Meds?
  74. does anyones chest/sternum pop?
  75. Pill Containers
  76. Embarassed to go to the Pharmacy?
  77. Wellbutrin? Desoxyn? Tried many meds -- what now?
  78. Not sure what's going on
  79. Newbie Med Question
  80. I can't contact my doctor! Help!
  81. Will medication 'change' our 12 year old son?
  82. Klonopin/stimulant combo
  83. Requesting Amphetamines
  84. F.D.A. Seeks to Broaden Range of Use for Drugs
  85. New User of - apo-methylphenidate sr 20mg
  86. Choosing New Meds
  87. Would ADD Prescription Medicine help with boredom?
  88. taking med when sick?
  89. Getting of an SSRI.
  90. Need some inputs/POV about an odd side effect with stimulants
  91. Kind of Confused and agitated in my situation.
  92. How do you get your doc to raise your dose?
  93. suggestions?
  94. adderall vs. ritalin
  95. Advice on ADD medications please?
  96. Shopping for Prescriptions (Finding cheapest)
  97. Other medications.
  98. what's the difference?
  99. ADD meds and employer drug testing
  100. What could this be?
  101. Concerta vs Adderall xr
  102. Taking a break from meds, weird side effect?
  103. Procrastination and Medication
  104. sad
  105. What can I expect?
  106. Restlessness side effects
  107. advice/ suggestions PLEASE!
  108. Research of ADD/ADHD
  109. Anyone become even more forgetful since starting medication??
  110. New here, 2rd (almost 3rd) diagnosis, ADHD / BPII
  111. Sinus Taychardia and ADHD Meds?
  112. How much coverage do you get with your meds?
  113. Patient Assistance Programs
  114. Should I ask for anxiety medication?
  115. Norepi/Dopamine RI by Drug
  116. What meds can you take while being on concerta?
  117. Prescription costs with no insurance coverage
  118. Differences between Adderall and Dexedrine
  119. Anyone take antacid with methylphenidate?
  120. Third ADD Med - Getting Frustrated
  121. Treatment, time for a answer/conclusions, and a question.
  122. Salagen: Is dry mouth driving you crazy? Listen up . . .
  123. strattera
  124. Doubt about new medication. HELP!
  125. Dosage Equivalencies
  126. Should You Take Meds With A Cold?
  127. The Importance Of Setting
  128. Where to purchase cheap drugs?...
  129. Methylphenidate VS Dextroamphetamine For Men
  130. Information on different drug appreciated
  131. I can't find any info!
  132. What are the differences you notice?
  133. Odd Recurring Smell?
  134. Express yourself better verbally?
  135. abilify ADHD, tourettes
  136. I need advice about medication
  137. Central Vs Peripheral Action
  138. On this month's episode of "LittlePrincess's medication-filling annoyances" ....
  139. My adderall post
  140. Developing Tolerance
  141. Medication + Other Health Issues Quandry
  142. Anyone on modafinil (provigil)?
  143. I Dont Know What To Do!
  144. Little vent
  145. Worth Changing Docs?
  146. Figuring me out enough to treat me
  147. Propranolol
  148. Old prescriptions and new doctors.
  149. Benzo and a Stim?
  150. Something better than Vyvanse?
  151. Which ADHD drug best dovetails with life extension goals? The least detrimental?
  152. The right meds?
  153. Informal Comparison of most to all ADHD Pharmas.
  154. NMDA antagonists and catecholamine precursors for tolerance?
  155. News article "Generics: Just as good?"
  156. Need help please
  157. The "Rebound"
  158. Reading while on medication?
  159. Dexedrine in Europe
  160. Dex and Anti-histamines
  161. Online Pharmacies...
  162. Permanent Loss of Creativity?
  163. Need Advise ASAP!!!! need help before doc. tommrow!!!
  164. A little advice would be appreciated!
  165. Anyone taking Ritalin/Concert and Modulon?
  166. My Theory of "Paradoxal Effect"
  167. What to do when ur taking max dose ur doctor allows and hardly manages to work? HELP!
  168. Jefferies Expects Continued Shire Growth
  169. How do I ask my doctor to try a different medication?
  170. Safe to take Adderall and Piracetam/CDP Choline together?
  171. Tired.....need some advice
  172. A little afraid of medications
  173. Meds effects?
  174. A new way to think about wellbutrin/stimulant combinations
  175. Is my medication working?
  176. adderall vs concerta. for someone on wellbutrin XL(please read)
  177. 25 deaths from adderall
  178. real scoop on meds
  179. Dose timing: what works for you?
  180. Weight loss / muscle loss
  181. what ADD drugs are available in Australia???
  182. The Stimulants: Their Psychopharmacology And Typical Effects. Input needed!
  183. Combination Drugs
  184. Parkinson's Disease Medication for ADHD
  185. clonazepam 0.5mg??????????
  186. Sleeping Medicine effects on ADD
  187. Getting a little scary here!
  188. Stimulant medication and Phosphatidyl Serine
  189. Should I switch from Adderall to something else?
  190. ADD wife switched meds. . .now no sex drive
  191. EMSAM patch for ADHD-PI ?
  192. New from Michigan
  193. Wait, Prescribing meds before diagnosed?
  194. Advice on supplements with ADD Stims?
  195. Any caffeine intake change???
  196. Dependence
  197. Heart pains
  198. How long do you intend to take your meds?
  199. Meds Without Insurance?? how much does it cost per month?
  200. A grid with Medication information
  201. different effect on adders vs adhders?
  202. Stimulants
  203. Question about Meds
  204. Medications on top of Dex
  205. Drink lots of water?
  206. Are we choosing better life short life?
  207. Seroquel
  208. Dosage Question
  209. ADD Medication And Difficulty Thinking
  210. Medication Questions
  211. What is your favorite ADD medication?
  212. Advice for my medication plan
  213. Has anyone tried Vaxa Attend?
  214. dexedrine and US Customs
  215. from RITALIN(IR) to FOCALIN(IR)
  216. If a dose is too low........(question)
  217. Thinking about taking up smoking
  218. A different question about stimulants and exercise
  219. That's where I am
  220. Newbie w/Sensitive Question Re Meds
  221. Ever had a "drug holiday"
  222. Adjusting to meds=painful?
  223. Meds and procrastination/motivation
  224. Want Dr. to switch me to Adderall
  225. Unsure about what to tell the pdoc. (Any advice would be helpful)
  226. prescribed drugs, are the fourth leading cause of death in the United States.
  227. Any one on Strattera + stimulant?
  228. Focalin have a generic?
  229. is this even possible?!?!
  230. Anyone get off the meds for good? Successful? (your experiences)
  231. Does Indiana allow 90-day Adderral prescriptions?
  232. Experiences with ADHD meds & SSRI's like Prozac
  233. Dosage--what does it depend on?
  234. [Acetyl-L-Carnitine] new drug but natural
  235. continuous media medication bickering
  236. Xanax & Adderall
  237. Built Up Tolerance Level of ADHD Medication. What To Do?
  238. A skeptics point of view
  239. New to this, and seriously need some medication advice!!!
  240. Can ADHD meds worsen depression???
  241. Please Advise!
  242. ALL a.d.d meds, which one
  243. Which is best for SCHOOL???? YOUR OPINION!!!!!
  244. New...with questions about hyperfocus and meds
  245. Doctor in Dallas, TX that prescribes Provigil
  246. Adderall not working anymoe
  247. Anyone take a stabilizer med in addition to ADHD med??
  248. Amphetamines damage serotonergic neurons in the CNS.
  249. Let's quit kidding ourselves... mmkay?
  250. beyond ritalin and strattera?