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  1. Vyvance and Lithium fatigue
  2. Energy Drinks & Supplements with ADHD meds??
  3. Comparing strattera to methylphenidate (ritalin , concerta)
  4. 24 hour action needed! PLZZZZ HELP
  5. Nephew with ADD and Tourettes
  6. 60 day prescription for Adderall...How
  7. Highest dose of Vyvanse
  8. Getting Medicated
  9. Dostinex/cabergoline ?
  10. study: methylphenidate improves memory after 1 month & improves attention immediately
  11. Effects from your meds (positive)
  12. pharmacies
  13. Med Holiday Song~ Lmao!
  14. How do you know if you have the right A.D.H.D. medication + dosage?
  15. Can Adderall + Effexor + Provigil = permanent neuro-cognitive damage?
  16. FD&C Green #3 & Blue #1 in outer shells of Vyvanse
  17. Stimulant tolerance reduction myths.
  18. My Theory on simultaneous treatment of SSRIs and Amphetamines
  19. Do benzos contraindict stimulants?
  20. I can't live like this....
  21. Informing School Staff
  22. HELP, hate these meds...........
  23. Rasagiline (Azilect) log - my experience
  24. Help! Adderal XR no longer working
  25. Why do I get diarrhea from stimulants? Blurred vision, cold hands?
  26. Need Suggestions about this letter to Psychiatrist!
  27. ADHD and team sports
  28. ADD med for me, I have Liver problem (Hepatitis B carrier - not active)
  29. Anyone question their diagnosis?
  30. Strattera with Paxil/Lexapro?
  31. If you could start over with medication, what would you do differently?
  32. Major interaction between Celexa and AD/HD drugs?
  33. What are good indicators that you need to increase your dose?
  34. Weight Gain (is it a valid reason to discontinue)
  35. Report: Medications and Choices
  36. Please help....too many I going crazy???
  37. med question -emotionless?
  38. So many medications, whats the differences?
  39. My Psychiatrist PUSHING high dose against my will, Help? Please take a quick glance.
  40. The medication rollercoaster!!!!
  41. My options? - I cannot take stimulants
  42. HELP-medication nightmares!!
  43. Nerve pain killing properties of Strattera???
  44. Had Medicare Part D not pay for Medicine
  45. May start taking medicine soon...
  46. How much does medication help to improve quality of life?
  47. Vitamins and Adderall
  48. amphetamine induced depression
  49. Anxiety + ADD conundrum
  50. behavior changes on meds
  51. Patient Assistance & Prescription Assistance Programs For ADD/ADHD
  52. usp controlled room temperature ?
  53. How does Wellbutrin work, versus amphetamines?
  54. much of it is relative.........??????
  55. Just began dex again
  56. Anti psychotics in conjunction with stimulants.
  57. What "cognitive effects" can be noticed from Fish Oil?
  58. HELP, I think I am running out of med options.
  59. Lamictal + vyvanse = ?
  60. Stimulants, Ritalin, Cocaine & George Carlin
  61. Multiple Scripts
  62. Medications and time zones?
  63. Caffeine with stims
  64. Rules regarding medications
  65. Lamictal for mania
  66. My medicine is making me sick
  67. Please.... How to wean off stims?
  68. Psychological Testing for Meds
  69. hair drug test
  70. Modafinil and Bupropion
  71. Anyone try at least 3 or 4 meds before finding the right one?
  72. Best med that helps socialize?
  73. Two weeks into Reboxetine treatment
  74. What's the best anxiety medication to take with ADHD Meds?
  75. what meds work for inattentive types VS hyper types
  76. Least likely to cause anxiety- Concerta or Adderall?
  77. HELP! cronic over sleeping on stimulants, esp adderall!
  78. Docs don't believe me, son has tics from meds
  79. Anything that last longer than 12 hours?
  80. ADHD meds seem to worsen my hyperfocus
  81. Need some advice on benzos....
  82. Lost Medication - Please Advise
  83. Cost of doctor visits
  84. Adderall vs Dexedrine (appetite suppression and weight loss)
  85. How did meds help you?
  86. Generic medications same as name brand
  87. Adderall to wake up..Ambien to sleep!!
  88. Caffeine & new to meds - please help
  89. In addition to Meds, what else do you do
  90. Concerta vs. Vyvanse
  91. Update On The New Me
  92. what about anphetamine?
  93. Ritalin and drinking?
  94. Sports and ADD meds
  95. Unprofessional Pharmacist Behavior
  96. lamictal
  97. Meds/nootropics that make you funny
  98. How is Vyvanse different from Concerta/Adderall/Ritalin?
  99. Compulsive eating, depressed..I need meds =(
  100. Concerta, Wellbutrin XL, & Nexium
  101. Reboxetine?
  102. Try eating?
  103. adderall generics
  104. Bad med day. Help! (Vyvanse, Lamictal)
  105. newbie ? meds effectiveness timeframe
  106. anyone used Tianeptine before? (Stablon, Coaxil, Tatinol)
  107. Amantadine?
  108. GP referred me to a shrink - advice?
  109. dosing
  110. meds in canada...
  111. Cheapest prescriptions with no insurance?
  112. im new to all this med stuff..
  113. Getting Used to Med Wear Off Transition Time???
  114. Dextrose - Sugar Hype and ADHD~
  115. ADHD and deeper mindedness.
  116. Improper response to stimulants means you can't have ADD?
  117. :( Frustrated with meds
  118. Medicaid and ADHD meds
  119. Swedish Snus
  120. Have you ever wanted to stop using your meds?
  121. Meds, loss of appetite, and becoming antisocial
  122. CII meds- Law update for TX (and possibly other states)
  123. I just want to share my first time Med experience for others so far
  124. Can stimulants negatively affect the creativity and intelligence?
  125. Apmakines
  126. Switched from Adderall XR to Methylphenidate ER
  127. Phenmetrazine
  128. Flying with Meds
  129. New Doc = New Meds :(
  130. Any thoughts on taking a larger second dose than the first?
  131. Strattera suppresses imagination/creativity
  132. People without ADD using MEDS? so confused!
  133. I'm done with stims... what should I expect?
  134. What supplements work best for you?
  135. Risperdal side effect questions
  136. Doxepin vs Strattera - a better choice...
  137. Racetams
  138. Does anyone combine Adderall XR with Dexedrine?
  139. how long to work
  140. Meds Help - What's the scoop?
  141. wow! how to minimize withdrawal
  142. Anxious about doctors appointment...
  143. Provigil/Modafinil
  144. Can taking a new drug help you wean off another?
  145. Does Citric acid affect some medications?
  146. pms/pmdd making add meds ineffective?
  147. Ritalins life-impact
  148. Poll: responding or not to stimulants
  149. Aminorex - Viable option?
  150. Dexedrine + Strattera + SSRI
  151. Which drug does not cause cold hands? Headaches?
  152. Constipation on meds??
  153. Strattera works maybe.
  154. Self Medication
  155. Reaction to adderall
  156. Adderall disaster- Need drug that does NOT suppress appetite!
  157. Bring Biphetamine back to the market?
  158. Do you take ADHD meds every day or just weekdays?
  159. how do you tell when meds are enough?
  160. Biphentin
  161. Need your opinion/advice
  162. Is strattera less safe than stimulants
  163. Periactin
  164. Storing Meds and the Effects of Heat
  165. long vs. short acting meds
  166. inactive ingredient: ascorbic acid in trileptal
  167. Newbie needs advice
  168. dex, neurotransmitter depletion, and tyrosine
  169. Concerta and INH (Isoniazid)
  170. How do I approach this with my doctor? (If at all!)
  171. Concerta versus Strattera
  172. Do Antidepressants make ADHD symptoms worse?
  173. Concerta vs Dexedrine.
  174. Alternative(s) to Adderall
  175. Effexor and IC Amphetamine
  176. What med has the least cardiac effects?
  177. Rx for Adderall, dispensed Dexedrine
  178. How to get doc to know you need more meds?
  179. adderal xr or vyvanse better for inattentive ADD?
  180. another drug?
  181. Which drug is best for ADHD with liver disease?
  182. Emergency stashes of meds?
  183. Concerta gave no effects, Dex is up/down.. 3rd med's a charm?
  184. Medications reducing effectiveness of lactose intolerance medication
  185. Wellbutrin and Adderall
  186. Ampakine - Alternative Stimulant, Possible ADHD Drug on the Horizon?
  187. ADHD treatments and their effect on tiredness
  188. Nothing is working..
  189. new to the board, question about medications, looking for feedback
  190. Med Advice
  191. Trialing different meds - does this bug anyone else?
  192. Sertraline for ADD ? My doc prescribed it for me.
  193. On average, how long does it take for your ADHD meds to kick in?
  194. any better ideas on how provigil (modafinil) works?
  195. Does stimulant insomnia lessen over time?
  196. Non stimulant (off lable) add meds?
  197. What's it like? Tell me about your experiences with medication.
  198. Inattentive ADHD meds
  199. Memory Shot -- Dexedrine Dilemma
  200. Docs who won't prescribe Adderall
  201. Adderall & Ritalin
  202. ADHD meds: reduce creativity?
  203. trying to understand what drug combinations might do
  204. Sleep on Dexedrine vs. Sleep on Adderall
  205. One flew over the cuckoo's nest...
  206. Is Tenex (Guanfacine) readily available in the UK?
  207. unpleasant side effects
  208. ADHD Medications and Testosterone
  209. digestion of medicine
  210. Vynesse or Adderall XR
  211. Anyone take very low doses?
  212. effective meds for Inattentive ADD while teaching?
  213. Adderall? Maybe something Else
  214. Meds that doesn't ruin your creativity...?
  215. Psychosomatic Side Effects?
  216. Piracetam.. where to find it
  217. changing concerta to focalin
  218. Please Help Me Find An OTC Solution!
  219. taking meds and alcohol consumption.
  220. From Adderall to Concerta
  221. Really could use some advice!!! asap
  222. Newbie to Meds. Need advice...
  223. 2 Children 2 Reactions
  224. put meds in the same bottle?
  225. Benzos, and stims, and AD's oh my!
  226. Tolerance, "feelings", and mixing drugs.
  227. Compromised Judgement
  228. Anyone taken Tenex?
  229. temazapam capsules
  230. Help on Attenta medication
  231. Should I start with a new psychiatrist or drive 2 hours to my old one?
  232. List of ADHD Medications - On-label and Off-label
  233. AD/HD and Marijuana
  234. Socializing med for sum1 with autism
  235. Dexedrine Spansule doesn't last all day!
  236. Several questions about these types of drugs..
  237. What is the typical first drug for ADHD?
  238. Which kind of ADHD Medication do you prefer?
  239. Mode of action: Ritalin vs. Dexedrine
  240. Temporary medication
  241. Hearing an odd static hiss go away, euphoria?
  242. wellbutrin, Vyvanse, and Cymbalta
  243. List of Percentage of Medication Released Per Hour?
  244. Heart flutters?
  245. Need Advice; In a Difficult Situation
  246. ADHD Medication Benefits?
  247. Is Ixel, Ethylex, Modiodal and Seroquel the right treatment for ADHD?
  248. problems with fast metabolizing
  249. will stims cause sinus chronic sinus issues
  250. Ritalin/Concerta/bipolar/many ?s