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  1. ADHD w/ Anxiety and Depression
  2. Vit C if too much Adderal/Dexedrine/Ritalin
  3. "uncommon" drugs that work for ADD?
  4. Which drugs don't affect imagination/personality so much?
  5. Tianeptine being researched for ADHD
  6. The future of ADD medications?
  7. Complete Concerta freakout- now what
  8. Too much free time due to decrease in daydreaming
  9. Anyone using supplements like SAM-e or Tyrosine?
  10. Scared to death of Chantix
  11. So my doctor started me on Provigil
  12. Caffeine?
  13. Odd reaction to caffeine
  14. What makes these drugs safe? Please educate me.
  15. The "death thread" follow up
  16. Switching from Adderall XR to...?
  17. Why do I get so tired from the medication?
  18. does this sound rite?
  19. Headaches with Meds
  20. I need names of pharm. co's w/ a research & develop. depart. devoted to adhd
  21. Are some medications better for the hyperactivity than others?
  22. Trial and Error: Failure of Concerta
  23. Will drinking Too Much Water flush out my medication?
  24. What are Psychiatrists for?
  25. Buspar??
  26. Ideal mental state?
  27. Trazodone ? Better or Worse?
  28. How long should I give new meds a try before giving up?
  29. stimulantas + provigil
  30. Daughters Ritalan LA requires Prior Authorization?
  31. need med advice please?
  32. Who would like to play doctor?
  33. Buspirone? My pdoc just prescribed me this...and IR to XR
  34. med help - PLEASE
  35. track progress? I lost the thread
  36. Chest Pain?
  37. ETHEX Corporation Voluntarily Recalls Three Lots of Dextroamphetamine
  38. Stopped Adderall and now Itchy as heck...
  39. About to try Med #4, any advice?
  40. Do ADHD Medications Cause Birth Defects?
  41. Scared :( Weird heartbeats
  42. I can't believe I'm going to even say this...
  43. Is this true, ineffective amphetamine levels? Then what about anxiety or ocd issues?
  44. How many visits until medicine?
  45. help w/ meds- can't find a doctor
  46. Theory for generics/brand medication differences
  47. Do stimulants cause a stress response?
  48. Did medication help you socially?
  49. cheapest cost effective ADHD meds?
  50. Selegiline + Trazodone
  51. Good News and Advice needed - Best Generic Meds available
  52. Help! Adderall doesn't work- What else is there?
  53. What ADD/ADHD med you've tried has worked best for you (poll)?
  54. Bad med days and dosages?
  55. Will a regular Physical (not drug test) detect meds??
  56. What medicine is usually prescribed the first time?
  57. generic methylphenidate, same effect?
  58. Adderall XR
  59. Omega 3's help with meds
  60. BETA BLOCKERS (like Inderal) and stimulants together
  61. Can someone tell me how Adderall XR compares to Dexedrine?
  62. Do you recommend Adderall XR or Concerta?
  63. Vyvanse dosage?
  64. Anyone on Vyvanse AND Dextroamphetamine?
  65. Phenibut: reducing amphetamine anxiety
  66. i need some extreme advice and help
  67. I feel melancholic and not right
  68. Please. Help. After Adderall...
  69. Shift Work & Medication
  70. happy pills
  71. nicotine ...
  72. Clozapine (Clozaril) for ADHD?
  73. Adderall + Lexapro = no sexual satisfaction
  74. Major Hair Loss on Concerta and Adderall XR
  75. So I just got back from the doctor...
  76. Inattentive/depression med change?
  77. Over sea med sites
  78. Drinking Alcohol?
  79. Help! Stimulant to counter Strattera side effects?
  80. Dosage too high, too low or need more protein?
  81. ADHD Drugs causing permanent brain damage?
  82. ADD/ADHD FAQ: Want to know what stimulants are, and how do they work? Read this!
  83. Finding the right dose of Adderall and Dex?
  84. Question About Medication Dosage Effects
  85. ADHD Help Blood Pressure Medication
  86. Sudafed (pseudoephedrine) Question.
  87. Bad Time to be Experimenting with Meds?
  88. 5-HTP and Adderall
  89. My first experience with ADD meds
  90. How YOUR medicine works
  91. Questions: Doc will only try Strattera or Wellbutrin
  92. Shall I use my meds for my job interview tomorrow?
  93. Meds: How can you tell if it's working
  94. your drug stages.
  95. My doctor doesn't trust me and cut me off medication.
  96. I need something that will work, fast!
  97. Anyone try Amantadine/Symmetrel?
  98. Sudafed
  99. adderall worked when concerta stopped working
  100. Medication and school performance?
  101. Full of potential but....
  102. Questions about Dex...
  103. diagnosed 3 days ago, advice would be awesome.
  104. Took too much med today, now I feel horrible...
  105. Medication withdrawal/switching meds
  106. Cost vs. Benefits
  107. Recommend me a drug, preferably a natural supplement.
  108. reboxetine (edronax)
  109. Natural ways to get DAT and NET
  110. Is what I am thinking/doing wrong?
  111. Travelling internationally, meds, and customs
  112. Adderall XR displayed heart side effects...need new class of meds
  113. which med is better for"motivation"?
  114. Good anxiety meds?
  115. How long to get a prescription(no insurance, no doctor yet)?
  116. Protien?
  117. heart rate - how high is too high?
  118. The joys of experimenting with drugs
  119. whats the between vyvanse and dexadrine spansules
  120. Stimulants and caffeine
  121. Is ritalin/focalin less of a vasoconstrictor?
  122. What Medicine is best for inattentive ADD
  123. Periactin as an Appetite Stimulant?
  124. Can you mix ibprofen with stimulats
  125. anyone else"test"a med before giving it to their child?
  126. For those of you who need a higher/lower dose of meds than average.. a question?
  127. Methylphenidate (Ritalin a.o.) and disulfiram (Antabuse) interaction - Any studies?
  128. FDA approves Focalin XR for treatment of ADHD....(again)
  129. Ritalin to wellbutrin
  130. whats your opinion?
  131. Urinary acidifying agents - need to get the amphetamine out!
  132. Ok to combine Adderall and Celexa?
  133. General Med Questions, advise appreciated
  134. Why Focalin w/ Vyvanse
  135. Very confused about meds!!
  136. Will They Take It Away???
  137. Stimulant Danger Signs?
  138. ADD medication & Frustration
  139. Strattera, Paxil, Wellbutrin, Seroquel + Fish Oils B vitamins, Multivitamins
  140. Vyvanse: Disappointment in a bottle?
  141. GAack
  142. stopping meds
  143. telling ppl u have adhd and are on stims
  144. heart palpitations and sickness after a few days of regular use?
  145. Willing to take stimulants but not antidepressants?
  146. got diagnosed, need help on meds :)
  147. Done with adderall, confused and need suggestions on alternatives.
  148. ADD might be a symptom, not a diagnosis
  149. Justifications to switch from Concerta?
  150. Question...
  151. adderall and creatine ok?
  152. How many tried til you found the right med?
  153. Can anyone reccomend reliable sites to order ADD meds from?
  154. I am really Confused!!!
  155. What do you do about fatigue on weekends or drug holidays?
  156. Does stimulant medication make you clench your jaw?
  157. Methylphenidate 3x daily..when to take?
  158. Do any meds work for 24 hrs?
  159. Adding another med?
  160. L-Amphetamine
  161. New member here needs looots of help
  162. drug cocktails?
  163. Non stim meds?
  164. Eye twitching (fasciculations) and Meds question
  165. my concerta doesn't work anymore? help
  166. Equasym to Concerta
  167. Adderall versus Vyvanse? I have to make a choice
  168. Gluten-Free Meds
  169. Med holidays...Coping
  170. Wellbutrin + a stimulant
  171. cumulative effect?
  172. New source of dexedrine perhaps
  173. doctor prescribed me namenda
  174. Med Recommendation
  175. edronax helped me focus but the other effects :(
  176. Extraordinarily important question regarding stimulants - to me, at any rate.
  177. stimulant long term sustainability
  178. Dyslexia: Unmedicated = Slow Reader, Lexapro = Slower, Adderall = Faster
  179. My doctor says if one stimulant didn't work, none of them will
  180. stim combos?
  181. creativity
  182. Is this likely?
  183. biphentin? better (longer) than concerta? (CND drug)
  184. What can I take for a cold!!!!! Help pls
  185. Stim'ing BEFORE You Wake-Up
  186. What costs less than or similar to generic Adderall?
  187. Medication won't work until the evening
  188. I can't stop taking medication.
  189. Would withdrawal symptoms be same? Adderall or Dexedrine???
  190. Medication Poll
  191. college needs some advice about my add
  192. I'm giving up the fight!!
  193. Say something good about meds please?
  194. help newbie losing my life, my weight why do i react to small dose?
  195. Dex and cold meds
  196. Caffeine Interfers with Medication
  197. Good news about my meds
  198. Dexedrine vs. Adderall
  199. CII Prescription Question about Flying
  200. Dr. Appointment tomorrow
  201. Med Vacations
  202. Tics.. Questions about them, Just looking for some answers really....
  203. Sudafed vs Rx Stimulants for Addicts
  204. need change from stimulant med's but afraid
  205. Ran out of meds.....taken as directed
  206. Adderall vs. Dexedrine and Motivation/Happiness
  207. Your ADHD Medication Timeline
  208. Medication to offset Adderall XR side effects
  209. stim + provigil
  210. adderal messes you up?
  211. Meds change--need HELP!
  212. Adverse reaction to XR vs IR and solution?
  213. Sleeping trouble at night after taking meds during the day
  214. Changing Meds - Is this normal?
  215. What issues will medication address?
  216. Doctor question
  217. New to ADHD world. Need Advice.
  218. When do you eat? What do you eat?
  219. Stimulant Medications - Poll
  220. Best ADD medication? Especially for disorganization, procrastion, motivation, focus?
  221. Medication problems
  222. How do ask for a medication change?
  223. doctors office visits
  224. Adderall XR plus Strattera or Vyvanase?
  225. Buspirone (Buspar) for ADHD? (w/ Bupropion + Dexamphetamine!)
  226. Am I at a high risk for seizures?
  227. Aaaaarrrrrggghhhhh! What meds should I take?!
  228. Helpp- to medicate or not to medicate
  229. Adderall and Clonazepam Worries
  230. Cloudy Urine
  231. Does anyone else have this problem?
  232. What are the main reasons to start meds/ treatment
  233. Taking a benzo with a stimulant
  234. Has Anyone Tried Tenex with Adderall and Wellbutrin?
  235. Stims working better over time?
  236. Dexedrine vs Vyvanse for Anxiety
  237. Can stimulants make you feel bloated?
  238. Seeing a Psych doc tomorrow for first time. What meds are best for me?
  239. Safe, legal places to buy meds?
  240. I lost my meds!!!
  241. Do stimulant meds make anyone else want to smoke cigarettes?
  242. Please READ: Is GENERIC classification subject to interpretation?
  243. best ADD medication for READING/STUDYING
  244. How bad is this?
  245. Have Tried Many Drugs - Any Suggestions?
  246. Questions about first Dr. visit for ADD.
  247. Unresponsive to Meds/Or Fog
  248. Psych. Mental Health Update - long post
  249. Which Med Makes U Least Tired
  250. Yes, my current medication works. But that one time I took a couple extra pills...