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  1. Your Experience?
  2. For Diagnosis
  3. 5 Stages of the AD/HD Counseling
  4. Frustration
  5. PsychoDrama
  6. Afraid...
  7. Bioenergetics
  8. med management VS. counseling
  9. Experiences?
  10. psychologist not returning calls
  11. I don't trust my Psychiatrist any more
  12. patience, tolerance & control (or lack of)
  13. Frustrated with professionals who don't understand what ADHD is!
  14. Paranoid about insurance and records
  15. Help! (don't know what to do)
  16. A List?
  17. Questions to ask?
  18. the Dsmv-IV -Diagnosis for Dummies?
  19. Therapist Rating Website
  20. Things that help?
  21. Questions to ask
  22. Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  23. Adder can't get any good help today!!!
  24. How do you describe mentally ill?
  25. So Many Issues, Where do I begin?
  26. How Can Therapy Change Me
  27. Doc...These Symptoms Sound Like me
  28. How to fire a therapist?
  29. First therapy session <m>
  30. I need help, my doctors office is trying to bankrupt me...
  31. What to do if Doctor disappears?
  32. Need advice about a situation with my "team"
  33. Do doctors really care
  34. Therapy & Behavior Modification a bust for ODD/ADD-inattentive daughter.
  35. Myers/Briggs test Have you Done?
  36. How do u know if counseling is for u?
  37. Counseling, anti-depresants or both for ds??
  38. ld/ad(h)d envelopes exercise - a road to acceptance?
  39. Shrink didn't want to talk about ADD
  40. How is therapy supposed to help me?
  41. What do you think of CBT?
  42. Why would therapy be needed?
  43. I think I have more than just ADD
  44. Nurses need our help
  45. Leave of Absence
  46. How do i get help?
  47. I need help ....therapy again
  48. how do i find support groups?
  49. Neurocognitive Psychotherapy- maybe the best approach?
  50. to be in love makes my symptoms disappear
  51. Surgeon General's Report:Efficacy of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for kids with AD/HD
  52. First Appoint with Psychologist - RANT!
  53. How important for the treatment is a Psychiatrist Specialist in ADD?
  54. Looking for a doctor
  55. Questions needed for screening a shrink.
  56. What type of help do I need to get?
  57. How do you find the best docs?
  58. How do you know where to start??
  59. Focusing behaviors?
  60. Therapist with ADD YAY!!!
  61. Does therapy make you feel better?
  62. Psychotherapy...
  63. So why aren't you going for therapy?
  64. My Favorite Time of Year
  65. Therapists with ADD/ADHD...
  66. My First Support Group Meeting
  67. New Therapist--YUK
  68. Counselors or Coaches in Southern Calif?
  69. Video Therapy for people with ADD
  70. dumped by my therapist -- need advice
  71. Purpose of therapy?
  72. Will I ever find the right person???
  73. Im gonna get therapy over the summer!
  74. Help
  75. Therapy/Hynotherapy
  76. Need ideas on how to find an ADD specialist in my city!
  77. Free online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  78. does this sound right?
  79. Counseling/Therapy for my son
  80. Telling my parents what goes on in my therapy sessions
  81. Sweet dreams, doc
  82. Been seeing a social worker
  83. Counselor, therapist, social worker, psychologist?
  84. I'm studying to be one of those
  85. self forgiveness
  86. CBT approaches
  87. Counselors/Therapists to raise self-esteem
  88. Psycho-analysis; news article...
  89. Can't find good therapist. So tired of trying. Need to vent!
  90. afraid to get help
  91. Someone Tell Me How This Could Happen!
  92. Not sure what to do
  93. When behavior modification alone doesn't cut it?
  94. therapy has not helped me anger enough
  95. I need help understanding
  96. Mindfulness ARTICLE (Toronto Star newspaper)
  97. Therapy over email or IM?
  98. Your experiences with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  99. who thinks shrinks are a waste of money?
  100. Would like some advice/guidance
  101. How would you handle this?
  102. What's the best type of therapy for Panic Disorder/Panic Attacks?
  103. What to look for?
  104. Psychotherapy & Groups
  105. Therapy:What does your Dr. do?
  106. Looking for Adult ADD Specialist in southeast Michigan
  107. Early Termination of Therapy
  108. Neurofeedback
  109. need to make a decision
  110. Neuro Psychological Assessment
  111. confused about how to start
  112. Is it supposed to cost this much?
  113. Q about my on-going treatment
  114. Trouble getting through/Deflated
  115. counceling and medication via same Dr.?
  116. ADD Treatment in Houston, who do you recommend?
  117. ADD doc in Austin/Round Rock/Georgetown?
  118. Good ADHD help in New York?
  119. ADHD Therapist in Fremont, CA
  120. need ADHD Doctor in WA
  121. My therapist annoys me
  122. Looking for a therapist in the Oklahoma City area
  123. Emdr
  124. New Therapist
  125. looking for help in the northern boston area?
  126. Need Help, Feel like im getting the runaround!
  127. Psychiatrist in Los Angeles, CA? easy going about prescription meds?
  128. What is cognitive behavorial therapy?
  129. Trouble Talking to Psychiatrist about Meds.
  130. For the First Time. . .
  131. No medical insurance for while. What do I do?
  132. 25 things to love about ADD/ADHD...
  133. Looking Therap. / Counselor help in MD?
  134. In Las Vegas- Need help finding a Dr. specializing in AD/HD
  135. Started Counselling at Uni
  136. I need therapy but can't afford it
  137. Time to switch therapists? (Worcester, MA)
  138. Therapist for behavioral issues
  139. Bad Psychiatrist, or am I the Problem?
  140. Psychologist in Austin, Texas
  141. Pretty Hilarious Therapist Behaviors
  142. Crazy therapist, am I the only one?
  143. please help me find a great psychiatrists in mi or a great website that reviews them
  144. p-doc rejects therapy. What should I do?
  145. My first counselling session is next week
  146. re-bringing up therapy
  147. therapy ?
  148. Annoyed with my Psychiatrist/Therapist
  149. Case Manager
  150. Canadian Grants
  151. depserate need ot therapist who cares in boston
  152. What happens in therapy? Any success stories?
  153. What is impacted grief reaction?
  154. Advice about Getting Disability?
  155. New Pdoc Su*ks!
  156. New to ADHD, need help.
  157. Stopped my Therapy - Now Kind of Upset?
  158. Procrastination on Journal Writing
  159. Need a good ADD doc in DC metro area
  160. Anger
  161. Support Group in Bergen County
  162. The therapy I've had so far has stunk
  163. Therapy issue
  164. Dislike NP / Pdoc @ Program / I want to use my own pdoc...
  165. School Based Therapy-Summer Program
  166. Need help finding a counselor or therapist...
  167. Add in los angeles... Help
  168. Finding a good therapist?
  169. Is the Therapy working ?
  170. Practitioner Referrals
  171. Recovery Inc. and Dr. Abraham Lowe
  172. psychiatrist Columbia Mo
  173. Trouble with Therapy
  174. Adult ADHD doc in NC?
  175. New therapist doesn't believe in adhd?
  176. how far off to go see a psychiratrist.
  177. AD(H)D Therapy & Medicare
  178. Doctor in Philly Area?
  179. How to go about being Diagnosed/Tested for ADD?
  180. Support group in Edmonton
  181. Tips for getting maximum benefit out of therapy?
  182. Is this a problem?
  183. Has anyone tried Interpersonal Therapy?
  184. Picking a therapist
  185. 55, m, add, depression, chico, california: Looking for Support Group
  186. Getting a diagnosis from a real doc online?
  187. On the Verge of Despair
  188. Psychiatrist Has Me on Extra Meds I dont need
  189. Do you consider yourself a good person?
  190. Approach of ADHD counsellors
  191. BioPsychoSocial
  192. The Investigator
  193. it's all in your head
  194. Extreme Psychology
  195. feel like my psychiatrist is taking advantage of me (long but desperate)
  196. Psychiatrist nervous around me
  197. How long to find right therapist/p-doc?
  198. Psychiatrist Frustrations!
  199. How to schedule therapy sessions?
  200. Psychologist visit.
  201. How often do you see a therapist?
  202. Acknowledging Childhood
  203. How to have DAY 1 session of psychotherapy (Question)
  204. Wondering...
  205. negative psychology