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  1. does ritalin make you dull?
  2. Help! How serious is this?
  3. methylphenidate interactions with vitamin e, green tea, ginkgo, ginseng
  4. ritaline and doctor
  5. Do Ritalin abusers have same response as ADDers?
  6. is this real
  7. Tough Situation -- Looking for some advice
  8. Ritalin and itching?
  9. If you swapped how did you know dex was wrong and ritalin was right?
  10. Large dose of Ritalin for depression not working again.
  11. Curious about when/how people take their meds
  12. History of Methylphenidate?
  13. What is ADD?
  14. tolerance?
  15. Increased Hyperactivity?
  16. Newbie to Methylin...started a week ago
  17. Meds and emotional numbness - help
  18. Getting a prescription for Ritalin...
  19. Has this happened to anyone?
  20. Shaking While on Ritalin
  21. Ritalin bringing on Anxiety?
  22. Is it ok to split methylphenidate SR
  23. blurred vision
  24. First impressions on Ritalin
  25. Uh, First time using ritalin after being on adderall for a month and
  26. How long does it normally take for Ritalin to kick in?
  27. Ritalin Causes Hallucinations
  28. Ritalin - Cravings and Apathy
  29. how do you know?
  30. is this too much?
  31. Can anyone relate to this?
  32. Ritalin LA for the last week - what do you think?
  33. Generic vs. Brand Name
  34. What do you guys think?
  35. Ritalin sex drive- please help
  36. How should I feel?
  37. Ritalin vs. Methylphenidate E.R. tablets 20 mg
  38. Ritalin and Coca-Cola for breakfast...zing!!
  39. side effect confusion
  40. Ritalin - Worked for three weeks then...
  41. How to curb this side-effect while on Ritalin...
  42. Methylphenidate-IR10mg Vs Ritalin (r) 20mg SR tabs. Anyone notice a difference?
  43. L-carnitine and ritalin?
  44. Why does Ritalin and other stimulants do this to me?
  45. My eyes were red and bad headaches all of a sudden(after one year!)
  46. Notes on first experience with Ritalin
  47. What should I do?
  48. ritalin ?
  49. How much Ritalin can I take?
  50. Are these brand tabs really more effective than generic"
  51. Just Been Prescribed Ritalin But I Wanted Adderall
  52. Ritalin and Zoloft increase sex drive??????
  53. Famous ADD/HDs
  54. Difference b/t Ritalin LA & Ritalin SR???
  55. oral daily dose of 1.1mg/kg/day
  56. Shorter Menstrual Cycle?
  57. Side effect or is it me?
  58. Anyone know how soon i can fill another scrip for ritalin?
  59. Given Methylin instead of methylphenidate-WOW-why??
  60. Rubifen
  61. Plain jane ritalin immediate release
  62. Ritalin Without caffeine?
  63. Increased hunger
  64. build up to ritalin dosage?
  65. feeling "gross" when it wears off?
  66. Need To Make A Choice
  67. Need help proving my medication side effect to my Dr.
  68. I may be at serious risk, and cannot tell doctor
  69. Trying to figure out what kind of Ritalin I'm on, and if I need a longer acting?
  70. Need a little advice
  71. Will abstinence reduce my tolerance?
  72. Methylphenidate+scalp hair loss???
  73. Can Ritalin XR cause bad muscle aches?
  74. Ritalin Patch
  75. Tired only sometimes
  76. Ritalin Brand and Generic
  77. Ritalin SR tablets
  78. not really working
  79. methylphenidate and antacids
  80. Poll: How much Ritalin per day?
  81. Having trouble obtaining Ritalin SR
  82. Test
  83. urine test
  84. IBS/Acidity and ritalin?
  85. Differences b/t Concerta and Ritalin LA?
  86. Generic Ritalin Question:
  87. newbie lost/found
  88. Loss of appetite
  89. A difference with Ritalin
  90. What is the difference?
  91. Unintentionally put on too high a dose
  92. How quick does your tolerance level rise?
  93. from coffee to medication
  94. Ritalin as a "Booster" dose to Concerta
  95. mental efforts, creativety and drive and MPH
  96. What to try when Ritalin stops working?
  97. How does ritalin doses compare to adderall?
  98. Just a question.....hoping for an answer.
  99. methylphenidate more effective when i have a cold...
  100. Is it just me? Or, what?
  101. Ritalin effects dopamine reuptake only?
  102. Ritalin, fast metabolism, and klonopins...
  103. Squeezing in appointment, what to say? help!
  104. What is the average dose for adult ADHD
  105. Ritalin queries.. new user of this drug...
  106. Giving up Adderall.. Going to try Ritalin..
  107. What is the fatal dose of Ritalin
  108. trial of 5mg dex and 10mg ritalin together
  109. So dehydrated...
  110. Anyone have any experience with Daytrana (Patch)???
  111. Sad Ritalin Story
  112. Anyone here tried Adderall and Ritalin? *not together*
  113. Well that didnt work, now what?
  114. Will I get addicted
  115. *Attention, Attention*... " Now boarding for..Rebound Hell.."
  116. What are the blue green pills?
  117. What do you think of Geneva brand ritalin versus Mallinckrodt?
  118. my doc gave me ritalin!!
  119. Focus..Yes, Thinking...uh, not so much.
  120. Not Working Anymore
  121. Questions on Clarity, learning and creativity. Please read and respond.
  122. How did ritalin help you, and did you have to up your dosage?
  123. Methylphenidate (in general) question; tolerance
  124. Ritalin users, what other meds do you find helpful?
  125. Sudden extreme rapid heart beat!!? Worried, help please?
  126. Ritalin SR 20mg(brand) stronger than 20mgs generic IR
  127. New to all of this. help
  128. Why didnt Ritalin work for you...?
  129. med changes
  131. Put on Ritalin a week ago, would like to switch
  132. Where can I get brand name ritalin
  133. AGE-33, WEIGHT-62kgs, MEDS-Ritalin+++
  134. Ritalin worked great...changed to wellbutrin?
  135. Ritilan Works but.....
  136. Focalin XR vs. Ritalin (any form)
  137. Ritalin and my son
  138. Ritalin and Advil
  139. My situation with Ritalin
  140. Need to Know... Really effecting me, advice?
  141. Any ideas about this
  142. Question for the Ritalin folks.
  143. Upping ritalin (methyl) dosage--linear, or lightbulb effect?
  144. tachycardia and ritalin
  145. ritalin dosage
  146. Ritalin Rebound
  147. A little confused about my new dose.
  148. Medic Alert bracelets for ADDers
  149. is ritalin causing anyone else eye irritation?
  150. Switching from Adderall to Ritalin: benefits?
  151. Ritalin losing it's effects?
  152. Ritalin - upping the dosage
  153. Ritaline adjustment survival tips?
  154. ritalin and nicotine
  155. Too high = increase adhd behavior
  156. Ritalin LA w/ antacid
  157. New to the med, few questions
  158. anxiety at night
  159. Depression After Stop Taking Meds/Ritalin
  160. How to stop?
  161. Ritelin and hallucinations
  162. Ritalin + Excercise
  163. Frequency shorter than 4 hours
  164. generic ritalin info please?
  165. BAD Headaches
  166. Just started Ritalin - a couple of questions
  167. Ritalin & Norepinephrine - Question
  168. Doing research and HAD to post this!
  169. I propose a name change
  170. Ritalin rebound? - not sure what is happening
  171. Very Important Question Pertaining To Ritiland In Nyc Healthfirst/medicaid
  172. question-please respond
  173. Ritalin IR-effectiveness annoyance
  174. Ritalin - advice for me
  175. Ritalin Rebound
  176. This sucks...
  177. Alcohol
  178. Doc doubled my Ritalin dose! 60-140mgs
  179. first time with methylphenidate help?
  180. first time with methylphenidate help?
  181. ritalin turned on me,any advice?
  182. Ritalin sucks. Get Adderall.
  183. 2nd day of Ritalin. Sooo sleepy when the second dose wears off... Is it normal?
  184. From high doses of Adderall to Ritalin...not good, help?
  185. generic xr?
  186. It works.. kind of?
  187. Ritalin Questions
  188. This may sound like a strange question...
  189. Methylphenidate and vasopressine hormone
  190. Share your Ritalin Success Stories
  191. Weight loss on Ritalin?
  192. Stopping my addiction...even though i do need it
  193. ritalin and meridia?
  194. Ritalin 101?
  195. Depression after stopping methylphenidat
  196. 1st Ritalin pill today - i feel great!
  197. Prescription too much?
  198. Research on Negative Effects?
  199. First time on Ritalin Quick question about my feelings.
  200. ritalin and prozac ! good or bad combo?
  201. Ritalin
  202. First day ever on Ritalin, is this normal?
  203. Coffee usage and Ritalin all day???
  204. Dose increase normal?
  205. Started today on Ritalin switched from Adderall
  206. How could I convince my doctor to prescribe ritalin?
  207. passiflora(passion flower) with ritalin
  208. Buildup in system?
  209. Ritalin-ADD and TBI
  210. doc switching me from dex to ritalin?
  211. Need help spacing Ritalin IR
  212. Desperate, please help
  213. Australian Newsflash On ADHD Drug!
  214. ritalin effects changed?
  215. Rit + an Antidepressant (SSRI)
  216. Declare your enthusiasm for Ritalin.
  217. 10mg Dose?
  218. why does the body have to adjust to ritalin?
  219. Has anyone ever heard of 80mg for a 7 year old boy?
  220. pain on the right arm?
  221. Anyone feel pressure on bridge of nose?
  222. A study that attempts to distinguish good and bad responders to ritalin
  223. Rebound or too much Ritalin?
  224. HELP! Terrible joint pain!
  225. Can I take Xanax with ritalin
  226. Ritalin bad on perfectionist or OCD people?
  227. Response time to Ritalin??
  228. going from dex to ritalin, experience so far
  229. is ritalin mainly for children?
  230. Ritalin dosage question: is this normal?
  231. what is a normal dosage... 8 yr boy at 45 lbs
  232. Ritalin with Wellbutrin SR?
  233. high blood pressure with Ritalin
  234. has ritalin helped you really?
  235. Why take Ritalin when Focalin is now generic?
  236. My Article/Rant about Ritalin Critisism
  237. Ritalin is helping me. But euphoria is kind of scary
  238. Going On Ritalin - What Should I Expect?
  239. ritalin rebound of "hypoglycemic"?
  240. Hair Loss On Ritalin??
  241. Is this generic Ritalin? pill identification help
  242. Tight jaw from Ritalin
  243. Trouble waking up?
  244. Ritalin Zombie or Depression??
  245. A difference in Ritalin brands?
  246. First day on ritalin
  247. Feet get cold when on Ritalin....
  248. My Doctor Is Starting Me On 10MG - Will I Notice Anything?
  249. How long to clear out of body for drug test?
  250. Not feeling so good on Ritalin