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  19. migraines.
  20. anyone else get an upset stomach
  21. Cardiovascular effects: Adderall v. Ritalin
  22. is this normal...
  23. Ritalin ~ Stomach Issues, dry eyes...
  24. Psych unhappy with ritalin dosage, im unhappy with side effects, VeryConfusedBoy
  25. Confusion about SR :\
  26. Normal withdrawal?
  27. unusual effects that are hopefully explainable
  28. Always wondered...
  29. Sexual side effects using medication
  30. Guidelines Reminder- please read
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  33. Ritalin and sleep?
  34. first time adult Ritalin taker
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  36. Ritalin VS Adderall
  37. increased or decreased hunger?
  38. ritalin and st. john's wort
  39. Atarax for anxiety with Ritalin.....
  40. Rubifen?? how does it compare to ritalin
  41. Swapped from Ritalin to Ritalin LA.....
  42. unable to sleep
  43. Side effects from Ritalin
  44. Ritalin AND Prozac for Anxiety & Adhd
  45. This stuff is flippin awesome!!
  46. Ritalin and 5HTP?
  47. How long do your meds last??
  48. Ritalin and Avocado/soya unsaponifiables ?
  49. crashing on Ritalin
  50. Yours experiences: Combo: Ritalin-Anafranil?!
  51. Ritalin 10 mg every 2 hours?!
  52. Swallowing Ritalin
  53. Quick way for dealing with rebound
  54. Dosage above 60mgs?
  55. normal behaviour on ritalin..
  56. Barfing my first day :(
  57. New adult ADD ritalin user
  58. Beta-Blockers with Ritalin?
  59. Ritalin, an introduction, my story, and some questions...
  60. PLEASE READ THIS and help
  61. Dealing with side effects
  62. Question about Ritilian, Auras and Seziures
  63. If i tell my doc I've had a sezuire in past will he stop Rit
  64. HELP! has anyone switched from dexedrine to ritalin?
  65. Anyone take Ritalin 40mg LA?? Pharmacy problem
  66. Coughing and Ritalin
  67. odd side effect
  68. Ritalin's generic 'Methylin' and dosage
  69. How much Ritalin are you taking?
  70. Methylphenidate possible anxiety?
  71. How much Ritalin do you take saftley at ONE TIME?
  72. Ritalin
  73. anyone inactive have sucess on Ritalin?
  74. When to take Ritalin?? Want effects in AM & PM
  75. anyone on slow release ritalin.. need feedback !
  76. Ritalin
  77. Dosing before a test?
  78. Combining Strattera and ritalin?
  79. ritalin with effexor xr
  80. Ritalin prescriptions...Question.
  81. What was your first experience like with Ritalin
  82. A bizar feeling - pression in the head! Ritalin?
  83. Ritalin has opposite effect on non-ADDer?
  84. How long the side effects?
  85. No more Ritalin...
  86. Emotional Urges
  87. Sleepless on Ritalin
  88. Combo Meds: Generic Versions of Ritalin and Buproprion
  89. ritalin
  90. Just got Ritalin!
  91. Ritalin/Adderall comparison question
  92. Ritalin effects on ADD vs non-ADD?
  93. a high from ritalin no thanks
  94. Tonight I will be taking Ritalin for first time
  95. Please HELP! Ritalin and Marijuana!
  96. St johns worth WITH ritalin
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  98. Correct me if I'm wrong about this...
  99. Back on medications (Ritalin)
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  101. Ritalin and Losing weight
  102. ritalin tollerance
  103. Exercise, heart rate really high!
  104. Ritalin + Saint John's Wort
  105. I need suggestions
  106. Ritalin SR vs. Concerta?
  107. ritalin then nap
  108. Ritalin Prescription Assistance
  109. Now I remeber one of the reasons I never liked Ritalin.
  110. ritalin la and concerta?
  111. How can you tell it's working?
  112. Ritalin LA wearing off?
  113. Ritalin and antibiotics
  114. Day 3 on 10mg x 2 of Ritalin - it isn't doing anything
  115. Safer? Ritalin or Dexedrine?
  116. Starting new first medication tommorrow!
  117. Frustrated with meds...
  118. Is it okay to mix Allergy meds with Ritalin?
  119. Pounding heart when angry
  120. Ritalin and writer's block?
  121. Does anyone else crash like this?
  122. My Rx says: methylphenidate 10mg tab 100's ???? Help!
  123. New ritalin user : cool, but still got some questions...
  124. first day ritalin from dex
  125. Ritalin, but no crashes
  126. Does it effect your weight and metabolism?
  127. My first day on Ritalin- questions at the end
  128. Not working anymore..? (Q + venting)
  129. Drowsy and forgetful, but can concentrate?
  130. Adderall to Ritalin problem
  131. New to Ritalin
  132. sooo yeah, please help???
  133. new ritalin user, nothing but side effects.
  134. Will Ritalin help my restlessness and boredom?
  135. I have a question. when to take Ritalin?
  136. Ritalin stoped working overnight!!!
  137. interactions with ritalin
  138. Is it ritalin or is it me?
  139. My Ritalin (methylphenidate) SR Rollercoaster
  140. Ritalin withdrawal
  141. new on ritalin
  142. My son just started Ritalin...
  143. New ADD girl, First Straterra now Ritalin, frustrated, questions??
  144. Ritalin vs Daytrana vs adderall etc
  145. Taking Ritalin in the Afternoon..
  146. Can't take being a zombie.
  147. How much does it cost?
  148. Have been on ritalin for about 3 weeks now and I'm having some questions
  149. New Dosage, Oh My The Edge!
  150. Changing meds. (scary)
  151. Ritalin - I keep crashing in the afternoon.
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  154. Provigil (vs. Ritalin?)
  155. My first experience with ritalin (list)
  156. Do The effects of Ritilan wear off
  157. Palpitations and tachycardia.
  158. Dexedrine to Ritalin ratio
  159. any studies comparing generic and brand name ritalin
  160. How much can you take?
  161. New to ADD-I and Ritalin - is this what it "helping" feels like?
  162. ADD, physical symptoms and Ritalin!
  163. ritalin and anxiety attacks
  164. M on my new ritalin tablets?
  165. Hi Im new here ! ... On Ritalin...want to share exp
  166. question
  167. is it normal ADD ?
  168. switched from adderall ir 20's to ritalin 20's, so far a good move !!!
  169. My first dose of ritalin like someone turned the lights on.... quite amazing
  170. ritalin vs adderall
  171. anyone take more than 4 ir doses per day???
  172. Exercise and Meds
  173. About to try Ritalin coming from Focalin
  174. OMG! whats happening to me ?!???!
  175. Anyone ever try Ethylphenidate?
  176. Why would my doctor try Ritalin before adderall?
  177. New on Ritalin - A mixed (and uncomfortable) experience
  178. will switching from adderall to ritalin lower my tolerance?
  179. Ritalin Question: 1) Dosing & 2) Mix with Adderall?
  180. can people share the standard effective daily ritalin dose for adults?
  181. Ritalin dose: Anyone on over 80mg/day of regular Ritalin?
  182. Staying awake on ritalin?
  183. Ritalin vs Dexedrine?
  184. long v's short acting, any comments appreciated....
  185. Dammit!!!! Panic Attacks On Ritalin............
  186. Is Ritalin making me depressed? (long)
  187. How common is ritalin-induced depression?
  188. A little nervous, switching from Concerta to Ritalin. What to expect?
  189. Ritalin LA - Weird behaviour?
  190. Ritalin + Mirtazapine
  191. HELP! ritalin + solian + effexor
  192. LA Dosing?
  193. 150 mgs a day
  194. Daytrana Patch vs. Ritalin LA
  195. Ritalin issues
  196. New to Ritalin, advice please
  197. Ritalin dosage from concerta help
  198. Ducky Gets Drugs -- the early days
  199. What is usually tried after Ritalin?
  200. More Ritalin issues with dosing
  201. Ritalin side effects help
  202. Question for women.....
  203. Ritalin Dosage question??
  204. esophagus and coughing??
  205. does ritalin cause migraines?
  206. Ritalin and Digestive Problems
  207. drinking from the ritalin comedown
  208. Side-effects REASONS?
  209. Ritalin
  210. Is ritalin making me a zombie?
  211. Ritalin - first 10 days - dazed and confused
  212. side effects, any longterm patients ?
  213. Is 15mg X3 IR adequate for a starting dose
  214. How much RITALIN should i take ?
  215. another drug?
  216. Age 38--Ritalin?
  217. Dosing :/
  218. Ritalin-tiredness/drowsiness
  219. Is it okay to skip a few days?
  220. An enjoyable day at work - Finally!
  221. Ritalin Side Effects
  222. difference ritalin la and concerta?
  223. taking ritalin plus strattera?
  224. Switch from Adderall to Dexadrine or Ritalin
  225. Ritalin - First 2 days awesome, but then
  226. Difficulty Speaking...
  227. Dexedrine plus Ritalin?
  228. My jaws ache.
  229. Trying to figure out ritalin dosing (doc wants me to figure it out)
  230. Nausea during exercise?
  231. Today from Dex to Ritalin - feeling "weird"
  232. duration of use ritalin
  233. That's It! I QUIT!
  234. Bad interaction with Ritalin and alcohol
  235. Ritalin causes me to be oversentimental, syrupy.....
  236. Does Ritalin affect PNS? (periheral nevous system)
  237. question about food/ritalin together
  238. No comedown at all
  239. finally some peace
  240. Liver Pain
  241. Just so confused about Ritalin... please help.
  242. HELP-Omega3 acids (fish oil) & Ritalin
  243. Does Ritalin makes you depressed/ pessimistic ?
  244. Rash possibly caused by Ritalin LA?
  245. Just diag with ADHD and given ritalin, some of my adhd symptoms different from others
  246. how many ritalin ir a day?
  247. ritalin vs aderol
  248. cigs ritalin and nausea; anyone?
  249. Methylphenidate - Harvard Pilgrim Prior Auth (Age: 23)???
  250. What happens after rebound?