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  8. Day 1...
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  10. First day on Ritalin
  11. How quickly did you find any side affects to the medication?
  12. Chest pain?
  13. How to prove to my doctor that it's safe to take more than 100 mg. a day
  14. mid term ritalin questions
  15. higher dose not always the answer
  16. Keeping track of my Ritalin experience
  17. lost rx doc gone until next week
  18. dryness around my lips caused by probably by ritalin and cold weather
  19. Moving to Ritalin because it is shorter acting - less insomnia?
  20. Ritalin SR 30mg switched to Methylphen. Er 2x20mg
  21. med confusion
  22. Ritalin and erection strength
  23. Meds maybe not helping...
  24. Taper down?
  25. Less is more? (Studies, experiences, advice welcome)
  26. prozac + adderall or ritalin
  27. Just got Rx for Ritalin ...
  28. First day on Ritalin and ADHD Awareness
  29. yawning on Ritalin?
  30. Ritalin Vs. Focalin
  31. How long to determine if Ritalin is working or not?
  32. Strattera to Ritalin because of cost
  33. Ritalin Qustion????
  34. is there difference in feeling between LA and concerta
  35. Taking night?
  36. Ritalin and Prozac
  37. ritalin with ibupropion?
  38. Ritalin and how much do you take?
  39. Started Ritalin, weaning off Strattera
  40. ritalin and dilute urine
  41. first day using ritaling, took them 10 min ago
  42. Question about ritalin..
  43. ritalin.....cant sleep???
  44. fat loss on ritalin yay!
  45. New member, on day 3 of Ritalin... help?
  46. Ritalin Sucks- I need Help!!
  47. ritalin
  48. i need advice on what dose to take
  49. Adderall Must Have Ruined Ritalin for Me
  50. ritalin users! need advice!!
  51. Whose tried Ritalin SR and how did you like it?
  52. Soy Milk and Ritalin
  53. Question - Less is More?
  54. Forgot Ritalin dose at lunch: take it or skip it
  55. Ritalin, heart rate and creativity
  56. Ritalin brain damage
  57. Why does dosage have no effect on duration?
  58. Difference between Ritalin generics
  59. Ritalin Harder on the Body?
  60. Noticing Ritalin's Effects
  61. is Ritalin not working or am I not working
  62. Ritalin & Nose bleeds ?
  63. Methylphenidate-80mg
  64. Does anyone know miscarriage/ritalin?
  65. 34 year old with ADHD newly diagnosed with headache on ritalin
  66. Is it the same for Ritalin?
  67. Caffeine withdrawal or ritalin side effects
  68. New on ritalin, advice on taking it
  69. Ritalins many uses for over 50 years
  70. ritalin helped stabilize my life, but is it really add
  71. Methylin ER 20mg - can you cut in half?
  72. No Effect?
  73. sleepy on Ritalin in low doses, alert on higher?
  74. increase the dose again and again and...
  75. New Diagnosis, Ritalin not Helping Much
  76. Ritalin trial failure
  77. 3rd day on ritalin a few questions
  78. Cymbalta, Strattera, Wellbutrin, Methylphenidate
  79. Ritalin VS Ritalin SR
  80. shortness of breath?
  81. ritalin and alcohol
  82. Ritalin prescriptions in Canada (NB)- 30-day regulation
  83. Please tell me things will improve
  84. Methylphenidate...can you skip days?
  85. Rubifen 10mg No Affect
  86. Ritalin Success
  87. Got prescribed yesterday...
  88. common worry while going on meds
  89. feeling jittery, agitated, nervous, overstimulated
  90. What to try next
  91. How to ask Doc for different Med.
  92. Generic Ritalin - good for social anxiety? and is there an XR version?
  93. Stimulant Side Effects: How do you Cope?
  94. questions on initializing ritalin treatment
  95. ritalin making me a nervous wreck!
  96. Ritalin LA = lump in my throat
  97. Ritalin and boosting its effectiveness?
  98. "lost" the right dosage..
  99. ritalin and sertralin(zoloft)- need feedbacks!!
  100. Is Ritalin is likely to cause acid reflux/headaches?
  101. Is Ritalin Right For Me?
  102. Initial Dosage question
  103. 60 mg suggested max dose???
  104. Ritalin Advice...
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  108. my ritalin diary (first time i'm taking stimulants)
  109. Ritalin LA
  110. When med wears off I feel like the worlds ending...
  111. ritalin and selegiline
  112. ritalin
  113. Insane comedowns
  114. Ritalin makes me stink
  115. Accidental Ritalin Abuse for One Month
  116. did you experience ritalin impairing linguistic functions?
  117. Can I start Ritalin with 40mg?
  118. Can I start Ritalin with 40mg?
  119. Anyone been extremely tired on generic Ritalin?
  120. Ritalin and heart rate?
  121. "coming down" rebound effect of Ritalin?
  122. Where is my ritalin?!!!?
  123. Ritalin effect on ADD Vs ADDH ?
  124. Didn't feel a thing
  125. Have I been miss diagnosed??? 60mg ritalin first day.
  126. Problems with getting an orgasm while on Ritalin
  127. Ritalin worked the first day but not the second day
  128. questions re ritalin and inital effects
  129. just starting this med...will the speedy effects eventually go?
  130. One more thread on ritalin and nitocine.
  131. What's your unusual ritalin side effects?
  132. Seeking experienced Ritalin takers for personal mentoring to support me!!
  133. ADD or not?
  134. I feel like crap - no more ritalin
  135. anyone get mouth sours from ritalin?
  136. Ritalin - Awake/Tired = Rollercoaster
  137. Ritalin and Alcohol/Caffiene
  138. Figuring Out the Right Dosing is a *****!
  139. Spider / Varicose Veins from Ritalin?
  140. Spider Veins and Stretch Marks?
  141. ritalin holiday: how long?
  142. I just started on my meds and wanted to ask u guys how u feel
  143. equasym, please advise as just started and feel weird
  144. new on ritalin - is this normal what i am (not) feeling?
  145. Recently Diagnosed
  146. feeling wierd on 10mg ritalin - ideas
  147. Hey~Here from China,wanting to know the price of ritalin in the US
  148. ritalin and adrenalin fatigue
  149. ritalin and WB work, but a bit depressed
  150. Ritalin - Unpredictable for Anyone?
  151. Generic Ritalin $4 at WalMart
  152. anger issues with ritalin sr
  153. Ritalin and sleep
  154. Ritalin LA to generic version
  155. Single 60mg generic methylphenidate er?
  156. Does Ritalin for Some Symptoms vs. Others?
  157. Average dose ritalin adults
  158. Blurred vision--does it come and go, or stay?
  159. i wanna "drown" myself in ritalin (NOT o.d)
  160. Article on the use of Ritalin in the UK...
  161. Eating half hour after each dose
  162. Ritalin and Appetite
  163. Do you sometimes forget your Meds?
  164. Hi I'm new just started ritalin LA today.
  165. stomach upsets from ritalin
  166. people who have taken other adhd meds y av u settled on ritalin
  167. New user- mixed feelings
  168. Ritalin and Sleep
  169. Is generic Ritalin normal to use?
  170. Too many side effects to continue
  171. Generic Ritalin SR not working? And Migraine...
  172. Anyone else have problems with the Mallinckrodt generic?
  173. Is Ritalin anything like Adderal or Vyvanse?
  174. Methylin ER lowering Blood Pressure?
  175. Does Ritalin affect sex drive and performance?
  176. Just started a ritalin trial.
  177. Ritalin and acidic food/beverages
  178. Best generic brand of ritalin/doses per day?
  179. Ritalin and erections :S
  180. Ritalin takes 2 weeks to work fully?
  181. Ritalin - does the tiredness go away?
  182. Ritalin and high blood pressure
  183. Ritalin success stories desperately needed
  184. ritalin excess NOT FUN
  185. Ritalin problem.
  186. Adderall to Ritalin?
  187. Metidate...or....Meditate
  188. anxiety and depression in adult adhd
  189. Should I try the ritalin folks??
  190. My [first] Ritalin experiance...
  191. Long Term Ritalin User with Depression
  192. alcahol and ritalin
  193. Ritalin dosage - adult
  194. Ritalin and Hyperfocus
  195. Methylin ER 20mg
  196. Ritalin medication and driving, does it go well together?
  197. Ritalin and Aspirin is it safe ?
  198. Back to Ritalin
  199. Ritalin Crash: plz help alleviate it !
  200. too much low Ritalin dose side effect's
  201. ritalin first day -> tachycardia after 6 hours
  202. Possible side effect
  203. How long do the effects last for you?
  204. Ritalin and Food
  205. combining adhd medication
  206. Did it stop working
  207. 15 mins and my mind is gone
  208. Just started Ritalin today. Advice?
  209. Anyone tried the Sandoz brand from CVS?
  210. Does anyone else start to make typos/spelling errors after taking Ritalin???
  211. Methylin..dosage? Help?
  212. Getting a Lower Dose Just Right
  213. Ritalin and changes in blood pressure.
  214. After 10 months, panic attacks?
  215. Ritalin effects on me.....
  216. Ritalin more effective after exercise?
  217. Weight GAIN on Ritalin?
  218. 10 mg once daily?
  219. HELP! - After 15 years Ritalin not cutting it!
  220. HORRIBLE Reaction!
  221. New Lou, without a Clue, needs help from U!
  222. 5 Yr old Seeing Monsters...
  223. being very angry
  224. Ritalin- Make the medication work the best
  225. Ritalin Tolerance
  226. Back to Ritalin, going to try LA next
  227. CII expiration?
  228. Ritalin LA experiences
  229. Sleepy after not using ritalin.
  230. Differences in Ritalin depending on Where you fill it
  231. First day on Ritalin LA
  232. Help!
  233. New to Ritalin
  234. Frequency and Amount of dosage input.
  235. Ritalin Causing Heart Palpitations
  236. Can Ritalin cause a drug test to test positive for methaampehtamine?
  237. is it rebound or O.D?
  238. Question: How do you know your dosage?
  239. Day 1- Just got on Ritalin
  240. Ritalin LA20x2 different then LA40?
  241. Annoyance
  242. Day 4- Ritalin Zombie
  243. My mystery solved: Super effective med in 1999 was Ritalin SR???
  244. Methylphenidate V Dexamphetamine
  245. Looking for someone with similiar issues
  246. how long before you know whether Ritalin LA is helpful?
  247. What is your daily dosage of Ritalin resp. methylphenidate?
  248. Methylphenidate dosage too low
  249. Headaches and medication-Really need help
  250. Question for adults on low ritalin dosage