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  1. Need some advice, im lactose intol. and new to Ritalin...
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  16. Is this typical of ritalin?
  17. Ritalin and Mitral Valve Repair
  18. Dosage
  19. where and how is ritalin micro balls absorbed ?
  20. Do you take your Rit even when you don't need to focus?
  21. first day from vyvanse to ritalin ir.
  22. obsessive hunger on ritalin-help!
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  24. what's the best generic and where?
  25. A whole new world of oppurtunity...
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  28. Kinda shaky?
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  32. Most effective Methylphenidate med
  33. Appetite is less and less every day
  34. Chewing up pill?
  35. New Script, Side Effects - What now?
  36. Ritalin :(
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  38. Headaches,not lasting long enough!
  39. Why does it feel like this?
  40. A couple of strange side effects?
  41. RITALIN: Potentiating good effects and minimizing side effects
  42. Is finding a suitable job more effective than meds (Ritalin)
  43. Ritalin effect ease of saying second language?
  44. Ritalin sends me one way or the other
  45. Just curious: caffeine as a predictor for Ritalin response??
  46. correct dosage or need more?
  47. Thinking of switching from Adderall to Ritalin
  48. Big dosage?
  49. Med Q just diagnosied
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  51. Does anyone take really small dosages?
  52. Dentist and Ritalin
  53. need ritalin advice??
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  55. First 3 wks of meds/Long post
  56. One of the worst sounds in the world...
  57. First week on Sandoz (methylfenidate)
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  59. Adderall -> Ritalin dosing guidelines?
  60. 38yrs old, just been diagnosed ADHD [Primarily Inattentive ], 1st week of Ritalin...
  61. HELP ME PLEASE! need advices
  62. Ritalin Vs. Adderall
  63. Don't understand the problem here
  64. Cheapest Ritalin available online
  65. Sandoz 789 - 10mg. Lack of Efficacy
  66. is ritalin making me anti-social?
  67. Ritalin and Joint Pain-Need Help
  68. Narrow Peripheral "Vision": Ritalin-like drugs expand, Amphetamine-like drugs don't?
  69. New diagnosis - ritalin and psychiatrist issues
  70. Measuring the MPH envelope
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  72. Ritalin without diagnose or prescription
  73. Changing Prescriptions: Generic MPH, Ritalin & Concerta
  74. so tired
  75. Weight gain on Ritalin
  76. asking if anyone can relate and give advice
  77. How Long have you taken Ritalin, and how has it effected your creativity?
  78. On Ritalin La & Ritalin short acting/Having Issues Dr not helping?
  79. Ritalin dosage problems
  80. methyln er problems!
  81. I tried my friends Ritalin
  82. Ritalin
  83. Mixing Nicotine and Ritalin
  84. Possible that Irritability/Depression is from Ritalin?
  85. How does Ritalin LA work exactly???
  86. If my doctor has me try Ritalin, what is the best generic to try?
  87. ritalin and physical stimulation
  88. A week on Ritalin
  89. 34 just diagnosed
  90. Don't feel good after taking Ritalin
  91. Looking for a good generic
  92. Ritalin + Domperidone
  93. Ritalin and ne side effects
  94. medicine you can and can't take
  95. Starting Ritalin/Equasym (Methylphenidate) - problems?
  96. What to do if Ritalin isn't producing desired results?
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  98. Sexual issue on Ritalin???
  99. Mood went from bad to good with extra ritalin...indicates need for a higher dose?
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  103. Seriousness as side effect
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  105. Metadate CR- Same as Ritalin?
  106. New to Ritalin/Rubifin
  107. Peaks & Valleys of Ritalin- any solutions?
  108. Ritalin dosage for adults
  109. New to Ritalin: is medication the answer? & side effects? (Tiredness&Hunger)
  110. Ritalin LA helping with hyperactivity but not inattention
  111. Does Ritalin cause red eyes for anyone?
  112. Switching from Strattera to Ritalin
  113. Think I have ADD (and am diagnosed with it), but Ritalin 10mg or 20mg does nothing?
  114. Help! First medication tomorrow. Bad reaction to coffee = bad reaction to Ritalin?
  115. Ritalin picture?
  116. Ritalin SR given Methylin ER for generic
  117. Do you find Ritalin less effective if you're tired?
  118. Still trying to work out a good dose
  119. Does it takes weeks for ritalin to settle? coI thought it was almost immedite acting?
  120. Refilling scripts
  121. Ritalin, a silent killer, read info. It,s scaring
  122. Night Dose Stronger?
  123. Why 30 minutes before a meal?
  124. Memory Loss
  125. Week 3 Ritalin 10MG twice a day
  126. Ritalin: Normal release V's Extended release
  127. Ritalin and senses of smell + hearing?
  128. Ritalin ad oral ulcers
  129. Ritalin during the week, Adderall on weekends?
  130. Back on Ritalin different effect.
  131. Just Started on it
  132. Is Ritalin usually a 'miracle'/'lights switched on' thing? (Or can it be subtle...)
  133. Replacing Ritalin with Strattera / Adderall?
  134. Ritalin-50mg and no effect? Or have I just not noticed it yet?
  135. Stealing Ritalin
  136. Dr Appointment today. Advice please
  137. Use when needed?
  138. Problems drawing blood on Ritalin
  139. Ritalin vs. Adderall
  140. New and have a few question
  141. Contribution, not a solution, to my focus problems: methylphenidate
  142. alcohol and ritalin
  143. Acids and Vitamin C : Amphetamines vs MPH
  144. Breaking Ritalin LA capsules - not the same effect as Ritalin IR tabs?
  145. Ritalin
  146. Turbo metabolism -- Meds last for just ONE HOUR?!
  147. Just switched Adderall - Ritalin...did this new Doc ***** me over??
  148. question
  149. Ritalin doesn't work
  150. Ritalin kills my coordination
  151. palness
  152. Lower Immune System???
  153. started ritalin, a few questions
  154. Ritalin Doesnt Work?
  155. throat
  156. Ritalin Dosing Questions
  157. Dosage Timelines
  158. Prolonged release making me anxious, hyper -- But it HELPS my ADD? Huh?
  159. disappointed in medication so far
  160. Ritalin users! Did you feel the effects the first day? Or did it take a few days?
  161. testing Ritalin
  162. is there any other pill than ritalin?
  163. Ritalin for ADHD-I
  164. Preventing Tolerance?
  165. ritalin side effect...
  166. newbie
  167. 120mg of Ritalin?!?!?!?
  168. New Ritalin Script
  169. just started Ritalin
  170. Gastrointestinal Side Effects
  171. Ritalin...Surprised
  172. Ritalin vs. Adderall (Vyvanse)--questions
  173. Methylphenidate (Ritalin) short acting
  174. Recreational euphoria or euphoria from being cured?
  175. Ritalin my recent experience
  176. Physics + Ritalin FR Questions - not just for physicists!
  177. Ritalin Intellgence Questionare! How does it affect you?
  178. Ritalin IR (how many times/day?)
  179. Pro and con taking Rit.LA only when working
  180. Methylin vs. Methylphenidate vs. Ritalin
  181. Stomach pain
  182. Ritalin no longer works unless I take high dosage!
  183. A way to live with my Ritalin side affects
  184. Low dose Ritalin (Watson) Log
  185. "As needed" use?
  186. Starting Meds...Ritalin
  187. My Experience with Ritalin
  188. Is it still working??
  189. Ritalin works for my only with SSRI
  190. Ritalin vs Adderall
  191. new to ritalin and having problems
  192. Ritalin Zombie Clutz - Will it Stop Soon?
  193. ok, this just might be the right drug for me
  194. Wish it could last a little longer
  195. Ritalin & Exercise?
  196. How did I go from the best day ever to the worst?
  197. for people with adhd is ritalin/adderall supposed to make a noticable difference?
  198. Wondering if tramadol could ease the Ritalin crash...
  199. pinched neck nerve and other problems.
  200. Why do I get hypertension but no other problems from ritalin & focalin?
  201. Dividing Ritalin LA, anyone experiences?
  202. Ritalin & Social Interaction?
  203. Ritlin side effects
  204. My experience with different dosages:
  205. Ritalin side effects please help!
  206. I think I am done with Ritalin
  207. Ritalin induced my first ever panic attack O_o
  208. Ritalin and Sleep
  209. Day one off Ritalin
  210. Very sensitive to stimulants. Need help.
  211. Memory loss?
  212. Works on my reward system where all other meds fail
  213. Poll: Do you take Brand Ritalin or Generic?
  214. High heart rate and eyelid twitch
  215. Methylphenidate for the simple ADHD mind.
  216. I'm Taking a Break from Methylphenidate
  217. Taking a break from medication, does it help?
  218. Starting Ritalin Thursday
  219. Drinking a beer to reduce rebound
  220. Anyone experience success with Ritalin/Focalin/Strattera after adverse w/ Adderall?
  221. Day 1 so far on Ritalin.
  222. Rittolin
  223. Worth trying Focalin if Ritalin didnt work for me?
  224. How Can You Get Ritalin To Last Longer
  225. Amazing results!
  226. Waking up in the morning
  227. how does rittlin affect u
  228. Long-Term Use of Methylphenidate
  229. Experience with Ritalin
  230. How much Ritalin to start?
  231. Switching from ritalin to adderall?
  232. effect of ritalin
  233. Diminishing effect?
  234. Any medical reason to be on a low dose for thirty days?
  235. Feeling very "off" --- Please advise....
  236. HELP!! Alternative to amph stimulants
  237. Started on Ritalin and feel worse
  238. Switching and Titrating, Dex and Methylin
  239. Does anyone else breathe better after Ritalin?
  240. Coffee desire after Ritalin effect?
  241. Hi! Having a few problems with Ritalin
  242. A little confused about the difference in some medications listed...any insight?
  243. Ritalin and psychosis?
  244. Titrating Ritalin dose
  245. ritalin for the masses in israel.. what do you think?
  246. 10 mg stops at 12, what do?
  247. Med breaks - Ritalin
  248. First time poster, first Ritalin Experiences
  249. Ritalin affected by timing of magnesium dosage?
  250. Ritalin - Anxiety, Depression, feeling "not right"