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  1. Coughing and slight burning feeling in my lungs.
  2. Some chemistry questions!
  3. Worried about something.
  4. Question about Violence while on Ritalin
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  10. rittln and redbull
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  12. Methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta, Etc.) Availability / Current Shortages
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  15. Feel like I Was Given A Placebo....?
  16. Time & Ritalin
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  18. Hi All! Can i buy ritalin when im an adult?.
  19. <333*Get the best out of ritalin ? <3!
  20. Ritalin does not work without smoking tobacco (need knowledge and help)
  21. Anyone also "Atypical"?
  22. Love getting things done!
  23. Cost Question?
  24. how does youre rittlin affect you
  25. stimulants dont mix
  26. Rite Aid/CVS Generics
  27. READ! Pls! - Methylin:10mg? for RitalinIR:10 mg
  28. Ritalin crashes
  29. Switching to Sandoz Generic
  30. 3 days and so far nothin'
  31. Ritalin IR?!
  32. Brain still thinks its on ritalin?
  33. Ritalin tolerance and Magnesium
  34. Rebounds - then sideeffects
  35. Methylin ER vs. Ritalin LA metabolism rate
  36. Ritalin newbie here. Advice?
  37. hour into the first dose...
  38. Final Day 1 verdict on Ritalin SR
  39. Let's try this again
  40. The Cost of Ritalin (And Other Methylphenidate Products - Concerta, Methylin, Etc.)
  41. A week with methylphenidate
  42. Talk about Ritalin.. pros and cons. best brands etc...
  43. Quick reply please - took my dosis a hour to soon!!
  44. Is there a Dr. or other medical prof. here?
  45. Ritalin and depression
  46. Do you take methylphenidate/Ritalin on an empty stomach or with food?
  47. increased agitation/anger when Ritalin la wears off?
  48. Do 3 doses of methylphenidate in a day raise metabolic rate?
  49. Ritalin no longer working?
  50. First Day on Ritalin
  51. Ritalin on an "as-needed" basis?
  52. Higher dose worse?
  53. Day 4: Tolerance?
  54. Ugh! Ritalin Died.
  55. Where to buy Sandoz generic Methylphenidate?
  56. Ritalin and Sports?
  57. At home Ritalin urine testing
  58. Do you ever increase your dosage when you have a large project?
  59. Disrupted Sleep after starting Ritalin
  60. Are your dosages always the same over of the day? Or do you increase/decrese them?
  61. Ritalin and it's zombie side effect
  62. Making Ritalin (IR) work like Concerta (ER)
  63. Sound hallucination
  64. Anxiety with Ritalin
  65. Ritalin vs adderall vs vyvanse????
  66. Doc rxd 126mg concerts and 3 20 mg ritalin
  67. Need Some Help
  68. UCB Pharma?
  69. Shorted Script?
  70. Anyone prefer Ritalin to other stims?
  71. Ritalin with piracetam?
  72. UCB Pharma Ritalin review...
  73. Did anybody had their dreams come true after the meds?
  74. Ritalin makes me feel depressed.
  75. Dosage change during cycle?
  76. Does anybody take Ritalin with Wellbutrin?
  77. How much methylphenidate ritalin do you take and what is your height/sex/weight?
  78. Ritalin SR Vs. Ritalin LA?
  79. Anyone focalinXR savy?
  80. help? please?!
  81. Jaw clenching/teeth grinding on Ritalin?
  82. Drug Holidays
  83. increased appetite?
  84. First Time With Name Brand Ritalin
  85. Starting on ritalin
  86. Ritalin Eyes Sensitive to Light
  87. Feeling nothing first couple days.
  88. Straterra 40mg--> Ritalin 20x2, NE DA and amphetamine comparative
  89. Occasional use
  90. Ritalin doesn't help much with organization
  91. Ritalin, dexedrine, norepinephrine (noradrenaline) effect
  92. Bad bad itchy eyes.. coincidence or ritalin?
  93. Jeeeeesus ... Depression
  94. Methylphenidate: Half-life and blodlevels?
  95. My experience with Ritalin so far...
  96. Switching from Adderall/Focalin to Ritalin Today!
  97. Heart Risks Associated with Ritalin
  98. extreme random and paradoxial exp.
  99. My NEW ADHD Research Summary: Out of Pure Frustration With Lack of Current Knowledge!
  100. Ritalin Day 3...No discernible change
  101. Sleepy after I drink coffee while on ritalin
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  103. Ritalin-tiresome
  104. Ritalin and Physical Tension - Wrong Treatment for me?
  105. I like these forums, but they confuse me even more
  106. Too soon to call my doctor?
  107. Ritalin vs Adderall IR
  108. booster question, please help!
  109. what happened...
  110. Recently prescribed to Ritalin, have some questions.
  111. Losing track of time after taking Ritalin
  112. Pharmacist messed up my medication and won't do anything about it! Help :(
  113. Best brand of Methylphenidate?
  114. Ritalin IR and Acute Tolerance
  115. second dose of ritalin
  116. First prescription filled!
  117. My head is going to explode
  118. Strategies that help while taking a break from ritalin and concerta
  119. Stimulant/Benzo Combo?
  120. Ritalin dosage and tolerance
  121. Ritalin is sooo not working for me
  122. Ritalin and dogs and cats
  123. Med combo for ritalin rebound
  124. A Look Back... 1995 Report - UN Warning On Ritalin...
  125. Some Ritaline questions...
  126. Doxycycline taken with Ritalin
  127. Just given Ritalin. Not so sure
  128. Just started But wondering if this is normal
  129. Ritalin : Chest pain and palpitations
  130. Allergic to Sandoz brand
  131. waking up too early?
  132. Ritalin Withdrawal Help
  133. Thinking about quiting ritalin...
  134. Just started, thinking about adjusting dosing
  135. Stims make me sluggish/ increase in axiety...normal?
  136. Ritalin sometimes makes me MORE distracted?
  137. dissolvment of ritalin in water?
  138. Newly Prescribed Ritalin..Need your help, please!
  139. Why do I sometimes feel tired after taking Ritalin?
  140. Bye bye Adderall XR, Ritalin (methylin) here i come
  141. Muscle Pain? - New Ritalin User
  142. 4 year old's 3 day on Ritalin IR and crashing after 3 hours
  143. 2d Day on methylphenidate
  144. Ritalin works 'okay' but curious of other options?
  145. I am very confused here...
  146. First day on Ritalin.
  147. Ritalin: Tomorrow is day 1
  148. Cold/numb feet Ritalin
  149. From Adderall to Ritalin
  150. My dosage was bumped up. :)
  151. Was recently prescribed meds; have a few questions.
  152. Increased frequency, tumultuousness, and severity of flatulence on ritalin
  153. Diagnosed adult ADD Generic ritalin
  154. The ritalin alarm clock
  155. Very high anxiety with Methylin
  156. ritalin not working anymore
  157. Hair loss on concerta but not on ritalin?
  158. dexedrine doesnt work... ritalin does. Doesn't seem right...
  159. Yet another "my first week on ritalin" thread
  160. The worn off problem
  161. New to Ritalin.
  162. Dose up or dose down?
  163. Will Ritalin ever become a Schedule III?
  164. Preventing or reversing Ritalin tolerance?
  165. Anyone had success going from adderall/dexedrine to ritalin.
  166. What can I eat when Ritalin has killed my appetite?
  167. Wish me luck
  168. rash on ritalin?
  169. Good alternative ER to Methylphenidate ER
  170. Ritalin log
  171. Ritalin and no add\hd
  172. Brands and effectiveness
  173. Dosing issues - advice please.
  174. ritalin and effectiveness at night
  175. upset and scared cant face life
  176. Ritalin and side effects - should I just be patient and stick it out?
  177. ritalin effective duration
  178. Meds not doing anything?
  179. Concerta vs Ritalin
  180. Switched from adderall ir to ritalin ir
  181. Opinions?
  182. figuring out my ritalin dose
  183. First dose of Ritalin
  184. First time with "Ritalin" and I dont think that it workes for me ..
  185. Just started up!!!
  186. Recently diagnosed with ADHD
  187. Hyperventilation as a symptom of (not using) medication?
  188. dosage/effect questions about Ritalin IR
  189. Anxiety if dose too low?
  190. Really Depressed and Really Tired
  191. Noticing things about people on ritalin
  192. New guy started with Ritalin, need a bit of advice
  193. Ritalin and SSRI's - Reduced Efficacy of Ritalin?
  194. 1st few weeks, looking for views/feedback
  195. Can people see im on ritalin?
  196. First time with 20mg and I dont feel good. I need some advice
  197. Trying Ritalin, my first ADD drug
  198. What is the difference between Ritalin LA and normal ritalin each 3 hours?
  199. Months in, still affecting appetite?
  200. Just switched to this crap from Adderall and I don't like it
  201. Day 10, Ritalin
  202. Not as effective after starting Anti-D?
  203. Generic Ritalin. (First timer)
  204. Question About Ritalin
  205. I need help I am so depressed after taking ritalin??
  206. I am drinking a lot of water after taking ritalin..
  207. Sandoz Methylphenedat SR as good as Ritalin SR??
  208. 14 days with Ritalin , nothing.
  209. Generic for Ritalin LA
  210. Ritalin Smell?
  211. Medikinet: how to take + side effects
  212. can someone help
  213. trouble getting meds question
  214. Side affects showing after 3 months of use
  215. New to Ritalin, advice please
  216. Ritalin and Whisky Tasting
  217. Medikinet
  218. Ritalin + SNRI Discontinuation = Bleh?
  219. Spent over a week off the meds and realized what it's doing to my personality...
  220. Shortage causing pharmacists to question dosages??
  221. Ritalin, GERD, Cough, phlegm, asthma HELP
  222. whats wrong with my dosage ?
  223. Methylphenidate ER
  224. Currently Ritalin LA 20mg...but
  225. advice :)
  226. My Ritalin expirience and questions.
  227. best methylphenidate w/o erection dysfunction
  228. Determining if Ritalin is right for me -Would it have this effect on one without ADD?
  229. Troubles with Ritalin LA
  230. Metformin with Ritalin?
  231. Stopped taking Ritalin
  232. Considering switching to IR
  233. New Medications Help!
  234. Doctor took me off ritalin...
  235. Tolerance?
  236. Medikinet XL
  237. Rubifen Vs Ritalin (and other questions)
  238. how many that take ritalin hate adderall
  239. Am I taking enough Ritalin?
  240. ritalin, a new awakening from a bad nightmeare...
  241. Back on Methylphenidate (Methylin) after 11 years and not what I remember...yuck
  242. Good but not great
  243. 31yrs old and just diagnosed. Ritalin or Not?
  244. Ritalin: Some days it works great, some days not, am I taking this properly?
  245. tell me about ritalin
  246. Brand Ritalin 10 4x Per Day - Thoughts So Far
  247. Can someone explain some of the chemistry
  248. Taking Ritalin during illness and with Ibuprofen
  249. Anxiety on Ritalin
  250. Mallinckrodt Methylphenidate ER: inneffective? plus, pills are crumbling?!