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  7. Tolerance
  8. Higher dose
  9. HI! Trying to get a little help for my hubby
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  18. Ever Had A Pharmacy Refuse to Fill Your Prescription?
  19. Doctor won't go over 60 mg Ritalin per day?
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  21. Limitless - Ritalin?
  22. methylphenidate kinda works but...
  23. More...or more often
  24. Ritalin dose mg/timing
  25. Not sure if it's working?
  26. My son and Ritalin
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  28. Medication Holiday??
  29. Do you ever...
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  31. Time release delivery systems - Concerta, Ritalin SR, ER, Etc.
  32. Rubifen
  33. Do i have the right drug?!?!??!!?
  34. Is my doctor telling the truth?
  35. random ritalin generic (medikinet)
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  37. Ritalin IR
  38. Ritalin Not Working As Well Anymore -- How Do I Get It Back?
  39. Got on Ritalin
  40. Help with IR dosing sequence: even throughout day, low to high, high to low?
  41. Mph stopped working?
  42. Ritalin problems?
  43. Hurray for Ritalin IR!
  44. Ritalin Cycles
  45. Ritalin = specific food craving?
  46. Questionss
  47. Medication side effects
  48. My GP "fired" me...
  49. FINALLY started - though still somewhat scared...
  50. ritalin while sick?
  51. Ritalin - Leaking semen
  52. Back on Ritalin!
  53. What is your experience with Ritalin withdrawal effects?
  54. Does Ritalin relieve boredom?
  55. Ritalin 20MG & dif between Xr & IR
  56. New here and in need of some insight please...
  57. Determining my Dosage
  58. Need advice about ritalins effect on me
  59. adderall makes e tired will ritalin do the same?
  60. Just got prescribed ''methylphenidate''
  61. Just diagnosed, Ritalin not working??
  62. switching meds every couple of days
  63. from concerta to ritalin
  64. Very weird situation
  65. How many times a day, and at what dosage? (Ritalin IR)
  66. Ritalin so far
  67. Thinking I need to increase my dosage
  68. Really Moody?
  69. New to Ritalin and Tired!!!
  70. Tolerance, What does a good dose feel like?
  71. hi, having ritalin side effects- 24yr male late diagnosis. thanks
  72. Anyosene else noticing the reducing in dosages?
  73. So I am going to visit my doctor tomorrow
  74. Ritalin just heightening, or accentuating Symptoms?
  75. First day on Ritalin--- Will these side-effects go away?
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  78. Ritalin & Omega3
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  81. Tired and forgetful on generic Ritalin
  82. Has anyone developed immunity to Ritalin?
  83. Ritalin side-effect?
  84. Am I just immune to Ritalin??
  85. maximum dose ritalin
  86. Extremely talkative on Ritalin
  87. Just upped my dosage of Ritalin and have questions
  88. Just got my Ritalin prescription filled, maker is Able Labs?
  89. Cutting my 20 mg ritalin sustained release in half?
  90. Has anybody ever been on one dose for an extended period of time?
  91. In need of help
  92. Ritalin & nightshift
  93. Another Dosage Question
  94. Ritalin and other ADHD drugs speeding up ageing?
  95. The Drone Work Ethic Pill
  96. Ritalin trouble- Psych appointment in 12 hours please help if u can thanks :)
  97. Ritalin , Speech and memory problems,
  98. Ritalin succeed where adderall failed?
  99. Ritalin and oxidative damage to the brain
  100. Ritalin - the morning after
  101. Tiredness vs. Depressed
  102. Upping the dose?
  103. Ritalin Anxiety
  104. How long does ritalin last on average?
  105. Help! Dosing conflict for Ritalin IR!
  106. generic ritilan IR
  107. New Ritalin user with questions about side effects?
  108. Ritalin effects: I really need some feedback
  109. How to know if Ritalin is doing the right effect?
  110. Is there any non-generic Ritalin left?
  111. Has anyone tried Actavis Generic Ritalin LA
  112. Do you ever feel like your brain is on fire?
  113. son starting on generic ritalin SR
  114. Ritalin side effects?
  115. Heightened sensitivity to noise and irritability
  116. Ritalin troubles arghh
  117. Ritalin 30mg+10mg
  118. Withdrawal From Methylphenidate
  119. First day of Ritalin
  120. This is terrible! Advice figuring out my IR dosage?
  121. BAD headache first day on Ritalin:(
  122. Ritalin ir questions
  123. why does food increase the Ritalin side effects 3x ?
  124. Weight Loss...
  125. Rebound
  126. New ADD male, just got prescribed ritalin/Methylphenidate
  127. Methylphenidate making symptoms worse?
  128. Help! Medication doesnt work!
  129. Strattera to Ritalin
  130. So I just started my Ritalin
  131. Feel like I could cry or roar at someone
  132. Ritalin and caffeine together
  133. Generic Ritalin SR: MAKE SURE YOU GET THE RIGHT MANUFACTURER! Big difference!
  134. Started on Ritalin. Heart is racing + nausea
  135. Has anyone needed a refill while doc is on vacation?
  136. Help getting off methylphenidate PLEASE
  137. Ritalin Medication Guides
  138. Ritalin and Bowel Movements
  139. Problem with medication info please
  140. Experiences with Ritalin slow release?
  141. Newly diagnosed and newly medicated, got a few questions
  142. Ritalin Giving Me Huge Mood Swings
  143. How much Ritalin should I take for a ~6 hours test? (SAT)
  144. Ritalin + Stomach Issues/Acid Reflux ??!!
  145. Mallinckrodt ritalin sucks
  146. How much is too much?
  147. Ritalin how to reduce tolerance?
  148. Methylphenidate stopped working, I'm desperate
  149. Is this what I am supposed to feel?
  150. What is worse?
  151. Put on Ritalin after side-effects w/ Adderall, but not working?
  152. Initial Methylphenidate anxiety strategies?
  153. On Adderall Want to try Ritalin
  154. Ritalin tolerance and increasing dosage
  155. fixing abuse issues?
  156. sleep better on ritalin?
  157. I Don't Know What To Do... (methylphenidate extended release issues)
  158. prescribed ritilian, neverous to take it.
  159. Inconsistency of the medication.
  160. Irritability when not on Ritalin
  161. I like peanut butter on my Ritz
  162. What's it gonna cost me?
  163. Anyone put on ADHD drugs as a child?
  164. What's your dose??
  165. Methylin ER (ritalin SA) and Ritalin brand
  166. Advice on switching from Concerta to Ritalin.
  167. Ritalin Low doses
  168. Ritalin-SR = Relief For Me!
  169. Bit of a dilemma?
  170. 3 different types of ritalin.
  171. Caffeene VS Ritalin?
  172. Ritalin makes me mean
  173. Withdrawal
  174. "ritalin sr" in generic form as "methylphenidate 20mg er"
  175. Ritalin and alcohol?
  176. Vyvanse to Ritalin - dose possibly too high, needs Immediate medical attention?
  177. When to take the medication?
  178. 47 years old - finally facing my ADD. Too much Ritalin?
  179. Starting Back Up on Ritalin
  180. Help! Sudden High Blood Pressure at therapeutic or lower oral dose?
  181. Ritalin makes me feel good, but then I just sit on the couch??
  182. Anyone used the new Ritalin LA generic yet?
  183. Euphorias & Depressions
  184. Thin face side effect.
  185. could ritalin "restore" or "unlock" my mental function?
  186. Going to Normal Ritilan Dosage after short abuse period.
  187. Not sure what I am supposed to feel.
  188. Fighting the appetite suppressant
  189. My first stimulant
  190. Ritalin jaw clenching / tense jaw?
  191. Going back to college
  192. not so normal side effects?
  193. Am I doing this for the wrong reasons?
  194. Titrating timing : Ritalin
  195. too much ritalin or focalin?
  196. Ritalin and Sore Eyes
  197. Ritalin and chest pain?
  198. Question about Ritalin...
  199. Take Ritalin 3 times a week, is there a problem?
  200. I've been on ritalin for 2 weeks
  201. Ritalin side effects list is damn scary
  202. Availability of generic Ritalin SR 10mg (Sandoz)
  203. Anxiety Levels Heightened on Ritalin 20mg SR
  204. ritalin has really screwed me over in the long run
  205. What Dose?
  206. Ritalin SR Ritalin LA
  207. First day with Ritalin & Lightweight with alcohol = low ritalin dose?
  208. Tight chest etc.
  209. Coming off Ritalin
  210. Switching to ritalin
  211. Ritalin and Flu like symptoms?!
  212. Asking doctor to increase my dosage?
  213. Ritalin after a meal gives me an 'about to vomit' feeling
  214. Addicted to the euphoria
  215. Do some people get muscle tension when Ritalin wears off?
  216. How do I fill my prescription???
  217. Ritalin CR/ER vs Ritalin IR brand names and different effects?
  218. Ritalin IR is a No-Go For Me.
  219. Possibly starting Ritalin
  220. Ritalin with an intolerance to caffeine?
  221. Anyone try both Concerta and Ritalin LA?
  222. Which betablockers go well with ritalin?
  223. How hard is it to find the right dose?
  224. Pharmacies can't get Ritalin IR?
  225. Ritalin IR Dosing Issue?
  226. Freaking out about taking ritalin with zoloft.
  227. Should it stop working so soon???
  228. Strange sensations from ritalin
  229. long time Ritalin user - old problem of second dose!
  230. Strange reaction to ritalin
  231. methylphenidate LA vs IR, your experiences?
  232. Took my first dose today, didn't feel anything
  233. ADD - Hypomania or just happy because the Ritalin is working
  234. I am on Dextroamphetamine, But Want to Try Methylphenidate
  235. Ritalin Or Medikinet?
  236. Increased restlessness on Ritalin
  237. How much ritalin do you take in a single dose?
  238. How to deal with this 'crash'?
  239. My First Pill
  240. Cost for ritalins?
  241. Anyone who gets shortness of breath from ritalin?
  242. How safe is MPH after all?
  243. Which reasons are there for Ritalin not working?
  244. Switched back to Ritalin and now it doesn't work at all?!?
  245. Ritalin doesn't work for as long as it used to...
  246. My brain starts enacting scenes in my mind without me realizing?
  247. Trying to find the right dosing schedule
  248. Bacons Ritalin diary thread thingie
  249. Does Ritalin Rebound make you worse?
  250. Does Ritalin Rebound make you worse?