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  1. How much Ritalin do you take?
  2. My Ritalin dose
  3. Inconsistent effects/side effects and exercise
  4. Just started Ritalin
  5. First day on Ritalin
  6. Ugh... horrible dry mouth!!!
  7. Ritalin and Sore Throats
  8. changes to expect while titrating?
  9. the memories
  10. Quitting ritalin
  11. Why does SR get such a bad rap?
  12. Cut back heavily on caffeine, now ritalin is considerably weaker.
  13. Rebound hypermania with a sudden depressive crash?
  14. Why is Ritalin making me sleepy?
  15. Sweatin anawful lot!
  16. New to meds, Ritalin LA and feeling crappy?
  17. Should I take it when I am sick?
  18. 5 Days in Very Disappointed
  19. Sudden heart symptoms on prescribed dose after taking this for years???
  20. wrong dose or something else?
  21. Ritalin affecting me differently day to day?
  22. Can dehydration from Ritalin cause anxiety?
  23. What is helping?
  24. Quick question -first day methylphenidate
  25. Does different manufacturer actually matter?
  26. Work and not work?
  27. My GP thinks Ritalin is a 4 hour med?
  28. Cardiologist took me off ritalin, primary doctor put me back on it.
  29. What do you do when Ritalin causes anxiety, what solutions are there?
  30. Ritalin SR dose increased, Kind of leary... Q's.
  31. Ritalin SR dose increased, Kind of leary... Q's.
  32. New to Ritalin.. confused
  33. Ritalin LA numb and burning skin
  34. Just diagnosed with ADHD-i, should I take ritalin every day or only when needed?
  35. New To Ritalin, Some Q's
  36. New To Ritalin, Some Q's
  37. Ritalin Booster
  38. Ritalin Booster - New to this
  39. Advice/experiences about treatment from a new sufferer starting treatment
  40. Ritalin LA doesnt last as it should
  41. I don't feel anything while on ritalin
  42. If Ritalin is safe where are there so many warnings?
  43. New Dr. and she doesn't prescribe ritalin - why not?
  44. New Script
  45. How to counteract the weight loss?
  46. Does ritalin affect the aging of the skin or aging in general?
  47. How do you feel
  48. When Ritalin wears off.
  49. Ritalin before bedtime
  50. How much instant Ritalin do you need to feel an effect?
  51. Started Ritalin
  52. Does ritalin cause a brain edema when not eating enough?
  53. Need help and advice...
  54. From Concerta To Ritalin
  55. My Doctor's Orders: Abstain on Weekends
  56. Ritalin making me dull?
  57. Ritalin Well being
  58. how i neutralized ritalins side effects
  59. Can Ritalin cause temporary limb perelysis and chronic fatigue?
  60. Ritalin and its safety
  61. Ritalin IR or some type of IR methylphenidate in Canada?
  62. Taking Ritalin and still befuddled.
  63. I think I'm Quitting Ritalin
  64. The price of my generic Ritalin went from $32 to $141 in one month
  65. Question for long-term Ritalin users
  66. Am I the only one who Experiences this?
  67. Ritalin side effects - excessive sweating, dry retching, shaking, smoking
  68. ritalin feel weird/bad
  69. Ritalin has started making me feel tired after dosage increase
  70. Holy cow ritalin is cheap!
  71. Generic Was Switched: Questions about Ritalin brand and insurance
  72. Long time Ritalin user with recent side effect development???
  73. Anyone else taking IR many times a day?
  74. Can ritalin make you feel dull in the head as if you can't even think clear anymore?
  75. Ritalin IR vs Ritalin LR
  76. New to Ritalin
  77. Ho do you feel when you took Ritalin and it's "working"
  78. dizzy between doses
  79. Different effects of Ritalin last different periods of time?
  80. Sleeping Pill
  81. Does anyone else get diarrhea from Ritalin?
  82. Weekend abstain, coffee?
  83. Ritalin available in India (Bangalore?)
  84. Got my Ritalin 10mg today
  85. Atrial fibrillation + Ritalin
  86. Ritalin dose 5mg
  87. Ritalin stopped working after 5 days? Need Advise.
  88. Ritalin and stuff?
  89. Ritalin is making me more anxious? should i switch meds
  90. Do you use Ritalin doses of varying size?
  91. Please Help...switching from Adderall 30mg to Ritalin 30 mg...
  92. HELP please! Switching from Adderall IR to Ritalin IR (Both 30mg)... :-l
  93. I'm new here!!!!!
  94. What should we expect?
  95. First day on Ritalin
  96. Having problems with Ritalin
  97. Ritalin 7.5mg
  98. Waiting to see dr.
  99. Completely going off Ritalin 2.0
  100. Liquid Methylphenidate - Quillivant XR
  101. does Ritalin help to Retain memory?
  102. Ritalin: How long does it last.
  103. Irregular heartbeat at night?
  104. Ritalin vs Ritalin-LA vs Concerta
  105. Ritalin 2.5mg
  106. Switching meds..Need some info about Ritalin LA
  107. Ritalin SR is not working?
  108. Personal experience switching from Adderall to Ritalin / ADHD-PI & SCT
  109. low dose of ritalin for sleep
  110. Ritalin causing suicidal ideation?
  111. Please don't judge me--I'm pregnant, and need advice
  112. Ritalin and Heart Rate
  113. What's the highest dose of Ritalin you'd take in order to see if it works?
  114. Are there any studies on Ritalin being toxic to the brain?
  115. Methylphenidate is ritlian?
  116. Ritalin, Buspar and Paxil???
  117. Intermittent nausea from Ritalin?
  118. Ritalin just stopped working?? Can anyone help?
  119. Dose; trial then ongoing scripts
  120. Ritalin LA 10mg and sleepiness
  121. Disolve pill under toungue before swallowing?
  122. Heart rate/pulse when on MPH 1st week
  123. Diet, Muscle development and do all adhd medications increase heart rate?
  124. Ritalin LA: second release timing
  125. My (early days) reaction to Ritalin.
  126. Thank You, Ritalin.
  127. Ritalin always made me irritable, now anxious and depressed?
  128. replacing ritalin with aderall to lose tolorence, will this work?
  129. Doctor started me with methylphenidate hcl 10mg...
  130. FROM: Ritalin IR...TO: Ritalin LA and IR Combo..anyone else on this combo
  131. Why is Dr's office so opposed to ritalin?
  132. Sensitive to headaches
  133. ritalin underdosing
  134. ritalin: time to efficacy?
  135. Ritalin and delayed nausea??
  136. Doctor wont prescibe me ritalin, but conserta
  137. What if Ritalin simply doesnt work in people with too little dopamine to start with?
  138. Nervous for next appt. with doctor
  139. Is it true that the DEA says that Ritalin is as dangerous as crack?
  140. Ritalin causing tiredness and depressed fix :)
  141. Can I take Ritalin IR at the same time as Ritalin LA
  142. Is ritalin the same as speed??
  143. Feeling stoned
  144. Getting started/Finding the right dose
  145. How does ritalin convert to Adderall?
  146. Ritalin and cancer
  147. Does ritalin only calm down people with ADHD/ADD?
  148. Ritalin+Escitalopram= Rapid heart rate?? Scared
  149. How soon after waking up?
  150. PMS and ritalin dosage
  151. Does ritalin cause cancer?
  152. Increased metabolism?
  153. Ignore, the Ritalin 'harm' posts
  154. Ritalin Not working
  155. Ritalin vs Ritalin SR dose
  156. 2nd day on ritalin 10 mg IR
  157. New to ADD pills.
  158. Guestions about Ritalin and medication
  159. Food to avoid when on Ritalin Ir
  160. 5th day on ritalin immediate release
  161. no side effects => no max benefit ????
  162. anyone taking ritalin for inattentive adhd type ?? help
  163. Do you think I'll get "tics" again?
  164. Thank you and goodbye Ritalin.
  165. methylphenidate, generic or ritalin?
  166. Clarifying dosage and diagnosis
  167. I've been in Ritalin 20mg for 8 days
  168. Doctor visit results
  169. How long should i wait ??
  170. Heart discomfort/light pain with Ritalin
  171. Out of Ritalin, any advice?
  172. Questions
  173. Ritalin not working..?
  174. Dont give up, dont ever give up.
  175. Ritalin comedown
  176. Does Ritalin make your OCD/Depression worse?
  177. Differences Between Generic Methylphenidate Brands with Active Ingredient & Size
  178. pms-methylphenidate and trouble sleeping
  179. Ritalin and smoking
  180. Ritalin: if taken properly can you become dependant or addicted?
  181. Emergency help.. Ritalin.. first timer
  182. Hello
  183. how do i get my doctor to switch me from ritalin to adderall
  184. Ritalin + dexamphetamine sulphate combination?
  185. [VOTE] What version of RITALIN are you on? [Vote+Say]
  186. switching to ritalin.. maybe?
  187. Are there any adults out there taking Ritalin?
  188. help, i think my generic ritalin isn't working
  189. Can't play games on ritalin?
  190. Taking ritalin for many years?
  191. Ritalin and chocolate?
  192. Caraco P Methylphenidate?
  193. Prices so much higher!
  194. Ritalin and oily meals?
  195. first great now I feel lousy??
  196. Is this how its supposed to work?
  197. Rapid metabolizer taking ritalin and frustrated
  198. Could Ritalin work where Concerta didn't?
  199. what to do ?!
  200. doc switched me to ritalin to ritalin LA?? whats the diff
  201. Pulsating Stomach, Ritalin side effect ?
  202. Methylphenidate success and failure
  203. Help! Ritalin only last about one hour
  204. blood pressure medication reduces ritalin's effects
  205. Ritalin LA questions
  206. Any advice for Ritalin side effects?
  207. Side Effects of Ritalin
  208. Is this just me?
  209. Can't find a pharmacy that carries Ritalin
  210. sore jaw pain with ritalin..HELP?!
  211. Got a 'working diagnosis' of ADHD, prescribed Ritalin
  212. So very angry that I can't get what I need. ANGRY!
  213. Ritalin time effect?
  214. First week on SR - soooo tired!
  215. Would the effect of 5mg of Ritalin last 4 hours?
  216. New to ADD - Need medicine advice
  217. Change In Ritalin Response
  218. Palpations and irregular heartbeat on Ritalin
  219. Side Effects
  220. Learned a New Lesson
  221. Concerta -> Ritalin (Your experience)
  222. Does it matter if I don't take my Ritalin some days?
  223. First time ever taking ritalin. help?
  224. Bizzare side effect from Ritalin
  225. Racing heart during Ritalin comedown?
  226. Ritlain Vs. Biphentin
  227. Is my dosage too high?
  228. A major high and then anxiousness
  229. Arrrrrrrrgh
  230. First day on Ritalin, as I expected...
  231. Effects not seen?
  232. Ritalin la
  233. Missing doses HELP!
  234. New to Ritalin- no effects
  235. Confusion about generics
  236. Started Ritalin today (also on Celexa)
  237. Ritalin on daily basis
  238. Anyone else get an intense 'head pressure' feeling from ritalin?
  239. Can Ritalin effects be diminished by anxiety meds or time off??
  240. Just started taking Ritalin
  241. What are your Ritalin IR schedules?
  242. Me vs The Pharmacy over some Ritalin
  243. Ritalin side-effects?
  244. Starting Ritalin tomorrow
  245. Taking ADD meds for depression?
  246. Not sure I like Ritalin
  247. Permanent tolerance to Ritalin (Methylphenidate)?
  248. Starting Ritalin but have Questions.
  249. sudden Ritalin problem
  250. ritalin so much better at the start