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  1. Ritalin generics vs brand name
  2. Having some scary side effects - Day 10 Rubifen 20mg SR - anyone?
  3. Feeling lost. Medication so GOOD but so BAD!
  4. What are the chances that Ritalin will work if it failed in the past?
  5. Is it good or bad to take Ritalin on an inconsistent basis?
  6. Smoking and ritalin (cigarettes)
  7. Safety of 120mg IR Ritalin per day ?
  8. Ritalin LA 30mg
  9. Do Ritalin IR and Concerta have different effects on the same person?
  10. From Mexico: only MPH available
  11. Ritalin side effects long after it wears off
  12. Slight chest pain and discomfort, concerning?
  13. Ritalin Withdrawal - How long does it last?
  14. Compare generic methylphenidate brands
  15. Generic ritalin simply cant be the same as brand name ritalin
  16. Taking Ritalin but Completely Addicted to Caffeine,
  17. Ritalin brainfog
  18. Some questions...
  19. I feel dumb
  20. should i take second dose before i come down?
  21. Anyone Switch to Ritalin from Vyvanse?
  22. Ritalin... my last hope.
  23. i was taking ritalin
  24. My first month on ritalin
  25. ritalin vs concerta
  26. Question about ritalin and anxiety
  27. You take or have taken ritalin?
  28. Ritalin and Sugar Cravings
  29. I need to strap water bottles to me... haha
  30. Ritalin, Similar to Cocaine? or very different..
  31. Little effect with Ritalin - sign that I don't have ADHD?
  32. After first dose, headache, will it go away?
  33. Feeling weirdly dizzy/vertigo Ritalin
  34. Tired after Ritalin, stomach issues after Medikinet
  35. Ritalin Dosage
  36. Methylphenidate Availibility
  37. Could my Ritalin dose be too low?
  38. Ritalin equals raised cortisol equals fat gain?
  39. First uninterrupted sleep in several years
  40. Ritalin for adhd with Cymbalta for depression, anyone on it?
  41. Three weeks of Ritalin, and I don't think it's working.. (also negative side effects)
  42. Ritalin rebound
  43. Day 1 on Ritalin and I'm tired?!
  44. Anyone who does better on instant ritalin than on ritalin LA?
  45. Medicin and dosage
  46. Heart problems.
  47. Ritalin and dehydration
  48. Starting Ritalin
  49. Ritalin and urinary problems
  50. Fever, stress and ritalin la
  51. Ritalin and Movement Issues. Please help me.
  52. Ritalin increasing hair pulling/stimming type behaviours
  53. Ritalin and St. John's Wort
  54. Trying to decide whether to persevere with Ritalin IR
  55. Ritalin LA wears off fast
  56. 100mg Ritalin a day - 17 years old
  57. Ritalin IR or Ritalin LA
  58. Ritalin LA and depressed mood
  59. Ritalin newbie, advice please?
  60. 10mg LA Ritalin
  61. Ritalin LA - Why is the second release worse?
  62. Taking more than prescribed = Bad effects?
  63. What is your Ritalin dose per day? (mg/kg)
  64. Is my Ritalin LA dosage too high?
  65. Manufacturer question
  66. Some questions about Ritalin.
  67. Ritalin OD vs comedown symptom concern
  68. Side effects of Ritalin
  69. Sandoz generic no longer available?
  70. Ritalin Just Quit Working...After Like 8 or so Years...what the heck.
  71. Ritalin "tolerance" after 4-5 weeks?
  72. Clarifications on Ritalin tolerance issues
  73. Ritalin users
  74. 1st week adjusting to Ritalin: Where am I at?
  75. Ritalin dosage: too much is not enough?
  76. Differnce between generic and ritalin ??
  77. Just persscribed Ritalin and I have questions
  78. Took my first Ritalin and I have no idea if it works
  79. Ritalin and training
  80. Drinking when Ritalin does NOT work?
  81. natural ways to enhance the effects of ritalin?
  82. Ritalin IR 10mg vs. half 20mg
  83. Ritalin - varying effectiveness?
  84. Intentionally not taking my second pill?
  85. Interesting experience with methylphenidate
  86. Ritalin - Heart Rate different in morning
  87. taking ritalin long term
  88. MPH causes oxidative stress!
  89. Ritalin and Impression on others
  90. Taking Concerta with Ritalin?
  91. Panick Attack with my treatment
  92. What Age did you Start Ritalin?
  93. Normalizing
  94. is Mallinckrodt generic Ritalin/methylphenidate weaker/bad?
  95. FDA grading for generics
  96. Children on Ritalin
  97. Does ritalin lose potency out of its pack?
  98. european generics and suppliers?
  99. Interesting article about splitting Ritalin SR
  100. Time release with absorption issues
  101. Ritalin and hot cocoa?
  102. Switching from generic to brand name
  103. Does methylphenidate work on adults?
  104. Caraco Generic IR
  105. Hot skin (chest, back, forehead) from Ritalin LA - interaction with clonazepam or asp
  106. Need help gaining weight!
  107. Does "brand" really make a difference?
  108. Taking Ritalin late or early?
  109. Caffeine and Alcohol Interaction
  110. Medication Query
  111. I became sensitive to Ritalin (advice needed)
  112. Appetite suppression on Methyphenidate.
  113. Other side effects of Ritalin
  114. Ritalin XR First time
  115. How do i know if i need a higher dose of ritalin?
  116. Have you ever tried to drink Ritalin?
  117. Methylphenidate lasting longer than expected?
  118. Methylphenidate and Acne
  119. Adult dosages?
  120. Vyvanse to Ritalin
  121. More than twice a day?
  122. What factors into the time it takes for Ritalin to begin its effect?
  123. ritalin and mersyndol
  124. About to be on ritalin. Advice?
  125. Is anybody on Quillvant XR?
  126. which form of Ritalin is IR?
  127. Just diagnosed questions.
  128. A way to live with my Ritalin side affects (warning: physical abuse)
  129. Ritalin and Pristiq
  130. Coffee Withdrawal
  131. Irritability
  132. Dosage question
  133. Ritalin LA, great but also not (please help me)
  134. 10 my a day a week to see effects?
  135. Ritalin LA 20mg- metabolized in 4 hours?
  136. Is Ritalin right for me?
  137. Ritalin not lasting long enough?
  138. Mallinckrodt Ritalin IR
  139. Taking Ritalin for the first time
  140. heartrate increses
  141. Ritalin 'rational' advice
  142. How does Ritalin help you?
  143. 22/m want to share my experiences on ritalin so far
  144. No effect from Ritalin
  145. Medikinet/ritalin differences?
  146. Shaking off the Ritalin come down
  147. Ritalin and alcohol
  148. Feeling like a zombie on Ritalin LA
  149. love and hate
  150. How similar is Rubifen to Ritalin?
  151. morning dose works rest don't
  152. Diet and sleep might be VERY important for your treatment
  153. If Ritalin creates lots of side effects, is it possible that other medications won't?
  154. Can methylphenidate cause depression?
  155. How much time between 10mg Doses?
  156. Taking ritalin not the way your psychiatrist told you to
  157. Ritalin causes anxiety, adderall is fine
  158. Ritalin 10x3 or 10x4
  159. Ritalin as needed?
  160. Best Generic Ritalin
  161. Single 20 mg Ritalin IR
  162. Lowering my dose to avoid tolerance
  163. Ritalin 5mg
  164. Methylphenidate side effects and their lasting
  165. High doses of methylphenidate
  166. feeling strange
  167. Virtamin C and Ritalin (Methylphenidate)??
  168. Finding exercise hard with Ritalin
  169. quitting ritalin: why are ADHD allowed ritalin?
  170. Ritalin Ir duration with and without food question
  171. Switching from Vyvanse 70mg to ritalin IR 20mg/2xday corepharma. Experiences?
  172. Irrational Fear?
  173. Accidentally took a double dose of Ritalin LA?
  174. Has Ritalin made you feel sleepy/lethargic before?
  175. Ritalin - Tired and hyperfocus
  176. Tired on Methylphenidate?
  177. Effectiveness of Ritalin inconsistent
  178. Ritalin and Paxil together... what are the interactions?
  179. Gilbert's Syndrome & Ritalin
  180. Sudden Ritalin Side Effects
  181. Odd feeling in chest and hard to breathe
  182. Ritalin cost with or without insurance
  183. Ritalin stopped working
  184. Switched from Vyvanse to Ritalin
  185. Getting the most out of my meds - switched from Adderall to Ritalin
  186. New to Ritalin......Should I feel lousy?
  187. Fast acting Ritalin and anxiety
  188. canīt find right medication / tachycardia
  189. Ritalin again after 10+ years. New dose?
  190. Looking for a bit of guidance
  191. Ritalin shortage?
  192. how long does it take for your heart rate to return to normal?
  193. Quick question about Ritalin LA dosage
  194. Time between daily doses?
  195. Is a load of ritalin safe?
  196. Methylphenidate Neurotoxicity
  197. Ritalin dosage (Struggling to find a right dose)
  198. New to Ritalin and LAWD halp meh
  199. Scared of Ritalin trial, Dexedrine + Ritalin ?
  200. Ritalin LA 40mg
  201. Days off of Ritalin?
  202. 2 months in to Ritalin XR with unstable results.
  203. How long does Ritalin SR last?
  204. New to Ritalin
  205. Can taking more ritalin than needed cause brain fog?
  206. Help..Smoking and Ritalin clashing.
  207. Need Advice on consuming Ritalin
  208. First time on Ritalin
  209. Ritalin for 6yr old
  210. When nature calls...
  211. Starting Ritalin today...
  212. struggling
  213. methylphenidate and not feeling like doing anything
  214. New generic Ritalin
  215. Ritalin as a sleep aid?
  216. Ritalin having no effect at all?
  217. Now I'm having weird heart "feelings" sort of like heaviness, is this from Ritalin?
  218. Impressed with Ritalin
  219. Can you buy Ritalin in the UK Chemists?
  220. Suddenly oversensitive to Ritalin anyone?
  221. Non/low response to MPH. Thoughts?
  222. Methylphenidate and coffee
  223. euphoria and low
  224. Ritalin vs. Biphentin?
  225. Just Started - weird side effects? Anyone else experience these?
  226. New to Quillivant XR (liquid Ritalin) Questions
  227. Ritalin stomach upset help
  228. 12year old just started
  229. Ritalin LA vs IR
  230. OK to take Zyrtec while on Ritalin?
  231. too giggly at work
  232. adderall to Ritalin or concerta
  233. First day of Ritalin: any advice?
  234. Hard to tell if it's helping or worsening things.
  235. Ritalin and remeron?
  236. Questions about what to expect from Ritalin
  237. One month on Ritalin - works well but whats the downside ?
  238. Switching from Adderall to Ritalin
  239. Ritalin= stomach bloating and gas?
  240. Ritalin, Axiety medicine and symptoms..?
  241. Ritalin and "unknown" prescripted medicines
  242. Switching from Adderall to Ritalin
  243. Hi everyone, new to all of this!
  244. Biphentin Starting Dosage?
  245. Just got diagnosed with ADD
  246. very beginning, should I increase dosage?
  247. ritaline: the come down
  248. Ritalin Question
  249. Newbie 8 months experiences with Ritalin
  250. Interval time between Ritalin doses