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  1. Ritalin - Side Effects
  2. Medicine Withdrawls
  3. Ritalin - What is it?
  4. Ritalin -vs- Methylphenidate
  5. Ritalin side effects
  6. Ritalin - are the effects the same on a non adder
  7. Questions about methylphenidate
  8. Quick question
  9. Ritalin/Dex & emotional upheaval
  10. Ritalin & SSRI
  11. Ritalin question - affecting scent and smell?
  12. Ritalin and eating
  13. Ritalin Dilemma
  14. how long to get ritalin comepletely out of my system?
  15. ritalin and weight gain?
  16. Just started Ritalin
  17. Quick ?
  18. Do stimulants like Ritalin make you cry more easily?
  19. chest pain
  20. coming down...
  21. Sticking with the ritalin trial.....
  22. Erection Problems while using Ritalin
  23. HELP w/ medications
  24. Ritalin LA and food
  25. Ritalin and High Blood Pressure?
  26. Ritalin Low down?
  27. Help--Rit LA works, but makes me drowsey
  28. Dose-Response Effects of Methylphenidate.....
  29. Variables That Affect the Clinical Use and Abuse of Methylphenidate in the Treatment
  30. Just started Ritalin Trial
  31. Ritalin LA and no sleep
  32. Going back to Ritalin - Should I try generic?
  33. Third day on Ritalin...survival and observation
  34. ritalin dosages in contradiction??
  35. 17 yrs old new to ADD and Ritalin
  36. Ritalin LA 30mg a day....
  37. My husband's first day on Ritalin LA
  38. Keep Ritalin below 86 degrees to maintain potency?
  39. T.O.V.A result came back normal?
  40. can incrased ritalin increase impulsive behaviour?
  41. should ritalin be taken before food or after?
  42. Day 5 on Ritalin and feeling crummy
  43. Did shrink put me on an unusually low dose of Ritalin?
  44. How much Ritalin do you take?
  45. Experiences with Ritalin - Long acting and Short Acting
  46. Building a tolerance to Ritalin
  47. Ritalin Dossage
  48. Brand Ritalin vs Generic Methylphenidate - Can you tell the difference?
  49. What Meds are Left???
  50. Evenings?
  51. N-Acetyl Cysteine Protects brain when using Stimulants
  52. Advil & Ritalin
  53. Ritilan and Liver Problems?
  54. Finally! First experience with Ritalin, what do you think?
  55. Scared about going on Ritalin
  56. Ritalin Nightmare dosages growing up
  57. Question for ya'll
  58. Ritalin and its effectiveness during female cycle
  59. Can ADD/ADHD meds be taken when you have a heart cond.?
  60. What is Ritiland LA????
  61. Am I to old for Ritalin
  62. Ritalin LA Vs Adderal
  63. Detached feelings?
  64. Just started Ritalin today. Results:
  65. Anyone Familiar With Effects of Focalin?
  66. Ritalin Cost
  67. Situational use of Ritalin?
  68. Ritalin and Hunger?!?!?
  69. question for non-adder
  70. Insomnia
  71. My Ritalin Results So far
  72. Ritalin And Sex Drive
  73. Ideas for Ritalin Rebound?
  74. ritalin and haldol
  75. Not sure about Ritalin
  76. Few Ritilin questions from a Newbie
  77. Active/Inactive Ingredients
  78. Tom Wolfe on Ritalin?!
  79. Can't break in half
  80. New on Ritalin
  81. Blue Cross Blue Shield doesn't Cover Ritalin LA
  82. Dosage to treat Hyperactivity vs Dosage to Treat Attention Deficit
  83. Help! Why did Ritalin stop working so quick???
  84. Help, Husband Addicted To Ritalin
  85. New to Ritalin
  86. Ritalin And Slight Headaches?
  87. Ritalin and Anger? (Or lack thereof)!
  88. Rating Improvements
  89. Been on Ritalin for a week
  90. Ritalin & Exercise...Should I Take Before?
  91. shelf life?
  92. Started Ritalin, questions for ex drug addict.
  93. Ritalin LA 20mg + Ritalin LA 20mg = Ritalin LA 40mg?
  94. Ritalin?!?!?
  95. new here.... new to ritalin..... quick question??
  96. European 'Rilatin' vs US 'Ritalin'- a difference??
  97. Linear absorption for long acting Ritalin?
  98. ritalin vs mededate ER vs. mededate CD????
  99. How about a Poll: How much ritalin do you take a day?
  100. initial stomach condition to get optimal results
  101. Adderall or Ritalin?
  102. Ritalin + Small dose reboxetine
  103. coffee + ritalin
  104. Tachycardia/multiple meds?
  105. Ritalin and med interactions?
  106. Zoloft and Ritalin
  107. Feeling "Speedy"....
  108. Do you remember your first time?
  109. Alcohol and Ritalin
  110. Any thoughts on this article?
  111. Articles compare long-acting forms of ADHD meds
  112. Mood swings with immediate release Ritalin?
  113. Some bad news about Ritalin?
  114. Ritalin LA
  115. Can higher doses aggravate add symptoms
  116. Ringing sound in ears - Ritalin effect?
  117. Taking ritalin SR and have no side effects
  118. Generic vs brand name
  119. Ritalin made me depressed
  120. Ritalin & Trileptal NEED HELP!
  121. Ritalin not working?
  122. What decides how high your dose can be
  123. Ritalin and Xanax?
  124. NO posts involving O.D.s, illegal or improper use of Medication are allowed
  125. Does Ritalin Increase Cancer Risk in Children?
  126. Ritalin LA Users Check this OUT!! WOW!
  127. Ir Ritalin working for you?
  128. Ritalin and Fish oil?
  129. Methylphenidate barely works for me
  130. Research:Ritalin and Creativity Study
  131. ritalin long term?(addict)
  132. Has Anyone Ever Done This?
  133. chest pain!!!
  134. Ritalin And Exercise....dangerous???
  135. Ritalin LA 20mg and its effectiveness on adults
  136. Does anyone take 5htp and ritalin?
  137. Very bad neck pain and pain right below my head!
  138. Ritalin and reading...
  139. Does Ritalin usually work the same as Concerta?
  140. New member concerned about dosage
  141. I think I like Ritalin better than Adderall xr.
  142. Ritalin & Sadness, Ritalin & Anger
  143. Memory loss and Ritalin
  144. When can I eat fruit or drink tomatoe juice on ritalin?
  145. What is the average ritalin dose for adults?
  146. single isomer Ritalin dexmethylphenidate
  147. Loss of Appetiet
  148. Ritalin LA vs. Ritalin XR
  149. Ritalin LA vs Regular Ritalin
  150. Ritalin Dosage
  151. Ritalin in Japan... (And the Japanese ADDitude?)
  152. ritalin and sleepiness
  153. Just started Ritalin
  154. pharmacy mix up, brand identification
  155. feeling absolutely horrible on Ritalin, would welcome advice
  156. Attn: All Generic Ritalin Users!!!!
  157. Anyone on Strattera and Ritalin LA?
  158. New scrip halfway through the month
  159. Tolerance?
  160. Celltech and Mallinkrodt Generic Ritalin Comparison and Research
  161. RTP (Ratio) Methylphenidate 20mg 20mg Hell.
  162. Headaches
  163. My doctor messed up...
  164. Some Ritalin LA questions
  165. Ritalin cumulative effect?
  166. When Ritalin "Kicks" in
  167. The devastating effects of the drug Ritalin-A Huge Article!
  168. Do Your Eyes Hurt?
  169. suddenly ritalin causes insomnia
  170. doc on vacation
  171. Mfg.
  172. Ritalin and not feeling like focusing
  173. Question about Ritalin
  174. Questions about Ritalin SR
  175. Can you take ritalin after eating?
  176. Is it normal to gradually increase meds in the first six weeks?
  177. New with Ritalin LA
  178. New on Methylphenidate - questions about dosis
  179. Ritalin and dry mouth
  180. Dr. appt Wednesday - dosage increase?
  181. difference between 20mg SR and plain 20mg?
  182. 7 year old on Ritalin LA
  183. Ritalin effectiveness, dosage, long term
  184. who makes ritalin
  185. Is this generic ritalin
  186. Ritalin rebound
  187. my response to ritalin/ritalin sr
  188. Going back on Ritalin from the summer off and?
  189. ritalin vs ritalin SR
  190. got to do a presentation by tommorrow -any tips!!!
  191. I just took 10mg of Ritalin and feel like absolute crap.
  192. Ritalin LA
  193. Ritalin-> Methylphenidate -> Methylin
  194. Anxiety
  195. Ritilin LA...Can it be taken w/ Clonodine (Catapres)
  196. Any ADHD Women on Ritalin? Need help
  197. New to Ritalin LA
  198. Can ritalin help w/...
  199. How does ritalin LA work?
  200. Allowed to Drive?
  201. Can I mix Methylphenidate with some other substances such as...
  202. Ritalin LA and Headache
  203. What are the worst side effects?
  204. What is your opinion of Ritalin LA?
  205. How to deal with side effects of Ritilin LA...
  206. What exactly is ritilan SR?
  207. Ritalin and Green tea and/or fish oil?
  208. Wierd Ritalin side effects
  209. why does ritalin make me sleepy?
  210. I lost an inch of height?
  211. Just started Ritalin...and the verdict is......
  212. Ritalin LA/Tylenol
  213. Need Direction
  214. Chest Pain
  215. How long should I take Ritalin before I deciding that it doesn't work?
  216. Ritalin 80mgs-not working as well
  217. Day one of Ritalin LA....
  218. How do you know when Methylphenidate stops?changes working?
  219. best way to get half dose of ritalin LA?
  220. Ritalin Patch Awaiting Approval
  221. Methylphenidate-20mgs 5x daily?
  222. Ritalin LA with Applesauce?
  223. Could this be possible?
  224. Is it effective to switch meds due to tolerance?
  225. Ritalin not working?
  226. Focalin XR- how long does it last
  227. Feeling tired with ritalin
  228. Cold Hands
  229. Ritalin for 3 days
  230. Ritalin Side Effects
  231. Just took methylphenidate for the first time, questions...
  232. help with meds
  233. Allergic Reaction
  234. Crashing?
  235. Concerta to Ritalin LA with Same Dose
  236. Bad Reaction?
  237. choose to take the 2nd dose
  238. sex related question
  239. New to Ritalin...sleeping way too much
  240. Migraine Meds While Taking R?
  241. Ritalin ain't working any more - tolerance
  242. Were any of you....
  243. Highest Dose?
  244. ridalin and welbutrin
  245. Would five mg of ritalin really make a difference in >>
  246. Ritalin V. Adderall
  247. dose
  248. is Ritalin better for focus then Adderall?
  249. Has anyone staggered their Ritalin doses
  250. Sex Drive and Ritalin