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  1. Splitting IR's?
  2. Been on Adderall XR 20MG 8 Days and im STOPPING!!! PLEASE HELP!!!
  3. Been having chest pains?
  4. Adderall:times of High(nonEuphoria) and low
  5. menstrual problems with Adderall?
  6. New here with dilemma
  7. shire's SPD465, for adult ADHD ...
  8. Just prescribed adderall, is this normal? :confused:
  9. Generic "Sandoz" adderall...
  10. quick question dr's
  11. Recently diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed Adderall..
  12. Muscle Relaxers and Adderall ?
  13. Recently Diagnosed and have some general Q's
  14. 3 months of prescriptions lost
  15. Some noob questions!
  16. First time with Adderall
  17. Anyone on a scrip for adderall XR plus IR?
  18. For Anyone just Starting Adderall XR
  19. Help
  20. New, some questions!
  21. Am I ever going to grow?
  22. Feeling you get when your meds "kick in"
  23. Concerta with adderall
  24. Should I be concerned?
  25. adderall and exercise...
  26. Adderall with Tums mistake
  27. How to ask for a higher dosage?
  28. Longest time taken Adderall? Has anyone been on it for years?
  29. Adderall chills me out
  30. Equivalencies between Adderall and Dexedrine and Vyvanse?
  31. At what times is Adderall XR supposed to be released?
  32. XR users, have you ever had a timed dose released in your sleep? What happened?
  33. Get my head straight
  34. How do you schedule your eating times with adderall xr?
  35. Period
  36. Low Dosage Adderall
  37. Ive been on Vyvanse ....
  38. Too much Adderall or too little?
  39. Dip in middle of XR dose - any advice?
  40. Will this combo work?
  41. Adderall and zoloft at same time - less effective?
  42. Long Term Adderall Use
  43. Can anyone else relate to psychological dependance?
  44. Neck stiffness--how long does it take to subside?
  45. Is the XR making me mean??
  46. cold hands and feet
  47. Remind me, why might it be bad to take SSRI's with Adderall? +THIRST question
  48. Lack of Exercise
  49. How can Adderall cause a bladder infection?
  50. Adderall IR and Vitamin C
  51. Help Asap
  52. Am I or am I not dependent on Adderall?
  53. Doctor refuses to prescribe IR HELP!
  54. When to say 'when'?
  55. quick question about the euphoric feeling
  56. quick question about the euphoric feeling
  57. Makers of Generic Adderall???
  58. adderall dosage (important question need answers asap)
  59. Just Started Adderall - Odd Effects
  60. Is this normal!?
  61. Adderall Dose Question
  62. Extreme LOW dose Adderall?
  63. Should I take 2 doses of adderall per day
  64. recently started adderall
  65. Adderall hard on body. But stupid without it
  66. New Prescription
  67. Blood pressure too high?
  68. Heart palpitations on Adderall?
  69. Anyone else have this reaction?
  70. First post/Can't stand the noise!!
  71. Better results when Adderall taken without food
  72. Adderall and Alcohol - Spinning
  73. going off 7mg of Adderall....what side effects should I see?
  74. My son and Adderall XR
  75. New on Adderal XR and stopped working?
  76. I'm going insane
  77. Generic IR in Canada?
  78. Adderall + benzodiazepines (Klonopin) and a few other questions.
  79. Newly diagnosed - question?
  80. Adderall or Dexedrine for Adult ADD? Experiences and Poll
  81. Another refill question
  82. Chest congestion from Adderall XR or IR?
  83. Am I Crashing??
  84. 5 Years on Adderall
  85. Adderall Is Great, But Will My Initial (Day 1 & 2) Forgetfulness Side Effect Go Away?
  86. adderal and soccer
  87. Strange side effect?
  88. Concerned about initial dosage...3rd day on Adderral
  89. found a real good fruit drink (w. hardly any vitamin c)
  90. Restarted Adderall.. not as effective
  91. Why chest pains when medication leaves the body
  92. Adderall XR+ IR at same time?
  93. Memantine: The Solution to my Adderall Tolerance
  94. Was on Adderall, now on Dex
  95. Celebrities will be the destruction of us all.
  96. Does adderall put you under the false impression that your inner-most thoughts are...
  97. Adderall swich to???? please advise!
  98. Vitamins
  99. A better med?
  100. Problems with anaerobic exercise??
  101. Dealing with coming down...
  102. Adjusting meds
  103. $4 prescription plan at walmart
  104. How long before it actually starts working?
  105. My Story, advice needed
  106. Light headed and dizzy.
  107. Renal Issues?
  108. Why am i tired
  109. I found out the trick....
  110. anyone taken vyvanse?
  111. Adderall and Benadryl... Help please
  112. Generics?
  113. Adderall affecting penis
  114. Help...Please!!!
  115. Ok im having a really hard time.
  116. High temp normal side effect?
  117. Am I on the Right Dosage? help please.....
  118. Frustration with others - normal?
  119. Adderall IR (20mg) too much or too little?
  120. Muscle Soreness Won't Go Away
  121. Horrible Generic Adderall! Help please
  122. Losing weight too quickly - help
  123. Adderall is putting me to sleep now??!?!! Help?
  124. adderall xr side effects different than adderall ir
  125. trouble sleeping and crashing
  126. Filling Perscription from different state
  127. I cant tell if it is working...!
  128. Increasing dosage too soon?
  129. Helpful Adderall Information
  130. Is sleepiness normal? 3rd day on Adderall XR
  131. Well i got CorePharma generics today instead of Barr. .
  132. Acid indigestion and adderall?
  133. Should I try adderall?
  134. Dont know what to do!?
  135. Drastic Change in Adderall Effects
  136. New to Adderall
  137. New to Adderall, question about Barr
  138. Question about Barr
  139. Adderall XR and rage
  140. Adderall And Inability To Procrastinate
  141. Adderall XR and OCD
  142. Adderall dosage for the super sensitive
  143. 3rd week on Adderall and not sure if it's working
  144. Ringing in the ears.
  145. Taking 10mg of adderall in the morning and afternoon
  146. Adderall and coffee
  147. HEY its day 2 w/ 10mgs adderal IR 4 times per day, no improvement whatsoever :(
  148. Adderall XR Price (Rant)...
  149. Is there a ball park dosage?
  150. you guys i'm miserable
  151. I need a few suggestions from the veterans
  152. Adderall 20XR and sleepiness?
  153. Adderall and exercise
  154. Questions on Dosage and Effects
  155. Advice on switching meds due to adderall tolerance?
  156. Persuading Parents to Continue Prescription
  157. Vyvanse THEN Adderall?
  158. More Socially Active? Working As Intended?
  159. IR or XR?
  160. Bacterial infection/adderall/internal itching
  161. Does Adderall cause cysts?
  162. Restart after "vacation"
  163. sounds?
  164. How do you know when your dose is too high?
  165. "Vacation" Suggestions
  166. Adderall Withdrawls.. Need Advice From You Guys..
  167. What is a crash like?
  168. Tightness in Chest
  169. Week 4 on Adderall IR: Observations
  170. ok to exercise with adderall?
  171. Getting a sudden burst of energy?
  172. Just started stimulant treatment...what should I expect.
  173. Supplements...Do they really help? Anyone experience?
  174. 34 pounds in six weeks
  175. No response to Adderall
  176. Just got Adderall...
  177. Adderall And Filling Question
  178. Skipping Adderall dosage for a couple of days.
  179. Corepharma Adderall sucks - I feel duped.
  180. Taking Adderall *before waking up*...Long-term problems
  181. is dosage related to weight loss?
  182. just started adderall xr
  183. Switching to adderall?
  184. How long does it last?
  185. Eon/Sandoz brand generics?
  186. Adderall's effect on libido and sexual performance??
  187. Energy Drinks VS. Adderall Please help!
  188. Hungry on XR?
  189. Usually take 20mg it okay to jump to 40mg XR?
  190. Withdrawal Anxiety?
  191. 5 mg pills...?
  192. Adderall not working. What next?
  193. Does Adderall relieve your anxiety?
  194. can adderall go stale or old?
  195. concerta or adderall
  196. on Adderall, and in the UK?
  197. Anger/Irritability
  198. Hopefully fixing 20 years of mistakes.
  199. Just took Adderall for the first time. Don't feel so great..
  200. chronic nausea - in need of home treatments
  201. Adderall, Wellbutrin and an SSRI?
  202. Tanning and adderall?
  203. tums....
  204. warm feeling, like a hot flash or simular
  205. Taking Vitamin C at night...
  206. Adderall causing brain fog?????
  207. Difference?
  208. Is coffee regressing my withdrawal progress?
  209. Numbness and tingling
  210. Adderall is giving me acne breakouts bad!!! PLEASE HELP
  211. Does it cure too much?
  212. Due To Cost.... Best Generic?
  213. Get PNS stimulation but not enough CNS?
  214. New to ADHD and Adderall
  215. What is the deference between Adderall and Ritilan
  216. Adderall and menstrual spotting?
  217. adderall xr. costs. solutions?
  218. Making adderall work...A Journal
  219. Adderall Panic Attacks
  220. Adderall and Sominex?
  221. Adderall IR vs. XR..anyone try both?
  222. Is Adderall making me emotional??
  223. Adderall + Clonidine
  224. New to Adderall
  225. Moments of feeling perfectly normal after skipping Adderall?
  226. Adderall being effected by my food intake?
  227. HYPERACTIVITY!!!! *Shakes a bit*
  228. Does anyone bite their nails or inside of their mouths?
  229. Overview of Adderall -- Best Known as an ADD Medication
  230. Adderall XR 30mg + Wellbutrin 300 XL combo.. what to expect?
  231. Adderall XR + Strattera (ADD with anxiety)
  232. Adderall casuing paranoia.
  233. A question about Adderall
  234. Adderall and SSRI's
  235. Taking Aspirin/Ibuprofen while on Adderall?
  236. me and adderall theory
  237. A question for artist on Adderall.
  238. Studies on adderall eroding brain tissue like meth?
  239. Urinary Tract Infections?
  240. Is this common?
  241. Question on Adderall combined with Adderall XR - experiences?
  242. Twitching finger?
  243. splitting the xr
  244. adderall makes me do things i normally wouldn't. PLEASE READ I NEED ANSWERS!!
  245. Just diagnosed, how should I time my medication?
  246. An idea to cure my insomnia and stomach pains...
  247. Adderall or Adderall XR and symptom "rebound": any thoughts?
  248. Can anybody tell me what to do? Adderall was good for the first couple weeks...
  249. Health Canada allows Adderall XR back on the Canadian market
  250. asking doctor to trial adderall?