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  1. Depression side-effect with Adderal XR, but not with generic Adderall...
  2. Depressive side-effects with Adderal XR, but not with generic Adderall...
  3. Supplement questions
  4. Why did my Dr say to take Adderall at night?
  5. Adderall Crossroads: What To Do?
  6. Adderall + Claritin D safe?
  7. generic adderall?
  8. Taking Vitamin C when u took pill 5 hours b4
  9. adderall, docs, and personality disorders
  10. Med question...
  11. An over exaggeration?
  12. Hello, new here, adderall question
  13. Not feeling effects of XR after the first day or first day of increased dosage?
  14. Becoming hyper-focused
  15. Started Adderall today
  16. Adderall XR - Coming Down
  17. Adderall Prescription
  18. Crash or lunch?
  19. question about my prescription
  20. Does anyone know much about the 30 day rule?
  21. Do you take XR or Instant Release?
  22. sleep trouble/Adderall
  23. Day 2 on adderall
  24. My First Day on Adderall
  25. Gee generic concerns validated?
  26. Who do I need to talk to for an Adderall prescription?
  27. Mixing Meds
  28. Day 2
  29. Need some help with Adderall dosage
  30. Day 3 - Grumpy and irritable
  31. Very Happy!
  32. New here... question about meds...
  33. E doctors GET IN HERE!!! Short-term memory loss with reasoning ability impaired???
  34. Based on your experiences...
  35. Adderall and Sexual Dysfunction (Could not find exact issue in other posts)
  36. Chest tightness normal?
  37. Took too much adderall yesterday
  38. Permament frequent urination?
  39. First Day On Adderall
  40. How do I contact the Shire company(or maker of adderall/ritalin)?
  41. What to do?
  42. Adderall making me very hungry
  43. Hand issues
  44. Which Generic Adderall IR do you prefer?
  45. The Generics Poll
  46. Adderall slowing you down?
  47. Weeping Willow, Touch Me Not.
  48. I got it! It's not chest pain
  49. Yikes! Xr $$$
  50. Alcohol & Adderall XR?
  51. Really Sleepy and Sore...
  52. Clarify this for me:
  53. Breathing difficulties, a little worried...
  54. Cheapest Place to get Adderall
  55. How to Lessen/Avoid Adderall Crash (IR)
  56. New to Forum & ADD have some Questions
  57. First day.
  58. Adderall after 10 years off
  59. I have some questions about adderall
  60. Numb Fingers/Possible Side Effect?
  61. Adderall losing effectiveness, running out of options
  62. Update: My New Adderall Script
  63. I want Adderall,and just Adderall [Brand] - ADD and Narcolepsy!
  64. Adderall Jitters today not yesterday
  65. Doctor added Adderall to Bipolar treatment. Anything I need to know?
  66. First Day on Adderall
  67. Why does it work and then not work?
  68. Adderall XR Cardio/Weight Lifting
  69. Trying to keep it together. Advice?
  70. Weight gain after meds?
  71. Adderall exacerbate anxiety attack
  72. Zombies!!!
  73. Freaking out
  74. What are the chances that Adderall will stop working after a while?
  75. Crash Symptom or Side Effect what do yout think?
  76. Update on my side effects
  77. Questions for Long-Time Adderall Users
  78. New on Adderall.. Just wondering
  79. Am not feeling ANYTHING, even on 30xr!!!
  80. Adderall and Long term potentiation
  81. How do you time taking your adderall with meals?
  82. What is abuse anyway
  83. Price of Adderall XR?
  84. everytime I stop...
  85. Dr decreased my dose, now I can EAT!
  86. Split my 30xr in half..and this is what happened.
  87. Lower dose than on RX?
  88. Taking half an XR pill?
  89. Adderall and Advil OK?
  90. Adderall IR 20mg 3x/day - Is this too much?
  91. whats your highest dose? used to respond to 10xr 3 yrs ago and now...
  92. trying adderal XR 40, help with addiction?
  93. Overdose symptoms?
  94. Adderall & Diet
  95. Help- I have a cold and cough
  96. Anyone have trouble talking to people when you're on Adderall?
  97. Back on Adderall again. My take on "working"
  98. pregnancy
  99. Viens or nerves becoming shorter
  100. Will this meal replacement drink negate the effects of Adderall?
  101. Adderall vs Vyvanse - HELP!
  102. Dosage increase/side affects
  103. The Generic Eon Gave Me Really Bad Effects.
  104. Dose too low = symptoms worse?
  105. Dad is newly prescribed to adderall and he thinks he might be suffering from a slight
  106. Adderall losing patent this year -- any smart people know how this will shake -up?
  107. Is adderall more potent then Ritalin/ Concerta ?
  108. So, what CAN I eat while on Adderall?
  109. My Face Hurts!!!!!
  110. 20mg IR once a day
  111. Am looking forward to bonus side effect of weight loss-advice?
  112. focusing again
  113. Started Adderall today
  114. Advice about doctor visit
  115. Taking Adderall and getting Sleepy!!!??
  116. Doing a Test
  117. what to do? natural amphetamine tolerance?
  118. adderall wearing off
  119. Started Adderall yesterday - dosage Q's
  120. Wide awake at bed time but sleepy before
  121. Sour stomach???
  122. Silly Question. Adderall + bad breath
  123. Started at low mg Adderall, where are you now?
  124. Funny Side Affects Of Adderall
  125. SO I got Adderall Prescribed...
  126. Switching from IR to XR, dosage stuff..
  127. Stimulant that doesn't make u a zombie?
  128. Switched from Adderall IR to XR -- what to prepare for?
  129. Should I switch to Adderall? Ritalin makes me feel tired/foggy.
  130. howdy
  131. New to Adderaall XR - Help!
  132. tiredness on adderall
  133. adderall vs focalin
  134. ALERT ## Adderall Side Effects - Generic [HELP!]
  135. Skin Numbness???
  136. Newbie here
  137. ## ADDERALL IR NOT EFFECTIVE ## - 20MG 2/DAY [Never on ADHA Meds Before]
  138. I've found my "perfect combo".
  139. been taking xr for a while now, need advice if positives outweigh negatives!
  140. Adderall vs Adderall xr
  141. First Month Blues--My meds are causing me to be depressed!!
  142. Still getting DISTRACTED all the time. Is Adderall right for me? Help!
  143. What can I take with Adderall for my sinuses?
  144. Adderall Effectiveness Dependable on Sleep?
  145. Do you let people know you take it?
  146. new to forum and adderall...anxiety
  147. What should you NOT drink while on on adderal?
  148. oh ****...
  149. Adderall Doctor in San Diego?
  150. Mallinckrodt generic
  151. Does having actual ADHD dely growth?
  152. Adderall heightens Immune System?
  153. deleted, disregard
  154. newbie - new to adderall, sexual side fx?
  155. Simulating IR from XR
  156. What do you do about the loss of hunger?
  157. Trying different meds
  158. Keeping weight up
  159. 30mg Adderall XR - SEX drive has gone to hell
  160. Which generic brand of IR do you like?
  161. Adderall IR Problems with Effectiveness
  162. Working 3rd shift
  163. Has Adderall changed your diet?
  164. adderal xr vs adderall ir generic
  165. Hey there-Fake medications
  166. Adderall inducing depression - common?
  167. Too many years of Adderall
  168. pdoc put back on Lexapro w/ Adderall
  169. Hyperfocus when it's cold?
  170. Allergic Reaction to Adderall Amphetamine
  171. Really Really Need Help
  172. Adderall XR First 3 Day Summary
  173. Adderall XR, two doses of 10 mg?
  174. Paranoia -- adderall, anxiety, and constant paranoia
  175. anyone answer me. side effect!
  176. Anxiety vs Add and Adderall
  177. what diet are your on while taking adderall?
  178. Adderall mood lift
  179. I can't find a doc to refill my adderall, should I go to E.R.?
  180. What is the conversion?
  181. diff between Dex and Adderall IR?
  182. Adderall and Synthroid?
  183. Waking up too early. Help fix!
  184. Adderall making me hazy or sleepy
  185. Questions abour adderall making me sleepy
  186. adderall and memory problems....common?
  187. Adderall
  188. Adderall making me more extroverted
  189. Adderall problems.....anybody?
  190. Placebos
  191. Mixing Adderall XR and Generic IRs
  192. Heart feels weird on Adderall, any alternatives?
  193. Adderall with ginko and omega 3's
  194. People Who Take Adderall XR And Get Depression later, READ THIS!!
  195. oops...took ir before my xr
  196. How long does your morning dose of Adderall XR last?
  197. Adderall After Effect?
  198. Adderall not cuttin it
  199. Any Get The "Time Flies" Side Effect while On Adderall?
  200. New to Adderall XR
  201. Switched from Adderall XR to Barr Adderall IR
  202. Adderall making me lazy
  203. Adderal XR Not Working. Please HELP
  204. Extremely short duration?
  205. Sudden Adderall side effect - advice??
  206. Freaking out on 5mgs- how long does this take?
  207. need advice...adderall having little to no effect..
  208. could wellbutrin and cymbalta effect adderalls effectiveness
  209. Breaks?
  210. Weird face side effect
  211. How do you know when you're "crashing"?
  212. Switch to Adderall?
  213. Got put on Adderall... feel aggressive. Normal?
  214. New to Meds-arms, legs, neck, back pains??
  215. 45 pounds in 2 months
  216. Morning Dose problem
  217. can lithium inhibit adderall from working? HELP!!!
  218. Lithium and Adderall
  219. just got a trial, is this normal?
  220. Does the Adderall calm last?
  221. New to adderall
  222. first time ever on meds, and adderall pooped out in a week???
  223. i don't understand how adderall can be a long term remedy...?
  224. taking adderall for years, just NOW it makes me sick. wtf?
  225. Free Of Pain On Adderall!
  226. does adderall change you, even after you stop taking it?
  227. I want Adderall
  228. AdderallXR + Lexapro....Advice please!
  229. Maximum Dosage of Adderall IR?
  230. Back pain from Adderall??
  231. Being Productive on Adderall
  232. explosive diarrhea
  233. adderall and ritalin interactions, tolerance ?
  234. Just started Adderall XR and wanted to 'compare notes'
  235. when to take magnesium, l-dopa, other supplements with adderall?
  236. Do you feel more introverted on Adderall?
  237. Adderall XR: Daily log
  238. How often to take Adderall 15mg?
  239. l-dopa f-'d me up. what the hell is this stuff? how does it affect adderall?
  240. Runners and adderall and heart rate
  241. first few days on adderall
  242. Question about Adderall 25mg XR
  243. adderall worked when concerta didnt
  244. Tachychardia and Anxiety from Adderall
  245. Neutralizing acidic foods/drinks with Calcium Carbonate?
  246. diagnosed 3 days ago, have questions for you wise folks.
  247. has anyone been prescribed memantine?
  248. It tastes Sweet!
  249. adderall question
  250. Adderall dosage and script