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  1. Is adderal causing sudden instances of my flushed complexion?
  2. is adderall for me?
  3. Side Effect Questions
  4. l-tyrosine, magnesium??
  5. I am terrified that Adderall may have damaged my natural abilities. Please help me.
  6. zantac before adderall
  7. Adderall has CHANGED my LIFE
  8. Weight Loss Question
  9. End-of-Half-Life Symptoms
  10. aderall xr not working for 13 year old daughter?
  11. How do I split an XR capsule?
  12. My Adderall XR log
  13. From Ritalin to Adderall - Lame.
  14. Low-Acid Beverages?
  15. Magnesium oxide vs. Magnesium citrate
  16. Difficulty Multitasking on Adderall?
  17. dosage/titration/refill question
  18. 2 drs 2 meds
  19. Taking Adderall and Grades are Falling?
  20. 1.8 grams in just over a month
  21. Medical assistance to help pay for adderal-xr
  22. Started adderall a couple weeks ago....
  23. Another dosage increase question
  24. 2nd day on adderall xr ...
  25. My first day on Adderall+Fish Oil 1000mg
  26. New to Adderall, but definitely not to Stimulants
  27. Ideas for increasing effectiveness of Adderall?
  28. The crash?This sucks..
  29. Started Adderall Today
  30. Adderall XR can cause Depression as oppose to IR?
  31. Day one..pointless??
  32. Cost of Adderall IR vs XL...Help!!
  33. Wierd side effect?
  34. Adderall IR vs XR vs Vyvanse
  35. I am so frustrated!
  36. Is weight a factor with these meds?
  37. Adderall new side effects experience.....
  38. My dilema
  39. Just started Adderall What to expect?
  40. newbie
  41. Adderall not as effective
  42. Adderall-What symptoms should improve?
  43. How to Remove Adderall from system
  44. How do I remove Adderall XR from system?
  45. My first Day on Adderall
  46. Baking soda?
  47. weird smell..
  48. Wondering if I should just take it everyday
  49. I Need Supplement Doses!
  50. Average Dosing?
  51. Holidays and (not) drinking (hard alcohol)
  52. Might have to switch to Adderall
  53. Does Adderall treat anxiety among other things?
  54. Intense crash. Does it get better?
  55. Nervous about asking doctor to up dose again-advice?
  56. Tired ~ dose too high or too low?
  57. What should I eat for breakfast?
  58. Adderall's affect on skin
  59. Ritalin IR to Adderall XR - Still Nothing
  60. Adderall Making Acid Reflux Worse?
  61. Namenda or memantine with adderall
  62. I don't understand?
  63. Adderall & Alli
  64. Adderall & Cardio
  65. Switch from Methylin ER (Ritalin SR) to Adderall XR
  66. couple things on Adderall...for comment
  67. 2 Adderall XR in 12 hours?
  68. Adderall
  69. Trouble going to the...
  70. catching lock-jaw
  71. Adverse /oral /teeth/effects from Adderall
  72. Adderall
  73. help w/ a couple of side effects: sweating/shrinkage
  74. Experiences with amphetamin salts by comorbid bipolar disorder
  75. NO ONE keeps what my doctor prescribed me in stock! What should I do?
  76. Overmedicated this entire time? I feel good now!!
  77. Adderall and Beta-blockers
  78. Timing, Adderall XR and EXAMS
  79. Difference between Adderall IR and a generic?
  80. Adderall: pink vs. blue
  81. Adderall and Edginess/Short temper
  82. How do I tell if its working?
  83. Up's & Down's
  84. Adderall and Penis Shrinkage
  85. Rx works at school but not at home?
  86. Should I bother switching?? Help!
  87. not seeing effects of adderall XR
  88. Switching from XR to IR? Regulations?
  89. Dreading asking my doctor for an increase of XR.
  90. Is adderall for me?
  91. Adderall + Performance Anxiety
  92. I Need Help
  93. New here, some questions
  94. adderall tolerance and heart rate
  95. Minimizing Physical Stimulation from Adderall?
  96. My doctor suggested Adderall
  97. Should I ask to try adderall?
  98. Adderall And Kolonpin
  99. Ouch, toes / toe-nails hurt ingrown
  100. Getting checked for add/adhd soon
  101. Adderall IR Log
  102. Vent....week long gaps before my refills are messing me up
  103. Adderall - have the euphoric feeling w/out the focus
  104. I will share to you my story
  105. A little of both
  106. Quick Question!
  107. Can i fluctuate between Ritalin and Adderall?
  108. Does Stimulant medication like adderall permanently change the way the brain works??
  109. Side effect, Feels like I had a horrible sleep, been happening for months =(.
  110. How long does adderall IR last for you?
  111. Finally. A Diagnosis and Medication!
  112. Having alot of problems with perscription and DR's
  113. Intense hyper-focus/"losing time"
  114. Adderall REALLY helps me with IMPATIENCE AND IRRITABILITY!
  115. Re-starting Adderall XR and anxiety
  116. Is it True ........
  117. Insomnia...sleeping pills ok?
  118. foot twitch or rather... "air bubble sensation"
  119. Adderall: Eating, Hunger, Falling Asleep
  120. Ever heard of this brand?
  121. Are dr's hesitant giving adderall in your experience?
  122. Adderall, Wellbutrin, Ativan, Risperdal = focus?
  123. Egg burps from Adderall Salts?
  124. How long to wait
  125. New to Adderall Xr-looking for answers(Long)
  126. Would you report this to your doctor?
  127. Weekend "break" - Safe?
  128. Adderall XR vs. IR Dose Equivalence
  129. 30mg of Adderall does nothing
  130. Why?
  131. (Almost) everything you ever wanted to know about Adderall
  132. Can all these meds be mixed with adderall XR?
  133. Just starting Adderall 30Mg
  134. Non-generic IR Adderall = better?
  135. How much did your doctor start you on and where are you now?
  136. Scared to take adderall
  137. depression or anxiety as a side effect?
  138. Not feeling dosage! 30MG
  139. Adverse adderall reactions and mensrual cycle
  140. Equivalent xr and ir dosages ?
  141. how long for a drug holiday?
  142. trying vyvanse....IR to Vyvanse ratio?
  143. Treatment resistant ADD?
  144. Some medications cause Adderall to have a weaker effect
  145. Adderall vs Adderall xr
  146. Need Adderall advice please
  147. New to Adderall XR, Help needed
  148. Zyprexa and Adderall
  149. Did not mean to be negative....apologies
  150. anyone experiencing extreme hunger?
  151. Up my dose or switch?
  152. Analyzing dosage change?
  153. Questions about adderrall
  154. Adderall XR + Effexor XR = synergistic combo for treating ADHD?
  155. After starting meds, do you think your non-med. self is more ADD?
  156. concerns with adderall....thinkin bout stoppingg
  157. Increased hunger yet less emotional eating?
  158. Why is adderall a vascoconstrictor?
  159. Happy Adderall New Year
  160. Adderall and weight GAIN??
  161. New to adderol, and wondering if i need as much as i am taking
  162. Dealing with the after-effects
  163. Paranoid....will this go away?
  164. Question about avoiding Adderall tolerance
  165. Non typical reaction to food on Adderall
  166. drug fever
  167. Feels good to stretch muscles and relaxed feeling on Adderall?
  168. nonexistant brand name adderall
  169. new and wondering what to expect
  170. What time of day should I take Prozac?
  171. What's your sleep remedy when on XR?
  172. insomnia?
  173. Drug fever
  174. poll your experience with Barr Generic IR
  175. Adderall XR not lasting long enough
  176. Problem with new insurance and Adderall XR
  177. first 2-3 hours of Adderall IR
  178. adderall
  179. Kids & Adderall
  180. My Experience
  181. By golly I've got it
  182. Adderall half life
  183. Does Adderall XR make you sleepy/sluggish?
  184. I'm fed up with adhd meds, they're not working
  185. Adderall IR generics... two types?
  186. Adderall ----> INSOMNIA!
  187. Need Help! feel worse now
  188. My adderall experience ..update
  189. Need adderall advice
  190. Adderall compared to DEX
  191. developing tolerance
  192. Doctor says as long as the IR is working...
  193. Should I give my doctor a call?
  194. Exercise metabolizing adderall faster?
  195. what is the dexedrine equiv. of adderall?
  196. Please I Need Help.
  197. What is going on???
  198. Starting again....
  199. How can I ask my doc to switch me to adderall from ritalin?
  200. Highest dose of adderall xr
  201. Truth or lie?
  202. help me understand the ingredients???
  203. Adderall XR and feeling empty/bored
  204. How much does a month supply of adderall xr cost in Canada?
  205. Has anyone used adderall xr to help depression,anxiety along with bad add?
  206. Anyone prefer Generics?
  207. Was hopeful, now uncertain....
  208. Adderall and fish oil
  209. strange/opposite effects with adderall?
  210. dosage levels?
  211. Tolerance high.. planning a break
  212. Kids and Adderall XR
  213. Adderall + Magnesium
  214. When they said dry mouth, they WEREN'T kidding
  215. 120mg and up, anybody?
  216. A few questions from a newbie..
  217. Adderall XR 15MG Nausea
  218. Im 18 but parents will not let me treat my ADD with meds
  219. Day to Day Variation
  220. Focalin to Adderall XR - Not working?
  221. Can Adderal XR caused very late period, and quest on weight...
  222. I guess I am the minority here...
  223. How long does the energy from adderall xr last?
  224. Adderall IR + pounding headaches
  225. Adderall Not Helping Focus
  226. adderall help ..
  227. Where do I get Barr brand?
  228. Is it illegal to keep my Adderall in a weekly pill box instead of the bottle?
  229. Thinking of switching from XR to IR..advice?
  230. Hi
  231. Success vs. Failure
  232. Adderall over Dexedrine?
  233. Day 5 on Adderall and already becoming less effective?
  234. Adderall in your system
  235. 40 yr old..back to school online
  236. How much Adderall did you take in the beginning?
  237. mild side effects in the beginning how soon will they stop
  238. Adderall and caffeine
  239. Adderall-super tired ang hungry
  240. Yes, my Adderall works. But that one time I took a couple extra doses...
  241. 2nd time using Adderall, not effective.. tolerance?
  242. My experience with adderall
  243. Adderall and Ginkgo Biloba
  244. 3rd week on adderall
  245. Adderall and Anti-depressants
  246. Vitamins to take on Adderall?
  247. Best Approach To Get Script? (Not For Abuse)
  248. Why isn't there a 24 hour medication?
  249. Sleep issues-Adderall lingers too long?
  250. Adderall - My impressions and review after 2 months