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  1. Adderall Makes me a Jerk.
  2. Optimal Dose?
  3. New to ADD, New to Adderall
  4. Adderall Dosing...
  5. Anyone else with this problem.....
  6. Is the first week always this bad?
  7. First time on Adderall and nothing?
  8. Can you take half an Adderall XR?
  9. Adderall increasing heart rate
  10. adderall mg vs vyvanse mg?
  11. *Gaining* Weight on Adderall???
  12. Adderall and Betaine HCL
  13. Combos?
  14. Meeting with psychiatrist tomorrow, how to convey an interest in Adderall
  15. I Need To Switch?
  16. Red rash on some toes
  17. Adderall to concerta
  18. Adderall tolerance effected by wellbutrin?
  19. Recent High Blood to Adderall
  20. Having Problems (weight loss, no effect)
  21. Questions that need answers
  22. Vyvanse or Adderall IR, which has less effect on blood pressure?
  23. Generic Vs. Brand ones Are they working for you?
  24. Adderall XR and abdominal pinches
  25. Affordable alternative?
  26. Feel weird about asking for increase
  27. 4th day on adderall... my experience
  28. question about adderall xr and dosing
  29. Who makes these generic pills?
  30. Water + Adderall
  31. Possible to take XR in am and IR in pm?
  32. Self-Reported Long Term Side Effects
  33. 2,700mg a month
  34. What to do? Over talking? OCD?
  35. Do IR tablets come in a form that can be split?
  36. Adderall XR how much are you getting?
  37. What is the deal with Adderall and Proton Pump Inhibitors(Losec,omeprazole,Prilosec)
  38. What medications are you taking?
  39. dose no longer working at all?
  40. Adderall still making me tired
  41. Dopamine vitamins =X
  42. long time user but al of a sudden my adderall drop dead
  43. New it dosage/timing control?
  44. Very weird experience with Adderal...'Overdose?'
  45. If your deciding to quit Adderall, reducing dose gradually...
  46. Adderall IR and Zoloft
  47. Lasix surgery/eye health and Adderall...
  48. adderall and other supplements
  49. interesting about sleep impact
  50. Hello! Recent anxiety attacks?
  51. New to adderall
  52. Need a little advice
  53. For those taking at least 60 mg a day-
  54. Adderall causing Anemia? Causing POTS / random circulatory things
  55. I have couple questions about adderall since am new to the meds
  56. have u switch from vyvanse to adderall?
  57. Adderall and fast metabolisms
  58. Sex drive....holy h...
  59. How do you "chill out" or "unwind" when medication is working?
  60. Energy Drinks and Adderall XR
  61. when is xr going generic?
  62. Re: Best food/vitamins/anything to make Adderall smoother?
  63. Kind of a weird side effect :(
  64. Two years on Adderall and I'm miserable now!
  65. Did anybody else's prescription go up in price in the new year?
  66. hand written prescription for adderall?
  67. Recently Diagnosed Medication Help
  68. Writing Papers
  69. Adderall and Exercising
  70. I got adderall IR....
  71. 5-hour energy ok to take with adderall?
  72. Dear God, what have I done to myself?
  73. Your Adderall Diet?
  74. whats wrong???!?!
  75. Do you take as needed or everyday?
  76. just started adderall, plenty of reservations
  77. Misdiagnosis of ADD?
  78. Side effects after a month?
  79. For me, Adderall = Hell. Any suggestions?
  80. Different tolerances per Amphetamine?
  81. Sleeping Aid's What kind?
  82. Tips of nails are red
  83. Adderall and miserable
  84. Eyesight changes?
  85. Has Anyone Felt That The Physical Effects are what DRIVE the increased focus?
  86. Prescribed 10 mg XR
  87. Time of day to take Adderall?
  88. adderall makes me feel more normal, but i have some issues w/ that
  89. Is taking adrafinil with Adderall IR ok?
  90. Tips for a more mild 'crash'
  91. new here..need some opinions please!!!!!
  92. Adderall to Strattera... Should I even bother?
  93. First Day on Meds
  94. Know what dosage will work how to convince doctor?
  95. adderall tolerance - what are you really becoming tolerant to?
  96. Another side effect-seeing weird things out of the corner of your eye
  97. Just started adderall & feel like I'm losing control... need input
  98. Could Some Side Effects Really be Due to Overbreathing?
  99. How did 60 mg of Adderall XR effect you?
  100. Is an XR pill enough to get you through the whole day?
  101. Is it easier or Harder testing with Adderall?
  102. Adderall Tolerance advice
  103. Adderall + Wellbutrin = Double Boost of Dopamine and NE
  104. THE Viatmin Thread
  105. Does taking a vacation from Adderall help?
  106. when did you make the switch
  107. First day experience
  108. Frightning experience with Adderall XR - Need Support/Advice
  109. Adderall Dosage Curiosity
  110. Question on Half-Life vs. Effectiveness
  111. Adderall NOT Working
  112. i'm not sure if i'm taking adderall .. or xr..
  113. Adderall makes me soo sleepy, is this normal?
  114. back to vyvanse?
  115. Does Addreall make you pee alot?
  116. Adderall for 4 months - memory/response time different
  117. Is this normal, or am I chasing a high
  118. Generic works, brand-name doesn't???
  119. adderall starter dose
  120. Med comparison
  121. Boosting Adderall XR - How Common?
  122. Taking Adderall after 3-4 hours of sleep
  123. Is 20mg of Adderall 2 times a day a normal beginning dose?
  124. Please help, it feels like I'm going through hell
  125. Need my Adderall dose increased, Doctor says 30mg is the max
  126. Pooping a lot?
  127. adderall and bad mood
  128. problem with generic brand or wrong dosage?
  129. Medication feels like?
  130. Does anyone have energy at the end of a day to work out or do martial arts?
  131. If you take 10mg, what do you guys feel?
  132. No problem falling asleep, but waking up after 4-ish hours of sleep?
  133. How Can You Tell if it WORKS?
  134. Generic Adderall XR???
  135. What is the generic name of adderall IR?
  136. Somedays it works and other days I don't know?
  137. Caution mixing Spike energy drink and adderall
  138. Is this how it's supposed to feel?
  139. Adderall + tums result
  140. Oops I'm on generic adderall! (what to do)
  141. Anyone become edgy/shakey?
  142. is it the wrong medication?
  143. Honest straightforward opinions on which is better?
  144. Can we get just Levo (and what do the salts in adderall do when independant?)
  145. Very unsure...
  146. finger and Hand 'cramps' / 'locks' / 'randomness' (open discussion on muscle issues)
  147. Can lack of sleep make meds ineffective?
  148. Anybody have better luck switching from XR to IR?
  149. adderall and cymbalta/effoxor xr?
  150. Ran out 15 days to soon!
  151. Swelling in my head.
  152. Stopping Adderall Cold turkey...
  153. Adderall XR Titration (Starting Dosing)
  154. What about Adderall and citalopam?
  155. does anyone know.....
  156. Have any of you tried Ritalin before?
  157. I feel like it isn't working anymore... :(
  158. Ever have a day when you just don't feel like doing anything and you are on adderall?
  159. Any other males with XYY-Syndrome taking Adderall?
  160. Rebuilding Dopamine/Noreprinephrine
  161. Vyvanse + Adderall?
  162. Vyvanse + Adderall?
  163. Sandoz generic doesn't work??
  164. Adderall + Zoloft = Weirdness
  165. Lots of weirdness...
  166. Effects of Adderral
  167. Back to normal
  168. Sudden mood change
  169. Adderall XR once a day vs adderall IR halved twice a day????
  170. My XRs froze..and shattered!
  171. Could it be VeRTiGo...???
  172. why such a stark difference?
  173. adderall regular vs generic also memory loss
  174. Strange problem with adderall + work
  175. A Couple Questions
  176. Calling Doctor Tomorrow Need Advice!!!
  177. Thirsty as hell
  178. All alone on Adderall
  179. Random Questions about stimulants in general
  180. Adderall and gastrointestinal problems?
  181. any wind instrument players?
  182. Blisters and ADDerall anyone?
  183. Adderall XR (30mg) & Gums,Teeth, Heart
  184. Pain in my butt...literally!
  185. Hypoglycemia
  186. Took Adderall for Granted
  187. Does Vicodin increase Adderall Tolerance?
  188. I want my meds back!!!!
  189. My Brain (A little experiment)
  190. What do I do now ?
  191. 48 hour adderall hangover
  192. Motorcycles and Adderall
  193. Jaw/muscle tension............
  194. Does 5mg make a difference for anyone?
  195. Switching off adderall
  196. Article on caffeine May Attenuate MPTP Neurotoxicity through Dual Actions of Monoamin
  197. CRASHING/Fatuige/Tiredness After Medication Wares Off
  198. How long does it take before you see the full benefits of Adderall?
  199. Are the meds worth the personality change?
  200. adderall & cigarettes
  201. Is it worth it to take Adderall when you're sick?
  202. seroquel to reduce tolerance?
  203. Headaches from adderal??
  204. What's the sweetner in my generic Adderall?
  205. Taming Adderall's "Zombie Effect"
  206. MRI scans on Adderall
  207. How to ask for med switch?
  208. 15mg of XR daily for my adult adhd seems low
  209. Adderall and Sniffling
  210. How many mg's is your daily dosage?
  211. Hungry hungry hippos on Adderall
  212. Adderall and coffee/heart pounding
  213. Nurves in arms tugging
  214. Does XR come in 25mg?
  215. adderall vs. ritalin
  216. I'm not going to die.....right?
  217. Adderal and .. personality. Self. identity.
  218. How Much Do You U Pay For YR Adderall XR???
  219. Define the Adderall XR "rush"
  220. Maybe taking too much at once? Lost the good effects?
  221. **Just started Adderall Generic- 10 mg 2x day-no help
  222. i am pretty freaken mad
  223. Balancing social and nightlife with Adderall?
  224. Quick question
  225. too low dose or maybe need to switch to IR?
  226. Increasing Dosage
  227. question on meds
  228. Cough drops (pectin) for Dry mouth?
  229. Any questions about adderall?
  230. Productive things to do on Adderall "holidays"?
  231. adderall startup
  232. Amphetamine generic?
  233. No Appetite with the Adderall
  234. Adderrall XR Heart pain and Left Arm Tingling. ANY ADVICE???
  235. I hate Adderall, gimme dex
  236. Ways on how to battle tolerance to stimulants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  237. Pains, side effects and discomforts due to the use of stimulants drugs!!!
  238. Ways on how to amplify or increase the effects and benefits of stimulants drugs!!
  239. How to/what to say to ask my doc for Memantine for Adderall Tolerance?
  240. When I take stimulants drugs I feel average person and useful to society but when I d
  241. How your future looks? Do you feel that you are going to be a slave of stimulants all
  242. Who is the person that have take stimulants drug for the longest time?
  243. Top of Hands and Fingers are shiney....Why is this?
  244. adderall before or after food
  245. My experience with Adderall vs Generic
  246. Just took Magnesium Taurate and shortly after Adderall IR -- weird effect
  247. how long does 30 mg xr last for you
  248. Does a high sensitivity to Adderall (at low doses) suggest already low dopamine?
  249. The reasons why I hate adderall
  250. Flush face...