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  1. Yep so I didn't sleep a wink last night
  2. Just took Adderall for first time, some questions about heart rate.
  3. Under the skin blotches on my legs (scary)
  4. Do I have to see my Doctor every month to get a Prescription?
  5. Bad Dreams on Adderall
  6. What is this called?
  7. Adderall Too Good to be True?
  8. Adderall and Sinus headaches.
  9. Can I have whey protein with adderall
  10. Hyperfocus obsessed while on Adderall - anyone else?
  11. Obtaining Adderall Overseas, in Asia
  12. Can someone explain 'hyperfocus' to me?
  13. Has any one experience what I have being experience, during the time of taking stim?
  14. Is Adderall generally a short lived medication?
  15. Silly, slightly embarassing question-
  16. adderall and my appetite
  17. Why would IR work, but not XR?
  18. I think adderall makes me an annoying person
  19. I'm CURED!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. How long does Adderall IR last? Tried SO many sources
  21. Should one limit getting on the computer when taking Adderall?
  22. I took a multivitamin with ADD meds, and it was strange.
  23. help on bad adderall dosing
  24. **What is your Adderall IR dosage- how is it affecting you?**
  25. Anyone take Strattera with their Adderall IR or XR?
  26. I need some help that only you guys can provide
  27. Effects of anxiety on adderall "crash"
  28. Will antidepressants make adderall work less?
  29. QUICK!! I need dosing info for XR
  30. How do you feel the next day BEFORE you take your meds?
  31. Scrared numb feeling in my feet!!
  32. Side Effects
  33. Anyone else on like, 3mg?
  34. sleeping on adderall
  35. Wellbutrin making Adderall ineffective?
  36. Weight Gain from discontinuing adderall XR
  37. Do any of these pills interfere with Adderall?
  38. Bloody nose
  39. After-Effects of Adderall XR - Please help
  40. Sick of peeing in a cup
  41. Please Help! Adderall Induced Insomnia
  42. magnesium at night
  43. Long night? Was it the L-Tyrosine or Chelated Mag with Adderall?
  44. Calves hurt/ache
  45. Pharmacists are clueless about generic adderall XR
  46. Adderall xr and hypertension
  47. EXTREME weight loss on Adderall XR...
  48. re: Adderall and toxicity
  49. adderal brands
  50. Refocusing on Adderall?
  51. Please help my heart is pounding
  52. Help now heart is pounding?!?!?!?!?!
  53. Why would he give me ONE adderall a day?
  54. If you've had hair loss on Adderall or Adderall XR...
  55. Nausea/Vomitting/blood
  56. Hyperactivity on Adderall
  57. Advice on dividing up Adderall XR
  58. finger pain noticed after 3 weeks
  59. Attention to detail on Adderall XR?
  60. If it takes 6+ hours to write a letter do i need more Adderal XR or less?
  61. high adderal dosage+drug tolereance.
  62. Adderall has made me a what do I do?
  63. Incredibly frustrated... advice??
  64. Adderall perscription
  65. Just got a price for Adderall XR generic...
  66. Can adderall IR do this?
  67. adderall + cymbalta
  68. How about Chelated Magnesium Oxide?
  69. adderall and drinking
  70. Adderall and anti-social
  71. Use Adderall First?
  72. Generic Adderal XR is now available.
  73. Can't sleep
  74. Supplementing w/ Coffee
  75. Adderall makes my contacts buuuurn!!!
  76. Assessing my tolerance: 9 months, 8x my initial Adderall IR dose for same effect
  77. lost effectiveness?
  78. why would my doc do this?
  79. Should I ask for more Adderall XR?
  80. opening the capsule
  81. Ritalin VS. Adderall. Which one works better?
  82. Adderal XR dosage question..
  83. Magnesium, Adderall IR, Porn, Libido, Masturbation; can't just "get it over with"
  84. Whey proteins and Adderall= Not good
  85. Adderall + Wellbutrin???
  86. Super irritable, angry, uptight.....
  87. Adderall schedule, timing, privacy, and lifestyle
  88. pregnancy and adderall
  89. Heads Up: Generic Adderall Rebranding
  90. Got my prescription 9 days early! oops
  91. A few Questions! New to Forum
  92. Unusual effects?
  93. Should I worry about these side effects?
  94. Refilling script early
  95. Xr
  96. Sex drive effects
  97. warnings on adderall xr
  98. Seems to be losing effect
  99. I still don't understand this generic crap
  100. XR vs IR - should I tell my doc?
  101. phentermine vs adderall
  102. Taking IR and XR together?
  103. *Long-term Adderall users: please post your dosage progression*
  104. Please help! Would you switch docs if you were me?
  105. How do you know when a dose is too big?!
  106. 30mg IR pill vs. 10mg IR pill
  107. Fingers turning white/numb question
  108. Anyone here see a neurologist for adderall??
  109. New Adderall Script-Can I trade for brand?
  110. New to forum, new to Adderall with lots of questions
  111. New to forum, new to Adderall with lots of questions
  112. Adderall and Gabapentin?
  113. Getting Adderall XR in Mexico?
  114. so I was diagnosed with adhd
  115. magnesium
  116. Why does Adderall make my eyes extremely dry?
  117. Am I chasing an initial transient effect of my body&mind adjusting to adderall?
  118. Recognizing Adderall "overload" & mistaking it for needing another dose?
  119. when do you take your magnesium?
  120. Caffeine Helps Me Concentrate But Not Adderall?
  121. weight loss
  122. Vitamin C and adderall
  123. adderall + xanax???
  124. picked up 5mg IR today
  125. lowering adderall tolerance?
  126. How could I get some more adderall after about a year of not taking?
  127. l-arginine and adderall?
  128. two INTERESTING adderal questions
  129. Hi!
  130. What anti-histamines do you take?
  131. I stopped caffeine intake but it's decelerating adderall
  132. Only 6 hrs before the Zombie visits
  133. Exercise and Nutrition while on Adderall??
  134. Muscle twiches
  135. Hi- New With Question (XP)
  136. Starting Adderall: Who? How? And my family...
  137. Should I eat before or after?
  138. Safe combo?
  139. Adderall makes me fart a lot!
  140. Generic Adderall XR
  141. New with adderall questions
  142. drinks that don't diminish effectiveness (besides water of course)
  143. Adderall with Dexedrine
  144. Refill issues
  145. Barr's generic adderall
  146. Adderall and Lexapro
  147. Going to start taking Adderall
  148. ADDerall confusion
  149. Too much focus and increased habit
  150. Adderall and valium?
  151. BID? QID? etc.
  152. Should I take adderall?
  153. Adderall only seem's to work for an hour then I turn into a zombie
  154. Adderall (I could really use some help)...
  155. Anyone here tried Wellbutrin or Strattera?
  156. Questions for Night Owls
  157. First week on Adderall - Can't tell if I'm on too much or feeling "normal"!
  158. New to Adderall XR
  159. Can you concentrate when your down?
  160. Time for an Adderall Break/Holiday?
  161. 90 Day Supply Mail-In Shiz
  162. Adderall makes me hate everyone and everything. cooool, huh?
  163. Adderall makes my nose oily! What should I take?
  164. Stomach pain/bloating after months of pain-free adderall
  165. Does coffee make you crash harder?
  166. Is the crash normal?
  167. My Day On Adderall XR - Critique, please.
  168. Memory Loss with Adderall?
  169. Cold in the mornings?
  170. Can meds just 'stop' working?! Pls help!
  171. XR to IR dosage question
  172. Gen XR available in H-town.
  173. Adderall and is my dose to high?
  174. Adderall and tired?
  175. How come some days adderall works and sometimes it doesn't?
  176. Adderall and 2D6 enzyme SSRI interaction?
  177. What can I take with adderall to improve mood?
  178. On Adderall for 2 Weeks. Worse?
  179. time to change meds?
  180. Barr Inactive Ingredients?
  181. Sleepiness on Adderall
  182. just diagnosed!
  183. 1 week on adderall and 1st weird day help!
  184. Adderall and Acetylcholine
  185. dying over here
  186. New to Adderall XR generic
  187. Wanting to try a new ADHD medication.
  188. all these supplements??
  189. Adderall- hunger or anxiety?
  190. Adderall in a barr?
  191. Adderall / Wellbutrin combo question.
  192. Why im quitting adderall
  193. CorePharma vs. Barr -- how does it affect you?
  194. Adderall XR and Prozac
  195. Adderall IR dosage question
  196. Comparison of IR's
  197. Barr Generic question ??? Please Answer :)
  198. Recently diagnosed - my weird mellow experience w/ Adderall XR. Should I switch meds?
  199. What am I doing wrong!?
  200. Adderall and Prozac? (woman question)
  201. wheres that coupon?
  202. Am on 4th week of Adderall, doesn't feel effective am I building a tolerance?
  203. My theory on adderall effectiveness
  204. Do you ever have "leftovers"
  205. Negative experiences starting Adderall XR
  206. Has Adderall *not* worked for anyone?
  207. adderall
  208. reset AD....hmmm?
  209. Strange results???
  210. Growing peach fuzz everywhere?
  211. Please help- I'm so tired
  212. Getting a red or flushed face on Adderall
  213. XR stronger in my opinion
  214. Help! Switching to Adderall from Vyvanse, Good Idea?
  215. My 1st adderall epiphony?
  216. new to adderall
  217. Does Adderall compromise the immune system?
  218. Does adderall make you zone out?
  219. is this normal?! please help!
  220. Brand Name Adderall Questions
  221. adderall & long-distance running
  222. How long does Adderall IR stay in your system?
  223. loss of weigtht
  224. Adderall + Allergy medication?
  225. adderall and heartburn?
  226. How to find the right Adderall dose???
  227. New Generic Adderall: Dextroamp-Amphet ER: How are they working for you?
  228. If IR gives me heartburn...would XR?
  229. twitchy side effects with Adderall XR?
  230. I want a scientific journal or paper on differences between adderall and speed.
  231. Adderall and dopamine depletion
  232. Adderall and effect it may have on hair??? Please Help!!!
  233. Adderall = Pain Relief
  234. ...Lessening tolerance?
  235. Physician Script Post Dating?
  236. Please help - recently diagnosed
  237. My generic XR experience
  238. Energetic= too much? or no?
  239. adderall duration in your system?
  240. When should you see changes after starting meds?
  241. 2 new side effects since starting generic XR
  242. Adderall with Pseudoephedrine?
  243. Noticeable difference btw 2x10mg and 20mg?
  244. If you could go back in time..............
  245. Feel an odd sensation in feet when laying down?
  246. Just got prescribed adderall 20mg twice a day.
  247. Anyone take XR twice a day?
  248. Generic BARR adderall side effects
  249. Working out and Adderall
  250. Lunch Time Dose