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  1. Is it possible to get adderall in Europe??
  2. Gagging on Adderal!!!
  3. Increased reaction speed, more social, all around miracle!
  4. 5 months and its losing it's touch
  5. Just got prescribed Adderall XR for ADHD
  6. anyone know if adderall is on any "generic program"
  7. Cooling off, adderall makes me very warm.
  8. How to increase the effectiveness of Adderall
  9. Took Adderall XR yesterday evening, feeling odd this morning? Still take vyvanse?
  10. adderall vs ritalin
  11. Uncontrollable eating and never feeling full when I try to take a break day
  12. should I up my dosage?
  13. An Adderall Treat.
  14. adderall and depression
  15. heart problems mabey
  16. Flying To The US For A Prescription (?)
  17. Supply and Demand: P-Docs and Patients
  18. Have you noticed a difference between Shire and Barr XR?
  19. Another supplements thread (this one is good though)!!
  20. Adderall not working at all
  21. Are we normal now?
  22. Restroom issues due to Adderall
  23. Adderall XR vs non XR generic
  24. magnesium for tolerance
  25. Adderall and Weight Loss
  26. adderall and depression meds
  27. Adderall and Panic Disorder
  28. Pharmacist says there's a Shire generic XR?
  29. Do I really have ADD or am I a full blown drug addict?
  30. can adderall make things worse?
  31. Any adderall discount cards/programs for uninsured?
  32. nausea
  33. Luvox 300 mg - Bupropion 300 mg - Dextroamphetamine 30 mg - should I be opimistic?
  34. adderall and beta blocker
  35. Works for concentration but not hyperactivity?
  36. New to Adderall XR
  37. Need Advice! New to Adderall!
  38. Anyone try dexedrine or vyvanse?
  39. an a-ha moment
  40. Adderal & ED
  41. Experienced users, may I please have your opinion on my regimen?
  42. AD to dp by Barr?
  43. arms fall asleep at night?
  44. New Mem Adderall Q
  45. why is it that...
  46. Taking a summer Adderall break
  47. Finding new Doctor out of state
  48. Wellbutrin has been the culprit!
  49. annoyed with inconsistencies
  50. Anyone else get a bad depressive crash with Adderall?
  51. I hope I don't sound like a crackhead
  52. sudden sickness
  53. Magnesium in the AM with Adderall
  54. Dopamine
  55. Understanding effects of Adderall
  56. Can someone help!
  57. Goodbye Ritalin, Hello Adderall
  58. Adderal XR and sleep
  59. Adderal and intense exercise
  60. Adderall XR: Shire vs Barr PLEASE VOTE!
  61. New to Adderall: Sleep Issues
  62. I'm loving Adderall
  63. Adderall + Blood Pressure
  64. Any conclusions?
  65. Adderall + Contacts
  66. Why is Adderall making my symptoms worse?
  67. Adderall Working Just Fine? Or Ask For Dex?
  68. Adderall XR Questions
  69. when am i supposed to feel different?
  70. The Euphoria From Adderall
  71. First Day on Adderall, is it working?
  72. does this seem like alot
  73. VERY MINOR chest "pains" with adderall?
  74. Can anyone else taste the dopamine?
  75. Flash animation shows how adderall works..
  76. New to adderall weird side effect. please help!
  77. Adderall helping me sleep better...
  78. Oh I am kicking myself so hard
  79. Acidifying urine before I got to sleep
  80. 1st break from Adderall in 10 months -- Withdrawal: worst is over??
  81. Questionable Dr. behavior
  82. thinking about switching to adderall ,need some advice.
  83. Lump in my throat. It's the Adderall huh?
  84. Adderall Side Effects and Crash
  85. Adderall = Swollen Lymph Nodes?
  86. procrastination
  87. Adderall's side effects as a function of electrolyte imbalance - Undervalued?
  88. Heightened Sense of Smell
  89. Eyesight Changes Reversed
  90. My child is being switched to Adderall
  91. A week on Adderall and coming to a realization.
  92. :-( I really need some help, Generic Adderall XR..please :-(
  93. Adderall makes me hungry!
  94. Am I physically addicted to Adderall? Help Please
  95. Huge Dilemma! Need support!
  96. Adderall: correct dose, can't think
  97. Ritalin then Adderall?
  98. everything is so interesting now
  99. Heart racing, dizziness, etc.?
  100. Adderall and Sauna/Steam room?
  101. snorting adderall????
  102. Help please... Picked up my Shire 30mg tablets today and the "AD" turned to "dp"???
  103. Pharmastist wouldn't fill perscription
  104. im ok with it
  105. Damn it...
  106. Kinda confused - Shire, Barr and Teva? Anybody else?
  107. For those who had skin problems...quick help
  108. Does this effect adderall or counteract it?
  109. splitting IR adderall
  110. IR versus XR
  111. Flax seed oil with adderall okay?
  112. Adderall and Alcohol
  113. Why no citric acid? (in elementary terms)
  114. good days and bad days on Adderall?
  115. Mood/emotional (depression) side effects taking Adderall. [Adult with ADD]
  116. Is my script for regular Adderall?
  117. The generic adderall xr does NOTHING for me! Can i request the brand name from my Dr?
  118. XR-IR-NameBrand-Generic-It's All Adderall
  119. Adderall still in system in the morning? Sleep issue/Ambien
  120. Will taking adderall on an empty stomach cause it to wear off faster or last longer?
  121. How to keep Adderall IR going longer...
  122. Does Adderall XR lose its effectiveness over the long term?
  123. adderall
  124. New to the diagnosis and the drug
  125. Doc says Adderall can cure anxiety?
  126. Stopped taking adderall XR...very tired
  127. Adderall effectivness and cigarettes
  128. Adderall No Longer Working - Change Dose or Change Meds?
  129. Adderall Cold Turkey
  130. Switching from adderall xr to concerta
  131. Lower Back Pain
  132. Is Adderall right for me?
  133. Loratadine (Claritin) + Adderall?
  134. Headaches probably resulting from lack of sleep
  135. Who knew? My Adderall XR update
  136. Requesting adderall w/o looking like speed freak
  137. On adderal for about a week now and nothing
  138. adderall and (unusual) panic attacks
  139. First Sleepless Night on Adderall
  140. How much does your heart rate increase?
  141. How can I tell if adderall is working?
  142. the horrible part we all hate COMING DOWN
  143. Obtaining Adderall Rx From New Psychiatrist
  144. Adderall as needed?
  145. I'm just not feelin' it.
  146. Breaking down IR adderall tablet into pieces vs. swallowing 1 tablet whole
  147. Moving to another state...
  148. Is taking adderall dangerous?
  149. My dose is I will get 90 day supplies
  150. Any Alternative When Run Out?
  151. Morning Dose - Not as effective?
  152. Upped the dosage, jittery as a one-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs...
  153. Generica Adderall (not SR or XR etc)
  154. Mood Swings with Adderall XR
  155. Adderall and Zyprexa
  156. Luvox and Adderall
  157. Hey I need you guys help please
  158. adderall and weightloss
  159. Forgetfulness off Adderall
  160. Really confusing problem when taking adderall
  161. How long to expect new side effects to come?
  162. Brand Adderall IR (5mg) Imprint
  163. starting adderall
  164. Adderall is the best thing in the world!!!!
  165. Meds and Anger...Need advice
  166. is it supposed to make you tired?
  167. Impulse control will always be an issue I guess
  168. Adderall makes my eyes hurt!
  169. vyvanse to adderall...whats next?
  170. Adderall 3x a day?
  171. only works on an empty stomach
  172. How was your first day on Adderall?
  173. Does this make sense??
  174. Struggling w/ Adderall, ADHDPI, School:Think I need support group/friend in same boat
  175. How Do You ingest Adderall correctly??
  176. Adderall questions (cost and effectiviness)
  177. Adderall and Heavy Aerobic Exercise
  178. I took it!
  179. Can you help me out? kind of confused here..
  180. woowww
  181. Is this considered abuse?
  182. YIKES- help!
  183. weirddd
  184. Help me find this in the literature, please
  185. question
  186. New 30 mg IR generics?
  187. YIKES! Doubled up on Adderall by mistake
  188. Back slide?
  189. lowered dose
  190. Cardiovascular Disease and Adderall Use
  191. Adderall calming nerves effect
  192. vyanse dose = adderall?
  193. ADD, gone? Or just my brain chemistry.
  194. Lost/Stolen prescription
  195. Once tolerance kicks in
  196. tolerance continuing with switch to adderall xr
  197. I think Adderall may be affecting me negatively
  198. Down-regulation of the alpha-2C adrenergic receptor
  199. How does Adderall XR work exactly?
  200. Adderall XR and Multi-Vitamins
  201. Adderall, Zoloft Love Affair
  202. Adderall as a diagnostic tool?
  203. breakfast
  204. Adderal user - any benefit to supplements like fish oil?
  205. Experiencing MDMA symptoms from Adderall...
  206. Confused ?? Please give me some insight on my Adderall XR dosing
  207. Will Ritalin be a good alternative to Adderall for my case? (anxiety/crashes)
  208. Anyone take Adderall XR with Elavil (Amitriptyline)?
  209. Switched from IR to XR. Questions
  210. Newly diagnosed. Day 1, 10mg adderral xr
  211. CRUD! Missed the boat and now I'm OUT of Adderall XR till Monday.
  212. First week on adderral xr. quick question.
  213. Did adderall make my memory worse??????
  214. why doesn't shire make ir?
  215. Question for the ladies..
  216. I can't swallow pills and have to crush my adderall. Is this dangerous over time?
  217. Adderall + Strattera + Lexapro
  218. Dosage issues with IR
  219. New to Adderall
  220. Possible affect from adderall?
  221. When to Drink my Morning Coffee??
  222. Should I switch from Adderall IR to XR?
  223. Adderall and Anxiety
  224. Adderall + Prozac = palpitations?
  225. Adderall complications?
  226. Approximate cost of Adderall XR
  227. Adderall Question?
  228. Looking too see if anybody can help me??
  229. Tiny Adderall doses
  230. Barr adderall IR 10mg
  231. Nutrition for the brain
  232. add meds and mood
  233. How Much Adderall
  234. Is it safe to sit in the jacuzzi after taking Adderall?
  235. Strange side effect?
  236. Sleeping NON STOP
  237. Someone Stoled My Adderall
  238. Straterra and Adderall similar effects?
  239. Can a doctor prescribe both XR and instant release in the same prescription ?
  240. The 180 I was NOT looking for! HELP!
  241. Adderall XR treatment... 3 weeks later.
  242. Needs some feedback, please?
  243. Barr "brand" adderall = sugar pill
  244. dosing question adderall/dex
  245. IR wear off after 3 hrs?
  246. Urge to smoke...
  247. Is there a more POTENT generic than Barr??!?
  248. Dilated pupils
  249. Simple prescription question
  250. How to find out what Pharmacy carries what..