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  1. The Myths, The Truths, the Unknown (Generics/Brand/ect)
  2. adderall making you hungry?
  3. Confused on dosage...
  4. Urge to pee
  5. Excess facial/body hair? Gross!
  6. Question about switching to Adderall from Bupropion
  7. adderall to vyvanse
  8. Adderall XR--no effect?!!
  9. I need some answers - Bupropion vs Adderall
  10. Is Adderall Even Effective ?????
  11. I am New Adderall User - Would you say it just makes you concentrate and not amped??
  12. 10 mg IR not enough
  13. adderall vs wellbutrin
  14. How long does Adderall XR last for you?
  15. Adderall Manufacturer Change??
  16. just started adderall 10 mg
  17. Back on Meds
  18. Can I take zyrtec with Adderall?
  19. Adderall IR VS XR? Was I doing something wrong?
  20. Is Adderal the same with/without ADD
  21. How long have you been taking adderall? How have you held up on it?
  22. Question about generic XR
  23. Adderall and Bupropion - Good or bad combo?? (Also what dosage?)
  24. I'm gonna start Saturday
  25. My first day, is this normal?
  26. Tapering off Adderall- with or w/o Zoloft?
  27. how do you manage med crash
  28. "too soon" to fill a prescription??
  29. Headache from quitting coffee...
  30. Adderall XR Capsul Half Empty?
  31. 6-7 weeks in to adderall, sleep questions
  32. Does Adderall make you feel emotional?
  33. How come XR does not work for me?
  34. Delayed side effects from Adderall and Vyvanse?
  35. Need some advice w/side effects
  36. Adderall and the good/bad side effects - and question about wellbutrin with adderall
  37. Hungry on Adderall
  38. Help - Need opinion on meds
  39. Does Adderall give you energy or confidence or make you more talkative?
  40. Sleep
  41. Extremely creative
  42. HELP! Need ADHD Dr. in minneapolis area
  43. Clonazepam and Adderall?
  44. Vitamin C supplements and Adderall?
  45. Adderall and Anxiety Attacks
  46. Is this a side effect of adderall?
  47. Just Diagnosed, Adderall is making me ill.
  48. Adderall XR and Insomnia?
  49. Leaving the U.S. and need to take Adderall with me
  50. Are there statistics done about how many people on Adderall...
  51. Want to stop Adderal, any advice?
  52. Who buys Adderall at Sam's Club?
  53. New ADD - Work/Study - Dosage Advice
  54. Can't get out of bed in the morning
  55. Adderall&EnergyDrinks?
  56. Interacting with others (socializing) with & without Adderall
  57. Price Gouging?
  58. Adderall generic brands?
  59. Do I tell my psych I experimented for the sake of seeing whether Adderall works?
  60. Tips on helping the depression crash...
  61. Can I take adderall with fish oil and Phosphatidyl Serine??
  62. Lesson Learned: Hide and Lock Your Medication
  63. SCARY bloodshot eyes, and other eye problems?
  64. Does this mean you don't have ADHD?
  65. Adderall Problem After 3 Years
  66. Has anyone ever done a blind test with different generics/brands?
  67. Anyone accidently taken too much Adderall? Help here
  68. So far so good for 2 weeks in
  69. New here...question about dosage
  70. Adderall and Abilify
  71. Just scripted adderall..
  72. Holy Cow, XR is expensive!
  73. adderall:the verdict
  74. Serotonin syndrome- Long post sorry, I could really use some insight.
  75. combining adderall xr with dexedrine ir
  76. New to adderall and unsure if I should ask my doctor for an increased dosage
  77. How is 90mg "overdosing"??
  78. Is My Adderall Suppose To Do This?!
  79. Tolerance for Extended Release?
  80. Any "old folks" out there wonder if this is good for you?
  81. HATE THE NEW ADDERALL! - Dexedrine Experiences?
  82. Is this tolerance?
  83. New to Treatment: Adderall vs. Concerta
  84. A question for you And some advice from me
  85. How long should I give it?
  86. from XR to twice a day
  87. So I was just prescribed Adderall and I'm a little worried...
  88. (RANT) After two years, dr refuses to fill generic Adderall script
  89. Switched a week ago.
  90. Joining the land of Adderall again tomorrow
  91. a scary thought about long term adderall use
  92. Will this whey protein react with adderall???
  93. Adderall - Rash
  94. $469 for 90 20mg Adderall XR pills
  95. Is my dosage right for me? Having weird side effects
  96. is 5 months too soon to be taking 40 mg a day?
  97. Any one take phosphatidylserine with adderall???
  98. what's the deal with adderall and certain vitamin supplements?
  99. bruising
  100. adderall and acidic
  101. Titration????
  102. Price of Adderall= Holy ****
  103. First Day on Adderall
  104. need adderall XR advice
  105. Adderall and my heart...
  106. I can not even get adderall without ADD drama
  107. Smaller dose causes sleepiness?
  108. Adderall Question
  109. Barr recall of Dextroamphetamine/Amphetamine 20mg Tablets
  110. When is it ok to have a drink or two?
  111. Adderall life changing event
  112. Spacing IR out doses?
  113. Adderal XR and feeling wiped out in the morning
  114. Adderall makes me tired, not helping. What next?
  115. Just diagnosed, not responding well to Adderall
  116. Sore lips and addrerall
  117. How do people NOT take it every weekend?
  118. Multi Vitamin with Adderall Xr
  119. Best med to switch to from Adderall
  120. Newbie - I can't tell if my Adderall is working...
  121. Help Needed - EXTREMELY HIGH TOLERANCE for my "friend" who also has OCD
  122. The adderall food discussion
  123. what happens if you skip a few days/doses of adderall
  124. I am so frustrated
  125. Weird Phenomenon when attempting to take IR
  126. first day on adderall and no change
  127. Adderall + cheese = Wow
  128. Addictive? Hardly.
  129. Confused about new Adderall IR formula - Help Please
  130. I like lemons. I like adderall. Damn.
  131. Adderall and Urinalysis
  132. Don't know if this is against terms of use...
  133. What do you guys/gals do with leftovers?
  134. Two weeks into Adderall. Some questions and my experience.
  135. what drinks you take while on adderall
  136. Am I the Only One Who Likeds Barr Generic XR?
  137. generic brands adderall IR
  138. Scared to switch from Vyvanse to Adderall, please walk me though this..
  139. Adderall and hormones/glands...anyone know about this?
  140. Just thought i'd share! (Kinda long)
  141. Could I have experienced the symptoms of Angina or something more serious?
  142. Can't tolerate ADD stimulant meds (acid reflux) - adderall is the worst
  143. Adderall not helping with racing mind.
  144. Is Adderall IR officially dead?
  145. No Idea What to Do....
  146. Talk talk talk!
  147. Adderall crash issues
  148. Brand Version Adderall IR- New Formula-Please help
  149. Why does Adderall make my eyes blood shot?
  150. What Pharmacies carry generic Sandox/Eon Labs version of 30mg generic adderall?
  151. international travel... can i bring adderall?
  152. First time user, questions?
  153. Adderall twitches on Lips and Nose
  154. 1st week on Adderall moving from Vyvance
  155. Do side-effects diminish over time? (particularly nervousness/insomnia etc)
  156. Trying Adderall now & frustrated! - MONSTER headache and ZONED! does it get better?
  157. Adderall and corticosteroids
  158. New to Adderall, and having a problem.
  159. I need advice! Should I make the switch to amphetamins?
  160. Is it ok to exercise while Adderall is in your system?
  161. Adderall and Depression?
  162. Finding the "Right med" help
  163. Please Help!
  164. Medication Interaction
  165. Antidepressants block amphetamine medications?
  166. Poor Sleep In The Morning
  167. How often do you take drug vacations? (Confused about mine)
  168. Adderall & Prostate, How many have this problem?
  169. Doctor needed
  170. 10 mg Adderall XR HELP!!!!
  171. How do you get yourself to eat?
  172. XR Prescription Question
  173. 2nd Day on Adderall XR 20mg - shortness of breath
  174. adderall xr, twice a day
  175. Actavis generic d-amphetamine?
  176. Timing of medication
  177. Bone desity problem while using medication
  178. How do you get yourself to focus on desired item?
  179. Adderall questions and concerns...
  180. Adderall XR 10 mg update
  181. Adderall/ Weight loss
  182. New PDOC says "NO ADDERALL FOR YOU"
  183. It's not working!
  184. help! Adderall xr questions- im new to this medicine!
  185. Im ****ed
  186. How do you prevent water intoxication from happening when on Adderall?
  187. Just starting on Adderall
  188. Generics: Sandoz and "Ranba" -- ????
  189. Anyone w/ a security clearance here? need advice
  190. Adderall + Anxiety and Sleep Issues
  191. Adderall caused boy's death?
  192. Adderall and moving to asia
  193. Adderall XR poll (dose and duration)
  194. does adderall come in 15mg tab?
  195. WOW How can this be?
  196. My initial experience on Adderall
  197. Adderall and Strattera combined
  198. Is this the euphoria?
  199. Looking for friends on Adderall in San Francisco
  200. What to Eat for Effective Adderall Absorption
  201. Big price differance between large chain stores and small pharmacy.
  202. Is Barr Generic Adderall IR Gluten Free?
  203. Your experience with XR Vs. IR?
  204. Almost a far, so good!
  205. Is it working?
  206. tired on adderall, hungry from multivitamin
  207. How do you feel about Barr's generic IR Adderall? Like? Hate?
  208. Adderall Dramz
  209. Adderall is the best thing ever created
  210. Discouraged with Adderall
  211. Switching from Adderall to XR
  212. Welcome back buffering system!
  213. questions about adderall
  214. Very Upset!!
  215. Shaky hands...
  216. I'm an ADDer again and I am only a madman desultorily.
  217. Just started taking Adderall
  218. Adderall and Anxiety
  219. aching/other side effects help
  220. Has anyone tried these supplements?
  221. I'm on Adderall and adding Paxil...anybody have experience?
  222. i think am dependent but on a different way
  223. new to this
  224. Mood Swings....
  225. Infestation of itching problems
  226. How do you manage when Adderall isn't as effective as it should be?
  227. Acidic Blood from Barr amphetamines
  228. Two Weeks of Adderall--Insights and Cocerns
  229. Adderall crash experiences
  230. Taking doses too close together...
  231. How much does Adderal XR cost?
  232. Why is my skin getting WORSE off of Adderall?
  233. Moved to UK and have to switch to Dex from Adderall. Advice plz!
  234. someone give me a hand
  235. Confused about eating on adderall! HELP!
  236. Old adderall IR pills slightly weaker
  237. Can adderall work if Vyvanse did not?
  238. Does it matter when you take it?
  239. Adderall XR not lasting very long
  240. Adderall; where once it was a miracle, now is anything but...
  241. Why is adderall so popular?
  242. Anyone done an internship?
  243. This really sucks!
  244. I'm kinda scared
  245. Newbie here =) Anyone did the master cleanse diet while taking Adderall and Lamictal?
  246. How to avoid dose escalation?
  247. anyone using just for week days?
  248. Is my heart rate normal?
  249. Why all of a sudden such a hard/horrible adderall crash?
  250. I think I am worse!!