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  1. Bumpy road 3rd week in
  2. Dexedrine versus Adderall
  3. adderall xr or vyvanse but with ssri & klonopin?
  4. Adderall question
  5. Tired and hungry
  6. Adderall buildup in body can cause death
  7. Has anyone been on/had xp with a combination?
  8. Could XR be my problem? I'm requesting to change to IR.
  9. New to addreall
  10. sandos adderall weak-causing headaches!
  11. Any suggestions? I just keep going further and further downhill
  12. Timeline of Events after 20mg-30mg Increase
  13. Filling ADD Med Prescriptions
  14. Just not feeling right
  15. Double aderall dose please help
  16. Bad day of my life. Took Zoloft without being told.
  17. Does adderall-induced brain fog go away with time?
  18. Has anyone ever taken 3 aderall xr 25 mg at one or ove the course of 3 hours
  19. Well, that didn't take long....
  20. Adderall xr to adderall ir
  21. 7 mo in things change
  22. wow, poets/writers on Adderall
  23. Add'ers unite to create our own society..ideas?
  24. adderall and klonopin
  25. Adderall and Addictive Tendancies
  26. about to throw all this dam meds in the trash....
  27. I might have made a huge mistake with my script!
  28. Tried the Sandoz today, wow it is better.
  29. Very cold feet
  30. Effects of Adderall Induced Stress
  31. First time getting 90-day rx - did the doctor fill it out correctly?
  32. Does Adderall make you smell?
  33. Any of you do cardio excercise?
  34. Just started Adderall
  35. Switching to Dexedrine
  36. 1st day, shaking eyes?
  37. anxiety issues
  38. Can adderall just stop working?
  39. Adderall and Paxil
  40. what antidepressant works best with adderall?
  41. Heads Up! Another generic version of Adderall XR is now out on the market
  42. Adderall anxiety -- XR vs IR?
  43. Why is Adderall working so well for me
  44. IR or XR question
  45. first days on adderall -> adhd symptoms increased?
  46. need to fill my Adderall prescription but...
  47. Vitamin C and adderall
  48. unwarranted discrimination
  49. Adderall XR less effective than before?
  50. Adderall or Ritalin
  51. just started adderall xr 10mg
  52. Serious Paranoia
  53. My Newest Cocktail. A Godsend.
  54. adderall xr online and/or overseas
  55. Help! So tired!
  56. Help! Adderall is killing my social life!
  57. Good article on generic Adderall developments
  58. Doctor "no longer" prescribing IR, switch to XR?
  59. Dosage Question (long)
  60. Just started on adderall and getting bad headaches
  61. Anything similar to Adderal XR 30 mg? Insurance won't pay for pre-existing condition
  62. What vitamins shoud I take with adderall IR to increase effect.
  63. Latest thoughts/questions about Adderall.
  64. some direction would be nice - buspar + Adderal
  65. Why are these side effects just now showing up?
  66. Cant stand Teva's generic Adderall XR
  67. Can too high a dose of Adderall make ADD worse?
  68. Does Adderall make your face turn red/flush and get dry?
  69. a few questions about adderallXR
  70. brimonidine drops for red / dry eyes?
  71. Should I just give up?
  72. Tired of this rollercoaster..
  73. A couple of dumb question about Adderall XR.
  74. Amount of Adderall Prescribed
  75. Does Adderall hurt your social life
  76. Adderall Help
  77. Adderall max days?
  78. Adderall and Vitamin C = me freaking out really bad?
  79. Don't know if adderall is working...
  80. How can I put on weight?!?!
  81. Weird Possible Side Effects?
  82. How Long Does it Take to Notice Adderall Working
  83. Adderall and cigarettes.... would Wellbutrin help???
  84. Should I be concerned with slow growth in my 9YO son?
  85. Mixing Generic with/ Name Brand...
  86. Adderall and anxiety
  87. Ritalin stopped working, switching to Adderall
  88. switch from Dexedrine to Adderal?
  89. Switching from IR to XR
  90. another generic version of XR coming soon...
  91. Will ALL side effects go away once off Adderall? (Fed up)
  92. Adderall effects on face/skin (rosacea symptoms/dryness/enlarged pores/flaking?)
  93. Proof
  94. Stratter and Adderall XR
  95. how do you feel about adderall??
  96. Foods that Interact with Adderall XR
  97. Switched back from generic XR to name brand XR. There's a difference.
  98. Barr nationwide recall Amphetamine 20mg Tablets - Only lot 311756
  99. Barr Amphetamine Questions
  100. After 2 yrs off stim/back on= not the same success
  101. Is my body telling me to "hold up" on taking more adderall?
  102. Adjusting to Adderall
  103. The new adderall
  104. Sleeeeeepy :(
  105. Sandoz Adderall XR
  106. Inner anxiety worsened. Visible anxiety improved.
  107. What now? New diagnosis and medication
  108. Finding the right does is driving me crazy.
  109. does adderall cause you to be antisocial?
  110. Do tics go away while on meds?
  111. Not being able to find words...
  112. Weaker from generic brand or from Paxil?
  113. Adderall vs. Dexedrine
  114. Adderall Tolerance...Help!!!
  115. side effects of generic amphetaine salts
  116. Tip: Eating disorder with Adderall
  117. Generic XR... Wow
  118. So, I just got bumped up from 20mg to 60mg
  119. adderall 12.5mg?
  120. Adderall XR: Use when needed or use daily?
  121. Is generic adderall still called Adderall?
  122. Some Side effects of adderall
  123. Recently diagnosed, questions about multivitamin and general adderall IR
  124. Breakfast foods
  125. Adderall -my downfall
  126. Adderall and sex drive
  127. Adderall XR 30 mg by Shire
  128. Breakfast neutralizes effect?
  129. Weird observation...coincidence maybe?
  130. allergies - does your adderall affect them?
  131. Adderall Generic 20mg IR
  132. Is there a consensus on Adderall and metabolism?
  133. 31/m, just got script for Adderall
  134. Shire Adderall ROCKS~Boo Barr
  135. After two months of daily use, I'm still having diarrhea
  136. Generic Brand Debate
  137. Best medicine for impulsiveness?
  138. Low body fat/weight interaction with amp.?
  139. Is the sacrifice worth the risk,(better mom with/w/o)
  140. new to adderall
  141. Where have you found alternatives to Barr generics?
  142. First time on Adderall - can't concentrate? and much more
  143. question about adderall ir?
  144. ADDERALL AND SKIN!!!!! terrible drying and wrinkling!
  145. intensely sensitive when viewing dark films
  146. adderall and abilify for adhd
  147. drug holiday like detox???
  148. How much drugs are too much?
  149. Sensitivity to Sun from Adderall???
  150. question about adderall
  151. Slapping on tons of VASELINE to my face before a Adderall dose? (2stop moisture evap)
  152. Minor Anxiety during use.
  153. Increasing/managing dosage?
  154. Anyone find that their second daily dose is never as effective as their first?
  155. Smaller dose more effective?
  156. Personality change
  157. medical background check?
  158. Preventing dizziness
  159. Just started Adderall IR...Can you please tell me if this is right?
  160. Amphetamine Salts Prescription Question
  161. here we GO! my name is erin
  162. What are the "rules" to taking Adderall IR?
  163. Adderall Vacation
  164. i cant believe it....generic vs brand
  165. Opened Adderall XR capsule = Adderall IR?
  166. What happens if you go off Adderall for a week?
  167. Corepharma IR to Generic Barr IR... blah!
  168. Adderall IR & XR shortages for 2010 through 2012
  169. Supplements with Adderall/other meds?
  170. Vent on abuse
  171. Don't like this (generic) adderall
  172. Generics: Ok seriously?
  173. Which pharmacy carries Sandoz Eon in New Jersey??
  174. First does of Adderall, also taking Buspar, Wellbutrin and Topamax
  175. Generic Adderall Comparison POLL
  176. changes in hair growth patterns
  177. Caffeine causing a very 'interesting' counter-stimulation effect
  178. new to Adderal XR and adult ADHD - will this get better?
  179. need adderall ir advice,please??
  180. Newb questions, but hopefully you'll forgive me!
  181. I thought I would give it one more shot...
  182. Adderall + Chronic sugar addiction
  183. Where to get Sandoz/Eon??
  184. anybody been told Adderall is backordered/unavailable?
  185. My Blood Pressure drops on Adderall. Please advise.
  186. Global Pharmaceutical Generic Adderall XR??
  187. Adderall IR causing fatigue, no motivation! What next?
  188. new to meds and adderall for my 8 year old
  189. Adderall cost and insurance
  190. Is there anything AT ALL that I can drink with adderall besides water????!!!
  191. How I've experienced success with Adderall
  192. Easiest Potentiators Are
  193. Insurance will pay for Brand name Adderall XR but not the generic????
  194. Help! New to Adderall, Problems
  195. Are my other meds interfering?
  196. adderall xr and allergies - i am miserable when it wears off!
  197. I Feel Like I'm in a Dream...
  198. Questions! Can't really get a straight answer
  199. switch from IR to many MGs?
  200. Adderall is the best and worst thing that ever happened to me.
  201. super nervous to take adderall for the first time
  202. Do Not Mix L-Tyrosine with Adderall!
  203. Testicle dull ache 'only' when taking Adderall
  204. Why am I very social at first then get antisocial???
  205. why do i get so tired on adderall???
  206. pills not working? getting high?
  207. New to the forum and Adderall - no effects - would appreciate help!
  208. How much Adderall to offset Seroquel fatigue.
  209. Generic Barr Adderall 20mg Tabs - Recall from RiteAid
  210. Ever feel guilty or ask yourself why am I taking Adderall?
  211. Prolongation of heart beats as Adderall tapers off?
  212. Hey I am new.... answers please
  213. Why is Corepharma generic Adderall different from other generics
  214. OOPS! Took two pills.
  215. Deja Vu, geesh. Anyways Caffeine vs. L-Tyrosine on potentiation.
  216. Does adderall make you use the restroom
  217. just started adderall ir 12.5mg-need advice!
  218. does it take a while to get used to adderall??
  219. how long those it take to get off Addrall?
  220. I think this might be it!
  221. New Adderall Scrip - Not feeling anything but a comedown
  222. Why is this JUST NOW becoming a problem??!? Random nausea, etc...
  223. Many Concerns...
  224. Death total from Addrall??
  225. Adderall XR Shortage/Backordered
  226. Boston/MA residents..anything other than Barr?
  227. Extreme Fatigue after eating sugary foods
  228. Anyone taking adderell find that you're talking a lot more..
  229. What's the danger in storing Adderall XR in cold temperature?
  230. Body buzz
  231. IR v XR and insomnia
  232. adderall XR after 3 weeks is not working as well, up dosage?
  233. Do I need a higher dosage of Adderall XR??
  234. What is after adderall and straterra?
  235. Adderall every day?
  236. Just got brand name adderal, 10 ir, blue with "dp" imprint
  237. my story + Adderall diary
  238. After 3 weeks of nothing can i up my dose?
  239. went to the dr. today adderall and celexa
  240. Adderall troubles
  241. Sandoz Generic Adderall IR in St. Louis, Mo
  242. one week on adderall-need input?
  243. Advice on Dosage
  244. i keep losing weight even though i eat a lot
  245. Can fish oils interfere with Adderall?
  246. lifting on adderall, strained rib cage
  247. Generic or Real XR?
  248. Should I call the Dr.??
  249. Quick Question!!!!
  250. Alcohol and adderall