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  1. do I have ADHD?
  2. difference between xr and ir
  3. Best cold medicine to take- on Adderall??
  4. How long until I notice that Adderall starts working?
  5. Adderall + Too Much Sleep = Brain Fog???
  6. Another question (or 2)
  7. Shire says they're manufacturing XR generic for Impax(Global), Teva, and Sandoz
  8. Last question, I promise.
  9. Extensive Q & A from a specialist with 20 year experience (ADD and Stimulants)
  10. Scientific dose conversion (approximate) between Stimulants
  11. New Diagnosis-question about adderrall
  12. List of alkalizing, acidifying food / drinks and their effect on how amphetamine work
  13. Quick question about my Adderall(s)
  14. Mixing Medications & Adderall Complications
  15. Sandoz Generic is Great!
  16. Love Adderall; Hate Side Effects-- options?
  17. After adderall wears off, help?
  18. sandoz adderall
  19. What if non-ADHD person takes Adderall regularly?
  20. ??? what is this feeling???
  21. dr upped from 20mg XR to 30mg XR - relaxed or tired?
  22. Simple solution to the Acidic-Food problem (if on IR, that is)
  23. How do you know if your dossage isn't right or if it's the brand?
  24. I Have ADHD New To Adderall, Need advice..
  25. Dont know whats going on
  26. Need help finding ADD med from 1998-2000
  27. Wow So many Newbies today!!
  28. scattered again
  29. 30 MG Adderall XR = ? MG Adderall IR
  30. Magnesium limits tolerance to Adderall?
  31. Addicted to Amphetamines?
  32. My Generic Adderall IR Brand Review - I've had Corepharma, Barr, Sandoz in past 3 mo.
  33. Is this feeling normal?
  34. ADD and Epilepsy, sleep paralysis
  35. monster milk the night before adderall makes it work WAY stronger
  36. How do you know when you are taking too much?
  37. Flushed Reactions & Taking a Break?
  38. Will birth control help with Adderall issues?
  39. triple bead technology may be back on!!
  40. Adderall and painkillers?
  41. newbie switching from Ritalin
  42. Anyone know a pharmacy chain that stocks Adderall IR 7.5mg?
  43. Adderall IR Information
  44. Anything OTC to lower anxiety with adderall??
  45. Adderall & Dehydration
  46. Medication questions? (antidepressants and adderall?)
  47. Adderall IR vs. XR - your experiences?
  48. Adderall & Sleep
  49. Genetric addreall
  50. Adderall XR Generic in Los Angeles
  51. Does honey affect effectivity of Adderall?
  52. Running out of Adderall Xr & wellbutrin
  53. adderall and the effect
  54. Getting Shire Adderall XR
  55. sandoz/eon in boston area
  56. How do you know if Adderal XR is working??
  57. Tolerance and dependence questions
  58. Allergic Reaction? Possibly? AM I GOING TO DIE
  59. Adderall does wonders...but I have my concerns.
  60. New to adderall.. A few observations and questions.
  61. Cannot find Sandoz/Eon in the Indianapolis area. Please help.
  62. A couple of questions.
  63. adderall and vitamin D???
  64. not taking adderall=crap
  65. From Vyanse to hopefully Adderall
  66. New here - back on Adderall
  67. Adderall XR 30 mg + Zoloft 300 mg - Any comments?
  68. Adderall VS Dexedrine: Male sexual side-effects
  69. Multivitamin Interaction
  70. Differences between brands -- all in your head?
  71. Adderall + antacids??
  72. My month trial with adderall ir!
  73. One Pupil More Dilated Than The Other
  74. Just started Adderall, but it becoming less effective already!!!
  75. Adderall and chest pains
  76. New here. Question re: Adderall/Anti-depressant/Xanax
  77. On Adderall XR with no insurance... Who makes what?
  78. Dextroamp-amphet prices
  79. Has anyone else experienced an Adderall "Crash?"
  80. Official Adderall XR Timeline 8/2004-12/2009
  81. Adderall and Birth Defects?
  82. New and taking Adderall- questions please help
  83. Adderall and Cold Weather
  84. How much is really in an XR capsule?
  85. "Freezing" and "Hot" Extremities- switch on/off
  86. Mixing different stimulants harmful/beneficial or Personal Opinion?
  87. Do I really have ADD? Or socially retarded?
  88. Runny nose?
  89. Purple-Blue Tinged Skin?
  90. Adderall and Insomnia
  91. adderall and anger?
  92. adderall & lithium?
  93. Taking Adderall BEFORE you get up in the morning?
  94. Adderall works wonders for me
  95. Hallucinations
  96. Recent ADD, 1st week on Adderall, no effect
  97. decided to take a break... not a good idea
  98. The best SSRI to take with Adderall/Dexedrine
  99. Adderall XR & Chocolate Milk
  100. Shire conversions: Adderall-Vyvanse-D-Amp
  101. xr 30mg - is that what's making me tired?
  102. Being serious is depressing and boring
  103. adderall & bipolar
  104. pharmacy price hopping and brand change
  105. Dry Mouth
  106. Eye side effects
  107. Anyone go from concerta to adderall?
  108. If you had a choice: Adderall or Dex?
  109. Increased pulse/blood pressure
  110. adderall xr and ir
  111. ADD meds duration not lasting very long?
  112. Dosage Poll
  113. Adderall XR Not Covered in Canada
  114. Brand new to Adderall, and an aspiring med school applicant
  115. New Adderall XR+
  116. Brand change strange effects
  117. Appetite stimulant???
  118. Saw the doctor today...
  119. substituting ritalin during an adderall break
  120. Will Government Healthcare push insurers in dropping Adderall from the co-pay list?
  121. reduce effect until new prescrip? going without is very bad
  122. question about adderall dosing?
  123. Alcohol and Adderall (Not Illegally)
  124. Side effects Adderall
  125. Another Adderall/Wellbutrin thread.
  126. Adderall dosing
  127. 5 year old son began treatment for his adhd adderall xr 5mg
  128. Restarting treatment after about a to approach?
  129. Generic Addreall on long term back order?
  130. Filling a lost adderall script after doc replaced it.
  131. Adderall questions
  132. Adderall & Anxiety (offset drug?)
  133. Anyone have success with Barr Adderall?
  134. Itchy all over...
  135. Difference between Ritalin and Adderall?
  136. cash price vs insurance price
  137. Has anyone had any nausea with Adderall XR?
  138. should it work on the 1st day?
  139. Worried about taking stimulant, xanax, and Ambien
  140. Found a great comedown herb
  141. Will this mellow out
  142. Looking for Sandoz/Eon Adderall in the Dallas area
  143. Is adderall legal in Italy?
  144. Help with EXTREME symptoms
  145. Four days ago I was sensitive to adderall, now it does absolutely nothing...
  146. Adderall and brain damage??
  147. IMPAX labs product info for their generic Adderall XR
  148. Adderall Withdrawal... is the worst
  149. How to prevent side effects
  150. Long-term memory problems...
  151. I'm pretty happy with Adderall, but should I try something else?
  152. i dont understand....
  153. On Adderall for 6yrs - worried about heart, anyone have success going off it?
  154. Adderall and muscle cramps and pulls
  155. Can't Sleep
  156. Adderall and cold medicine/decongestants?
  157. Adderall is available in Canada?
  158. NOW WHAT? Adderall causing brain pressure!
  159. Used to love Adderall..
  160. Question about high & low dosing stimulants.
  161. Insurance Issues & Adderall - Suggestions Needed
  162. Gastric bypass patient needs HELP
  163. Adderall and Lexapro Question
  164. first day on adderall xr, crushing headache
  165. Dr mandated Drug Holidays/need your experience
  166. I quit sweating the small stuff. Anybody else notice this?
  167. CorePharma & Ranbaxy Labs.
  168. New here...adderall xr how long 2 take effect?
  169. Do SSRIs reduce the efficiency of Dexedrine or Adderall?
  170. Please help, why do I feel like a robot on adderall??
  171. Help, having issues with adderall
  172. Adderall xr..insant effect possible?am i crazy?
  173. Experiment with Adderall
  174. Is relaxation possible?
  175. Clearity and peace at last........*new*
  176. Questions about Adderall Tolerance
  177. New Fish here.....adderall dosage for adults question
  178. Adderall or stay unmedicated?
  179. Hydration cured my side effects
  180. Vitamins - tell me what you think
  181. talking to doc about afternoon bootser
  182. L-Tyrosine during Adderall breaks?
  183. Paranoid or justafiably concerned?
  184. Does anyone order Adderall through Mail Order?
  185. Any feelings of guilt and selfishness?
  186. just started taking adderall, concerns on side effects
  187. Adderall XR release questions
  188. Sandoz little effect, now what?
  189. mag doing me no good?
  190. Adderrall XR dosage
  191. Adderall First week approaching..normal?
  192. Adderall and cigarette craving..
  193. Not "Tolerance" But "Spotty Days?"
  194. First week on Adderall... and absolutely hating it! anyone else?
  195. ADD/ADHD Read Me! - Adderall comedown - Serious Side Effects? Horrible Comedowns.
  196. Switching from Adderall XR to Desoxyn
  197. Aggression
  198. Kaiser and Brand Adderall XR
  199. Global Pharmaceutical Generic Adderall XR
  200. ADDERAL...normal for some days to feel no effect at all? HELP
  201. How Not To Become Tolerant.
  202. What to do about a lost prescription?
  203. Hi, question about adderall
  204. Not getting desired effects with Adderall
  205. sleep
  206. WOah try this if your dose is wearing off too soon
  207. What the Hell, Already Losing Potency? HELP!!
  208. Adderall VS Dexadrine for social life??
  209. my first day on adderall. I've got questions peeps!
  210. every day or when needed? xr or ir?
  211. Any experience w/ CVS/Global Pharm generic Adderall?
  212. good..but need help!!
  213. Adderall XR reaction-need input
  214. Adderall with theanine???
  215. Diarrhea while on!
  216. focus and motivation...
  217. adderall-no appetite what to do
  218. 30mg amphetamine salts similar to the 'bad' pink ones
  219. Weird Side Effect
  220. any1 take Adderall every other day?
  221. Anyone take Adderall as needed?
  222. what do you eat when you're taking adderall...?
  223. yet another tolerance question...does stress/exercise affect the effect?
  224. Adderall XR suddenly not working....
  225. Adderall XR 5mg (Global pharm generic) = WEAK
  226. Adderall xr loosing its effect? Please help!
  227. Anyone else work nights - need advice on dosing please
  228. 60 mg of Adderrell + 20 mg of Lexapro
  229. Adderall, Wellbutrin and Efficacy
  230. Adderall Withdrawal Fatigue
  231. Adderall 90mg and insurance
  232. Recently diagnosed with ADHD on Adderall, questions!
  233. Adderall makes me suck at chemistry- help!
  234. adderall makes me forget to breathe??
  235. Sneeze and prostate hurts?
  236. Hands swelling...
  237. My Adderall exp...
  238. Just prescribed adderall xr 20mg
  239. Easily ticked off!
  240. Adderall
  241. Glassy, Red Eyes?
  242. Curious to know....
  243. damn! I miss my strawberries~ lol
  244. Help, I Need A New Drug
  245. Would exercising while on Adderall cause over-stimulation?
  246. UK med regulation and Adderall
  247. Adderall vs. Vyvase question regarding High Blood Pressure and other things...
  248. Dear Adderall Nausea Sufferers
  249. Bad mornings! Anyone else?
  250. Transitioning Productivity