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  1. Diet Myths and Realities W/Adderall
  2. Eye twitching
  3. Long term use of Adderall and weight gain
  4. First thread: vitamins and supplements
  5. Why does adderall make you say things you normally wouldn't say?
  6. Anyone else uncomfortable around children with their meds?
  7. Best Med to take with adderall with elast ammount of side effects (Anxiety)
  8. What do you think.... (medical marijuana)
  9. XR and IR
  10. dextro and levo? personal opinions on the benefits
  11. Dosage? What is the norm?
  12. Adderall=high BP! Exercise can I?
  14. Will these side effects fade?
  15. Should we change the forum "ADDERALL" to "M.Amphetamine Salts SR"?
  16. Adderall doing Effexor??
  17. Adderall and Vicodin?
  18. BEST foods with Adderall XR and worst.......
  19. Started Adderall Today
  20. How time changes nothing..
  21. Anyone here have DSPS as well as ADHD?
  22. 2nd Day On Generic Adderall
  23. Adderall in high stress situations
  24. Digestion problems
  25. Vits & OJ/breakfast?
  26. Adderall VS. Nothing -Communication Issues?
  27. Freezin' toes!
  28. Adderall makes me type faster!
  29. Adderall vs. Focalin?
  30. Received Corepharma instead of Barr
  31. Dex to Adderall???
  32. Adderall & Ritalin
  33. Positive Corepharma Experiences
  34. what foods and meds?
  35. how long dose your dose last
  36. Sandoz experience
  37. Adderall did not show up in my drug test???
  38. Tolerance question
  39. Why Does Adderall Make Me want to Study?
  40. Adderall makes me want to smoke?
  41. Taking Adderall IR
  42. Adderall makes me tired and very hungry
  43. So... It's supposed to last 24+ hours?
  44. why is Adderall available in such large dose forms?
  45. Grinding My Teeth- Help!
  46. Adderal and food?
  47. Took Adderall for FIRST time and feel NOTHING! WHY?!?!
  48. Need Help finding EON LABS generic adderall
  49. Speedy Metabolism?
  50. one pupil bigger than the other.
  51. Much Easier Med-Holliday (Lower Tolerance!) READ
  52. Has you taken Adderall &Dexedrine
  53. Confused about generic adderall, help please!
  54. Adderall and creativity
  55. Who refilled with Sandoz/Eon this month?
  56. Switched from Ritlin IR to Adderall XR Today
  57. New to Adderall, and I need a fellow artist's opinion.
  58. Sandoz Adderall
  59. taking cymbalta or pristiq with adderall
  60. Does anyone know?
  61. Adderall Comedown
  62. Terrified of my "old self", i.e., me without Adderall.
  63. Mallinckrodt generics! NDC number so you can special order!
  64. Switched from Vyvanse to Adderall XR, etc.
  65. Too high of a dose?
  66. Adderall.. Vitamins & food mixtures?? side effects of the norm?
  67. SCT - Adderall + Wellbutrin - Feedback/Suggestions Anyone?
  68. Help. Want to Sleep!? Adderall + Ambien?
  69. Should I lower or increase the dosage? Help!
  70. I've developed TERRIBLE brain lock/fog and I'm starting a new job soon. Help!
  71. I need help tooooooooooo D:!!! Should I take another 30mg?
  72. concerta to adderall
  73. anyone experience this side affect with Adderall?
  74. Any vegans on Adderall?
  75. Hello! Switching from IR to ER
  76. Adderall Effects
  77. Pink Adderall --- i need my Rx re-written!! what to tell the Dr. (or should i?)
  78. Varying strength
  79. How has it effected your relationships?
  80. Ever feel Adderall XR lasting you for more than one day?
  81. Adderall response timing
  82. Drug Holiday or switch to Dex?
  83. Adderall IR vs wrong RX
  84. trialing adderall sleepy
  85. Adderall helped induce panic attack?
  86. Adderall Withdrawal Symptoms
  87. New to Adderall..have some issues
  88. *SORRY GRAPHIC* Vommiting, High Blood Pressure?HELP!
  89. Desperate please where Adderall???
  90. my 3rd day on Adderall...
  91. Adderall and Sleep?
  92. Took my first dosage a few hours ago..what an effect!
  93. It's been a while but I am back on Adderall
  94. Experience retaking adderall XR!
  95. Adderall = Candy
  96. adderall with st johns wort???
  97. Being In Control
  98. Will adderall ir work for me?
  99. Questions about mood swings, etc.
  100. adderall xr or adderall ir
  101. Been taking Adderall IR for a month now
  102. Predated Adderall Prescription Refill
  103. Why the hell is generic Adderall XR so expensive???
  104. HATE barr
  105. 1 Week After 10mg XR. Here's how life has changed.
  106. Adderall efficacy over time (years)?
  107. Adderall tiring my heart? lowered blood pressure
  108. $13 for my adderall at Target!
  109. Insurance question
  110. Dr. in NYC/Brooklyn?
  111. Adderall Rebounding after being on it for 1.5 years
  112. venturing up in dosage
  113. Should I stop asking for "BRAND NAME XR" and is there still a difference?
  114. 1 week of use - Adderall is not working
  115. Strange Question-Can Adderall HELP with Social Anxiety?
  116. Anyone taking Lexapro with Adderall?
  117. Those On Adhd Meds Need To Stay Active!
  118. Adderall and Citalopram, please help!!!
  119. A Question About Side Effects.
  120. Thought it was the Adderall, but could these effects be from Lamictal withdrawal?
  121. What should I do? My friend on adderall is going crazy -- paranoia, hallucinations
  122. Is there a relation between Adderall sensitivity and your drug/perscript history?
  123. How long until you notice effects?
  124. CVS mixing brand name XR with generics?
  125. Adderall ups and then in between downs READ :)
  126. Getting Adderall at Kaiser
  127. Want to continue adderal but...
  128. Vitamin Recommendations
  129. Are there any things I should avoid while taking Adderall?
  130. why adderall is sedating ? info Worth sharing
  131. took my first dose of adderall xr monday.....
  132. Adderall and I....
  133. New to ADD and Adderall, some concerns.
  134. Food interfering with adderall?
  135. better diet pill then a focus pill
  136. New to adderall please help me!
  137. What's the new Old Adderall?
  138. Health insurance and ADD/Adderall
  139. Are name brand Adderall Tablets still available?
  140. Adderall by body weight?
  141. 30mg of Adderall XR
  142. Dextro-Ampehetamine vs Adderall
  143. Best Dosage/Combination for school and then homework afterschool
  144. I'm so confused
  145. Sandoz/Eon generic in western pennsylvania?
  146. Adderall XR should last school day..and then what?
  147. Unfortunate side effect from the adderall XR generic
  148. Does anyone have itchy/swollen feet at night?
  149. Severe mania? I need help...
  150. Random nasty tastes and smells
  151. What can you take with Adderall to reduce anxiety? SSRI's, Benzo's etc?
  152. Barr generic adderall xr causing swelling?
  153. Teva Barr adderall XR scam
  154. Alternates for Adderall XR 20 - Controls Some Symptoms But Not All
  155. Report Shire to the FDA
  156. Yet another question: Adderall and Hunger? What's up with this?
  157. Afternoon IR and sleep issues
  158. Taking Adderall twelve hours after taking Vyvanse?
  159. Adderall and diarrhea
  160. Generic brand questions..
  161. I regret taking Adderall
  162. How long does Adderall IR work for you?
  163. How long does it take for you to build tolerance to the mgs you are taking?
  164. Adderall with Ginkgo?
  165. New here , ADDERALL Question for those of you who have taken it
  166. Adderall XR and lethargy/apathy?
  167. Sandoz/Eon comparable to brand Adderall?
  168. Generic Adderall XR (Dextroamp-amphet ER)
  169. Really scared of tolerance.....have you got one?
  170. Breaking Up is Hard to Do: My letter to adderall...
  171. New to Adderall
  172. First Post, I have Adult ADD, No Health Insurance, Advice Please.
  173. Doctors response was very surprising
  174. Adderall dose and body weight
  175. numb toes!
  176. New here, & to Adderall. Thinking about switch to IR.
  177. Timing of dosage with IR.
  178. Medication "vacations"
  179. Post your diet or the best diet
  180. What is the effect when you blend adderall and concerta?
  181. A Quick and On the Cheap Fix for Tolerance to Adderall
  182. Adderall: Pharmacy Problem
  183. balancing adderall
  184. Vitals on Adderall
  185. Is Adderall/Amphetamines legal in Spain?
  186. Considering switching from Vyvanse to Adderall XR
  187. adderall rx for long schedules
  188. Adderall made me seriously cranky.
  189. No response to Adderall.
  190. Experienced symptoms of Parkinson's Disease after taking Adderall for a few months
  191. Is Adderall working?
  192. Question about my medication and "off days"
  193. Adderall not working -- reporting back from doc visit
  194. Meds working or not -- typical ADD response
  195. Amphetamine Salts?
  196. Adderall worked yesterday, why not today?
  197. Adderall and Food question
  198. Sugar Binge/ Adderral Crash
  199. Does anyone find Adderall has a calming effect?
  200. Adderall and extreme dehydration?
  201. Does this make sense?
  202. Just got prescribed Adderall.
  203. Weight/Appetite Loss
  204. Rapid tolerance?
  205. Long Term Effects of Adderall
  206. Just Started
  207. My awful, awful confession... (please don't hate me)
  208. Who makes brand name
  209. Adderall and Vitamin C
  210. Adderall reaction
  211. lost my prescription - am i screwed for the month?
  212. Amphetamines and bone mass
  213. Alert: Cats & Adderall XR
  214. Addy *Tics* Need advice
  215. Zoloft & Adderal - not real happy, advice for discussing with Dr?
  216. On my second day of Adderall
  217. Curious to know what your heart rate is on Adderall?
  218. On my second day of Adderall. Thanks for your answers!
  219. Adderall is different now...?
  220. Any way of getting Adderall IR in Canada??!?!? Please help!!!
  221. Anyone tried Adderall and Tums ?
  222. Put on Adderall Yesterday & High Blood Pressure
  223. Dry Mouth
  224. Constipation and digestive issues?
  225. Adderall withdrawal?
  226. 25mg Adderall XR only last 2 hours?
  227. Curious about how acidic your favorite foods are???
  228. Am I the only one with this effect?
  229. Is there a way to lower Blood Pressure
  230. MUST READ Shire scam efforts to push vyvanse paid off by ruining adderall XR formula
  231. Teva / barr Adderall complaints HOTLINE! call so they change back to original formula
  232. Just Started Adderall; What Effects Are Normal?
  233. My Brain, on Adderall
  234. What a difference 20 days makes!
  235. Will potentiators lead to toxic build-up?
  236. No insurance - Cheapest way to fill prescription for US Citizen?
  237. Long term Adderall use? Please help!!
  238. Pdoc works for Shire?!?!?! WTF
  239. Wierd Fill
  240. Meditation
  241. Sandoz orange county
  242. Global (Impax) Adderall XR...anyone tried?
  243. skinny people on adderall
  244. Pregnancy?
  245. Just started Adderall- Headaches???
  246. Paranoia from amphetamine? You have a vitamine D defiency!
  247. Does anyone forget to take their meds?
  248. Tooth/Gum Issues
  249. adderall dosage
  250. Vitamin Supplements