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  1. I've had weird opposite side effects then most...
  2. Think my doc will get mad? Or worse? (any thoughts are helpful please)
  3. Can someone break it down for me please?
  4. New to taking Adderall..!
  5. A chemistry/ pharmacology question about Shire's decision re: Adderall and Vyvanse
  6. Do you perfer a specific Manufactor???
  7. Benefits of IR
  8. Making my own Adderall Caps!
  9. Pharmacy gave me a Variety- What should I do?
  10. Titrating dosage??
  11. Teva Adderall IR vs. Adderall XR
  12. Finding the best price on prescriptions
  13. Does niacin affect Adderall?
  14. Heavy feeling in chest
  15. Adderall---Refill Too Soon
  16. Adderall Generic/ Brand Difference---Pharmacy Question
  17. Leg tingling/pain while on adderall
  18. After you open an Adderal XR you have to take it immediatly?
  19. More on Shire, Teva, and GSK scams. GSK tabs still produced in the US w Proof
  20. Symptoms if you're off adderall for a while
  21. First day on Sandoz 10mg IR
  22. Confused about Teva/Barr???
  23. Adderall capsules
  24. Feedback Request
  25. "Not now chief, I'm in the zone" ---Too high of a dose? Or normal effect?
  26. Adderall & Talkativeness
  27. Adderall Kick
  28. Yet another manufacturer Q: will switching pharmacies look bad?
  29. Has anyone had a better side effect profile with adderal than with dexedrine?
  30. New to Adderall - Input Needed
  31. New to Adderall - Input Needed
  32. first day... 20 mg
  33. Adderall XR not lasting as long as advertised.......Why?
  34. Prior authorization for Adderrall after 10 years without?
  35. Weird Ear Pressure/Popping
  36. Adderall effects
  37. Does anyone take both adderall and dex (ir)
  38. Just started Adderall xr
  39. Adderall XR 20mg - Awful at night
  40. First 8 days on Adderall, thoughts? (LONG)
  41. Do you have bad days on Adderall???
  42. Adderall questions (d-amph? generics?) to ADD
  43. why is my tolerance going DOWN??
  44. Swallowing Sandoz is like swallowing air...
  45. Sexual side effects of Aderall?
  46. New to Adderal. after a week, the dose was doubled
  47. Adderall tingling feeling in feet and left hand
  48. Adderall and blood glucose?
  49. Stopped Adderall months ago, still having Chest Pain (alcohol, caffeine)
  50. Adderall XR dosage...tell me yours....
  51. Taking Adderall when you have a headache
  52. generic adderall choices
  53. What is your heart rate?
  54. Will my fidgeting ever go away?
  55. adderall and passion flower?
  56. On Concerta but want a shift to Adderall
  57. Adderall makes me break out in hives... about to give up
  58. how do i know if this is the right med/dose for me
  59. why does my adderall work better at night?
  60. Questions about How Adderall or any ADHD medication is supposed to make you feel
  61. Nothing seems to work long term
  62. question about a generic adderall
  63. Am I going to have to ditch Adderall, too?
  64. My Adderal Story..
  65. need to know
  66. need answer asap
  67. after using adderall for several years
  68. The Official Adderall IR Generics Information Thread
  69. The All-in-one-location Generic IR "experiences" thread
  70. Adderall XR - Can you take half a capsule?
  71. adderall xr vs. adderall xr generic?
  72. Adderall without ADD/ADHD?
  73. Can adderall mess with my nervous system's ability to heal itself?
  74. Study Proves Adderall is more effective without food!
  75. Random question about pill-splitting (or is it a ? about geometry)
  76. Has anyone else been on Adderall for 10+ years?
  77. Adderall Withdrawal effects
  78. Please help a newbie....
  79. Day 5 on Adderol XR. Extremely sleepy no focus
  80. Adderall response: good->bad->10stepsbackward. Insights?
  81. What dose of Vyvanse would be a equivilant of 30mg Adderall XR?
  82. Pdoc issue with mixing Adderall XR and IR
  83. Best generic brand of adderall?
  84. Adderall slowly losing effectiveness...
  85. adderall and cigarettes
  86. Important adderall information
  87. Med allergy problem.. please help me out here my doctor stinks...
  88. The miracle drug?
  89. Adderall and Caffeine?
  90. Adderall and Eating
  91. It,s true that Adderall can cause hair loss?
  92. Aderall in Europe?
  93. Body Temperature Effects
  94. Adderall no longer effective- change medicine or dosage?
  95. Pushing yourself too far....
  96. Adderall XR - Some help/experience
  97. Fitness and Workout Supplement interactions?
  98. Generic Adderall XR in Canada yet?
  99. DerekJeenz, New Poster/Hello
  100. The Great Adderall Trial - 40 mg - Will Keep Active Log
  101. NEW NEW it all
  102. anyone encounter something like this?
  103. palpitation question
  104. just got Shire Adderall XR, didnt think was available any longer
  105. Quick Adderall to Adderall XR question
  106. My experience
  107. Myth or True?
  108. Does Adderall effect sex drive?
  109. Just hit my six year Adderall anniversary
  110. Dry Skin?
  111. Some general ADHD questions.
  112. Adderall and Clonazepam Together
  113. stopped working
  114. sudden, extreme adderall tolerance
  115. Dose too high?
  116. My two day adderall break experience
  117. Adderall-induced sugar & caffeine cravings...a nightmare!
  118. My story.
  119. What worked for you when Adderall stopped...
  120. Adderall XR issues
  121. 60 Minutes Adderall Segment
  122. Starting XR 30 - ?s about IR boosters (+ general xr?s)
  123. Dosage Switch
  124. Adderall no longer having an effect
  125. side effect question
  126. XR 20mg/day - Crash in the early evening w/ headache and irritability
  127. Teva?
  128. Advice on how to take before LSAT?
  129. Adderall late in the day.
  130. Adderall IR, Vyvanse, Wellbutrin SR, & Lexapro—Should I be Worried?
  131. Fact Check??
  132. Taking Adderall when you don't have anything to do
  133. Adderall vs. Caffeine
  134. Adderall and Xanex
  135. Scatterminded
  136. adderall tolerance?
  137. Adderall XR Shire
  138. Horrible, random side effect
  139. Feel spacey and blank after a week of Adderall XR. Anyone else?
  140. Considering dumping Adderrall after extreme depression, anxiety, and paranoid
  141. Confused about diagnosis and treatment (New to all of this could use some help)
  142. Decreased Effectiveness/Symptom Management of Adderall over 3 Months?
  143. Adderall XR dosage question
  144. lifting weights while taking adderall
  145. "Generic Brand" Adderall XR is producedand distributed by SHIRE
  146. Adderall XR "Brand/Generic" REFORMULATED
  147. pdoc giving me the choice of 30mg xr or stick to my usual 10mg 3x a day IR
  148. Sandoz generic 30mg aderall not working,.. PLEASE HELP
  149. Swim's Experiment: Drop Zoloft and Wellbutrin, make Adderall work again
  150. Can to low of a dose magnify symptoms?
  151. Day one adderall 30 mgs..
  152. Adderall and fatigue, afternoon crashing
  153. I Need Help Like Now....please read
  154. Is GENERIC Adderall XR Completely WORTHLESS?!?!?!
  155. Generic 30mg Adderall aggrevating gastrointestinal
  156. How Long have you taken Adderall, and how has it effected your creativity?
  157. I wonder....can you answer this?
  158. What I've read here about Adderall is stressing me out... dunno what to do
  159. Terrible Side Effects? Yet Everything is Normal?
  160. Adderral XR and Xanax
  161. Stopping Adderall for Pregnancy
  162. Prozac!
  163. Strange... just strange...
  164. Are the blue Corepharma pills more powerful then the pink?
  165. Titrating on adderall
  166. sandoz generic 20 in orange county
  167. New to site
  168. Adderall and Strange side effect
  169. Prescribed Adderall in the U.S.?
  170. SP-465 (Shire): Super Adderall XR 16 hours
  171. Switching from Ritalin IR/LA to Adderall Need feedback?
  172. No matter how hard I try to pay attention I think of something else....why???
  173. I really need suggestions...
  174. just switched to adderall from concerta
  175. transition from concerta to adderall
  176. First day on Adderall XR
  177. Can I use tobacco product after taking adderall?
  178. Zoloft interaction?
  179. adderall xr lasting only a few hours
  180. transition from mph to adderall
  181. Adderall to Ritalin Cross Tolerance
  182. Poll - Best Dosing for All Day Coverage
  183. Coupons for adderal???
  184. Adderall and Worsening Symptoms & Stuttering
  185. Best Available IR Adderall
  186. Adderall allows me to complete everything i start, does that mean I need it?
  187. 5 Days on Adderall, General Questions.
  188. Magnesium, Taurine and Inositol. Why? Requip is the answer
  189. Adderall Suddenly not working - Why
  190. Is Barr Generic IR the same as Barr name brand IR?
  191. Costs of meds
  192. If your on an Antidepressants and ADD/Adhd*PLEASE READ
  193. Adderall, Xanax and Wellbutrin???
  194. Want to help clarify some misconceptions on ADDERALL
  195. Adderall and stomach bloating.
  196. Finally diagnosed! (EXP with Adderrall)
  197. 1st week on adderall
  198. 1st week on adderall
  199. Compounding Pharmacy for Adderall XR an option?
  200. How to lower NE but keep Dopamine up?
  201. Question about exercise, commentary on my experiences.
  202. Adderall and Veins
  203. Question from someone who just got on it
  204. Started Adderall XR 10mg
  205. starting adderall
  206. Can I take acetyl carnitine with adderall???
  207. Adderall VS Dexadrine??? A few questions
  208. Question about adderall IR
  209. Home delivery has Teva sas brand AND generic?
  210. Suggestion welcome.....really, please help :)
  211. What's the difference between these TWO meds?
  212. What Just Happened? (Advice and Thoughts Needed)
  213. Adderall - Online Pharmacy (WITH prescription!)
  214. XR wearing off midday?
  215. Ritalin gives anxiety
  216. Stuffy head feeling?
  217. How long did adderall take to work for you?
  218. Does upping your Adderall help counter the Zoloft sleepiness?
  219. My Experience with Adderall, Do I need to increase dosage?
  220. Just got charged brand price for generic (XR) due to LAWSUIT?
  221. Adhd and bi-polar. Adderall the cause?
  222. Advice needed sleep issue
  223. Its amazeing!
  224. Feel drunk when not taking Adderall
  225. Moving in a different direction...
  226. Adderall & Applesauce
  227. Hi there I am new here, had a few questions about adderall
  228. New to amphetamine meds. Questions, help please.
  229. Simple way of getting the Barr generic from any pharmacy?
  230. Does Adderall XR 40mg even exist??
  231. Question: 2 scripts/2 Docs/Same Month??
  232. I have a doctors appt tomorrow& I did something my doctor may not like.
  233. Adderall drama and what WE should do about it
  234. Amphetamine vasoconstriction
  235. Adderall for depression?
  236. Mixed Adderall XR with IR At Noon, Good or Bad?
  237. Is the genuine "brand" Adderall XR made anymore?
  238. Increasing Levels Of Adderall In Your System Over Time?
  239. ADDerall - need help b4 i tlk to my doc
  240. Adderall - The effects aren't clear... Need Opinions...
  241. My Adderall experience
  242. Just got off of Strattera - Now Adderall
  243. Pharmacies that carry Teva...
  244. HELP! Focusing on the wrong things, irritable - should I switch?
  245. Take Action: Report problems with Barr/Teva generics to FDA!
  246. Adderall XR Info???
  247. Adderall makes me sweat too easily!
  248. Adderall and Acid Reflux
  249. Adderall XR market fishiness
  250. Switching from XR to IR (many doses per day)