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  1. Adderall and klonopin
  2. Overweight (300+) and Adderall Dosing
  3. Generic Adderall by Global?
  4. Younger people (<25ish), how much are you prescribed?
  5. ADDerall not helping with hyperness but xanex did
  6. Just started Adderall XR today - WOW expensive!
  7. Xr -> ir
  8. Successful way to split Adderall XR 30's?
  9. Question about old prescriptions
  10. Working Out on Adderall XR
  11. hair color side effect?
  12. Adderall Holiday Length
  13. Women-Adderall and PMS
  14. Advice please?
  15. Should I Take Adderall Consistently?
  16. Back on Adderall!
  17. generic success stories
  18. Anyone prescribed Adderall and Dexedrine?
  19. No Health Insurance / Options
  20. Question about adderall and physical labor
  21. Multiple doses
  22. advice please
  23. SAM-e better than Adderall?
  24. Adderall XR thoughts/questions!!! :)
  25. Hyped Up Feeling Normal?
  26. Anyone returned to Adderall after trying Vyvanse?
  27. Aderall and the psychiatrist
  28. changes in vision while on adderall
  29. Just Started taking Adderall
  30. Advice from experienced Adderall users, please
  31. CALIFORNIA: Loves Pot, HATES Adderall
  32. Adderall XR 30mg not working like adderall IR 15mg twice a day.?
  33. WEIRD things happening with my meds
  34. Any solutions for teeth grinding, headaches and cold feet?
  35. Survey! Survey! Hope to find tolerance rate and gather infromation for everyone!!!
  36. Need advice and opinions from knowledgeable users please!!
  37. Does anyone find CorePharma IR weak?
  38. Where can I find Sandoz brand Adderall in southern California?
  39. Does workout supplements interfere with adderall's effectiveness
  40. Adderall and antacids
  41. Adding Adderall to My "Cocktail"
  42. My doc. Retired. And my new one cut me cold turkey. Now what?
  43. Barr/Teva generic Adderall IR - new formula?
  44. Trying to switch to Adderall from Concerta
  45. Adderall IR to Dexadrine spansules??
  46. I'm allergic to Adderall
  47. *important* forced to switch from adderall to ritalin temporarily because out of USA
  48. Adderall and memory problems
  49. Armchair Scientist, Hypothalamus, and TMI
  50. Adderall XR by Teva SUCKS!!!!
  51. Adderall- generic tablet turned ineffective?
  52. Question about IR Version
  53. What to do about rapid, increased heart rate with Adderall?
  54. Too many side effects need help
  55. Help! BIG shorted me
  56. To much and not enough time
  57. Adderall and weight loss
  58. New to ADHD/Adderall
  59. Serious Adderall Side Effects-- Seeking Advisory
  60. Adderall and high eye pressure...
  61. Amphetamine vs. Caffiene
  62. Curious about IR dosage...
  63. Adderall and Cleaning
  64. Adderall XR vs IR
  65. New....Again....
  66. Doctor Prescribed Adderall... Family Tells Me I Need To Stop Taking It!
  67. First week-appetite
  68. what should I tell DR to switch me to salts from Ritalin?
  69. adderall making me emotional... i think
  70. Adderall Sedating Me?
  71. Cranky From Adderall or PMS?
  72. WTF? How do I get Adderall in the summer
  73. Combining Adderall IR and XR?
  74. my doc wont let me take it everyday anymore
  75. Same Tired Thread BUT Teva vs. Barr on the XR - Confused...
  76. Not Liking Adderall, What's Next?
  77. Ok , is my doc suspicious of me ?
  78. should I try Focalin XR
  79. how come the strength of adderall is so unpredictable
  80. Adderall stops working when I take Wellbutron
  81. Adderall+Male Shrinkage (not the same as the rest)
  82. How is Adderall XR supposed to feel?
  83. Metallic taste in mouth from CorePharma generic and review
  84. 3 month script for mail-in?
  85. Adderall xr *vs* Vyvanse - worth a switch?
  86. how do i convince my doctor to let me take it every day
  87. Not as "Happy" as I Was Once-Adderall?
  88. Shire's and DEA Limit on amphetamine
  89. Does Sandoz/Eon make a 12.5mg pill?
  90. New law in jersey
  91. When do you take your medication? Do you take it in the morning to help you get up?
  92. oh darnit! (mild heart murmur?)
  93. How to get a Memantine prescriptions? (I dont have alzeihmers lol)
  94. Using aspirin to counteract rapid heart beat caused by Adderall
  95. Started Wellbutrin in addition to Adderall - spacey feeling now :(
  96. Adderall XR & Driving Fast
  97. Adderall
  98. Doc forced me to switch to adderall XR and it's not working
  99. Making Friends with Adderall
  100. Better Fine Motor Coordination?
  101. Does Sandoz make Adderall XR?
  102. OTC Allergy Medication Interactions?
  103. I sure am "snappy" now...
  104. Heat and Adderall
  105. Adderall & Antibiotics
  106. when to take adderral and wellbutron
  107. Adderall withdrawal?
  108. Taking Adderall as needed (for studying?)
  109. New Member
  110. Adderall and vocals
  111. My first day on Adderall XR
  112. lindsay lohan on adderall and zoloft?
  113. Switched from Ritalin to Adderall XR
  114. Ye olde Adderall (generic vs. brand) ingredient debate.
  115. Transitioning from XR to IR
  116. Brand-name Adderall IR?
  117. Grinding Teeth
  118. Splitting Dose
  119. new here
  120. New Adderall User Symtoms - Need Advice
  121. Teva is finally investigating the new adderall formula "NEED YOUR HELP"
  122. Any advice for treating headache from Adderall?
  123. Adderall question-I don't get it!!
  124. Bladder strain and pressure related to Adderall?
  125. Out of state Perscriptions
  126. Can't stop playing with hair
  127. Reducing dosage
  128. Getting rid of the anxiety with adderall??
  129. I can't really tell if I'm benefitting or not
  130. Adderal-rapid metaboliser
  131. Dosing Times
  132. Expensive Medication
  133. Adderlin
  134. Too much adderall this morning. Feeling Awful
  135. Worrid... Side Effects / Long Term Use
  136. Will Adderall always help my self-confidence?
  137. Potentiate Amp's/Prevent Tolerance Levels?
  138. Teva investigating new adderall formula but u need to email them.READ NEW TOP STICKY
  139. Just switched from Vyvanse to Adderall
  140. My argument with Shire and why I gave up
  141. Anyone experience "late" insomnia from Adderall?
  142. Different dosages at different times?
  143. Adderall ineffective? Or...?
  144. Exercising in between doses
  145. Adderall xr's equivalent to Vyvanse 70mg
  146. Adderall and Gastric Bypass
  147. Question about Adderall side effects
  148. How do i get out of this
  149. Coming down or side effects or..what the heck?
  150. will i find a doc who will let me take everyday
  151. Dosing question
  152. Sandoz in Chicago?
  153. 7 yrs of Adderall - Loss of effectiveness ???
  154. Where to find Sandoz? (in FL)
  155. New here - Dosing issue with Adderall IR
  156. Is 20 mg IR a high dose?
  157. Opinions please
  158. Four months, adderall not working as well
  159. What Is The Highest Mg Pill In Adderall XR?
  160. Brand Adderall (TEVA)
  161. What brand is this? Please Help!!
  162. Adderall IR as a booster?
  163. Morning dose blah!
  164. My Costco Pharmacy Experience
  165. Adderall triggering mania
  166. day 4 of Adderall - pain in chest
  167. Dosage advice
  168. Return to Adderall or increase Vyvanse???
  169. Whats the difference
  170. adderall and risperidone help
  171. Exercising during comedown - anxiety
  172. Another question involving exercise
  173. How soon to refill?
  174. Adderall causing frequent burping
  175. Adderall Dosing Guidelines and FAQ
  176. Effects of Adderall greatly changed after one week
  177. Pink(is nuts) Orange (Is good)
  178. Adderall Xr 5 mg has saved my sanity
  179. Newbie Leaving Vyvanse, heading to Adderall - XR or IR?
  180. Prompting You for Advice
  181. Adderall, are the horror stories true?
  182. Anxiety was just hiatal hernia/gas
  183. Symptom relief thus far
  184. Adderall and college
  185. NEW (Hi!) and nervous to start Adderall.
  186. Adderall causing anxiety
  187. Heartburn/Breathing Issues on Adderall
  188. First Day on Adderall IR - Where did I go wrong?
  189. wanted adderall concerta
  190. Have you tried Concerta and switched to Adderall with success?
  191. Adderall XR to Desoxyn
  192. Just started adderall a week ago. Feeling stressed, serious, and irritable at times?
  193. Adderall and Eckrich sausage
  194. List things not to take with Adderall
  195. Tolerance?
  196. Prescription
  197. The journey thus far on XR
  198. Sleepiness
  199. prices
  200. Caffeine like Adderall? On Strattera
  201. Sugar and Adderall
  202. Generic Adderall Problems?
  203. Interactions between Adderall and Diphenhydramine
  204. I can't believe how calm i have become
  205. Sleep and efficacy of Adderall
  206. Ritalin vs Adderall
  207. 180 MG daily of Adderall (30mg)x 6 per day
  208. Vitamin B12 w/ Adderall helps anxiety?
  209. Adderall making the left side of my brain feels heavier than the right
  210. Adderall xanax & tegretol?
  211. Adderall and Myotein protein mix?
  212. Socializing and Adderall
  213. Adderall Duration of Action
  214. New to adderall
  215. Seriously
  216. Declining theraputic usage question
  217. Adderall IR evening yuck feeling, help!
  218. My First Days & a Pottpouri of Questions Regarding Adderall
  219. Blue Vs Orange/Peach Amphetamine Salts and Dosage INFO
  220. What's the raw cost of getting monthly Adderall XR?
  221. Barr and Cor.. Why are they different for me?
  222. Medicine interactions
  223. Who takes Adderall with a benzodiazepine (i.e. Valium, Xanax, Ativan)?
  224. Do higher doses of IR last longer?
  225. How to make the jump from adderall to dexedrine
  226. adderall + buspar + citalopram questions
  227. Sweaty Pits
  228. Some questions and concerns about Adderall
  229. Confused and curious about Adderall
  230. Adderal in the UK
  231. Found a discount rx card, no signups and they discount Adderall
  232. Physicians Total Care / DSM - manuf. help
  233. First hour on meds
  234. Why does this stuff put me to sleep in the middle of the day?
  235. Jaw tension
  236. Still debating whether or not to switch to Vyvanse
  237. Evening comedown - does this mean I can't go out?
  238. Dependency?/When I'm Not Medicated
  239. Adderall in the AM - Ritalin in the PM?
  240. question about adderall
  241. Your experiences with XR and IR, separately, different days?
  242. Best electrolyte packet w/out vitamin C?
  243. Is Chest Tingling/Very Slight Pressure A Common Side Effect of Adderall XR?
  244. 20mg of IR 3x/day or 30 mg of IR 2x/day?
  245. Emerging Moodiness after Several Years of Adderall Use
  246. Effects of dosage reduction?
  247. Does Adderall XR cause body tightness?
  248. Adderall causing stuttering?
  249. Could Adderall Cause Hyperglycemia??
  250. Why does Adderall sometimes make me happy and other times, depressed?