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  1. Adderall XR only lasting about 4 hours?
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  3. -(IR)- How to dose before crash?
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  5. Sedated and high? What happend to me?
  6. Why is Adderall sooo touchy??
  7. Not experiencing much of an affect on Adderall IR
  8. Talked to Shire yesterday
  9. What is a "Crash"
  10. Interesting rant on Teva
  11. How should I approach this?
  12. Can't sleep with Adderall XR and IR doesn't last long enough? What can I do?!
  13. the FDA is a crock
  14. Taking Barr for the first time today.
  15. My psychiatrist accused me of selling my pills. I'm REALLY upset, can I do anything?
  16. Massive Hair Loss Adderall IR
  17. Need some help I guess!
  18. Why do you take both IR and XR?
  19. Would an overly acidic stomach affect XR effectiveness?
  20. Can Adderall irritate your skin?
  21. Pdoc is leaving, help plz
  22. Increased acne/pimple occurance?
  23. How long does loss of appetite occur?
  24. Does Lamictal interfere with Adderall?
  25. Trying to get balanced again
  26. Confused about Dosing
  27. Your daily adderall routine
  28. Has anyone else experienced this on Adderall?
  29. On line pharmacy's
  30. Adderall recomendations?
  31. Cigna won't cover "generic" for XR
  32. How sensitive is adderall to vitamin C?
  33. Overweight & Adderall
  34. Adderall and hives?
  35. Side Effects Not Worth It
  36. What causes high Adderall tolerance?
  37. Is this as stupid as I think it is?
  38. Adderall building tolerance
  39. How does Adderall affect your mood/depression and sociability?
  40. Too Low Dose ?!
  41. St. Johns Wort
  42. Took Adderall and Fell Back Asleep! Anyone Else?
  43. Day 1 on Adderall and Nervous
  44. Food & Adderall
  45. For the Guys
  46. NEW to Adderall...can NOT sleep...ADVICE PLEASE!!!!
  47. Adderall IR: Beginning: Energetic-- Now: Sleepy!
  48. Adderall XR (10mgs) 8 days's like it just stopped working
  49. Taking Adderall IR as needed
  50. From Vyvanse to Adderall XR (confused)
  51. Not sure if my Adderall is working?
  52. Self Reflection, Super Hyperfocus
  53. a question?about switching doctors
  54. Adjusting to lower dose - any advice?
  55. For inconsistency in efficacy of dosage - check this link out:
  56. Can adderall damage memory or are these withdrawels?
  57. adderall for mild ADD and side effects
  58. Cant Afford Adderall..?
  59. Wellbutrin and Adderall
  60. why isn't adderall suppressing my appetite?
  61. Strange Headaches!!
  62. Need some help, pretty new to this whole ADD/Adderall thing...
  63. Concentration kicks in when adderall is wearing off!
  64. Sports & Adderall??
  65. Coffee after last dose of Adderall?
  66. For those of you who take Adderall IR 2x/day
  67. another coffee and adderall thread
  68. Break time: how long?
  69. Should/can I go back on adderall?...anxiety/depression/emotional issues....
  70. Levoamphetamine effect?
  71. Can't figure out dose! UGH!!
  72. Is this really going to help?
  73. Switching from Corepharma to Sandoz didn't sit well with me--what to do
  74. Adderall and Vegetarianism
  75. Does this mean my dose it too high or too low?
  76. Arbitrary 60 mg Adderall IR limit
  77. It's taking me 2 to 3 hours to feel the effect of Adderall.
  78. Adderall and menstral cycles
  79. Why doesn't Adderall work for me anymore? I just started taking it 2 months ago?
  80. Newbie Back from Adderall Sebatical--TOTO, WE'RE NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE
  81. First 10 days on Adderall. Is this normal?
  82. Adderall or Strattera????
  83. Stomach issue!!
  84. adderall dosage and tolerance questions
  85. Adderall and a cold medicine
  86. Has anyone experienced "petechiae" as a side-effect of Adderall?
  87. Back on Adderall XR.
  88. Getting Adderall in Europe or Uk..please help
  89. Counteracting dry mouth from Adderall
  90. I'm jealous of you stim heads
  91. Adderall XR 20mg: Hair obsession
  92. Adderall doesnt work anymore. WTF!!!
  93. Adderall of Nuvigil???
  94. Adderall and SSRI's
  95. increased libido on adderall???
  96. disappointed in methylphenidate meds so far
  97. My tongue needs a shrink ray!!!!
  98. I took 4mg of Ativan, 15mg of Hydrocodone, can I take my Adderall?
  99. Anyone know how to come off?
  100. Suggestion for working out on Adderall IR
  101. Adderall IR and OJ
  102. Adderall inducing coma like sleep... Metanx?
  103. 105mg
  104. Love/hate relationship with Adderall
  105. IR vs XR
  106. adult adhd
  107. Drinking and meds
  108. Family Doc. not very helpful! imagine that.
  109. Generic or Tolerance?
  110. Trapped Gas?
  111. Adderall Vacation - Cant get enough sleep..
  112. depressed. is it adderall?
  113. Problems with adderall not working
  114. what should it feel like when a med works?
  115. Has anyone noticed a difference switching generic brands for IR?
  116. Just started taking Adderall
  117. Thank you to everyone who recommended Sandoz!
  118. adderall xr 8 months hair loss & more
  119. Can Adderall make my symptoms worse?
  120. ADHD-PI need advice please
  121. Adderall + Caffeine: unusual results
  122. Dex ( IR) compared to ADderall (IR)
  123. Need opinions on my adderall experience
  124. IR after the XR wears off
  125. Where to get SANDOZ generic Adderall XR??
  126. Is this going to do anythign?: 5mg IR once a day
  127. SO frustrated and fed up with my Adderall!
  128. Any one use Adderall and something else?
  129. Anyone ever feel like the meds "linger?"
  130. Not feeling like myself.. advice?
  131. Major Head Rushes
  132. Adderall XR + Dexedrine IR + Prednisone
  133. Interesting anxiety effect. . .
  134. Adderall has eliminated headaches- any thoughts?
  135. adderall with a cold?
  136. Supplements that work if you have been on adderall too long.
  137. Why do the whites of my eyes look SO white?
  138. Adderall or what? New
  139. Adderall speedy?
  140. help with adderall and prozac
  141. Playing with dosage
  142. First med check
  143. Should I resume my Adderall regimen?
  144. Sudden dysphagia. Advice needed.
  145. Question about Duration
  146. Diet & Adderall xr
  147. 20mg IR 3x/day or 40 mg XR 2x/day?
  148. Adderall and Luvox
  149. Refills
  150. Will the anti-depressant effects go away? (Not talking about the high)
  151. Confused about magnesium: Take in the morning or night? (Sorry I'm new)
  152. Up the dosage myself or wait to see doctor?
  153. Pharmacy Miscount?
  154. Sunburn problems?
  155. Memory lost on Adderall
  156. Need advice with my Adderall Xr issues please?
  157. When is it appropriate to ask for a dosage increase?
  158. patient assistance programs?
  159. will i have a problem getting adderall filled?
  160. Adderall Side Effects?
  161. adderall
  162. Not feeling affect until night
  163. Want to have dosage changed?
  164. Adderall - trouble breathing
  165. Sudden shaking and hot flashes
  166. Extra warm
  167. Too much versus too little
  168. Anyone Take 60mg of adderall xr?
  169. What if the head pressure doesn't go away?
  170. Cant sleep even when off meds
  171. Experimenting on my own?
  172. Should I go back to my old dosage?
  173. IR is differnet from XR.
  174. Adderall permanent personality change?
  175. Is anyone splitting XR caps with good results?
  176. Dosing question with time release
  177. Vitamins and Adderall XR
  178. Those Feeling Tired On Adderall
  179. Want to get back on adderall after a three year absence
  180. My first dose of Adderrall
  181. Adderrall + Ritalin
  182. Horrible experience after only 10MG of Adderall
  183. To Much Adderrall = No effect
  184. Tolerance or depression?
  185. Adderall making me sick?
  186. Getting drunk
  187. Taking Adderrall for the Rest of my life! NEED HELP!
  188. Just started my Meds and not going too well
  189. Optimum Feeling for Adderall
  190. What is the deal with GI/urinary pH? (Science discussion)
  191. Benefit = No More Nicotine Addiction
  192. Is my dose too low or does adderall not work for me?
  193. Adderall and anxiety
  194. Difference over time?
  195. What's the cost w/o insurance?
  196. Little blue pills...
  197. How You Know When Your Meds Are Working
  198. What does it mean that I don't have sleep problems?
  199. Personal Feedback of Adderall
  200. Moody, focusing on one thing, wide awake on Adderall
  201. Adderall IR causing acid reflux issues?
  202. My first day of adderall: NEED ADVICE
  203. I miss sleep =(
  204. adderall 20mg xr into ir
  205. How late do you take your last dose of adderall IR
  206. Adderall xr w/ xanax xr?
  207. Drug holiday after full tolerance
  208. Adderall or just hyperfocus?
  209. The Norm over Time
  210. Adderall causing hair growth?
  211. Adderall vs. Vyvanse need input please
  212. How should I ask my doctor for a switch?
  213. The Adderall lows are killing me, but I can't give up the moments I'm on it...
  214. Prophylactic AntiHypertensive Med in relation to D-Amph.--Please help a confused soul
  215. Are my meds working?
  216. ritalin to adderall ? Is this the norm?
  217. Sleeping all day. . .
  218. Am I being overdosed?
  219. So i just got Adderal Generic
  220. CURRENT Generic Adderall XR Prices??
  221. What do you do to ease the crash of Adderall? Please share your remedies
  222. over two years now, still can't seem to get a handle on dose
  223. What pharmacy/store chains carry Sandoz/EON ?
  224. Adderall Sleep Dementia ??
  225. Just took first XR, feel calm for the first time in my life
  226. Too low dose or try, try again?
  227. I think it's balogna.
  228. Adderall making me tired?
  229. Do you notice people on Adderall?
  230. plasma corticosteroid levels
  231. Adderall & Insomnia
  232. Lost my perscription..
  233. Too many side effects
  234. Wonder why adderall seems to work better...
  235. Adderall made add worse?
  236. Can I pour the little balls in my generic Adderall XR in coffee?
  237. Anxious about insomnia & can you have it on IR?
  238. What is the "crash" you all are talking about?
  239. Adderall and International Travel + dosage
  240. Can someone explain what this is
  241. Switch to Vyvanse from Adderall XR
  242. Adderall (four amphetamine salts) ???
  243. On Strattera, Add Adderall or quit and go straight for Vyvanse
  244. Adderall XR + Provigil?
  245. Worried About Dopamine Depletion??? Help. :(
  246. Adderall IR + Dex Spansules combo?
  247. Adderall IR + Dexedrine Spansules combo?
  248. How does it treat your ADD? What is it ''supposed to?
  249. Just got prescribed Adderall... What should I expect for the future?
  250. Question about Adderall and extended treatment for ADHD