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  1. More info on generic vs. brand
  2. Adderall affect sense of time?
  3. Something is definitely wrong!
  4. Dose adjustment-How did you know?
  5. Can anybody recommend a good pill splitter?
  6. Avoiding amphetamine tolerance with Memantine?
  7. Acceptable to tell the psychiatrist what I would like to be upped to?
  8. Adderall lost its effects on me?
  9. ?? Adderall (Sandoz) dosage equivalent to Vyvanse?
  10. So what the heck can I drink??
  11. Generic ADHD medication
  12. After quitting smoking....adderall no longer works.
  13. Is Adderall progressive in it's effects?
  14. Adderall and Prozac
  15. Could I really have this much tolerance???
  16. bad side effects
  17. wow, the doctor just screwed me over
  18. Adderall XR and Lexapro
  19. Just Prescribed Adderall, Is ED a Normal Side Effect?
  20. Days off
  21. bittersweet adderall
  22. dizziness while standing?
  23. Adderall IR have sugar coating?
  24. Irregular Adderall Schedule?
  25. No sleep on XR?
  26. 4 amp salts vs. straight Dextroamp question--
  27. Adderall XR: horrific comedown. please help
  28. Taking vitamins + fish oil with Addy
  29. question
  30. adderall xr and vitamins
  31. Missing my Sandoz today.. aw snap!
  32. New to the board & dosing question.
  33. Can Adderall cause acne?
  34. How to reduce heart rate?
  35. Dry throat at night
  36. Can a pdoc prescribe adderall over the phone?
  37. Does increase in IR = even harder crash?
  38. how will this medical record effect me?
  39. New to Adderall... Help please?
  40. Help please! Why is Adderall loosing its effectiveness so quickly???
  41. Adderall xr duration
  42. Adderall & reflux (gerd)
  43. 3rd day of Adderall, depression
  44. Adderall aggravating Raynaud's
  45. Insomnia caused by meds and Pdoc won't prescribe anything to help
  46. New to Adderall
  47. Ahhh! Building tolerance FAST.
  48. Adderall and nocturnal leg cramps
  49. Adderall Labs/Manufacturers
  50. Just prescribed Adderall
  51. Adderall XR vs IR for insomnia
  52. Adderall co-adminstered with 5-HTP and/or L-Tyr
  53. Sildenafil (Viagra) with Amphetamines
  54. Georgia pharmacies that carry Sandoz?
  55. Adderall transfer through perspiration
  56. "Puffy" armpit and spasms?
  57. Help!
  58. is the generic adderall xr still bad?
  59. Dizziness during breaks from adderall...?
  60. Anyone alternate/mix between Barr and Sandoz?
  61. Adderall and heartburn
  62. Does Adderall make you depressed?
  63. Switching from IR to XR within one month limit
  64. 10 mgs of Adderall xr
  65. Latest refill making me tired?
  66. Could I be getting tolerant this quickly?
  67. Should I have to visit a pyschologist in addition to a pdoc?
  68. New to Adderall
  69. For those currently on Adderall.
  70. Month 1 effective; month 2 w/stronger dose, no benefit
  71. My subjective Barr vs. Sandoz detailed comparison
  72. Wantede to Try Adderall......
  73. Can you return scheule 2 meds ???
  74. Just realized my work enviroment is VERY distracting!
  75. Advice on getting pdoc to switch me to Adderall?
  76. I think I'm gonna cry - generic v. brand name Adderall XR
  77. Does Adderall cause arthritis?
  78. Is modafinil good for adderall tolerance/dependence?
  79. Normal to be awake this long on low-ish doses, and dose to last so long?
  80. Why am I not feeling the withdrawal?
  81. Adderall, sore joints and playing the drums is there a connection?
  82. best adderall ir pill
  83. Adderall & Ritalin combo?
  84. Adderall+Xanax+Zoloft due to GI cramps and panic attacks?? INPUT
  85. Do you ever have sleepless nights taking adderall??
  86. how do you study under adderall effect?
  87. could a fat boy take adderall?
  88. WTF Corepharma?
  89. Help! I built complete tolerance to Adderall (and others) and am out of options...
  90. Adderall XR-Terrible Night
  91. Weird experience this sleep deprivation or overdose???
  92. Adderall not working anymore
  93. Does adderall interact with dental procedures?
  94. Runny nose/Itchy throat hours after Adderall?
  95. Increasing my dosage
  96. ADD meds with SSRI's
  97. Teva Adderall effective or not?!Help!
  98. Switched from XR to IR. Very positive results. subjective experience
  99. Wanted: Others experience(if any) with inconsistent teva adderall
  100. New to Adderall, yet effect diminishing?
  101. Adderal XR: why no 40mg pill?
  102. Anyone have insomnia with Adderal IR?
  103. Adderall IR just not working very well.....
  104. Does my thyroid get affected?
  105. Foods that affect my ADD meds
  106. What do you guys take for that time of the night?
  107. Adderall XR - new prescription/dosage & prior authorization
  108. Adderall XR side-effects unbearable, next step?
  109. Cigarettes and Adderall/Dex
  110. adderall and anxiety
  111. I'm going nuts trying to find the right meds.
  112. Stimulant Induced Hair Loss
  113. Does adderall affect your public speaking?
  114. Experiencing uncomfortable side effects
  115. adderall addiction in children?
  116. What to expect when your 1st week on Adderall?
  117. 4 months on Adderall. pros/cons and opinions
  118. Big difference in generic Adderall
  119. Such a rocky road so far
  120. Help! Adderall/Ritalin and Strattera not working!
  121. My adderall XR routine; effective/efficient/safe?
  122. First month on Adderall, really bad comedown
  123. Adderall makes me TIRED???
  124. New to it all, and I have many questions
  125. Really Depressed- Could adderall be the cause?
  126. Adderall XR Duration
  127. 10 Mg of Adderall at once? Or 5 Mg and 5 Mg later?
  128. Can I have your opinion?
  129. Sore joints: is the adderall to blame or is is just over use from playing the drums.W
  130. Adderall in London
  131. Do Stims Improve Math Abilities?
  132. Adderall xr/wellbutrin/pristiq together
  133. Memantine and prolactin
  134. Women: Adderall and Ovulation Help!
  135. Adderall advice for pregnancy
  136. Adderall and Vitamin C
  137. Switched from IR to XR
  138. Starting adderall and depresssion
  139. Side Effects with Adderall IR
  140. Increase Memantine?
  141. People with Adderall and Ritalin Experience - Please compare
  142. Is it possible to have a natural tolerance to adderall? Brother had no effect 60mg
  143. ADD meds, food, and briainfarts
  144. Need some serious discussion regarding my meds
  145. Adderall is not last long enough
  146. side effects of Adderall - what are the percentages?
  147. Ampheta-restore. Anyone tried it?
  148. Does this make sense to anyone?
  149. Adderall 30mg IR not working...Generic vs Brand?
  150. preauthorization...
  151. cardiovascular issues/concerns with adderall
  152. Adderall IR in BC Canada?
  153. Motivation and spending too much time on assignments
  154. Vyvanse Vs. Adderall
  155. Workaholism?
  156. Do you tell anyone or feel awkward telling you're on adderall?
  157. Adderal and Alcohal
  158. Can I stop ritalin and take adderall next day?
  159. Sandoz Adderall Generic - Who sells it?
  160. Best adderall XR manufacter?
  161. Medication Holiday
  162. adderall does NOT make me less distractible?
  163. Adderall XR didn't work??
  164. I think Adderall is messing up my sinuses
  165. First time on Adderall - I need some advice:
  166. Rigor
  167. is this true??
  168. Is it typical to....????
  169. ADD/ADHD P.I.S.S.E.S me off!
  170. Dosage opinions?
  171. Backed in a corner: Addrall XR + (simultaneous titrate) Lamictal/Strattera
  172. Anyone else feel their body be tense at times on adderall?
  173. What do you mean by 'brain fog'
  174. XR vs. IR?
  175. Adderall and P90X
  176. Should I take more or less adderall, or switch ADD meds. what's your opinion?
  177. If Adderall is not workig, what next?
  178. Adderall and Panic attacks
  179. Adderall 30mg xr hypothesis or mystery actaully. U decide
  180. Adderall: dr. appt for refill before 30 day period
  181. Which generic is my adderall?
  182. STIMS+BENZO's=?
  183. Wow what a headache!
  184. Weird reaction to prilosec?
  185. Just prescribed Adderall today.
  186. Adderall generic options in Canada
  187. adderall and weight lifting
  188. Dose raised...
  189. Brand name Adderall XR cheaper than generic?
  190. Question on Adderall and Hair Loss
  191. What is the difference between Meth & Adderall?
  192. Many questions
  193. How does it make you feel?
  194. sorry going a little crazy with the ? here
  195. Anemia + Adderall = No energy? 1st day, advice please!
  196. Adderall Dose too high?
  197. Memantine active-life? Half-life?
  198. Up and Down, "rolling" effect on adderall...
  199. Generic Adderall XR available in Canada
  200. Do the effects of Adderall get better with time?
  201. Adderall and weight loss
  202. Brand new here
  203. Problems with Adderall?
  204. How to get rid of dry mouth?
  205. What is your Vit C dosage for sleep?
  206. Adderall Wearing off too soon
  207. No weight loss with Adderall XR ??
  208. Side Effect or undiagnosed disorder??
  209. I need to know if this is just me...
  210. Newly RX'd, Doctor told me to play with dosage?
  211. New to adderall. Are these effects normal?!
  212. Adderall not working properly?
  213. New to Adderall XR
  214. Dextroamp-amphet Help!
  215. Try adderall after vyvanse fails?
  216. 60mg of Adderall Daily Neurotoxic?
  217. Newly on Adderall - Need better solution for insomnia
  218. Acne?
  219. Adderall causing drowsiness/hangover
  220. Adderall and anxiety
  221. New to Adderall
  222. Generic Adderall and weight loss
  223. Generic Adderall and weight loss
  224. IR Users! Get in here!
  225. Am I the only one with this ADDERALL problem?
  226. Adderall effects me for a few days!
  227. Should I tell psychiatrist that I increase my dose on certain days?
  228. Does anyone else feel exhausted on adderall IR?
  229. Extreme paranoia, anxiety/panic on Adderall XR
  230. Feedback sought
  231. Need Help Talking to Doctor
  232. Do U swear more on Adderall?
  233. Biggest Adrenaline Deficet!
  234. Adderall 20mg XR
  235. High resting heart rate, anything help?
  236. Recent ADD diagnosis...I think
  237. Everyone's overdosing
  238. Do I need to see a doc. everytime I need a new script?
  239. Adderall help
  240. Barr/Teva adderall (not generic) problems
  241. Irritable on Adderall
  242. My first drug holiday, hmm
  243. Adderall IR vs. Adderall XL Pros and Cons
  244. Did someone tamper with my Adderall XRs?
  245. It's 3 pm, can I take another 5mg Adderall?
  246. Have to switch to generic adderall xr - is one kind better than the other?
  247. What to do?
  248. Adderall vs Modafinil
  249. I will slowly change
  250. Been Noticing A Pattern On Here And Other Forums..