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  1. My Adderall Journal (bad experience - 33 year old female)
  2. Anyone on Adderall & Vyvanse?
  3. starting to take adderall
  4. Day 2 of taking adderal xr 30mg
  5. Tell my Dr. I have been self medicating?
  6. Adderall IR/XR release mechanism explained
  7. Ins doesn't want to pay 2 XR per day-they suck!
  8. On Adderall and still impulsive...speak before I think etc.
  9. Feeling of a "pill being stuck in my throat"...
  10. Switching from methylphenidate to amphetamine?
  11. Too many medications?
  12. How a 'med holiday' works?
  13. Headache on Adderall
  14. When not to drink citrus/fruit drinks
  15. adderall=temporary depression killer
  16. Face flushing red from Adderall
  17. Double XR meds for ADD? (Adderall+Dexedrine)
  18. Adverse reaction?
  19. What A Craptacular Turn Of Events
  20. Creating Positivity
  21. Adderall is Amazing!
  22. Just started Adderall
  23. Feeling too edgy/overstimulated?
  24. My Symptoms and Side Effects
  25. Realistically..can I take 20 mg. Adderall XR and 27 mg. Concerta in same day (once)?
  26. Adderall and anxiety attacks :/
  27. New to Adderall, Have a few questions
  28. Med Holidays: Can I switch from Adderall to Concerta?
  29. Does Adderall XR Work Better Than Vyvanse?
  30. Can I have some wine tonight?
  31. Down with the flu - now what?
  32. Concerning Adderall
  33. Adderall not working after one day
  34. HIGH dose of adderall
  35. Study showing l-amp is better for focus, d-amp for overactivity/impulsiveness...
  36. levoamphetamine. Why The F?
  37. Want to add adderall to my strattera. How do I tell the doc?
  38. Adderall headache and migraine topic
  39. what would it mean for barr to work better than sandoz?
  40. Adderall XR v. Adderall
  41. lessons you've learned?
  42. Adderall and the Military
  43. How do you request certain brands of Adderall from pharmacy?
  44. General ADHD questions from an average guy
  45. I've never variated...alternated...from XR, maybe it's time.?.?
  46. slight dosage change on IR, what a difference!!
  47. Adderall+tenex, what's the value?
  48. Brand name "ADDERALL XR" has returned on capsules?
  49. Eyelash
  50. Would Adderall work better for ADHD-PI than Concerta?
  51. Stupid morning again...
  52. Is it safe to exercise on Adderall?
  53. Friend is having Problems
  54. First dose of Adderall XR
  55. Adderall and pain
  56. Day 2 on Adderall - Is it working?
  57. Do you prefer IR or XR?
  58. Ups and Downs Starting Adderall, Help!
  59. Adderall and UTI
  60. I think I got ripped off.
  61. Has adderall or Concerta increased your sex drive?
  62. my med schudule-im new do you have any thoughts for me?
  63. will i be on meds forever???
  64. what is adderall XR??
  65. is there anything i can do besides the meds to help me?
  66. am i the only one????
  67. Supplementing alongside adderall for maximumu effect/minimm side effects?
  68. IR/XR effects on heartrate
  69. Does Adderall or Concerta cause mood swings and irritability often?
  70. L-tyrosine supplementation side effects?
  71. Help me start fresh!
  72. is tolerance to adderall only the initial tweaky/euphoric effects?
  73. Switched from Teva XR to Sandoz IR
  74. what drug should i take??? help someone please
  75. Does Adderall really help?
  76. Uric acid retention and Adderall
  77. Amphetamine sulphate vs methylphenidate..
  78. Adderall and Stattera
  79. Adderall vs Dexedrine for Adult ADD
  80. How Does Adderall Make You Feel?
  81. Some questions about adderall?
  82. High initial adderall dosage and my doc wants me to take a dose 1 hour before bed..?
  83. Trying to find a balance
  84. Taking meds during summer
  85. What can I take Adderall with? Is orange juice okay?
  86. 10mg of my sandoz ir felt stronger than my 15mg barr/teva ir
  87. Is it possible for adderall to have worked for the first day?
  88. What drug pairs well with Adderall to combat severe neck tension?
  89. Going off the med
  90. The best dose???
  91. Adderall and beer
  92. A question about adderall
  93. New to Adderall having concerns
  94. Mixing brands
  95. Adderall XR Seems to Be a Strange Concoction
  96. Advice on switching from Adderall to Dex
  97. I have a few questions I"m hoping someone can help!
  98. What to eat before and after Adderall XR?
  99. Is this feeling...doom?
  100. Highest XR dosage/price increase?
  101. Switching from ritalin to adderall?
  102. Need some advice plz!!!
  103. When to take anti-oxdiants to minimize neurotoxicity?
  104. A longwinded intro to a simple question about Adderall XR.
  105. Tired and sleepy on Adderall
  106. New too adderall.
  107. Magnesium and dextromethorphan
  108. Looking for a good Psychiatrist in Atlanta
  109. adderall and drug test HELP!
  110. drug holiday
  111. Med to stop Adderall libido boost w/o stopping concentration
  112. Pushing people away?
  113. Facepalm Moment....Come on Doc!
  114. Predominantly Inattentive
  115. Feeling Awful
  116. Adderall and Ambien?
  117. Dry mouth and Adderall (sorry if this has been posted already)
  118. What should I take? Suggestions please!!
  119. Why has generic Adderall XR become "unavailable to order" to many pharmacies?
  120. Daily adderall usage?
  121. Friends and family attacking me now.
  122. Dosage concerns
  123. Running out early-help me tinker?
  124. Making Adderall More Effective
  125. dopamine
  126. New price for XR, increase?!??!
  127. Who else forgets to take their medication before its too late in the day?
  128. Normal People and Adderall
  129. Adderall & Paxil
  130. Finding the optimum medication - for me
  131. I don't think Adderall XR is working as it should anymore..
  132. Finding the right medication
  133. Adderall vs Dexedrine
  134. Wow what a difference in generics
  135. Adderall different effects at different doses?
  136. Which generic Adderall is most like Vyvanse?
  137. Traveling with Adderall
  138. Now I'm beginning to wonder!!!
  139. Is it okay to take Adderall every day?
  140. talk to Dr. about increasing dosage? Adderall decreases my anxiety?
  141. Is it possible to make generic adderall xr, instant?
  142. Problems finding brand/generic Adderall?
  143. Adderall and Energy
  144. What's your experience with TOO HIGH of Dose?
  145. Adderall and Dex didn't work... What now?
  146. Help asap!!!!
  147. No side effects ^_^
  148. Vague heart issues on Adderall
  149. meds question!
  150. Newly diagnosed. Two doctors with conflicting opinions on medication... help!
  151. M. Amphet Salts 20 MG...Questions
  152. Temple/eye pressure
  153. Anyone else love exercising on adderall?
  154. What was it like taking adderall for the first time?
  155. Differences taking Adderall on empty stomach?
  156. Generic Barr Adderall Consumption techniques
  157. On Adderall 1 week... Why did it stop working?
  158. adderall turns me into a machine at work
  159. Back on Adderall after break
  160. Supplements to take (Give your share)
  161. caffeine and adderall?
  162. waking you up
  163. IR Adderall most similar to XR?
  164. Do hot drinks harm the capsules in Adderall XR?
  165. Adderall XR: Does your metabolism effect its duration?
  166. Switching to XL ?'s
  167. How to use Magnesium and L-Tyrosine to increase Adderall Effectiveness
  168. Should I ask my Dr. to up my dose?
  169. Insurance company insists on BRAND Adderall XR
  170. Sandoz vs Barr/Teva Update
  171. adderall/dexe crash?
  172. Doc changed me from IR to XR :(
  173. doc doesn't want me on benzos with adderall
  174. Does Adderall make you sunburn more easily?
  175. Adderall and famotidine?
  176. Just started Adderall..
  177. Having terrible stomache aches and gas???? Does anyone else experience this??
  178. Going to the doctor, health checked
  179. new to adhd no meds are helping.
  180. Adderall xr and Medco
  181. No mixing Strattera and Adderall?
  182. bipolar side effects. super fun!
  183. Side Effects & Heart Rate Question.
  184. Benzos
  185. Generic Adderall XR Brand Differences
  186. Adderall IR Generic Vs Adderall XR
  187. Dosing Schedule
  188. OJ and Adderall?
  189. Has anyone ever told you you're abusing your Adderall?
  190. Does medicaid pay for the brand name adderall
  191. Bad to treat ADD with depression?
  192. Hmm...Adderall XR Not Working As Well Any Longer!
  193. Adderall and weight loss.
  194. How long would it take to get rid of tolerance to adderall?
  195. Problems on Corepharma
  196. Last-ditch efforts to make adderall work again.
  197. Shift work and meds
  198. Can I take more than prescribed?
  199. Vyvanse vs. Adderall?
  200. Unpleasant new response
  201. What has Adderall done for you?
  202. Adderall xr questions
  203. Things to help when on Adderall breaks
  204. Adderall frustration
  205. swollen gums?
  206. B/o!
  207. Lowered Dosage on Adderall
  208. Is this normal?
  209. Running out of Adderall a week before I can refill
  210. Q about amphet salts, terribad headache
  211. Medication after lunch - took almost 3 hours to work
  212. Adderall & The Electric Cigarette?
  213. Improved memory after adderall wears off? Residual effect?
  214. Can Adderall Trigger a Manic Episode?!
  215. Can you take Adderall and Vyvanse?
  216. Chest pains on Adderall?
  217. For Men, sexual side effects on Adderall.
  218. New to adderall
  219. How much is too much adderall? What else should I try?
  220. New Adderall work related question
  221. Adderal
  222. Long term mental health on Adderall, help needed
  223. dextroamphetamine and increased risk of parkinson's
  224. I have a hard time focusing on homework on Adderall.
  225. Adderall dosage?
  226. Is there a difference in generic adderall and brand adderall?
  227. Adderall vs Amphetamine sulphate, anyone?
  228. I feel like i should take an Adderall "holiday" to bring my tolerance down.
  229. cheaper alternative to current prescribed dosage?
  230. Drug Test Latest ?
  231. 2nd Day on Adderall XR
  232. The story of MY TWO YEARS ON ADDERALL. (They've not been like ME)
  233. My testicles
  234. pharmacy policy to avoid "pill seeking behavior"?
  235. Adderall effects gone too fast--wrong stimulant for me? Opinions Appreciated
  236. medicine doesnt last
  237. Just started adderall, No effect?
  238. Adderall and Other (non-drug) Substances ...
  239. Bringing my prescribed Adderall to China
  240. This is a copy of a post I already posted was told I would maybe get more info here
  241. Am I building a tolerance???
  242. Switching from XR to IR
  243. Should I switch generics or go for brand? Also, lack of sleep and effectiveness?
  244. Adderall & Drug Test Levels
  245. Pro/Cons of "Adderall Holiday"
  246. My 2nd day on Adderall...
  247. Xr vs IR
  248. Been taking Adderall for about a week
  249. Pretty Please, help me start studying right now!
  250. How Do You Know When It's Time To Change Meds?