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  1. Adderall and Sleepwalking/talking
  2. Adderall and Mood
  3. 2 10's don't make a 20
  4. pharmacy giving me BS excuses regarding current prescrip
  5. Just increased my dosage- now tired and unfocused
  6. Facial Flushing?
  7. Latest time to take adderall XR ??
  8. Switching Meds (Adderall IR to Adderall XR) to combat irritability and mood swings
  9. How many days off per week for tolerance ??
  10. Best way to fight rebound at the end of the day??
  11. Pharmacy gave me wrong dosage, help!
  12. Addarall first time
  13. Repost: Should be 'Adderall first tim HELP!!'
  14. Adderall XR Generic
  15. pharmacies cheaper than CVS?
  16. Should I be concerned I need so much early on?
  17. Adderall and peripheral stimulation
  18. Doctor cancelled all future scripts??
  19. Switching from Dexedrine to Adderall
  20. Stimulant usage effect adderall
  21. From Adderall IR name brand to XR generic
  22. Scared to start taking Adderall!!! Afraid of addiction!!!
  23. Damn adderall, why give me seb. cyst?
  24. Where is this Euphoria or Zoned in feeling you all talk about???
  25. adderall instead of dexedrine?
  26. Focalin IR to Adderall XR - 2nd day
  27. DAE get ****ed when...
  28. Melatonin?
  29. Adderall? Success? Help
  30. Newbie needs advice on dosage and other vitamins and supplements
  31. differences between adderall?
  32. differences between adderall?
  33. stiff hands, numbness in toes. Adderall.
  34. Wow, I'm worn out!
  35. Adderall and Cymbalta
  36. Medications Containing Amphetamines May Increase Parkinsonís Disease Risks
  37. Is Amphetamine-Dextroamphetamine Adderall?
  38. [Opinion Wanted] My 1st day on XR
  39. Taking with food = Almost no effects
  40. my current anti-tolerance cocktail: too much?
  41. Just Got 1st Prescription.. 90, 10mg Adderall.. Wheres the Cheapest place to fill it?
  42. Adderall XR Side Effects? to Ritalin? Now What?
  43. Some days great, others terrible... WHY ??? Pls help...
  44. Holy Dry Mouth
  45. Adderall first time 10mg help?
  46. Adderall xr 10mg first time???
  47. Adderall Side Effect : Boners (Negative)
  48. New to Adderall
  49. Has Adderall (or any ADD med) actually worked CONSISTENTLY for anyone?
  50. Adderall /ambien
  51. Adderall and Costochondritis Pain
  52. Adderall: Real time review ~
  53. Omg, Muscle tenderness, need advice bad
  54. 3rd day update
  55. Early Waking Insomnia?
  56. Is it common the 2nd time release dose lasts less than the 1st one ??
  57. BAD Corpharma!
  58. Adderall and sugar free Metamucil.
  59. Day 3 of Adderall
  60. Generic XR is wearing off early ..
  61. Generic XR adverse effects 2 years later, anyone?
  62. No more Addy Glow :/
  63. Differences between Teva/Barr IR and brand name Adderall
  64. Corepharma - HELP
  65. Adderall XR 10 mg - Why are these capsules only half-filled w spanules?
  66. Inconsistent effects from XR - higher dose needed ??
  67. For those on XR - when does your second time released dose hit?
  68. Heartburn?
  69. Any chance anxiety will lessen after a few weeks ??
  70. Does adderall give more physical stimulation and kick then Dexedrine ?
  71. Adderall XR- should I switch back to lower dosage?
  72. Tired all the time
  73. Day 5
  74. 2nd time taking adderall, generic IR now..
  75. Medication problem, need an expert..
  76. First Weekend On Adderall-What Do You Think?
  77. Adderall question
  78. Generic XR (not impressed)
  79. help - resting heart rate is 120
  80. weightloss plateau/mindset
  81. Vyvanse + Adderall dosing ?
  82. At what point is blood pressure too high?
  83. Colon cleanse with adderall
  84. Why would xr cause more side effects than ir?
  85. NEW! HI .. Adderall question.
  86. Very confused/quick question
  87. Vyvanse to Adderall
  88. First dose of Adderall
  89. Expecting a miracle?
  90. new doc
  91. Help me to understand
  92. First week on Adderall
  93. Just got prescribed Adderall, Have ? need help
  94. Adderall is not working for me anymore?
  95. Potential New Adderral User Seeking Guidance
  96. Fatigue-Vyvanse>Adderall XR
  97. Too high dosage makes symptoms worse?
  98. 1st dose of the day not always working
  99. Not sure what to do anymore... is this working?
  100. Nobody Stocking Generic Adderall- Options?
  101. Do you retain the information you learn when you're not on adderall?
  102. learning a musical instrument
  103. Numbess in hands and feet?? (Barr Labs)
  104. Metallic smell like iron or so.
  105. ADD Meds - Positive side effects and dosage questions
  106. AGH, holiday break headache :(
  107. Stimulants and hallucinations/HPPD
  108. Adderall XR Pharmacokinectics
  109. List of nations overseas where Adderall/Ritalin is legal and easily accessible
  110. Dosing
  111. Synaptol with Adderall/ Synaptol in Off Season
  112. Adder-ALL: The Complete Guide to Amphetamine Salts
  113. Is this a mild or severe side effect?
  114. How can I take 50mg IR and feel nothing?
  115. Why does Adderall ir take over an hour to work?
  116. chewing gum effect? caffeine use?
  117. Not sure whether my experience with Adderall so far is common or not...
  118. Cardiologist is dismissive that adult ADD exists at all.
  119. Do magnesium supplements help reduce anxiety?
  120. Way to save money on medication :
  121. Adderall makes me feel sleepy sometimes
  122. GP started me on 5mg
  123. New with questions!
  124. is Adderall xr 10mg not enough??? or should i switch to adderral Ir??
  125. ir adderall and duration
  126. Buying from online pharmacies
  127. Anyone using/used Prescription Assistance?
  128. blue pill marked "E 111" - amphetamine salt combo.. what is this??
  129. Are any of the foods I am eating bad for absorption?
  130. Pill Alternative:The Motivation of Adderall w/o Citric issues?
  131. 5mg Adderall works for me
  132. Saliva Drug Test Question
  133. Adderall fast acting?? I dont think so
  134. first day on generic IR
  135. One week on 20mg XR
  136. Breastfeeding and Adderall
  137. Is adderall usually not as effective as first week?
  138. Can't sleep with this stuff
  139. Hyper, insomnia when adderall wears off
  140. Is Adderall same as Modalert /or Alertec?
  141. Excessive Sweating with Adderall
  142. Adderall and little sleep
  143. Short duraction and fast tolerance...sigh*
  144. Adderall XR 10mg ? Should I ? Omg
  145. Adderall Unavailable according to Pharmacist--for good!
  146. A little concerned
  147. Adderall interfering with hydrcodone?
  148. [newbie alert] The road to quitting addderall...for good!
  149. Adderall & Epilepsy (misinformation!)
  150. Is there a happy medium?
  151. Adderall Vs. Methylphenidate for Studying
  152. The dog ate my adderall
  153. How to ask for 3x a day dose
  154. unsure od adderall xr dose
  155. It has been mentioned many times...
  156. Rapid Heart Rate on Adderall ... Anyone else?
  157. Adderall and what antidepressant?-sexual problems
  158. Any effects on dilution?
  159. Anyone currently taking Nexium (or other PPI)?
  160. Questions regarding the titration phases of Adderall: Is this chasing the high?
  161. Adderall & High BP
  162. Adjusting adderall dosage, should I ask the doctor?
  163. Adderall and ssri
  164. Adderall with ssri?
  165. Cold feet and hands?
  166. first time treatment
  167. Withdrawal and anxiety on days w/out Adderall
  168. Successfully Quit Smoking While On Adderall?
  169. Why doesn't adderall keep working for me?
  170. Adderall Ok to take or no
  171. How long does Adderall IR affect heart rate and blood pressure?
  172. Finding the right dosage of Adderall XR?
  173. My Adderall honeymoon is over
  174. Is Adderall xr allowed 2 times a day?
  175. Beating the comedown
  176. Anyone feel "strange" when their XR wears off?
  177. Adderall XR lasting literally 20 hours. Doctor giving me potentially harmful advice?
  178. Works great, then boom! Feels like death.
  179. Hi just started adderall xr 10mg
  180. First day on higher dose
  181. Is it okay to take Adderall everyday without a drug holiday
  182. 2nd day with Adderall - Complete disaster; Feeling depressed, manic, and mood swings
  183. ephedrine sulfate stopped my comedown comepletely
  184. Iím sorry, I was wrong.
  185. Anybody have experience with this mixture? Adderall with Ketoconazole???
  186. My pharmacist tried to tell me the brand and generic XR are the same.
  187. Questions about Drug Holidays, Tolerance
  188. Just Starting adderal
  189. Just got prescribed, dosage low?
  190. Blood pressure down with Adderall?
  191. adderall and resveratrol
  192. What should I do help adders Pp
  193. MAS-ER Capsules????
  194. XR + Provigil = good?
  195. Adderall in Canada
  196. Drug "Holiday" ?
  197. CVS did not special order Sandoz for me, though promised.
  198. Adderall Supply and Manufacturing Field Reporting
  199. Which pharmacy for 20mg Barr generic Adderall? (SF Bay Area)
  200. Adderall IR Booster for Vyvanse - Wow!
  201. Worried about asking my doctor to switch
  202. Need advice.
  203. Pa trouble meds still at pharmacy? free trials
  204. 15mgs Adderal experience? - anyone get really tired on this?
  205. Has any one had DEXTROAMP-AMP ER
  206. Adderall Re-experience, things are a bit strange
  207. Was Adderall As Good As I Thought?
  208. Adderall and Realationship
  209. Is Adderall + Alpha-GPC effective? Safe?
  210. Frustrated and Annoyed
  211. Adderall+Weightloss=?
  212. Adderall and Coffee / Caffeine.
  213. Loss of Motivation/ Concentration on Adderall XR
  214. Switching from XR to IR
  215. Asking Pdoc for Klonopin to aide in anxiety/adderall crash.. anyone use this combo?
  216. Am I the only one who feels the XR comedown/crash is terrible compared to IR?
  217. What Times Work For You?
  218. Just started Adderall, curious about..
  219. The Infamous "Adderall Kills" Argument
  220. Adderall and Arguing
  221. Does adderall help you on the long term?
  222. Adderall and Children
  223. Strange issue
  224. Switching to adderall xr from vyvanse??
  225. I'm on Adderall XR want to switch to Ritalin IR
  226. Adderall and O2 Desat?
  227. Mirapax and Adderall IR
  228. Adderall in UK
  229. XR in am / IR in PM
  230. Adderall and Suboxone - managing meds for ADD & chronic pain
  231. Effect of adderall on menstrual cycle?
  232. Researchers argue 'addiction' a poor way to understand the normal use of drugs
  233. Adderall and Vyvanse Together - Thoughts so far...
  234. Employment Drug Screen. Need Advice ASAP.
  235. Why the first 30 minutes of taking adderall I sometimes feel like sleeping badly?
  236. Adderall Success, and a Question
  237. Interaction with supplements
  238. Gaining rapid tolerance??
  239. Dry eyes! & hyperthyroid
  240. Newly Diagnosed and Confused
  241. What's the most frequently someone can take adderall without buiding up tolerance?
  242. Used adderall long time, Rx Xanax for recent anxiety. Need knowledgable responses!
  243. Unsure?
  244. Thinking of trying to get switched to adderall
  245. Sandoz in Austin
  246. Complete flip of side-effects?
  247. Blurry vision
  248. its ok to doub le check your pharamcist!
  249. Can there really be that much of a difference between XR and IR?
  250. What happened adderall?