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  1. Be On the Look Out...
  2. I need some help here..
  3. effects of 1, 3 dimethylamylamine + adderall?
  4. How Often Do You Take A "Drug Holiday"?
  5. do you skip doses when you dont need to concentrate?
  6. anyone on a higher than usual dose of adderallxr?
  7. Have a few dosing questions...
  8. is alcohol seriously truley a danger with stimulants?
  9. Taking adderall anally
  10. l-tyrsosine and magnesium with adderall?
  11. AD/HD Medications that don't cause Zombie effect
  12. would letting adderall absorb under your tounge be any different than swallowing?
  13. what vitamins are good for an adderall user?
  14. Dose Question (Possible that dose is too low?)
  15. Adderall and memory problems?
  16. New need advice
  17. adderall ir and hair loss
  18. Can meditation soothe the effects of an adderall crash?
  19. is teva the only one who makes 15mg ir tabs?
  20. Trouble recalling words, addresses, numbers while on Adderall IR?? please help
  21. Ocassional "Speeding"?? (No, I'm not enjoying it)
  22. Adderall causing too many side effects
  23. Tolerance?
  24. Adderall "high" and my higher than normal levels of care and love for friends and fam
  25. Adderall and Swag
  26. Adderall and valium
  27. Adderall and acne?
  28. Adderall dosage too high? making my dyslexia and ADD worse in ways???
  29. Vitamins & Tolerance
  30. Adderall making me Dumb?
  31. Adderall/Ativan duo
  32. Anyone ever noticed pulse increase when time for new dose/or end of day?
  33. dosage equivalent
  34. How long does it take for adderall to leave my system 100%?
  35. Losing the benefit of focus but still very "awake" ?
  36. Feel no Different and still hungry
  37. 40 mg adderall IR at 7am and can't fall asleep at 350am?
  38. Sudden side effects after resupply of generic Adderall XR
  39. HELP! ASAP, please!
  40. Focused, but on the wrong topic?
  41. TOO MUCH Planning! Anyone Else Experience This?
  42. Is there anything my psychiatrist can do?
  43. Adderall + Questions?
  44. I love it
  45. Need more or less?
  46. Upped adderall dose plus wellbutrin? Experiences, please!
  47. Love Adderall booster but bad side-effects. Is it the brand? Switch to dex? HELP?
  48. Is Adderall right for me? Or is it too soon....
  49. Ran across this website that mentions "Sudden Death" for stim drugs
  50. Same dosage different MG pill, less side effects
  51. Stimulant medications and Parkinson's
  52. I love my adderall 20 MG, is anyone on the extended release?
  53. Taking Adderall holiday and feel fried --- should i take Wellbutrin as a base?
  54. adderall and sex
  55. aderrall and xanx
  56. adderall OK, dex awful - what does it mean?
  57. Adderall + Memory + School
  58. Medication Progress (moved from Adult Treatment)
  59. My pharmacy says they have Adderall XR Brand Name Shire, and continue to stock it....
  60. questions, concerns, solutions?
  61. Please help me figure this out..I'm so confused.How to correctly use my adderall?
  62. Ctrolling your Med Vs. It controlling you ??????
  63. Medicaid gone; Adderall gone. Questions
  64. I need an insurance that will cover Adderall/generic and psych clinic visits
  65. Feel Less "Gross" on Adderall...?
  66. Adderall not working?
  67. How do I get shire brand?
  68. Easy Calories
  69. Adderall & Heartburn
  70. Adderall XR... Peeing A LOT!
  71. has anyone gone from 15xr to 30xr and 20ir booster?
  72. ADHD with Depression & Anxiety - Finally found a combo that works
  73. Adderall XR vs. Adderall IR side effects
  74. AFter i see Pych , than what??
  75. XR Generic?
  76. another reccomendation for Costco
  77. Lately getting overwhelmed and losing focus?
  78. Ideas on How to get rid of Zombie effect on All AD/HD medications
  79. I just took some Adderall with...
  80. Why doesnt adderall help me focus! Is something worng me? PLEASE HELP
  81. How does adderall help you focus? Does it get rid of all the distractions?
  82. "Happy Pills" and their effects
  83. Strattera to Adderall XR...nervous!
  84. "Declining" feeling after peak, tips on ignoring it?
  85. It's helping every aspect of my life, why do I feel guilt?
  86. Adderall changes my voice?
  87. Help me, please!
  88. Not the normal Adderall!
  89. Does Adderall improve memory?
  90. I want to stop taking Adderall
  91. Adderall is making me develop weird tics? advice please
  92. Adderall and smoking
  93. Encouragement for those seeking the right med/dose/combo - Who'd of thunk it?!
  94. Switched from Corepharma to Barr
  95. Adderall sexual side effects.. at 19
  96. Adderall 20 mg xr issue.......
  97. ritalin IR vs adderall IR
  98. Neck and other muscles stiffing up?
  99. Poll: Daily Dosage Adderall
  100. Do prescriptions expire?
  101. How memantine works to reverse amphetamine tolerance
  102. I just popped my first ADDerall pill. Wish me good luck
  103. Adderall Question?
  104. New to ADHD meds... what to expect?
  105. 2ed day on Adderall, still nothing..
  106. Adderall and Bipolar Disorder: A Very Personal and Urgent Concern
  107. am i supposed to feel it kick in this quickly?
  108. Starting Adderall Makes My Thinking Sluggish
  109. Information on which medication would be good for me
  110. How do I know Adderall works?
  111. Can I even take Adderall if I have PVC's?
  112. Terrible sore throat from Adderall
  113. Short term adderall induced anhedonia
  114. If you skip doses do you keep the extra pills in the same bottle?
  115. adderall and latuda? suggestions?
  116. One thing adderall has taught me about concentration
  117. High dosage and when to switch?
  118. Male! Nipple Discharge/Lactation! PROLACTIN! Adderall
  119. Adderall makes me sleepy/tired
  120. Has taking medication affected anyone's elses relationships?
  121. Adderall Hangover ... Anyone?
  122. Advice from switching from Ritalin to Adderall?
  123. Theraputic dose/Saturation dose
  124. Negative effect of too low dose?
  125. Insomia and Anxiety the First Few Days of Each Refill (Same pills)???
  126. Side Effects
  127. At what point will the doctor put me on Adderall?
  128. has Adderall XR has changed my life permanently?
  129. I Just gave up on Adderall
  130. Help with Adderall/Vyvanse - What do you think?
  131. First Day on Adderall
  132. Figuring out my Generic...
  133. Advice on adderall
  134. First day on Adderall
  135. Adderall XR Making me Anxious?
  136. What is after Adderall?????????
  137. How long should the effects of XR last?
  138. I was prescribed Adderall IR for Adult ADHD, and it works, but I have some weird side
  139. First Treatment Adderall XR 20mg. Day 1 = Perfect. Now = Blah.
  140. would ir just be a better choice?
  141. My Psychiatrist gave me the go-ahead to raise my dosage for a short time. Is it ok?
  142. Tics caused by Adderall XR
  143. Starting Nemenda Tomorrow!
  144. modafinil vs adderall
  145. Drug Stigmas and Bad Doctors
  146. Low dose adderall, trouble sleeping
  147. ADD causing my depression
  148. Adderall not lasting, anyone else have this issue?
  149. Been on Adderall for twelve years. What should I do?
  150. Is this supposed to work this way?
  151. meds no longer work unless i eat beforehand, and get more sleep
  152. Mixed Amphetamine Salts ER Generic-- Barr vs Teva
  153. Getting the Best out of Adderall IR (Includes Graph)
  154. Adderall vacation to ward off tollerence... Anhedonia...
  155. Bruising easily on Adderall?
  156. Too High Dosage, Or Just Taking it Wrong
  157. Adderall XR not kicking in for a couple hours?
  158. Chantix + Adderall + Bipolar... is this an ok combo?
  159. Sustained Release ?
  160. Adderall and Taking a Vacation?
  161. Good for Studying BAD for Exams
  162. Do you feel Adderall Helps you MATURE?
  163. anyone take adderall with dexedrine
  164. Is there a website that you can compare med prices?
  165. Does Adderall make you smell bad?
  166. Adderall without the Levoamphetamine?
  167. Teva/Berr Generic Adderall XR formula change post-"Shortage"?
  168. Adderall Script Fill at Walmart
  169. Question for magnesium users...
  170. What was your "titration"-currently on 15 MG XR
  171. Worth Taking Adderall
  172. Ugh, I sincerely hate adderall "holidays"
  173. Adderall titration/Emotion vs. function
  174. Brand name SHIRE adderall XR for the win!
  175. When you really, really can't eat on Adderall
  176. Day 14 on Adderall - Feel Icky, Depressed...
  177. My mediction feels different everyday.
  178. Is adderall available in Australia?
  179. Is adderall available in Australia?
  180. doc upped dose on monthly prescrip, pharmacy still refuses to give early.
  181. Tools for Splitting Adderall XR
  182. Adderal and flonase
  183. Adderall Tolerance -- Need Help FAST
  184. Starting adderall on a daily basis, will my body eventually get used to the crash
  185. Too much, wrong meds, or something wrong with me?
  186. Adderall xr 20mg twice daily?
  187. Why do I have such an intense reaction to xr?
  188. Adderall - Gagging & Couphing
  189. Anyone use adderall to get to sleep?
  190. Ended my 1 month on waste of time.
  191. Adderall IR 20mg twice a day
  192. My NEW ADHD Research Summary: Out of Pure Frustration With Lack of Current Knowledge!
  193. Just took my first dosage....
  194. Will adderall 5mg be effective at all?
  195. Managing withdrawals after ~1.5 years
  196. finals induced binge on meds (stupid I know), tolerance advice please...
  197. Increased Heart Rate, Doctor says I can't take Adderall anymore?
  198. How long does is take to notice results?
  199. what do you do when your medicine runs ou too early?
  200. Dosage and body size
  201. first time user
  202. Adderall XR 30mg = 15mg twice daily or 30mg twice daily.. and a rant
  203. Suggestions to Help Pay for Adderall XR
  204. Generic Adderall XR shortage and Schedule II partial filling woes.
  205. Is anyone on both Adderall and Provigil????
  206. Adderall IR vs Dexadrine Spansules?
  207. How long does Adderall IR last for you?
  208. Alternatives to Adderall?
  209. Adderall makes me soooo sleepy
  210. Gave up on crap Global Adderall XR; switched to Concerta. Feeling nothing...
  211. Doctors prescribing two different drugs
  212. Is this really my life???
  213. I've heard Shire is developing Adderall 3-stage
  214. Adderall IR shortage: serious problem
  215. Studies about magnesium supplements and adderall.
  216. labile mood side effect
  217. Stims, abilify and ssri?
  218. Creeping tolerance, anyone else?
  219. Finally got my ADHD under control.
  220. Adderall and Mio water enhancer
  221. College guy also just started...
  222. Trouble getting prescription filled - not typical treatment?
  223. can you ask your pharmacist to order a different manufacterer of adderall
  224. Adderall in South Africa?
  225. just started Adderall XR yesterday
  226. Adderall and Olfactory Hallucinactions
  227. Travel and meds
  228. Insurance requires brand name?
  229. Questions
  230. trying to find the right dosage
  231. Side-Effects After Two Years?
  232. my 4 year adderall "anniversary"
  233. Getting sleepy after 4 hours of Adderall?
  234. Effects of adderall on sex drive
  235. Did anyone else have a major drop in the price of adderrall?
  236. Adderall dosage not working as planned
  237. Anyone have concentration problems?
  238. Argh! I did it to myself
  239. Should I switch to Ir over xr
  240. Anyone on a Vyvanse/Adderall combo switch to just Adderall
  241. Adderall IR 20mg no longer exists?!
  242. alternating meds?
  243. Adderall and a Benzo?
  244. Having been on Adderall IR for 5 days...
  245. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  246. Question regarding the second dose of Adderall XR
  247. Adderall XR Experiences?
  248. Does your metabolism effect the length of a xr dose?
  249. Who manufactures generic adderall XR?
  250. For those taking beta-blockers...