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  1. How do I lower my tolerance, without holidays
  2. Adderall to Vyvanse conversion?
  3. Adderall showing up on Hair Test for Job
  4. Adderall & Beta Blockers
  5. Adderall and Appetite.
  6. 15mg XR twice a day for four years, fret asking for increase.
  7. HELP!! Need advice from Adults on Adderall XR
  8. How can you tell it's working
  9. First off...holy cow...and my doctor stinks
  10. Adderall Heart Shaky Weak
  11. Do I eat a meal before or after taking adderall
  12. Anyone mail order Adderall? Couple of questions
  13. Sex on Adderall
  14. What do I have here?
  15. is my adderall causing non sickness related mucus?
  16. not sure if its working. 1st day.
  17. HELP!! WHY is my Adderall XR making me sooo tired??
  18. Getting Adderall 15mg XR by Global....any good?
  19. Adderall Dosage to High?
  20. Anyone ever get negative effects from dose being too high?
  21. Is it safe to take robitussin with adderall?
  22. so would adderall XR 20 mg feel like 10mg of the regular instant release?
  23. Adderall causing over-focus?
  24. any tips to make life suck a little less when i run out b4 my next refill?
  25. Adderall to Concerta conversion?
  26. Recent mild side effects with Adderall, going to talk to Psychiatrist. Worried...
  27. affected or flat mood
  28. can you take multiple pills at once? (was prescribed 5mg)
  29. Recommended Diet while on adderall?
  30. dosage
  31. ADDERALL NOW COMPLETELY UNEFFECTIVE- NEW PSYCH- Klonopin added & Zoloft stopped.
  32. coffee
  33. Possible physiological reasons stimulants don't work for me
  34. Pausing while speaking
  35. Adderall losing mental effectiveness
  36. Adderrall extended release
  37. Woah, what is happening...
  38. the "high"
  39. Question about adderall before exercise
  40. tolerance questions
  41. Started running again now severe anxiety?!
  42. For those who have been on Adderall and SSRI's at any points..
  43. uh oh...what happened? my head feels...empty...??
  44. Cardiovascular Effects of Adderall vs Dex
  45. Not your normal reactions to adderall??
  46. Thinking about cutting adderall breaks and taking everyday
  47. Another adderall dosage question
  48. questioning tolerance, lack of motivation and more...
  49. Both doctors indicating that I just need to put up with the anhedonia. Advice?
  50. whats wrong with me?
  51. Adderall + Klonopin for ADHD/Anxiety
  52. Getting Adderall to Last Longer?
  53. Just dropped Vyvanse. All Adderall regimen. Any suggestions?
  54. Afraid to take Adderall
  55. Lorazepam effecting Adderall??
  56. How do meds affect your hyperfocusing?
  57. Hyperfocussing - Too high dose?
  58. the adderall to dexedrine switch
  59. Adderall had bad effects whats next?
  60. Adderall Concerns
  61. smoking and adderall
  62. Will Adderall affect my kidneys?
  63. Switching from dex to adderall
  64. How can I protect my metabolism?
  65. I'd like to share some of my troubles with ADD and ADD medication with you all.
  66. Switched from Adderall IR to XR
  67. new generic script making me sooo blahh
  68. Adderall XR Tolerance
  69. How Does Adderall Help You the Most..? Does it prevent "zoning out"?
  70. Complicated!
  71. Adderal Makes Me Sedated. Please Help
  72. Dr switched me with no direction
  73. Adderall and DUI
  74. Adderall IR Dose Questions
  75. taking a higher dose of IR in the morning lower effects of smaller dose in afternoon?
  76. sandoz still around?
  77. Adderall XR takes a little getting used to
  78. Adderall XR generics.. Tell me your experiences please!
  79. A stiff cup of jo?..
  80. Vitamin C and Adderall XR?
  81. Discontinuing Adderall/Dexedrine, bad symptoms for weeks? - Help!
  82. Can someone explain this XR reaction?
  83. Totally weird question re: L-Tyrosine and Adderall?
  84. Is this an Adderall XR crash or just anxiety??
  85. Odd side effect from Adderall..
  86. switched from vyvanse to adderall
  87. when is enough enough? adderall dosage.
  88. adderall and bee stings
  89. Doctor says he "doesn't prescribe IR at all", but I need a morning/afternoon booster.
  90. getting really annoyed with this adderall IR
  91. Adderall XR - side effects and generic MFGs
  92. resting heart rate between 105-115 on adderal
  93. supplements with adderall
  94. Adderall and social isolation?
  95. Side effect: Sedation. Can't find anything that works!
  96. I just started Adderall again, but I think I'm gonna quit, again.
  97. Please help I'm new here
  98. GOING NUTS! Hyperfocusing, non-social, takes too much time to do anything + MORE!
  99. Swollen- lymph nodes- Symptoms of Adderall?
  100. Adderal XR 20 MG generic
  101. adderall and TBPE drug test
  102. (IR) One 20 mg equal to two 10 mg tablets?
  103. Adderal Dosage Increase
  104. Some preliminary observations of Adderall XR from first-time user
  105. Adderall IR switch to XR question
  106. Is Adderall the first ADHD med approved by the FDA?
  107. Adderall stopped working will anything else help?
  108. XR dose increase = ZERO effects?
  109. Tolerance to Adderall Leaving me optionless... Help!
  110. Adderall stopped working (I think)
  111. I believe my Doctor's practice is making uninformed decisions...
  112. Adderall and voice changes
  113. i finally found eon/sandoz...accidentally
  114. Adderall detox
  115. Adderall: uptight, spacey, on edge need help
  116. New Onset Of Reaction to Adderall?
  117. Dr. Switched me from adderall to dextroamphetamine
  118. Adderall IR 20Mg. 2x day
  119. Can't have a good day without it?
  120. Personal Experience : Barr/TEVA vs SANDOZ
  121. switched from barr/teva to sandoz/eon...disappointed.
  122. Moving from Vyvanse to Adderall XR
  123. New to Adderall, few questions
  124. Dosage Matters!
  125. ongoing issue
  126. Adderall - Pros/ Cons?
  127. Adderall+Xanax for Exams?
  128. Why did I test Negative for amphetamine?
  129. Adderall Comedown Question
  130. adderall making me antisocial
  131. Adderall plus Lortab?
  132. Does decreased appetite affect hydration too?
  133. Anhedonia is developing into mild depression... I am worried and frusturated.
  134. Over stimulated? thanks stimulants.
  135. Generic Brands??? There's really a difference?!?!
  136. First time Adderall XR 20mg - NOTHING
  137. Generic adderall causing weird side effects
  138. For all you guys on Adderall with Benzo's
  139. Adding Wellbutrin to Adderall
  140. Quitting meds
  141. IR to XR equivalents?
  142. 10mg/day to 5mg 2x/day
  143. Am I Addicted Already...?
  144. Need advice: I'm a bit uncomfortable w/ asking for dosage increase
  145. Adderall is making my heart race now, not before though?
  146. Seeing past?
  147. is IR absorbed instantly?
  148. Any switch from dexedrine to adderall for motivation?
  149. Need some Advice on Switching Meds from Adderall XR
  150. Can Ritalin/Adderall increase your maximum heart rate on exercise?
  151. Drug Hollidays
  152. High Dose of Adderall + Coffee = Problem
  153. Do they allow people to switch back?
  154. About to take the pill...
  155. ADD & Me...
  156. Finally got Sandoz...
  157. Should I be able to get adderall with relative ease?
  158. Anybody else like this?
  159. DAY ONE: Smoked a half a pack of cigs in 6 hours!!!!
  160. Effects: Is this a good analogy?
  161. Adderall and Ativan? Really need opinions.
  162. Just finished day 1- question
  163. D- to L-Amp Ratio in Sandoz vs. Barr and Formula Change Conspiracy
  164. Alcohol and meds
  165. Why Adderall Sucks
  166. Nervous to take meds today
  167. Adderall with- Viagra? Klonopin?
  168. Taking Adderall after it has gotten hot
  169. what can I take when my adderall runs out?
  170. HELP! Adderall xr is working but making me anxious, down and I dont feel good....
  171. New on Adderall XR, will I be drug tested when I follow up?
  172. Do i have to go to my shrink for my rx or..
  173. Sudden Change in Medication-HELP ME!!
  174. if I want my meds to stop working could I hypothetically...
  175. Weird Anxiety After studying?
  176. postpartum cardiomyopathy and adderall?
  177. Adderall and Europe
  178. Need advice for dosing schedule for my last exams
  179. how do u feel on adderall
  180. First dosing today
  181. New user, looking for comments
  182. adderall XR questions
  183. not sure what to do next.
  184. Jaw/ear pain & phlegm - do side effects last?
  185. HSW - Adrenaline - Exhaustion, and lifting of cars:
  186. Adderall XR not working for me?
  187. Took my 1st Adderall pill [Question]
  188. a request regarding posts
  189. Every month pharmacy problems with Adderall
  190. My Take on Adderall
  191. an observation about Adderall
  192. Trying different generics... Barr?
  193. Adderall....And anti-depressants?
  194. Adderall and fruit and fruit juice?
  195. Adderall and fight or flight
  196. Adderall: Night-shift, sleep, concentration and hot flashes
  197. Adderall and coffee
  198. Interactions
  199. Adderall Perscriptions 30Days only in WI?
  200. adderall/ Barr Labs
  201. Adderal and Insurance (Also a post about fatigue / narcolepsy)
  202. Nausea on Adderall?
  203. Adderall and Pre-Work out Supplement?
  204. Hypotension, cold hands on Adderall
  205. Questions about Adderall.
  206. Doctor will not write for IR. Can someone help me out in Jacksonville,FL or Jax Beach
  207. Generic Adderall IR... Please help!!!
  208. Psychiatric evaluation to keep prescription?
  209. alcohol
  210. "Less is More" Or, "Spaced>Focused>Spaced"
  211. This is truly absurd.
  212. My Experience & Adderall XR vs. Generic Question
  213. How Do You "Know" what the Right Dose is?
  214. The pharmacy gave me my adderall a week early!
  215. feeling bad today
  216. Adderall XR "Timeline"
  217. 3 days in - 5mg Question!!
  218. tylenol or ibuprofin?
  219. Adderall is the magic pill so far
  220. Irritability, short temper, no patience before morning dose
  221. First day on Adderall--does it get better/easier than this?
  222. Doctor won't prescribe more than 5mg??
  223. Recently put on Adderall and I created a problem
  224. Would it be "irresponsible" to take Adderall when I don't necessarily "need" it?
  225. After today, I have very little faith in the field of mental health professionals
  226. New To Adderall XR 30mg
  227. Adderall and Emotional Awareness
  228. Melatonin / Adderall interactions - Has it cause anxiety?
  229. My mind feels very foggy and confused after one-day break from Adderall
  230. Maybe I'm the only one (Teva/Barr Vs. Sandoz)
  231. New To Adderall - Finding the Right Dosage!
  232. Getting my dosage right
  233. Vasodilation/Erection Problems **Help**
  234. Peeing out of your butthole while on adderall?
  235. teva adderall
  236. Adderall XR questions
  237. I'm so much happier without Adderall, but I can't get anything done!
  238. Adderall & Insomnia
  239. Adderall and eye watering/nose running?
  240. Should I ask to bump my dose up?!?
  241. Say what? Adderall dosage confusion.
  242. Adderall and Tyrosine together - bad combo!
  243. My Three Months Report
  244. Anxiety etc when your off your Adderall
  245. Feeling intoxicated without substance?
  246. My first day on Adderall
  247. Vitamin C and some questions about adderall XR
  248. HELP! Insane tolerance or mysterious illness??
  249. Does Adderall increase metabolism?
  250. My story about taking Adderall and thoughts about the nationwide shortage