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  1. Adderall appetite
  2. Adderall = speed
  3. How to defend myself against naysayers of adderall?
  4. Depression on Adderall IR
  5. Glo mfg aderall xr generic
  6. Adding/mixing Amphetamine with Methylphenidate
  7. Feeling irritable and anxious
  8. Coming off Adderall - feeling slow
  9. How much better is adderall vs ritalin
  10. Different types of adderall
  11. Adderall XR BRAND name not doing anything???
  12. Negative AGAIN!!!!
  13. Wow, never again!!!
  14. Going off Adderall after 20 years...HELP!! : (
  15. New to Adderall, Confused, have questions...
  16. Adderall & Allergies
  17. Bummed... and angry
  18. Adderall / ADHD Medication Amphetamine Content & More - CHARTS and GRAPHS!
  19. Legal Adderall Question
  20. Adderall not working after having a baby
  21. I'm confused - does this Adderall combo/plan sound right?
  22. For those of you who split Adderall XR in half
  23. how food affects the 2nd dose of XR (if at all)
  24. New to adderall. Similar experiences?
  25. Where you get your Adderall scripts filled.
  26. Solutions for Dry Mouth?
  27. Weight loss
  28. Adderall - Not the magic pill
  29. Im new any advice?
  30. First week
  31. Will Sandoz be releasing their version of XR soon?
  32. Need a Sounding Board
  33. Please Help Find Solution
  34. Chewing gum
  35. Any good alternatives to coffee/tea?
  36. Should i increase my dosage? help
  37. Does Adderall cause evening bruxism?
  38. Milk and Adderall
  39. New to Adderall and need your input....
  40. Exercise question!
  41. Adderall update! Day 5 :)
  42. I'm finally getting Adderal tomorrow
  43. Hard time taking my adderall
  44. Anybody taking Adderall and Dexedrine?
  45. adding a booster to XR regiment defeat the purpose?
  46. Total b**** in the morning!
  47. adderall headaches/tired
  48. Side Effects: Different on different days and Upset Stomach
  49. Adderall and anxiety
  50. Tension in my neck
  51. Addralled or not adderalled...
  52. So I was diagnosed with ADD and put on Adderall XR 20mg about a moth ago...
  53. Gap between doses? 3 hours, 4, 5, 6?
  54. Pharmacy Drama
  55. Adderall Dosage Problem..
  56. Has your doc ever told you to get a second opinion? Is it just me?
  57. Does magnesium really help w/ Adderall absorption
  58. Bye-bye
  59. New to Adderall... Quick question.
  60. Is Adderall IR or XR harder on the Adrenals?
  61. Safe sleep aid?
  62. Do any of you get really tired in the evening?
  63. Aadderall dosage question and info please
  64. Adderall price increase 2011
  65. Baking Soda/Antacids?
  66. I only feel happy when on adderall?
  67. 4bye bye adderall......hello guanfacine
  68. Is Adderall increasing my anxiety?
  69. Chasing a "high"???
  70. Someone here has to have gone through similar experience w Adderall... what to do????
  71. Adderall, Day 1: feedback
  72. Question: Anyone find that less is more" with Adderall. . .?
  73. Do adderall and chamomile work together?
  74. Weight gain...???
  75. Adderall and Citalopram, don't scold me but...
  76. What kind of adderall XR do you take?
  77. I took 20 mg Adderall and nothing happened
  78. Adderall XR and acidic foods?!
  79. Adderall for Social Anxiety?
  80. Question about receiving generic vs. brand
  81. How to avoid Adderall tolerance (yes, it can be done).
  82. Switching from Adderall XR to Concerta
  83. Time for an increase or change meds?
  84. Best drug to stop tolerance to Adderall??
  85. Grease Lightning
  86. A question for those who have taken both Adderall and Dex...
  87. Can someone recommend a good doctor in the Boston area?
  88. I know this sounds weird, but Im almost certain I got a bottle of bad adderall
  89. Been taking Adderall for a year but anxiety is driving me nuts!
  90. Wellbutrin or CorePharma Adderall?
  91. Anyone try...
  92. Anyone taken a year-long or more break from Adderall and then returned to it?
  93. Does anybody find
  94. Could slow metabolism cause delayed adderall effect?
  95. how to know whats the 'ideal' dose for you?
  96. Switching from Adderall due to recent IR shortage--Good alternatives?
  97. Sleep and Adderall
  98. Is Adderall Ineffective with lack of exercise?
  99. Sudden Adderall Issues
  100. Taking adderall on a plane?
  101. Exercising in Adderall - yikes!
  102. Tried going without adderall
  103. GLOBAL brand?
  104. Do normal people feel this way?
  105. Barr Adderall??? PLEASE HELP!!!
  106. Yes, its another insomnia rant - just in case you haven't read enough of them
  107. Any idea why my stimulants drop off so quickly ?
  108. Adderall and Focalin XR Doing Absolutely Nothing for Me
  109. Why do I feel like this on Adderall? Anyone else feel like this?
  110. How to offset neurotoxicity of Adderall?
  111. Anyone else experience..
  112. Adderall XR dosing question
  113. Should I make a switch to XR
  114. Adderall making me tired?
  115. Advice needed please! Stop taking adderall or increase dose?
  116. adderall and weight loss
  117. Eatting while on Adderall when your already skinny
  118. Nurse Practitioner?
  119. Alternating coffee and adderall daily
  120. Thoughts, comments on my situation
  121. Came across this...made me angry
  122. Adderall Tolerance Test Log
  123. Messing with dosage amount
  124. Side effects caused by Corepharma or dosage too high?
  125. Can you go intense physical activities on adderall?
  126. CVS can't order Sandoz/Eon Adderall anymore...Teva/Barr monopoly
  127. are there any ill effects
  128. Annoyed with doctor. I started at 30mg..
  129. How and When to ask for increased dose
  130. Lowering Dosage
  131. Need Advise (Adderall 30MG XR)
  132. In the experimental phase of Adderall, need advice.
  133. Glycogen
  134. I'm not sure what to call this one...
  135. Fatigue after quitting Adderall
  136. do you feel tired after Adderall wears off?
  137. Does anyone here take BOTH Adderall & Strattera?
  138. God damnit back on Barr, here is why...
  139. Adderall and Yohimbe
  140. PLEASE HELP! Can i get a doctors note to miss school? Just switched medications.
  141. Question about taking Adderall daily
  142. worth switching meds for??
  143. Doctor refused to increase dosage
  144. Alcohol & Adderall, wanting to stop both
  145. When Adderall seems to be wearing down i get chest pain and shortness of breath
  146. No2
  147. adderall, does not work as well as it did. help
  148. Why is Costco so much cheaper?
  149. OK Folks...How do I stop from...
  150. Experiencing dizziness when standing up
  151. Anyone who DIDN'T lose weight and/ or appetite with Adderall?
  152. Adderall XR-How long did it take you to find your ideal dosage?
  153. Confused, Frustrated and need help!
  154. What do you do when amphetamines aren't available in your country?
  155. changing from generic ritalin to aderall XR, questions!
  156. For those taking Sandoz/Eon after Barr
  157. Legality of Pill-Splitting 90-day Adderall Prescription
  158. More focus, but taking a long time...
  159. celexa and adderall IR?
  160. ... Adderall Question
  161. Adderall XR and chantix/ zyban
  162. Anyone switch from XR to IR?
  163. Adderall IR + Supplements = Pulmonary Hypertension?
  164. Adderall brain zaps
  165. Adderall XR vs. Vyvanse
  166. If Adderall was ineffective for you, did you find something that worked?
  167. Can't get what?
  168. coping with XR adderall crash?
  169. Regarding Adderall and DXM
  170. Need some advice: how much is too much?
  171. Hello, again
  172. Need Adderall to last longer
  173. Medication Through Hospital Psychiatrist
  174. First day on Adderall...sick feeling awful need help
  175. First day with adderall...very bad experience so far
  176. Lowering tolerance
  177. Adderall and epsom salt
  178. Adjusting Adderall times??????
  179. Stimulants and panic attacks. Dangerous?
  180. DXM use to lower Adderall tolerance
  181. doctor urinalysis/stopping Rx question...
  182. Adderall for treatment-resistant depression - weird reaction? Need quick help.
  183. Adderall XR - Duration?
  184. How will I know when the medication works?
  185. Motivation loss. Suggestions needed
  186. Adderall and Exercise
  187. Make sure to take your Adderall holidays!
  188. Shouldn't there be withdrawal symptoms?
  189. XR vs. IR
  190. Difference between Adderall XR generic and brand name?
  191. Confused with my new brand vs old generic
  192. An Open Letter to the Makers of Adderall (very, very funny)
  193. Where can I find IR tabs that aren't Barr - Northern NJ
  194. This Just In
  195. Up to 20mg XR, target mindset?
  196. Adderall and fruit juice
  197. Is Adderall IR being phased out?
  198. what's the right dose of adderall
  199. Chewy?
  200. has any 1 had a problem switching to generic adderall
  201. What do I do now?
  202. Shire Adderall XR not working as good? Looks different??
  203. Generic XR
  204. Hot face
  205. I think it's time to compare notes
  206. Do other people do this who have ADD?
  207. Sleep - how does it affect Adderall?
  208. Adderall question
  209. "Brain fog" returned on Adderall XR: wrong dosage or end of the honeymoon?
  210. Adderall XR vs Anti-Depressant (Celexa)
  211. stims not working 4 me at the time, due 2 recent past suboxone treatment?? HELP!!
  212. Should I Switch Psychiatrists?
  213. Adderall - What is it like for people without ADHD?
  214. Adderall, Oily Skin and Vitamin-B5
  215. Adderall The Appetite Suppressant
  216. Getting a little frustrated
  217. First time Adderall XR user
  218. Strange side effect
  219. Too much Adderall xr, tight chest, can't take a deep breath
  220. Can you do a 7 day total rapid cleanse while taking adderall
  221. pink (core pharm) adderall answer?
  222. How do you know when your IR dose needs to change?
  223. Adderall Suddenly Stops Working After 1 Year?
  224. Is there ever an answer? It seems like everyone is having frustration problems
  225. Anyone get depressed after regular/continuous Adderall usage?
  226. Emotional roller coaster: Am I the only one?
  227. Amphetamine D- Salt Combo?
  228. refilling adderall early
  229. Memory/Cognitive Issues
  230. I Got It
  231. Decreasing time for Adderall working?
  232. How is doseage changed?
  233. ADDERALs Natural version
  234. Adderall Makes Me Sleepy After 3 Year Break - Why?
  235. Low Adderall Dosage
  236. Are there any pharmacies online that will still fill my Adderall 30 mg. RX?
  237. My suggestion for Adderall distribution
  238. Newly prescribed adderall, not newly diagnosed- Hi!
  239. For those without insurance, what are the lower cost ADD meds over XR?
  240. ADHD-inattentives what are your experiences?
  241. Interesting interaction
  242. Mixing Adderall XR and IR
  243. Teva / Barr... Same / Diff? HELP!!!!
  244. Adderall - Blurred Vision/Insomnia?
  245. Bloating after stopping Adderall XR?
  246. **Advice from fellow Adderall consumers**
  247. Still Hungry...
  248. thinking about switching from vyvanse
  249. Cost of 5 mg. XR = 30 mg. XR?
  250. adderall & feeling spacey