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  1. adderall vs concerta
  2. Differences in Barr vs Eon generics (mainly sexual)
  3. Food with Adderall - fact or fiction
  4. Switch from XR to IR
  5. Question on stopping Adderall
  6. Adderall XR or Vyvanse from Adderall IR?
  7. Adderall has lost its spunk
  8. Adderall and the heart
  9. 1 month in
  10. Losing effectiveness?
  11. 60 mgs IR to 30 mgs XR
  12. ADHD adder all and picking at skin/head??
  13. Adderall and Guanfacine
  14. At What Age Were You Prescribed ADHD Medications?
  15. Advice on next prescription call.
  16. New on Adderall-question on effect
  17. adderall + beta blocker and exercising
  18. Active ingredient for ADD?
  19. Adderall XR question
  20. Problem eating w/meds; meal replacement shake instead?
  21. Anyone else notice the pink 30 mg adderall do not work well?
  22. Adderall script fill question
  23. Both adderall and vyvanse are not working. What next?
  24. ADD one form of Anxiety To Another
  25. Online Pharmacies
  26. Long-Term effects of Adderall
  27. Teva brand actually working for me???
  28. Adderall rash maybe?
  29. Out of pocket cost of Adderall
  30. I ordered generic, but did I get brand?
  31. Adderall and lack of appetite
  32. Skeptical of Teva's latest generic XR batch
  33. Acute adverse drug reaction from adderall but no symptom relief :(
  34. Would a psychiatrist make you return your pills?
  35. First day on Adderall - need input
  36. Typical Adderall XR/IR Response for Inattentive ADHD?
  37. Obama to Sign Executive Order to Prevent Drug Shortages
  38. Can't catch a break...
  39. Holy headaches batman..
  40. Adderall: Does it stop being effective?
  41. Tried new IR brand
  42. Switched from Vyvanse
  43. Our adderall woes...
  44. Eating protein activates my Adderall ?
  45. Adderall and Anxiety
  46. half life, & your exp w/second days effects
  47. Crying!!!! Is it just me getting used to it?
  48. Drastically different results from XR to IR?
  49. The tough fight for effectiveness
  50. IF I was going to abuse it, shouldn't it be apparent by now-New Dr. Question/advice
  51. Can(and will) Doctors on Maternity leave still write prescriptions?? Farfetched?
  52. Shortages - Share this on your FB Wall
  53. Need info to take action on shortage
  54. Adderall no crash
  55. My pros/cons with Adderall
  56. Class Action lawsuit in the making
  57. adderall question
  58. Adderall XR help.
  59. Exelerol in place of Adderall?
  60. Adderall deppression HELP!!!
  61. Moderator note regarding adderall shortage threads
  62. IR vs XR, Personal Dosage Question
  63. agitated and at wits end....
  64. Help with adderall
  65. 2nd Day No Results...
  66. I haven't had this generic brand before..says "EON"
  67. Advice needed … WHAT TO DO … should I stick with Adderall XR?
  68. Cheek tightness
  69. ADHD drugs affordability act
  70. Post-dating perscription
  71. I am a bit confused
  72. Hi, I'm a journalist (with ADD) looking for Adderall shortage insight…
  73. Any one else feel good when they stop
  74. The ADHD Med Progression
  75. IR v. XR poll
  76. Possibly obtaining prescription
  77. dex to adderall
  78. My Adderall doesn't work!
  79. Adderall and sensitivity to noise
  80. Hunger...
  81. Need Adderall dosage/scheduling input
  82. Currently on Ritalin, thinking about a switch to Adderall...thoughts?
  83. Am I high? …
  84. Staying on Adderall
  85. Adderall has absolutely terrible side effects especially dry mouth
  86. sleep deprived on adderall and fainted
  87. Advice on quitting Adderall?
  88. I need help (I think). Adderall Related. Thanks in advance.
  89. Adderall XR & Insurance Problems!!!!
  90. My 30 Day Review of Adderall
  91. Both extreme hunger AND weight loss, lethargy on Adderall?
  92. Will i be different person if i try this
  93. Adderall XR vs Vyvanse
  94. Help with adderall or nuvigil
  95. Adderall and Kaiser
  96. Adderall L-amp?
  97. Concerned Effexor is reducing effects of Adderall
  98. Brand name Adderall in Canada
  99. High tolerance
  100. Amphetamines and Piracetam (a wonder drug?)
  101. What kind of Adderall is this?!
  102. Question on how to get cheaper Adderall XR
  103. Adderall with Ritalin?
  104. I just got my RX filled with Eon brand adderall
  105. From Barr to CorePharma/Citric acid?
  106. Eating on Adderall...
  107. Forced to switch however I no longer see a Psychiatrist
  108. For people who can't find Adderall
  109. Adderall no longer works.
  110. Did I just lose 10mg from my daily dosage?
  111. Youtube Adderall Truelife
  112. Issues with weight and adderall question
  113. Quitting Adderall
  114. Mail In Sandoz Adderall Order
  115. Trouble filling script, should I be worried? (more details in post)
  116. I think I accidentally took 2 :eek:
  117. Does ascorbic acid affect Adderall?
  118. Is it possible for a lower dose to have more positive effects than a higher dose?
  119. Adderall XR to IR
  120. I'm quitting and need advice (very serious)
  121. Oh SO wrong
  122. Med follow up tomorrow
  123. adderall and throat clearing tic
  124. A few intersting notes that I found about name brands vs. generics
  125. My odd experience with amphetamines
  126. Doc Arbitrarily Cuts Dosage in Half
  127. Which alternative should I ask my doctor for?
  128. Switching to 20 mg - CorePharma
  129. My psychiatrist gave me the craziest look today
  130. Driving on Adderall?
  131. Are these normal Adderall XR side effects?
  132. How does anyone get this medicine anymore?
  133. Just curious
  134. Just got prescribed Adderall but reading issues
  135. Adderall inconsistent but when it worked, it WORKED
  136. Shire sponsored pharmacies stockpiling Adderall & Dex to boost Vyvanse sales
  137. Is it okay to mix Adderall XR and Coffee?
  138. Did Shire stop manufacturing Adderall IR?
  139. New to add. looking for some relieble studies. questions
  140. how to tweak doseage xr?
  141. Switched to CorePharma IR... first impressions
  142. Discussing Adderall Dosage with Doctor - Advice Needed!
  143. Freak accident last night....
  144. Adderall XR, named patient basis.
  145. So what's so great about Sandoz?
  146. Is adderall XR the biggest failure in the history of medication?
  147. Adderall + Serotonin (5-HTP)
  148. My insurance stopped covering my Adderall scripts
  149. Generic Adderrall (Pharmacore) vs. Name Brand?
  150. Where/How to find Sandoz Adderrall 30mg instead if CorePharma (?)
  151. Is Eon the same as Sandoz in regular Adderall?
  152. Is it fair to assume this as far as euphoria is concerned?
  153. Taking Without Prescription
  154. Adderall with calcium carbonate experience
  155. New To Adderal
  156. new to generic adderall
  157. Just started Adderall and my ramblings
  158. Adderall + Pristiq + Clonazepam
  159. Did adderall stop working!?
  160. Claritin-D and Adderall
  161. Is Adderall SUSTAINABLE?
  162. Adderall & Hands Tingling when Bending Neck
  163. Curious
  164. Adderall and Heart Defects
  165. Adderall, it's not so bad........
  166. Adderall XR vs. IR
  167. Adderall - how does it compare to other stimulants?
  168. Can caffeine do the same thing as adderall?
  169. Adderall & upset stomach
  170. Sense Of Humor Loss?
  171. adderall question?
  172. dumb question
  173. Is my adderall now tainted? Unfit for use?
  174. Adderall XR doesn't last all day
  175. Is it reasonable to ask for IR only?
  176. Need help, panic attack or something...
  177. Quittin' time? Feelin' down...
  178. Dosage
  179. Will this insomnia go away with tolerance?
  180. Dosage confusion
  181. High Expectations
  182. Sick, need advice!!
  183. Adderall IR expiration date?
  184. Not happy right now. Need some advice. Psychiatrist says 30mg xr is max dose.
  185. Teva vs Sandoz....
  186. New to the Adderall world
  187. How I feel on Adderall. Too early to tell if the dosage is right?
  188. I have a lot of extra pills?
  189. TEVA vs. Sandoz - my take
  190. How long should I wait after a half-liter of orange juice?
  191. Adderall XR, is my dose to high?
  192. Just went on Adderall XR 10Mg, how is it "supposed" to feel?
  193. Adderall no longer works
  194. The irony of "coming down"
  195. changed vision on adderall
  196. medications confiscated
  197. XR vs. IR, Price difference?
  198. Anyone have Adderall and MPH not work for them?
  199. Bringing adderall for a study abroad?
  200. Adderall and depression?
  201. Reversed Price (Sort Of)
  202. Need yalls advice, i fear for moms life.
  203. Adderall & klonopin?
  204. Adderall statistics? how many people in america use it?
  205. Should I be concerned?
  206. Can adderall and ritalin together produce symptoms of being drunk or really tired?
  207. "Zombie" on Adderall?
  208. Coming Down from Adderall XR
  209. Meds not working in the morning?
  210. Eating and taking Adderall
  211. It is amazing how Adderall affects people differently.
  212. side effects? and a question about tolerance
  213. Can you take Adderall and meds like Prilosec?
  214. Wisdom Teeth, Adderall, and Anxiety
  215. First time on Adderall XR
  216. Adderall decreasing ability to learn?
  217. Doctor Over-Prescribing Me?
  218. Do you have more trouble with XR than IR?
  219. Will insurance flag me for multiple prescriptions in a month?
  220. Can people tell your on Adderall?
  221. Pharmacist says to have my friend mail me adderall in Norway, does that sound right?
  222. Caffeine.
  223. Adderall Ruined My Life
  224. Tingly feeling in head
  225. Class Action Law Suit Against Shire Parmaceutical?
  226. Socializing on Adderall
  227. Court officer eligibility?
  228. Whats highest mg Adderall pill immediate release?
  229. adderall xr or ir compared to ritalin or any er
  230. Flushed face and neck in afternoon?
  231. Adderall XR - Very odd increase in appetite (Vyvanse used to kill it)
  232. Adderall every other day to avoid Tolerance - good or bad?
  233. adderall question?
  234. Keeping weight on while taking Adderall?
  235. No insurance! Best cheapest place to fill adderall prescription?
  236. Adderall Withdraw???
  237. Off adderall and on Percocet (broken collar bone), advice?
  238. Is This Abuse? Borderline...
  239. How do you take your vitamins?
  240. Have experience with multiple meds? Help me out?
  241. horrible response to sandoz adderall
  242. Side Effects - Adderall XR
  243. off adderall 4 months, significant mental slowdown
  244. 20(+)XR and 5-10IR Am I at the right dose?
  245. Hungry on adderall after drug holiday.
  246. A request for feedback from Adderall veterans
  247. XR vs IR dosages and conversion
  248. Adderall Dosage
  249. Is the Adderall working?
  250. adderall versus ritalin or focalin