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  1. What's the cheapest dose of Adderall XR?
  2. Prescribed overseas, still get the meds?
  3. Side effect to be aware of
  4. unusually low blood pressure on adderall?
  5. Articles on Adderall (and other med) Shortages in 2012
  6. Confused & Guilty, but Happy
  7. Motivated / "happy" / "high" feeling vs alert & focused feeling?
  8. Taking a large amount of adderall overseas, to Norway - need an answer quickly!
  9. While sitting in a meeting today...
  10. New to form and my take on vyvanse.
  11. my latest refill of Teva seems like a placebo
  12. Will I get my memory back?!
  13. Differences between Adderall and Ritalin
  14. random allergic reaction
  15. i like what adderall does for my skin (face)
  16. Does Adderall Make You Feel High... Like Cocaine?
  17. adderall xr vs ir
  18. shelf life of adderall.
  19. First Day on Adderall
  20. those who take IR tabs and have trouble because of the shortage...
  21. Are we SURE that there is no difference between brand and generic XR?
  22. Long term med (adderall) usage
  23. Heart Rate
  24. Adderall tolerance and nicotine
  25. Adderall IR Teva/Barr the same now??
  26. Headaches from adderall
  27. Coming down off adderall , what alternatives?
  28. Has anyone been able to lower their dosage after improving their overall health?
  29. Important question about refilling an adderall prescription
  30. Anyone take Klonopin in addition to Adderall?
  31. XR Brand (not generic) - question
  32. XR Generics: Teva vs. Barr
  33. how to remember to take just one pill for my Adderall?
  34. First dose never works very well? Anyone heard of anything like this before?
  35. Excessive sleeping
  36. HELP Please.. Worked Fine, But Now..
  37. Skipping weekends
  38. advice/tips to deal with bothersome cold extremities
  39. Just Started Adderall, Not Sure if it's Doing Anything
  40. I've felt really weird today.
  41. Switching to XR, wanting an IR boost.
  42. Too high or too low?
  43. getting by on less - options?
  44. Waiting for the Ball to Drop Generic
  45. what do I do when I go into work for half shifts later in the day? need help asap ple
  46. Very Interesting Article Regarding Production
  47. How to Get A Good Night Sleep on Adderall - Naturally
  48. adderall
  49. don't you hate it when...
  50. morning stomache acid and tums
  51. Worried about career after college if I cant get more coverage from Adderall
  52. The "come down"...what helps?
  53. Ever think people know your on Adderall?
  54. Prescription Assistance/Costs
  55. Brand new to Adderall (Help)
  56. Did you have to have an ECG or a EKG test before being prescribed Adderall?
  57. Sleep Issues - Vyvanse vs. Adderall
  58. Trying Teva/Barr IR for first time
  59. XR on long days -- advice?
  60. Wondering if my adderall comedown experiance is normal, and if anything can help.
  61. (DON'T CALL IT A COMEBACK would be off-topic so..) Adderall, Year 2
  62. Specifics About Generic XR?
  63. If I take my Adderall a day before my ECG or EKG you think it will affect my results?
  64. Waking up after 3-4 hours of sleep with adderall XR
  65. Psychological side effects of adderall.
  66. Adderall XR Government Program?
  67. BARR Adderall first time
  68. Grrrrr. Not a happy camper.
  69. Having some problems
  70. Blood Text Negative for Adderall
  71. How come adderall is so inconsistent?
  72. Having Problems with my Adderall - Just started it! PLEASE HELP!
  73. Adderall Xr and IR
  74. WEll, Ya cooda Knocked me over with a feather ........
  75. Don't feel the same on the same brand of generic addy from a different pharmacy.
  76. Long-Term Use of Adderall
  77. Started Adderall today
  78. Adderall with natural and/or other vasodilators
  79. Restarting Adderall XR
  80. Ritalin over Adderall preference, anyone?
  81. Adderall tolerance and Zinc
  82. Bad side effects from Adderall
  83. Dexedrine better than Adderall?
  84. Side effects from adderall?
  85. Too Much? Too Little? Just Right? Wrong Med? How do you Know?
  86. No energy on Adderall - Feeling very Anti-Social - Anyones Help Please!
  87. Regarding those who were diagnosed in the age frame of 18 or older
  88. Adderall's effects on personality?
  89. Anyone switch from Vyvanse to Adderall?
  90. Adderall XR "SL" - What is SL?
  91. Adderall IR and Tyrosine ? OK?
  92. How to fight high blood pressure while on Adderall
  93. Best workout regiment while taking adderall?
  94. Amphetamin
  95. Adderall and Lamotrigine?
  96. Can I just double up on my meds? Just started and they are not working...
  97. Started but I am quite hungry. Does this mean the dose is too low?
  98. Help! IR, XR, Prices/effectiveness
  99. Blacking Out and Adderall
  100. Went off of adderall, would like some advice
  101. Started Adderall... my experience
  102. 30 mg XR pill is STRONG!!!
  103. Face and hands get greasy on Adderall?
  104. I need something where i'm not going to experience peaks and valleys.
  105. Is the Adderall IR still hard to acquire?
  106. CRY for HELP!-Adderall XR not working for ADD-PI / OCD, it worked a few times VERYwel
  107. Chest pressure after Adderall wears off , what is it?
  108. adderall side effects go away with time and consistent treatment?
  109. Ritalin VS Adderall, my experience
  110. Adderall break schedule. Thoughts? What worked for you?
  111. Is it possible to have side effects if
  112. Adderall making me allergic to alcohol?
  113. Dosage?
  114. Banning schedule 2, at CVS n' warehouse, means adderrall
  115. Suspicious customers?
  116. Will this sandwich mess with my adderall? NEED ANSWERS FAST
  117. Sandoz Adderall IR 30mg/day -- Question Re Dosage and Supplements
  118. Adderall and stiffness/excessive need to crack joints
  119. Interesting Adderall XR Experience
  120. Just Keep it to Yourself
  121. Adderall Prices? - First prescription
  122. Too scared to be on adderall, I think I want to stop.
  123. Need help. Questions about XR and Brand or not Brand?
  124. XR - only getting 3 hours coverage
  125. Lost !
  126. Quitting Adderall
  127. Could anything bad happen from taking Adderall and then going to sleep
  128. please help
  129. some questions
  130. Switching to Higher mg Pills
  131. Adderall, same dose, different pill
  132. Question about Adderall
  133. Adderall XR and antioxidants
  134. Caffeine with Adderall was ok until...
  135. Adderall Not Covered? Just Switch Insurance Companies
  136. Adderall Xr and dyspepsia(??)
  137. Adderall Dosage
  138. 15mg Generic Adderall?
  139. Vitamin C in Herbal Teas? Vitamin C in general?
  140. Adderall & Magnesium with Citric Acid Qestion
  141. Adderall tolerance extremely fast?
  142. adderall isnt as effective, any other options?
  143. Is it possible for me to have both an adderalll and a dextroamphetamine prescription?
  144. New user of adderral
  145. Sudden dizziness - What does this mean?
  146. Adderall Advise for a healthy lifestyle
  147. A few questions.
  148. does sandoz really suck this badly or is it just me?
  149. adderall causing tongue film... anyone else?
  150. Recently diagnosed, prescribed medication
  151. Adderall intensifies my skin picking like crazy!
  152. adderall and anxiety???
  153. Barr vs. CorePharma
  154. Amphetamines, Ph Levels, Citric/Absorbic Acid
  155. no more motion sickness on Adderall?
  156. Weekend off adderall and side effects back with a vengeance!
  157. My insurance company won't cover Adderall because "its not necessary medical care"
  158. Just started Adderall- have some concerns
  159. Adderall Xr, food, lethargy - NEED HELP
  160. Tolerance: Adderall IR vs Adderall xr
  161. Which Pharmacies carry Corepharma?
  162. Adderall XR Duration
  163. 6-year on/off Adderall user at same dosage, time to increase?
  164. longer lasting anxiety
  165. Approaching Doctor about Prescribtion Switch
  166. Adderall Tolerance- Switching to Dexadrine?
  167. More or quit? Dosage/Prescription/Diagnosis question...
  168. Anyone Feel Like Splitting Pills Alters Onset Time, Potency, and Duration ??
  169. Yet another....
  170. Dosage and Side effects problems! HELP!!
  171. Adderall and citrus juices?
  172. What tells you it's time to take your IR booster?
  173. adderall XR and a latte?
  174. Started Adderall 3 weeks ago - strange side effects, need help!
  175. Questions.
  176. Minimum water intake on adderall?
  177. Adderall and Gatorade
  178. Adderall and Tunnel Vision
  179. Need help with generic adderall
  180. Adderall and birth control?
  181. Price of Generic Adderall
  182. Adderhal Xr.. does it change you?
  183. Is this normal?
  184. Doctors Annoyed
  185. Drinking tea!
  186. Eyes and Adderall
  187. wondering if 40 to 50 mg of adderal IR in morning?
  188. someone please help me out! having difficulties with my adderall !!
  189. Should I be on Adderall?
  190. article on generic adderall
  191. Frustrattion ......
  192. Will i be okay in P.E.?
  193. Adderall only partially effective
  194. Adderall V Dex?h
  195. Adderall and Probiotics
  196. Have you used Vyvanse?
  197. Is withdrawal really supposed to last THIS long?!?
  198. Am I a good candidate for Adderall?
  199. Some simple questions...
  200. 10 mg not cutting it anymore...
  201. Adderall - Superior to Other Formulations...? Maybe.
  202. Adderall vs vyvanse buzz and effects
  203. Adderall and some sideeffect questions
  204. Adderall + magnesium = hard to wake up
  205. Why is it doing this
  206. Will this Adderall anger subside?
  207. Adderall Struggles
  208. My doctor gave me a script for 3 month supply of Adderall xr. You can do that?
  209. well, that was embarassing
  210. Adderall is not working anymore
  211. How do you know if you are getting too low of a dose?
  212. Does adderall affect the morning after pill?
  213. what could be wrong?
  214. Biting my lips
  215. Heart Rate Not Returning to Normal Following Day?
  216. Ritalin LA vs. Adderall XR
  217. How late is it when you take your last dosage?
  218. One of my roommates is stealing my adderall. what should i do?
  219. Taking Adderall Helps Me & Worries Me At The Same Time
  220. Inconsistency
  221. beyond confused with the different looks and names.
  222. 2 Uncommon Adderall Side Effects
  223. adderall- advice
  224. back on adderall.
  225. Adderall maxed out and not really working anymore :(
  226. what are people taking in place of adderall?
  227. should i take my medication everyday or take breaks?
  228. Eon/Sandoz generic in Arizona?
  229. How do I know if Adderall is working?
  230. Brand name Adderall XR perscription contains generic.
  231. adderall and high blood pressure
  232. Regarding Weight Loss
  233. Adderall online? And question about amphetamine in Adderall
  234. Adderall is Making Things Worse
  235. pseudoephedrine "booster"
  236. What CAN you eat on adderall?
  237. Anyone else think Barr changed Adderall ingredients?
  238. Can Adderall cause confusion?
  239. Adderall Concerns sticky is obviously needed?
  240. Dosage Question
  241. Adderall and exercise?
  242. Why can't I sleep????
  243. Adderall is helping me greatly.
  244. The latest with CorePharama vs. Barr
  245. Adverse reactions to adderall XR reported by 5% or more of addults
  246. Adderall XR Suddenly Feels STRONG!!!
  247. Tolerance Solutions
  248. Adderall XR 2x a day?
  249. Adderall issue question
  250. 72mg Concerta to 60mg Adderall XR; still miniscule effects.