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  1. Taking Adderall XR for the first time tomorrow...
  2. Adderall Newbie! Please help! :)
  3. Adderall XR - All at once or 2x a day?
  4. Adderall withdrawal- help please
  5. Right dose
  6. Adderall and vitamins?
  7. Do side effects generally go away over time?
  8. Do you respond the same to Adderall XR and the generics?
  9. adderall not as effective as i hoped...
  10. what to do about blood pressure?
  11. pharmacist switching up adderall brands
  12. First time taking Adderall
  13. Early Refill Question
  14. Two XR 10mg capsules at once
  15. New to Adderall, CONCERNS & Q'S
  16. ADD story.. chronics of a ADDer College girl.
  17. Finally Evaluated; adderall xr question
  18. Adderall XR 30 QUESTION
  19. Just diagnosed...Adderall questions?? Please Help! :)
  20. What Should I Be Feeling?
  21. A little help?
  22. Adderall, water, and the sun.
  23. I rather have no Adderall at all then have Teva brand Adderall
  24. 10mg Generic - Only lasting a few hours
  25. The irritating things about this drug. Can anybody relate?
  26. Taking adderall with a tetostrone boosting supplant ?!?
  27. Girls, what are your favorite fixes for adderall-related acne? I'll start.
  28. Tums and adderall (this is not about making adderall more effective)
  29. From zombie to hyperfocus - what the doctor won't tell you
  30. Adderall XR Generic Question
  31. Adderall XR: What's your optimal dosage?
  32. Adderall
  33. Adderall anxiety
  34. How do you know when your dose is high enough?
  35. Skipping my Adderall Dosage's.
  36. Adderall and Feeling better vs. Thinking better
  37. 5 Months and Still Euphoric!
  38. My prescription looks fake???
  39. l-tyrosine and Adderall
  40. Adderall XR and Omeprazole (Prilosec)
  41. New to Adderall, Help!
  42. I am thinking of switching to adderall, but is it legal in Ireland?
  43. Pinpointing The Correct Dosage
  44. dilated pupils and severe sensitivity to sunlight from meds, anyone else relate?
  45. Switch from Barr dex to brand adderall don't feel a thing
  46. Are these side effects? Ringing in ears, blacking out. I'm genuinely terrified
  47. Barr Generic
  48. Adderall XR and diet
  49. It does nothing or it makes me manic, where is the middle?
  50. Adderall XR .. Giving me hell.
  51. Almost fainted at the gym Today
  52. Extreme fatigue from supplements?
  53. Where can I get Adderall IR Brand name?
  54. Erection problems during first two months of Adderall - reduce or continue?
  55. Generic vs. brand?
  56. Is this an Adderall XR side effect?
  57. Adderall and Physical Effects
  58. Can I ask my doctor to prescribe a certain brand?
  59. CRAP! Took too much!! (At wrong time too...)
  60. Studying for CPA - Adderrall & its many side effects
  61. What is this?!
  62. Adderall specific Questions- need help
  63. Switching to IR
  64. First Month on Adderall
  65. Adderall XR 20mg 1st day & SLEEPY
  66. Recently prescribrd adderal 20 xr
  67. Adderall XR--any tips on dealing with crashing?
  68. First time taking Adderall for ADD
  69. How Much is Too Much??
  70. st johns wort & amphetamines?
  71. Adderall and sleepiness
  72. If adderall calms, does caffeine speed you up?
  73. Adderall Halflife and effective time question
  74. Can anyone help me?
  75. College student sick of adderall
  76. Higher AM dose vs Same spreadout.
  77. Adderall problems etc
  78. How much did you pay for your Adderall XR?
  79. Pseudoephedrine
  80. Kava kava with your adderall?
  81. Continued ED
  82. How many times do you take adderall a day, and your HR
  83. Normal person taking adderall
  84. Adderall making me very sleepy...
  85. Dopamine receptor downregulation from extended Adderall usage
  86. Adderall new med..not enough
  87. What's your preference on medicine duration? XR or IR
  88. Possibly switching from Vyvanse to Adderall XR.
  89. Can I quit prozac while on adderall?
  90. Adderall IR Urinary Tract Infections - Frequent Urination
  91. My 1-month ‘review’ of Adderall XR
  92. Adderall and Strategic Events
  93. Tongue Movement Tic while on Adderall IR - Worried About Tardive Dyskinesia
  94. Adderral doesn't work
  95. New to adderalls for school
  96. Determining correct dose/whether to use XR on IR...?
  97. Anyone have advice for lowering xr dosage?
  98. Diuretic Effects on Adderall
  99. Muscle Twitching
  100. Adderall and stomach acid...
  101. feels like I have to force myself to smile on meds, anyone relate?
  102. need some insight here
  103. Just took my first Adderall 20mg Tab 30 minutes ago. What to expect now?
  104. No sleep...
  105. Adderall and diet
  106. Is the does my doctor prescribed normal?
  107. Adderall dosing help
  108. XR and I Adderall
  109. New to ADHD and Adderall and have some (well, a lot) of questions
  110. from Concentra to Adderall
  111. Body Metabolizing Adderall Too Quickly -- Please Help!
  112. Adderall and Shingles
  113. adderall: I'm eating more
  114. Adderall. Work. Eat. Sleep.
  115. Generic IR vs. Brand IR
  116. A few questions regarding adderall to put me to rest
  117. asking GP swith from ADD IR TO XR
  118. Adderall worked for first 2 days, now nothing...
  119. How would Adderall affect a migraine?
  120. 3 Months on Sandoz -- Confused -- Need feedback b4 Doc Visit
  121. Adderall and Poor Sleep: Opinions and experiences, please.
  122. Adderall and flying
  123. Where to get Sandoz Adderall IR in Southern California?!
  124. Adderall and Stomach acid - NOT the usual question
  125. Switching Desoxyn > Adderall IR - Will I have a tolerance already??
  126. Adderall Dosage Question
  127. Adderall Struggles (Concentrating Too Much?)
  128. Doctor says he cannot up my Adderall dosage
  129. Is Adderall working? I'm not sure. I'm doubting it.
  130. The hassle of adderall - I quit
  131. Switching from Vyvance to Adderall XR
  132. because I can't win... lol
  133. how much water is everyone drinking daily? need some recommendation/advice plz
  134. Should I try Adderall first or no? (due to price/shortage)
  135. Day 2 On Adderall, A Miracle?
  136. Sandoz Adderall IR - Lactose Monohydrate
  137. Corepharma FDA Warning Letter
  138. Advair and adderal
  139. first time on adderall and cant fall asleep is it normal??
  140. Do any of you take days off of Adderall and is it necessary/useful?
  141. Accidentally double dosed. Advice?
  142. How to increase effectiveness of Adderall IR?
  143. Frequent Urination - Adderall IR
  144. adderal advice
  145. vyvanse to adderall IR new to adhd med is my dose to high
  146. Adderall horror but Dexedrine works great...Why??
  147. Reading Comprehension
  148. Adderall XR - Involuntary Movements
  149. weight gain when lowering XR dosage from 40 mg to 30?
  150. Adderall XR and Ice Cream
  151. Likes Adderall, Unsure of continuing using it...
  152. Adderall XR and Vitamins
  153. Is my IR lasting all day?? (sort of)
  154. 20 mg XR. Mornings-great, afternoons not so much...
  155. If it's all in my head, why is it also on this forum?
  157. adderall and Physician issues
  158. Adderall and Headaches
  159. Adderall IR for Newly Diagnosed ADD.. Bad or Good?
  160. 1st Adderall XR-Anxiety Depression-does it go away?
  161. Adderal XR 20mg & 10mg or 10mg x 3?
  162. Odd side effects on Adderall
  163. Adderall now Schedule I drug in Canada
  164. I would know If it was too much right?
  165. Round IR vs Oval IR: Big Difference for Me!
  166. Recently been having headaches while taking it...
  167. Adderall Depression/Tolerance?
  168. Adderall XR dosing question
  169. Adderall and sudafed?
  170. Somewhat New to adderall IR on 20mg 2xday
  171. New Here - Hello
  172. Just got Adderall a few days ago
  173. Adderall and sexual thoughts
  174. What to do - dry mouth
  175. Adderall overdose or panic attack?
  176. Chain smoking or excessive drinking when your stims wear off?
  177. New on Adderall 30 mg XR, headaches every night, too much?
  178. Blood Pressure and Adderall- Let's talk this out
  179. Has anyone experienced 'depressive crash' or panic attacks on Adderall or Ritalin?
  180. adderall does not work for me what would?
  181. Adderall Crash
  182. First week on Adderall observations... can you relate?
  183. Psychiatrist appointment, need information.
  184. whats the verdict on taking B complex vitamins + adderall
  185. IR vs XR dosages / potency?
  186. Just started Adderall and crashing at work. Help
  187. Left ear is somewhat painful and feels plugged while on Adderall.
  188. "skin crawling" feeling after meds wear off.
  189. Adderrals effect on Insulin dependent diabets
  190. Adderall a Scam by Pharm. Companies?
  191. switching over from Focalin to adderall
  192. taking for high effect vs taking for symptom control
  193. Initial "rush" from Adderall IR - What should I do??
  194. Adderall IR Max Dosage Question
  195. Stimulant Toxicity Question
  196. Adderall has had inconsistent effects on me over the years
  197. Other than the common Adderall side effects, what are some other side effects?
  198. Numbness with Adderall?
  199. Generics
  200. Strattera not working, ask for adderall
  201. Adderall XR Making me REALLY tired.
  202. Adderall 20mg
  203. Anyone crave chocolate while on Adderall?
  204. Adderall and Serotonin Release - Any info on this?
  205. Does Adderall cause anxiousness/tenseness when it starts to wear off?
  206. Just started Adderall XR today.... what should I expect?
  207. how bad are adderall shortages? is it easier to find than dexedrine?
  208. Interrupting people while on Adderall
  209. [Help] adderall questions for the next month
  210. Adderall turns me into a zombie
  211. IR v XR
  212. Does Adderall increase histamine production? (allergies)
  213. Adderall These Years
  214. New to Adderall - Questions
  215. 4 months since I started Adderall and about 4 weeks been taking it daily
  216. I hate CorePharma!!!!
  217. Adderall XR and digestion probs
  218. Blood pressure on Adderall (Wellbutrin as alternative?)
  219. Took Adderall IR this morning...can I take Adderall XR in the afternoon?
  220. Anyone fill barr-teva lately?
  221. IR inconsistent effects?
  222. Your Medication Journey
  223. Adderall XR plus...?
  224. Any Issues with Requesting Brand Name?
  225. I think I may have solved the great GENERIC ADDERALL DEBATE!
  226. Adderall Adjustment And Daily Migraine Pain
  227. Why would Adderall XR make someone feel depressed??
  228. Need some input from all you Adderall Experts
  229. Adderall's effect on my concentration and energy.
  230. Adderall, trying to figure out side effects
  231. Adderall XR Brand vs Sandoz IR potency?
  232. Testing Negative, but taking the meds?
  233. Adderal xr, dry skin and a question
  234. Adderall Helps With Anxiety
  235. Weight loss with Adderall IR and Adderall XR
  236. How long does it take to "kick" in for you?
  237. Significant heart rate increase
  238. Adderall isn't working anymore! Need to know why!
  239. Adderall and stress
  240. Adderall - acne, picking, best substitute
  241. Adderall Adult Dose? & ask for a raise
  242. Sam-e & Adderall Interactions?
  243. Prices, Sizes & Brands for Addreall IR & XR
  244. Recent Side Effects Out of Nowhere -- Question
  245. Adjusted to Meds Already?
  246. Appetite on adderall?
  247. Marijuana & Adderall
  248. Moving overseas and carrying a LOT of Adderall XR
  249. Adderall is hit and miss, any ideas?
  250. Safety Alert for Adderall